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Where Cool Heads Prevail

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Summary: *TS 18* Brian was so mad that he could barely think straight. The only solution he could see was a jailbreak, which wasn't something a Federal Agent should be contemplating. He only hoped his little sister, Buffy, could find a creative solution to help!

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Finding Direction

Disclaimer: I do not own either Buffy or Fast and Furious. All rights belong to their respective owner.
Summary: Her brother Brian had asked for help and she's skipped continents happily. Still, with the Toretto's Buffy just might find the perfect direction for her life, and dare she say it? Happiness.
Authors Note: This is for ConstanceTruggle who has been brilliant in reading through all my fics and correcting my god awful grammar. As a treat and having peaked her interest in fast and furious - this is for you!

Dom looked at the blonde, who was driving him home from jail. He'd been entranced, at first, he'd wondered if it was just from doing a small stretch, but he knew it was a lot more than that. The trip home she'd talked constantly - like her brother - just enough to distract him from his dark thoughts.

"Hey, tall, dark and handsome, I should be woman enough to keep you in the here and now." Buffy demanded.

He chuckled and asked with a teasing lilt, "You think I'm handsome?"

Buffy turned to look at him, but still expertly managing the car whilst moving through the traffic - she really was Brian's sister. She returned his flirty smile, "Yeah I do, I have damn good eyesight. Although can I ask one thing?"

Dom was intrigued, "Try not too brood. I have a thing for tall, dark and handsome but I'd really like, if I could find one guy who didn't brood."

Dom could have freaked but he'd put to bed his past - now was about living and as he would learn, the woman next to him embodied that.

"I don't even know your name, Brian was very over-protective just told me about you, but never a name."

Buffy with a wry smile, "I'm Buffy, yes, I'm from LA but hey, I was in a class with a Harmony so could be worse."

Then she surprised Dom, "I could kiss you for giving Brian a reason to find a family. I did my best but I had my own battles."

Dom knew they didn't have long, "Battles?"

Buffy shrugged, and took a chance, she didn't want to lie. It liked like at the very least, Brian would marry Mia. "Have you heard of the slayer?"

Dom did a double take at that. In LA, anyone who had even minor connections with the criminal underworld knew of the Supernatural. He had heard mentions of a boogieman, one who scared the monsters enough to make them runaway. It was difficult to reconcile the big bad monster-killer with the tiny blonde next to him.

Then again he could dig that.

Buffy was hanging in the Toretto family home and enjoying the feeling. Buffy had once had a family home, but since then, had led a traveller's life. Dom and Mia were still in that weird place where they were really ecstatic to be together, but not quite believing that this was the case.

Interestingly, Mia and Brian had taken one couch, sitting comfortably, suggesting a familiar routine. Buffy had taken the other couch and Dom sat next to her. Mia handed Dom a Corona, but Buffy refused her offered brew. Buffy wrinkled her nose and Brian started laughing - so hard, and free. It was a good sound, and Mia couldn't remember the last time she'd heard Brian laugh like that.

Vince and Leon were apparently being recalled from wherever they were. Buffy was intrigued when Brian groaned at that.

"What's the deal?" Buffy asked, and somehow they'd managed to move into each other’s personal space.

Dom answered, "They do not get along and now that Mia has chosen Brian. It's not gonna be fun!"

Buffy grinned, "Sounds like a peach."

Mia shrugs, "He's a good guy. Doesn't thinks before he speaks, but at least he's gotten over the idea that a woman should be in the kitchen."

Brian was just imagining the fireworks and started to snicker, "How strong is the house?"

Dom gave him his WTF look, and Brian still enjoying the fact that for once, everyone got a happy ending. He collapsed into Mia and enjoyed the feeling, "Buffy when she's pissed, can and will, kick him into the wall."

Dom wanted Mia to know about Buffy - if there is one thing he'd learnt from this whole fucking affair - is that he was done with secrets. He looked to Buffy, and asked, “Can Mia know about your job?”

It was share time and Buffy told them all about her life. Buffy couldn't believe how easily they had accepted her life. Apparently if you lived in LA and kept your eyes open - you learned a thing or two. As a result, Brian told them about what he'd done in Miami, and Dom realised just how much Brian had done for them. It struck Mia as well, and a brooding silence descended over the group.

Buffy broke the pity party, "Oh no, we are a no brooding zone. Bri has finally found his balls and gotten with Mia. You Mr are next on my list."

Mia watched in astonishment as Dom - dare she say it - blushed. Oh, this was going to be fun, she thought.

That day had marked a very big change for all of them. Buffy had told Giles that she wanted to move back to LA, and she would run the Council business in America. Giles was so pleased that Buffy had found her direction that he was more than okay with it. She had an apartment but spent most of the time with the Toretto's. Buffy and Mia were still snickering, about the fact that they'd promoted Brian to SAC in charge. They were trying a new tactic - it was hard to have a problem with authority - when you were the authority.

Brian stepped back into the house, he'd moved a few weeks ago - with Dom's blessing. It was not hard to figure out that, if he wanted to date Buffy then he couldn't give Brian shit for dating Mia. It was far simpler than that, they were becoming a family. A family that grew once Leon and Vince returned.

Dom, Leon and Vince were still together, running the garage and building race cars. Although, there was a very big change, in the type of racing they were building cars for - It was street legal racing. Buffy was kind of a big cheese when she wanted to be, and she had no problem throwing her weight around to get Dom's lifetime ban for racing overturned. It was a new challenge but one that the group was relishing.

Vince had stopped giving the blonde siblings shit when Buffy had stopped a falling engine block, one handed. It saved his hand, and Buffy never made a big deal of it. In fact, she carried on the teasing, flirty conversation that she had been having with Dom. It was the type of casual strength that Dom could display. It made Vince realise that Buffy was kind of perfect for Dom and unless he wanted to alienate them all. He would have to quit with the crap. One thing had been made very clear - Buffy and Brian were there to stay as far as the Toretto siblings were concerned!

Buffy was so excited for Dom, today was the first race he was competing in. Buffy had already changed into Jeans and a corset top. She had Bri's clothes in the car and wondered why Mia wasn’t driving him. Buffy shuddered not wanting the image in her head. She loved her brother, truly she did, but that was an image she could do without.

Buffy strolled into the offices, she enjoyed signing her name. She may be dressed a little provocative but technically she was Lady Buffy Summers and such titles bought respect when used. The Queen had made her a special envoy from the UK, in order to make her job easier. In the Queen's words, she'd be able to her job a lot better if she had diplomatic immunity. She enjoyed watching the desk staff trip over themselves to make up for the slight and Buffy was laying it cool. Sadly, her brother came and spoilt her fun. She gave him a big smile, "Come on big brother I wanna go and watch my guy race."

Brian laughed and the whole staff watched as the siblings waltzed off without a care in the world. Life was sweet for Buffy. She had found her direction in life; she'd made a home, and even found someone who loved her - for her. Dom didn't try to change her, or stop her and in return, Buffy never asked Dom to change.

Life was pretty sweet, now if Dom could win his race life would be golden, but she'd have to wait to celebrate any victory in private. Brian always started pouting when he saw them even kissing. It didn't matter that she was twenty-eight; she would always be his little sister. Buffy was okay with that and next week Faith was coming to visit.

She couldn't wait to see the firework that would erupt between Faith and Vince. Brian just hoped the garage stayed standing.
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