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Where Cool Heads Prevail

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Summary: *TS 18* Brian was so mad that he could barely think straight. The only solution he could see was a jailbreak, which wasn't something a Federal Agent should be contemplating. He only hoped his little sister, Buffy, could find a creative solution to help!

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It was a normal day at work!

Title: It was a normal day at work
Disclaimer: I own nada to do with Fast and Furious (2009) or Buffy – All rights belong to their respective owners.
Summary: So Brian dealt with humans breaking the law, and Buffy dealt with demons – that was the way the world worked. Well, that was how it worked until some demons decided to invade the FBI HQ. Also Buffy did what with a GTO?
Authors Notes Okay, so talking to ConstanceTruggle made me realise that there was another story in this verse. This chapter is for you!

Brian was at work. It was still a little strange that he'd managed to find a family with the Torettos’, but he was enjoying life. How could he not, Buffy was now living in LA, and he had Mia, plus Dom was out of jail and likely to stay that way. Buffy would make sure that Dom kept on the straight and narrow, so despite any initial misgivings; he couldn't begrudge the happiness that his little sister and best friend had found together. He was sort of happy that Faith and Vince were seemingly finding happiness together - well, if they stopped ganging up on him. It wasn't fair, not even Buffy or Mia were sympathetic to his plight when he moaned.

Never mind that, he had a job to do and agents to boss around. The only agent he really liked was Sophie Trinh. The office was buzzing, because apparently homicide had made a big bust - having caught a killing ring. Yeah sure, there was competition between the departments, but any day, where the bad guys are taken off the streets - is a good day. Well, it would have been except for the small, tiny fact that the bad guys were in fact - demons. Demons, who thought it would be fun - to get caught so they could have a little bit of fun with the law enforcement officers.

The alarm, signalling a break-out in the detention centre blared loud and clear. For a moment, everyone froze, Brian did not; he came out of his office, demanding, "Where are the cameras?"

The agents who were close by, didn't think they'd ever forget what they saw - the red was on the walls. It was hard to stomach that the red was the blood of their colleagues. The idiot that Brian couldn't fire because of his familial connection, started to scream. Brian took a deep breath, and zeroed in on the visual evidence - the more he knew, the more he could tell his sister. His cell was in his other hand, and Buffy thankfully picked up on the second ring.

"What's up?"

Brian put his finger in his ear so he could hear properly. "How quickly can you get to me? I have an infestation and way too many civilians."

There was way too much irony, over the fact that Brian was referring to his colleagues as civilians, but when it came to the supernatural – they were. Buffy had made sure that if Brian had to face something supernatural that he would survive. The problem was that as a cop his instinct was to protect others at the expense of himself.

Brian could practically hear Buffy narrow her eyes. "Stay safe. Is the building in Lockdown?"

Brian sighed in frustration, "Yeah Buff it is. Not cool I know."

He could hear his sister sigh in frustration, she then asked, "Say if I was to crash a car through the HQ will I get into trouble?"

Brian almost laughed but remembered where he was, so figured it would not be appreciated. "Buff just make sure you're driving; you're the one with diplomatic immunity."

Five minutes later, something rocks the building. Sophie has the cameras manoeuvre so their covering the front. Brian just wished that there was sound.

Down below, Buffy had crashed the old GTO into the building. Mia would give her and Brian so much shit, but she wasn't going to crash a Plymouth into the building. That would probably cause a domestic between her and Dom.

Buffy kicks the door off and comes up sword swinging. Demon one loses its head. Another group come through the door; she wonders just how many were arrested? Buffy looks back at the head, and shrugs.

Faith grins, knowing exactly what the sister slayer is thinking of doing.

Buffy just mutters, "When in Rome." and rolls the head down the corridor. Think bowling with slayer force. Faith grinned it was like the demons were skittles. She was pretty sure that this was an image that would stay with her forever. What they needed was answers so they had to resist their immediate urge to kill. Buffy had one demon under the spike heel of her boot.

Buffy was pissed, she wanted a quiet day and someone had dared to attack her brother. Maybe, technically, it wasn't her brother but the slayer in her didn't see it that way. "Who is your boss?"

The demon was croaking so Buffy let up a little; after all he needed to be able to breathe. "Look we didn't want any trouble, we're just having fun!"

Faith rolled her eyes, adding sarcastically, "Yeah B, lighten up, they were just having fun. I'm sure that they never meant to kill your brother."

The demons eyes widened, and then he whimpered, maybe, if he was lucky then he'd be killed quickly. Buffy sighed they'd killed 5 she needed to know how many more.

“How many more are there?” The look in her eyes suggested that refusing to answer would be a really bad idea.

“Five,” it whimpered. Buffy would tolerate a lot, but these demons had come with the express purpose of harming others, and that could not be tolerated.

Buffy ended the demons life and stood up stretching her senses. She could her voices, people issuing orders and almost smiled. It seemed her big brother, had got the message out, and the Feds were organising themselves. As a bonus, if the agents were cordoning off work areas then it left the demons roaming the corridors - where the slayers could attack without risking the lives of agents.

Brian whooped seeing the cavalry arrive. "Yes, thank god, right people listen up. Guns will not work - knives, fire and wood will."

The agents were starting to cross themselves, failing to comprehend but unable to deny what they could see. "Right Sophie - try and get a message to the other departments make their areas defensible - help will take care of the rest."

The whimpering agent watched as the strange creatures were taken down, with brutal efficiency. The organized crime department was at the end of the corridor. They could hear the demons rattle the walls, but before they needed to fight – the demons attentions were diverted.

Faith shouted, “Hey bozo. You picked the wrong office to play with!”

The demon hissed, “Slayers.”

Buffy grinned, “We have fans. Do you have a name?”

The demon hissed something long and unpronounceable; Buffy shrugged, “I’ll call you Steve. I’m Buffy and this is Faith.”

The demon was bright green, and if he was able to – probably would have paled. He wasn’t just facing slayers – this was the queen and the dark slayer.

Buffy can tell when it sinks into the demon, just who he is facing. Buffy might have cared about 2 against 1, if he hadn’t just murdered several agents and wasn’t inches from her brother. Therefore, she wasn’t feeling that generous or forgiving; the fight was embarrassingly short.

Faith looks at Buffy and throws her hair back, “Well that was one way to spend the afternoon.”

Buffy laughs softly, “Yeah but now I’ve got to phone Riley. This is a clusterfuck that I don’t want to clean up.”

Faith snorted, she knew exactly what Buffy’s priorities were currently. Brian, and then she’d want to see Dom, just like she wanted to find Vince.

Buffy knocked on the door, “Come on Bri you called me and now you won’t let me in … that’s cold big bro.”

The door was opened, and Brian hugged his little sister, “Have I told you what an awesome sister you are?”

Buffy grinned, “Come on, let’s get sorted. I need to phone Ri and then we are all going home.”

Brian didn’t object to the plan and he certainly didn’t object. Even with all the outside help, it still took four hours before they could leave Brian’s workplace.

Buffy, Brian and Faith made their way to the Toretto family home where they would no doubt be mothered to death by their other halves. Normally, it would bug all of them crazy, but when it was their lovers it was different. It was more intimate, and didn't drive them bat-shit insane.

Sure enough, the minute they were out of the car. Buffy was engulfed in a hug that despite all the little scraps made her feel infinitely better. She had come to associate the car-oil and earthy scent of Dom as home, and peace. Buffy looked to Faith, "You know what? Screw any demon, apocalypse or any other bad guy, who tries to stand in our way."

Faith nodded, finishing what started off as a hug but turned into a weird sexual grope, "Amen sister. We're happy."

Brian looked over, from his place, resting on Mia's shoulder. "No place I'd rather be," the sincerity ringing load and clear in his voice.

Dom asked a question that was bugging him, "What happened to the GTO?"

Buffy looked a little sheepish, and mumbled something into his shoulder. "What was that babe?"

Buffy looked up through her eyelashes, knowing it was a weakness for Dom, "I crashed it into the FBI HQ to rescue Brian. Be glad it wasn't the Plymouth"

Vince started to snicker, he could have fun for days with this, he had to ask, "So Bri played princess?"

Buffy was trying not to smile, really she was, but Dom was silently laughing and it set her off. Mia took her boyfriend into the house to help him clean up.

Faith was dragging Vince off down the block to his house. Buffy laughing softly but also grateful that she wouldn’t have to witness Faith settling her urges. As a slayer, after a fight, you've got two urges - H and H itches and Faith wasn’t hungry for food. Buffy was truly laughing now, as Vince looked like a rabbit caught in head lights - It was simply too funny.

Buffy was already healing and Dom knew it, her slayer power was a little stronger than everyone else’s. He pulled her round so they were face to face. "So you're happy?"

Buffy smiled, and Dom couldn’t help but join in, it was her smile for him, "Oh yeah, let's find some place private and I'll show you how much."

Well, Dominic Toretto was many things a fool wasn't one of them. So there you have it, and Buffy showed him just how happy she was, but it was catching around the Toretto gang. Now if they just could find the right person for Leon then life would be perfect.

The End

You have reached the end of "Where Cool Heads Prevail". This story is complete.

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