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The Lost Scooby

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Summary: Adventure and Excitement go hand in hand for our favorite resident of Sunnydale. Luck true to form, Xander has just gotten into another world of trouble.

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Episode One: Routine Pick-Up

Disclaimer: All characters are the property of their respective owners, with exception to a few made up OCs to pad out the cast in a very minor way. Xander Harris, Druisilla and any other characters mentioned, though never seen in this story are the property of Joss Whedon, ME Productions and so on and so forth. The characters of Jurassic Park and Jurassic Park the Game are proptery of Universal Studios, TellTale Games and the writers and stuff involved with all the scripting of said game. (More like QTE Movie.) The author makes no claims of a contradictory nature, so he humbly asks that you refrain from seeking any sort of legalities. Pretty please, I is poor Fanfic author. *Giggles*

Warning: In order to Enjoy this Fanfic your X-Box 360 will require a minimum of 8 MB to save the data.

One-Hundred and Twenty miles West, off the coast of Costa Rica, Xander Harris was hunkered down on a smallish sized boat waiting out a storm. He still wasn’t entirely sure how he’d gotten himself into this mess, it was the middle of the summer and he should have been on a road trip to see the entire continental United States. Instead, he’d suffered one setback after another, some of them not even demonic related.

The first setback came in the form of Drusilla, she’d been off somewhere for the longest time with Spike, or something like that. But out of the blue, she contacted Xander of all people by telephone. Her crazy ramblings had told him to beware strange mice wearing canes.

He still couldn’t figure out what brought about this sudden concern for his wellbeing from the insane vampiress, and hoped to every higher power he could think of that it wasn’t related to his Love Spell incident.

Naturally, being a suspicious person, Xander chose to ignore the warning for what it was. Which is how, three days later, a man named Tommy ‘The Rat’ Canzowski carjacked his ride on the way out of Sunnydale. He got the car, the cash and all the clothes he’d packed for his trip, but worst of all he even took his stash of twinkies. Xander had been royally pissed about that the most, but there really wasn’t much he could have done on the subject.

Following that little mess, Xander found himself stranded on the road in the middle of the night. Perfect pickings for any vamps that decided to be out and about, although trolling the highways for free meals wasn’t something most vampires practiced. Some small bit of good luck seemed to strike when a pleasant looking brunette named Rowena Crusoe showed up.

Until Rowena Crusoe turned out to be one of those types of demons who could pass for human looking for a cheap labor force to make her life simpler, trapped as he was in her ride Xander couldn’t do much, so he was whisked away to a villa down in Costa Rica.

Rowena was a well placed person of interest to those who sought out specialists in corporate sabotage and industrial theft. She kidnapped humans to do the grunt work while she lived it up in her palatial villa and raked in all the dough. Unfortunately for her, the current client demanding her expertise insisted on maintaining a strictly low profile, so strict in fact she’d been shot for her arrogant assertions that anyone she ‘hired’ could do the job.

Demons don’t die from gunshot wounds when you aim for the heart on a human. Rowena had survived the assault, but was gravely injured. Xander, being the newest butt monkey for her royal highness, had been instrumental in saving her life and her livelihood.

He figured it was his best chance to escape the bitch and find his way back to America, but with his passport who knows where thanks to Tommy The Rat and the demoness eyeing him in that oh so familiar way, Xander knew he’d have a tough time keeping himself from becoming that all-important thing. Sex Slave to a Demoness.

Which is why, Rowena, some guy named ‘Tank’ and he were currently bobbing up and down in the surf as the tropical storm lashed the island they’d been sent to collect two mercs from. Mike Chadwick and some local mark Rowena’s client had set up.

Xander was feeling sea sick, not to mention a little bit fed up with all the bad luck his life had shoved at him in the past few weeks. All he needed for this to be perfect would be if Buffy or someone had to save his ass.

“You sure we need the dead weight?” Tank asked in a low murmur, the wind and rain kept the conversation from prying ears.

Rowena shot her ‘associate’ an annoyed look. “He passes for a local, that’s all we need. Dodgson insisted we get here as fast as possible, in the middle of a tropical storm front, said that his team missed their boat due to some idiot computer jock.” Rowena grit her teeth and extended her claws. “I didn’t take kindly to being shot either, but this creep needed a back up plan, so here we are. Just in case, and the worst case scenario played out. Whatever they’re after, Dodgson is really hoping to score it.” Rowena turned from the muscle and eyed the dark jungles of the island.

Tank shrugged his shoulders and cracked his back, he’d been standing at the rail too long. “Place smells off.”

Rowena silently agreed.

Xander felt like something was watching him, or someone, glancing around he tried to spot anything out there. What he saw wasn’t much, in fact for a tropical storm there wasn’t much lightning or thunder. It was as dark as twilight out there. Trying to shake off his unease he turned his attention once again to his current ‘employer’, and he used the term lightly.

“What the hell could be so important we have to pick it up in this mess?”

Rowena flashed him a tooth filled smile. “You don’t need to know.” Purring she approached the young man, his scent was so intoxicating, she had to have him. Reaching out to brush a hand through his hair she felt the boat sway wildly to one side, and Tank let out a startled shout from aft.

Xander’s face grew slightly greener as the vessel swayed. “Couldn’t we at least wait this out on the dock?”

Rowena turned trying to spot Tank, he wouldn’t have cried out for no reason. “What’s wrong? Lose your sea legs?” Chuckling at her joke she moved closer.

A strong wave pushed the ship, as it did Xander felt something impact the top of the bridge. Glancing up curiously in the thick darkness his eyes widened, something was now perched up there, something which looked suspiciously like a very large and hungry predatory bird.

“Where the hell are you, Tank?” Rowena cursed as she kept searching for her missing companion.

Xander reached out instinctively and pulled her back to the relative safety of the bridge. “Rowena,” he hissed clamping a hand over her mouth. “We have company.”

The ship shook again, a strange cry escaped from the aft section. Both of them shot a wary glance in that direction, a second of the predatory things had landed its beak moving slowly, something hit the deck with a soft thud.

Rowena didn’t know what was happening, but it didn’t make much sense. The ship rolled against another wave and the thing rolled towards them.

Xander didn’t want to, but he had this overwhelming urge to pick it up. It was Tank’s arm, severed at the bicep and covered in demon ichor.

Rowena gagged and would have thrown up, if she’d eaten anything recently that was. “What the fuck!”

The creature on the bridge roof let out a shriek and dipped its head down to where the pair of them were huddling.

Xander let out a sharp cry of terror and dove out of the way.

Rowena wasn’t fast enough, pain exploded through her body as her left arm was torn out of its socket. She cried out and stumbled across the deck, the creature still standing on the ship let out another shriek, unfurling large wings it took off. Razor sharp talons reached out for Rowena, the demoness wasn’t about to be anything’s lunch, she’d spent too long building up her wealth and empire to be eaten now.

Ducking out of the way she raised her remaining good arm and shook it up at the pair of winged things. “You won’t have me! I am Rowena Crusoe and I…”

A third cry cut her off and another creature tucked its wings in tight against its body as it dove for the deck, with one fluid snap of its beak Rowena Crusoe, imposing and deadly seductress, kidnapper of young men and women and industrial thief lost her head.

Xander was left alone, free of his captors, only now he had to survive whatever was going on here. Seeing his one chance, as the three things fought over Rowena’s corpse on the deck of the ship, he leapt over the rail and landed hard on the wooden dock.

The place was full of humongous crates of various design and function, many of them had a company name on them, INGEN. Not caring about that Xander ran as fast as he could towards the closest stack of transport crates, one of them was open invitingly so, ducking inside he grabbed the nearest handle and pulled it closed. Just in time to as one of the creatures slammed into it, missing a third meal by mere milliseconds.

Breathing hard Xander waited for the thing to try and break into the crate, instead he heard a lot of shrieking and hissing and then, miraculously enough the beasts chose to leave. Debating on whether or not he should open the door, the sudden clap of thunder made him change his mind, the boat was secure. He could use it to get out of here as soon as the storm let up.

Exhausted from his narrow escape with whatever those things were Xander slumped to his butt and sunk his head into his arms, he was thoroughly exhausted. He needed to get some sleep if he was going to be any good to his new goals. “I have no idea where the hell I am, what’s going on, or what those freaky looking things were. I mean they could have been demons, but with that storm out there and the fact I could barely see anything… Hell for all I know they could have been dinosaurs or something.” Letting his eyes close, and feeling as though he were safe, or as safe as he could be expected trapped in an empty transport crate on an island in the middle of the ocean, Xander drifted off into an uneasy sleep.

Xander groaned as he slowly opened his eyes, sleeping all night inside of a metal transport crate was not the ideal place for a human being. Memories of last night were slow to come to him, but he recalled that he’d been involved in some kind of odd attack and yet somehow he’d escaped being eaten. Karma for the demon bitch that kidnapped him? Or just the typical brand of Harris luck.

The crate door inched open slowly and Xander stuck his head out. Blinking away the sunspots caused by the brightness he noted three things, first of all the boat was still in one piece so that was a plus, he could use it to get the hell out of there. Secondly, the storm had passed with little worse for wear, the place was almost calm.

Thirdly, and this was the most important part, there was a Pteranodon sitting perched on an upper walkway near the docks with its head bowed and its eyes closed, sleeping. Xander blinked again to make sure he wasn’t hallucinating. Nope, there was still a Pteranodon sitting perched on the upper walkway.

“Ok… So last night in the storm three of those things attacked us, ate the bitch and her hired goon and somehow I managed to survive. Now the only thing I want to know is, where the fuck did a living Pteranodon come from?” Xander sighed. “Maybe I should figure out how to get that thing to piss off first, and then worry about where it came from.”

Turning back around Xander paced in front of the door to his hiding place, there wasn’t much he could see on the docks that might be useful, the large transport crates with INGEN written on them were about the only thing around. There was the stairs leading up to the walkway, which seemed to be connected to a small building of some sort, perhaps maintenance equipment would be stored inside. The problem was, with the Pteranodon just snoozing out there, the slightest sound could attract its attention.

Xander was highly resourceful when dealing with vampires and demons, he’d known after all to keep a level head while trying to figure out how to avoid becoming a sex monkey for Rowena after all. The only options he had right now were, check the building for something he could use, or sit still and hope the Pteranodon decided to fly off on its own. Not likely to happen if it still knew he was there.

His gaze traveled the length of the walkway, there was a large crane attached to it for hefting the crates, the shed might have something useful he could use. Or he could instead try to get to the crane and see if it worked. But who would be dumb enough to leave the keys to operate the thing in the driver’s cabin?

“Knowing how my luck works, the keys for the crane are in the shed. So, I go to the shed, then I get the keys, then I have to get to the crane and if I manage all that without waking him up I can smack that overgrown vulture into the ocean or something.” It was a plan, a workable plan, but an insane one nevertheless. As it relied on an awful lot of luck. Shrugging Xander made another sweep of the docks, just to verify that the Pteranodon’s two pals weren’t nesting somewhere nearby. That done, he slowly crept out of the crate and made his way to the stairway leading up.

If it weren’t for Soldier Boys memories of stealth Xander might have been tempted to remove his shoes when he found the stairs were metal, fortunately he had years of practice walking softly to avoid detection, as Xander Harris and as Soldier Boy. Inching up the stairs one agonizing moment at a time he kept his eyes on the Pteranodon, it didn’t react at all, just kept sleeping. Fortune favored him.

Occasionally he made absolute certain that there weren’t any other dinosaurs around. Xander was after all a native of Sunnydale, it paid to be cautious, reaching the top of the stairs at last he was now quite close to the prehistoric beast. Sharp talons gripped one guardrail of the walkway; it was painfully obvious that the thing was lethal, since demon ichor still clung to the talons of the beast.

Xander eyed the shed entrance, of course it had to be past the thing. It couldn’t be helped though and so Xander began to inch slowly along the walkway opposite from the Pteranodon, he watched as the huge creature’s chest rose and fell with each breath. Xander held his own breath as he walked carefully and determinedly towards the shed door, with each sway of the crane or clanking of metal he half expected the thing to wake up and let out that terrifying shriek from last night.

Luck was with him though and Xander managed to reach the entrance to the maintenance shed without any trouble, exhaling softly Xander allowed himself to breathe as he reached for the door, it was then that he noticed the coded access panel with the glowing light beside it. “Terrific,” he hissed. “I need a code to get in, this is just great.” Biting his lower lip Xander began to think, what did he know which would allow him to crack a code? Not much, Willow taught him a bit about figuring that sort of thing out, but he was no expert at computers and passwords.

Soldier Boy however had a useful trick that just might work, plus Xander had seen it once in a movie. Leaning right up close to the panel he let out a breath, considering the humid nature of the temperate zone he was in Xander was surprised it worked, but his breath managed to fog up the number panels enough that he could just make out some residual fingerprints from the last person who used the shed.

It was a six digit code, there were only a handful of possibilities and combinations, hopefully it wasn’t rigged to set off an alarm in case someone forgot the code and punched in the wrong sequence. With sweaty palms Xander reached out and tried the first combination of numbers.

A soft tone rang out, barely audible, but the light flashed red so Xander figured the code was wrong. Carefully and nervously working his way through the codes he finally punched in the correct number sequence after the twenty-third try. Xander glanced over his shoulder to make sure that the dinosaur hadn’t moved then pulled the door open and stepped inside.


It was organized chaos, there were boxes, tools, a workbench of some kind and a small television with a chair in front of it. Xander couldn’t believe his luck, how was he supposed to find the crane’s keys in this mess? Well as a bonus at least he was safe from being eaten inside; checking the first box all he found was a bunch of flares. Not very useful, then again Soldier Boy knew you could never be sure what you might need.

Picking up a small rucksack with a logo and a name on it Xander stuffed as many flares as he felt was practical inside, he also picked up one of the radios on the nearby shelf, a couple of wrenches and a screwdriver just in case he needed to repair anything on the boat. Approaching a filing cabinet in one corner he popped the latch using the screwdriver and checked inside, a half-eaten sandwich of questionable status stared up at him. He was hungry.

“Am I really desperate enough to try eating something that has mold on it and probably has been sitting here for two weeks?” he asked himself. Shaking his head he shut the drawer, the second one was a bit more organized and had actual files in it. Shipping invoices from a place called Site B, dates and times for when to expect something called Lysine and a few other things that Xander couldn’t make heads or tails out of.

Putting them back he moved on to the third and final drawer, inside he found what he had been searching for this entire time, a set of keys, a small black code book and several bags of potato chips. “Not much of a breakfast, but it’s better than nothing.”

After his meager meal Xander returned to the door and slowly opened it, the Pteranodon was still perched in the exact same spot it had been before. Nodding at his good fortune Xander slung the bag over his shoulder and headed outside again now was the time to deal with this problem and get the hell out of here as fast as possible.

Once again Xander found himself inching along the walkway as slowly as possible, his eyes never once venturing too far from the beast resting in the middle of his path, if it had he would have noticed the two specks on the horizon approaching from the east. Xander was too preoccupied with staying alive to care with something flying towards the island, much to his detriment, as it was, once he reached the halfway point the two objects were close enough to be identified.

Military grade helicopters had come to fetch a group of people who had been left on the island, a small band of mercenaries had been contracted by INGEN to rescue their people and get them home safe and sound before the United States military bombed the hell out of Isla Nublar. Alpha and Beta teams had arrived, their destination, the Visitors Center in the middle of the park.

Beta team was closer to the island than Alpha team, Alpha was to circle around and approach from the west, while Beta team set up a perimeter on the ground coming in straight from the east. Both helicopters veered off to their intended courses, neither of them noticing the small shape on the walkway next to the larger animal sleeping there. The larger animal who had, up until a few seconds ago, been sleeping.

Xander stared up in horror at the loud helicopters. “Fuck!”

The Pteranodon, disturbed from its rest, let out a startling shriek loud enough to almost deafen the human standing a few meters from it. Angered at being disturbed the Pteranodon leapt clear of the walkway, it wasn’t fully aware yet of any bodily needs and so, instead of trying to eat Xander it approached him with talons outstretched.

Only the thickness of the rucksack he’d found in the shed kept him from being too grievously wounded. Xander let out a startled cry as he was lifted off the metal walkway and carried aloft. The Pteranodon’s huge wings beat and it eyed him with one large eye as it shrieked its rage at being disturbed.

“Nice birdy, good dino, come on can’t we talk about this?” Xander asked with a nervous smile as he happened to notice how high they were climbing.

The Pteranodon let out another shriek and spotted one of the helicopters nearby. It started flying after it over the jungle and away from Xander’s salvation, the boat was the way he’d gotten here and it was probably a safe bet to be the best way back. Struggling slightly Xander squirmed around in the grip of those razor sharp talons, his back stung from the wound he’d received. He couldn’t tell how deep it was, but it didn’t feel that bad.

Wriggling about as the dinosaur chased the helicopter he managed to reach into his pocket and drag out the keys he’d grabbed for the crane. It wouldn’t do him any good now, so he figured if he could distract the creature holding him he might be able to get free. And plunge to his death in the jungle canopy far below.

“Let’s see if you can fly when you’re being hit with the tried and true method of High School bullies everywhere?” Xander gritted his teeth determinedly and held the keys up to reflect the light of the sun. It was a small target in a large open aired environment, but it was either that or try and stab it with the screwdriver, not the best option for someone dangling in the grip of a Pteranodon’s talons. The glinting reflection of the sun on the metal keys miraculously reached the eye of the dinosaur, with an ear shattering shriek the beast stopped moving forward and hovered in mid-air as it tried to escape the gleam of its attacker’s weapon.

It was futile though, the gleaming attack was coming from the thing in its talons; with another shriek of rage and pain the beast uncurled its grip from around the annoying little thing squirming in its talons.

“Oh shit!” Xander was freefalling straight to the ground, he was going to go splat, unless by some miracle he could hit something soft. His eyes tearing up at the speed with which he was falling Xander could barely make out the rapidly approaching tree line, with remarkable luck and quick wits he reached out to halt his fall when he spotted the first branch.

He had to halt his momentum, instead he found himself slamming into something leathery and let out a painful groan. Slipping he started to slide backwards down the thing he’d hit, still dazed and somehow without any broken bones. It paid to fight vampires and demons on a nightly basis, built up your tolerances apparently.

The thing Xander landed on let out a startled bellow and an extremely long neck rose up from the trees. It reared in surprise and Xander tumbled end over end as he slid down the back of a creature that had been extinct for millions of years. Coming at last to a stop in a large clearing Xander groggily shook his head and stared up at the thing that had saved him. Laughing at his good fortune and the fact that he was still alive Xander climbed unsteadily to his feet. “Saved by a long neck, man I’m going to feel the bruises later, but thank you whoever you are for that.”

High above the Pteranodon let out a cry at being denied its revenge and then continued chasing after the helicopter.

After calming down from his narrow escape Xander eyed the large jungle area he’d landed in, as well as the small herd of Brachiosaurs grazing. He had to get back to that dock, fortunately the Pteranodon had flown in a relatively straight line. Getting his bearings he figured if he just walked back through the jungle the opposite way he’d arrived at his current destination, he could return to the boat at the docks and get the hell off of this crazy island.

The only problems he’d need to worry about were a lack of food and water and the possibility of other predators roaming the island. “Whoever runs this INGEN company needs to have their head examined, I have no idea where the hell they got these dinosaurs from, but keeping them all here on this island was really a bad idea. Or… Well it might be, unless this is where they found them or something. Ugh! Here I am on a tropical island populated by prehistoric animals long thought extinct, and I’m talking to myself. Maybe I should check to see if that code book includes any maps?”

Reaching into the slightly mangled rucksack Xander found a few flares left and the code book, while he’d been falling the hole created by the Pteranodon’s talons had allowed the two wrenches and the other tools to fall out. If it hadn’t been for the inner pouches and things he would have lost all his supplies from that shed.

“Terrific,” he complained flipping open the book. “Codes and Access Ways for Park Personnel, Information on Dinosaur Species, Locations of Antidote for Dilophosaurus Venom, Rule and Guidelines for Park Staff, Dress Code. Oh here it is, Map of the Park.” Grateful for at least this bit of luck Xander flipped to the appropriate page and stared in wonderment at the detailed map of the island’s facilities.

Tracing a path from the docks with his finger he tapped the map in one area, it was marked as being the Stegosaurus paddock, oddly enough he hadn’t noticed any of those Dinosaurs around. Just the herd of Brachios, shrugging he returned the code book to his pilfered rucksack. According to the path he’d traced out there was supposed to be two more maintenance sheds along the way back to the Docks and something called the High-Peak Jurassic Café, which was marked as being still under construction.

With any luck he’d find some new supplies along the way. Carefully centering himself so he was facing the correct way he started walking off into the jungle, probably not the ideal solution it could have been, but it was better than nothing. Xander knew one thing though, if the jerks in the helicopter survived whatever it was they were doing, and he ever got to meet up with them, he’d give them a piece of his mind. And maybe a good hard kick to the ass.

To Be Continued…

Author's Post Note:
One often finds inspiration in the oddest of places. This little gem of an idea has been digging into my psyche ever since I checked out gameplay footage of Jurassic Park The Game from TellTale Games. Naturally we can just ignore any timeline inconsistencies by stating that this is Fanfic. We'll push the events of the film up from 1993 to better co-incide with B:tVS, we'll also flub some of the chronological events of the game. As the passage of time involved during it is a bit of an oddity in and of itself.

This is not a re-telling of the events in the game with Xander thrown in to the mix, this story will feature the same number of 'Episodes' as the Game, the length however of each will be differing greatly, as some of what goes down may take longer to get out. Xander's trek back to the boat isn't going to be smooth or easy, let's face it this is Xander we're talking about.

The real idea of this came from my noticing of how they glossed over the 'deaths' of the mysteriously missing pair from the boat Biosyn sent to pick up their 'Plan B' team. And it just grew from there. It was a blast writing it, hope you enjoy, and stay tuned for Episode Two. Once its finished.
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