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Where Cool Heads Prevail

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Summary: *TS 18* Brian was so mad that he could barely think straight. The only solution he could see was a jailbreak, which wasn't something a Federal Agent should be contemplating. He only hoped his little sister, Buffy, could find a creative solution to help!

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I don't own Buffy or the Fast and Furious series.
Timeline: Set post FF movie 4 and post Buffy TV but does not include comics.
Beta: So this is all because of a little chat with ConstanceTruggle. Also, if this fic is readable then it's thanks to her.

The minute the judge banged the gavel down, Brian stormed out of the room. He hated that the system had let him down so badly. He'd tried to work within the system but failed. Dom had stopped running and was facing life in Lompoc. It was ironic really, Mia and he were horrified but Dom looked almost serene.

Screw that Brian thought, and screw the system. He was taking the family way - when the rules don't work, move around them. He needed to make a phone call. The only person who could help him now was his little sister, Buffy. His father had been an asshole. He’d skipped out on him and his mom, and then done exactly the same thing to his new family, which was where Buffy came in. He later found out that he had a little sister when she turned fourteen. He was really glad that they had met because when she ran away from home - it was to him.

Yes, she could look after herself but that didn't mean she should have to. Brian and Buffy had struck up a familial relationship - long distance. He had phoned and bitched to her about his boring beats or the really fucked up cases. In return, Buffy would tell him all about slaying. In a way, they were a refuge for each other. He phoned her after Miami and she told him that he had a Summers way of avoiding death. He'd wanted to argue that he was an O'Connor like his mama, but he couldn't.

He'd gone and collected her from the crater that was Sunnydale. He'd seen her laugh joyously at the idea of some freedom. He'd driven his convertible and they had bombed it back to LA, giving Buffy the chance to breathe before having to clean up yet another apocalypse.

He'd left his Fed job without telling his bosses, and Stanton had pitched a fit and then nearly burst a blood vessel when a message came down from upon high that he was to leave O'Connor alone. No disciplinary action – something about a classified job. When Brian had heard, he’d grinned, and sent a silent thank you to his little sister. She tried to look after him, just like he tried to look after her.

It seems that his bosses had forgotten that call because they had royally screwed Brian over. He didn't mind when it was just him, but now he was pissed. Dom was like a brother and Mia, well, she was becoming something much more.

Since Dom had gone to jail willingly, Brian had spent all his off time with Mia. They had come to an understanding when he'd given her an answer to a question she'd asked him before it had all gone down. "I'm a good guy, well, at least I try to be but I've come to realise that family is more important than anything, Mia. I'm trying to do right."

Mia believed him and let him close. He had vowed that he would never do anything to screw it up again. Buffy would never forgive him if he did. This situation was messy and the only way out that he could see at the moment was a jailbreak. He'd manage it but it would be messy and then they'd all be on the run.

Buffy was always good at finding alternative solutions to everything - including death. Brian just hoped that she could find a way to fix this, as well.

Buffy answered her cell on the first ring, "Hey big bro. Please tell you can give me a reason to come to LA. PLEASE?"

Brian laughed despite himself, it was one of the things he loved about Buffy. She could always bring light even into the darkest situations. Oh, and if the light failed then she would kick the shadow's ass. "I could do with some help!"

Buffy could tell something was bothering her big brother and that was enough for her. "Giles, I'm taking a vacation."

Buffy could practically hear the lecture forming in Giles’ head, so like any sensible person she hightailed it out of the Council House. Her frustration over the fact that she was twenty eight and he still treated her like a child on occasion annoyed her. She could handle it most of the time, but on occasions she needed to escape. She figured skipping continents was a clue enough that he was being oppressive.

In LA, Mia wondered, why Brian was so calm all of a sudden. He couldn't explain it yet, they would need to talk with Buffy.

Buffy had remembered at the last minute that it was stupid to fly, when she could portal to LA. The Council House fawned over having the Queen visit. Buffy didn't roll her eyes - personal growth right there! She didn’t lie, just said that she had urgent business in the city and needed a lift.

Mia was milling around her kitchen, puttering. Brian wasn't stupid enough to say anything about it. He didn't fancy a pot to the head. The knock at the door startled them out of their nervous pacing. Brian offered, "I'll get it."

There before him stood his little sister. "Buffy," was all he got out before he was engulfed into a hug.

"Can't breathe!" he managed to rasp. Buffy let go quickly, looking a little sheepish.

Mia stood back wondering exactly who was at the door. Brian had the biggest smile on his face. "Mia let me introduce you to someone. Mia this is my sister, Buffy. Buffy this is my girlfriend," and he couldn't hide his goofy grin.

Buffy snickered, "It's so sickeningly sweet to see you in love."

Mia grinned, she really liked Buffy, and she knew exactly how to play her older brother. Mia wanted to hear more so said, "Come in, where have you come from?"

Buffy shrugged, "London. Brian said he needed my help so I'm here."

Mia wondered what it was like to be able to travel like that. Until recently, with the little side trip for Mexico to avenge Letty - she'd never been out of the state.

Buffy sat down in the kitchen, and enjoyed the home cooked pasta bake. It seemed a love of tuna ran in Brian's family. Mia listened to Brian explain the situation to his sister. When Brian mentioned the deal that was brokered her eyes seemed to glint. Mia was unsure exactly what Buffy could do, as no one had explained just what she did for a living.

Buffy listened right to the end and Mia saw the anger roll off her when she'd heard how badly he'd been injured against Braga. If she didn't know better, Mia would think that Buffy would dearly like to hunt down anyone who'd hurt Brian. Mia also thought that despite her appearance she would be able to follow through with her threat.

Buffy grinned, "Well, your bosses screwed up and I know a lawyer or two in LA so I'll ask a favour."

Brian realised who she was going to call in a favour from. Oh this was going to be fun, Stanton hated Wolfram and Hart. Mia frowned not understanding the significance until she heard the name, "Yeah, yeah, Harmony I know all about W&H - now put the great fanged one on."

Mia whirled on Brian with a ‘what the fuck’ look.

Brian shrugged and whispered, “Buffy used to date the CEO – they are still friends.”

Mia gave him a look that said it all. Connections didn't cover being friends with the CEO of the biggest law firm in LA. Buffy explained what she wanted and for whom. Angel couldn't refuse because there was a time when he'd first arrived in LA that Brian had helped him out.

Buffy smirked as she slammed shut her cell.

LA Federal Office

AD Stanton was feeling very nervous this morning. It seemed that someone had hired the services of Wolfram and Hart for Toretto. He wanted to scream in frustration - he'd hoped the whole damn Toretto affair was behind the agency. O'Connor got a congratulatory pat on the back, Braga was dead and the drugs were off the street. Oh, and as a crowning glory Toretto – a thorn in their side – was finally behind bars.

And miracles of all miracles! O'Connor was even on time for work, but standing next to him was a small, beautiful blonde and a coloured man. The strangers didn’t stay with O’Connor they were heading in his direction. Sure enough, his assistant knocked on his door, and the polite, "Sir I've brought along your 9 O’clock."

It never occurred to him, to ask why they had been with O'Connor – it would be his undoing.

Stanton asked with curiosity, "Why exactly are you here?"

It was the woman spoke, "I am something of a specialist at dealing with American Agencies and I was asked to look into helping the Torettos."

He was shocked, "Just like that ... if you have those skills ... then there is no way they could afford you."

Buffy smiled, but this smile lacked warmth, it was one she usually directed at enemies. "I'm doing this for my brother. Oh, Director Stanton, this is your one chance to fix your mistake."

Stanton snorted, his arrogance would be the final nail in his coffin, so to speak. He thought he'd finally found something that he could beat the law firm at. Gunn wanted to grin because if he didn't listen to reason then Buffy was going over his head and well, then the fireworks would truly begin.

Stanton tried to placate, "I'm sorry but he has been sentenced - the judge found him guilty."

Buffy stood up and Gunn liked the way this slayer rolled; she was ruthless when it came to things she cared about and not just slaying. Gunn chucked the file down on Stanton's desk.

"What is this?"

Gunn smirked, "Oh that? That is Agent O'Connor's copy of the deal that was signed. You know the one where the FBI promised leniency in return for Dominic Toretto's co-operation."

Buffy added innocently, "I don't think 25 - life counts as leniency."

Gunn agreed, "It does seem harsh."

Buffy shrugged, "No matter I was trying to be nice. I'm phoning Jed Bartlet next. He'll help me."

Gunn snickered, after all, only Buffy could save the big guy's life. Thus, securing the loyalty of the entire Secret Service, and gaining a lifelong friend in the Bartlet family.

At first, Stanton ignored it, dismissed it as a joke or desperate ploy. It was when he looked in the blonde's eyes that he saw ice - he knew those eyes - except ususally there were viridian blue, not hazel. Buffy smiled in grim satisfaction when she saw the Agent had made the connection.

"Oh yeah, you see I'm not fond of the little guy getting screwed," and then she released the slayer within her. The Agent wouldn't understand, but he would feel fear. It was a small satisfaction but she hoped he felt a fraction of what Brian felt in the desert. "Your real mistake was your collateral - I love my brother and you nearly got him killed!"

Buffy left without saying another word. What was there to say? She'd given him a chance and he'd shot it down. Stanton started his resignation letter.

Mia couldn't believe what a difference 24 hours could make. Only yesterday she'd been heartbroken over the idea of Dom going back to prison. Now, only a day later she had hope. Buffy, a bit like her brother, was full of energy and people couldn't help but react to her presence. Mia did see that for all the similarities there was a fundamental difference in their personalities - Brian was ice and Buffy was fire.

Still they were now driving to the county jail. Brian had slid calmly into the side of her car, but she'd seen the small grimace. Mia didn't care, she loved her GTO and if Brian was going to become a part of the family, then he needed to learn to appreciate a good American car - not the zippy little rice-rockets he liked. The argument was lost before it even began when Buffy pulled up in her 1972 dodge charger - she'd done the work herself. She'd done the work in secret as a refuge from how crazy her life had gotten - another thing she was grateful Brian had taught her.

Brian really should have seen it coming. That he didn't made him feel stupid. They had pulled up and an emotional reunion was enjoyed by the Toretto siblings. Buffy and Brian stood back, letting the family have their moment.

Brian and Dom had embraced and Buffy had snorted with Mia. Buffy – being the annoying little sister – mocked, "Now we've all done the manly rituals, can we please go back? Mia promised me proper spaghetti."

Dom had seen the blonde by Brian and guessed that this was his little sister. Brian had only mentioned her when they were in Mexico, but he hadn't mentioned was that she was sex-on-legs.

Brian bristled next to Mia seeing the whole eye-fucking routine going on between them. Okay, so maybe he was being a little hypocritical considering he was with Mia but he couldn't help it! This was his little sister. He was smart enough not say anything aloud. He wasn't sure who would rip into him first; Mia for being mean; Buffy for being overprotective or, Dom because he was dating Mia.

He watched a little mournfully as Buffy chatted happily away as she led Dom over to her Charger. It was ironic really; the tiny blonde Buffy could easily be mistaken as arm-candy next to the muscled, dangerous Toretto. Brian wondered what people would think if they found out that it was the tiny blonde who was the most dangerous of the couple.

He tried not to grimace as he tested the word in his head. Mia, being unsympathetic, was laughing her ass off. "Come on big brother; you wouldn't want to leave them in the house alone would you?"

Nope, he wouldn't but he wouldn't have a choice. He had a small smile though at one thought. If things went the way he suspected and Dom was kind of perfect for Buffy - well at least he wouldn't be the only one with a fierce girlfriend. Brian grinned, thinking of Vince trying some of his more chauvinistic comments on Buffy.

The only thing he had yet to decide, was whether that was a comforting thought. He smiled when Mia chucked him the keys as a way to relieve his stress. He was being mocked, but at least he got to drive. Driving was still the best feeling and with Mia next to him he didn't think anything could top it.

Brian decided that he was definitely living in interesting times. Only he'd forgotten the second part to the Chinese curse - May you find what you are looking for.
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