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Mutant Slayer

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Summary: She'd always known she was different, that she was adopted and that her real mother loves her. She knew all about mutants and that her father was her mother's rapist.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Faith-CenteredBillieGaleFR1832,8210153,18519 Aug 1226 Aug 12No

Chapter Two

Disclaimer: I own nothing of Buffy or X-men, I'm simply using borrowing some characters for my own amusement.

A/N: I know that first chapter was extremely short so hopefully this one'll make up for it. Also, if y'all have any ideas about pairings you'd like to see, let me know and I'll try to work them in. Enjoy.

15 Years Later...

Fifteen year old Faith LeHane glared coldly at the passed out John on her adopted mother's couch as she quietly made her way out of the filthy apartment. Heading down the stairs Faith thought over her life so far. In the beginning the LeHanes' had loved her and treated her really greatly but when she was three her adopted dad had died and her adopted mother never got over it, she started drinking and doing drugs. When Faith turned eight her mother started selling her body and abusing Faith. Every night since then a different guy each night was in her mother's room, leaving Faith to either stay and be forced to listen or out on the streets running with one of Boston's gangs.

Sometimes Faith wanted to hate that she could remember every second of her life, every second of the physical and emotional abuse. But she couldn't, because if she didn't have an eidetic memory she wouldn't know about her real mom, or that she was loved. She wouldn't know how to control her powers either. Shaking off those thoughts Faith headed towards the mailboxes, pulling the key for her box out of her pocket. As she unlocked the box Faith noticed a tall blonde woman near the entrance doors, watching her closely. Pulling the mail out she shuffled through it until she found what she was looking for. Tossing the rest back in the mailbox Faith tore her letter open, a smirk settling on her lips as she read it.

Walking back towards the stairs Faith stopped in front of the blonde. "You can explain why you've been watching me while you take me to the bank."

"And whay makes you think I'm watching you?" the woman asked in a British accent.

"Two reasons: I've seen you five times in the last three days and two, you've been so focused on me since I entered that you haven't noticed the two gang-bangers at the top of the stairs that are staring at you." Faith smirked when the blonde's head jerked to look up the stairs.

"Alright, so which bank are we going to?" Lillian Dover asked with a small smile.

"First National," Faith answered quietly, following the woman outside to a black SUV. Hopping into the passenger seat and buckling her seatbelt the teen mutant turned to look at the blonde. "Is this about the dreams I've been having?"

"Yes, it is. Have you tried to understand what they mean?" Lillian asked. "My name is Lillian Dover, by the way."

Faith stayed quiet, running through the memories of her dreams for the past couple of weeks. In each dream she was someone else who was fighting different creatures, creatures that shouldn't exist. Vampires, demons, werewolves, all creatures that shouldn't exist yet they did. "There's more to the world than I know, isn't there?"

"There is, Faith." Taking a deep breath Lillian explained everything she could about the supernatural world and the Watcher's Council. She explained how the slayer was first made and how when a slayer dies, the next is called. "A bit of an anomally happened almost a year ago and now there are two slayers. Buffy Summers was killed by The Master but was revived. Her death, though, was long enough to call the next slayer, Kendra. Faith, if Kendra dies you are the next in line to be called."

Faith stared out of her window as Lillian's words washed over her. She was different enough already without the possibility of being a slayer, of course no one knew she was a mutant. I wonder what mom would say if she knew I had a destiny the protect the flatscans. She looked at the blonde. "I guess this means you'll be training me, huh?"

"There is a chance you won't be called," Lillian said softly.

"I'm not that lucky when it comes to chance, Miss Dover," Faith retorted as she got out of the SUV. Holding her letter tightly the teen mutant headed inside the bank with her new Watcher. Walking up to the front desk she asked, "Can you please let Roger Kent know that Faith Darkholme is here?"

"Of course, Miss Darkholme."

"The Council has your name listed as LeHane," Lillian said in confusion.

"The LeHanes' adopted me when I was a baby," Faith said absently, watching as an older man in a navy blue suit approached them.

"Miss Darkholme, I'm Roger Kent. Please follow me to my office," the man greeted pleasantly.

Motioning for her Watcher to follow, Faith followed Mr. Kent deeper into the bank. A few minutes later they were seated in front of Mr. Kent's desk.

"Before we start anything, I need to ask you a few questions to verify that you are in fact who you say you are." Mr. Kent continued when Faith nodded in understanding. "I need your full name, your parents' names and your date of birth."

"Faith Reighan Darkholme-LeHane, Raven Darkholme and Sebastian Shaw, and my D.O.B is July 31, 1984, fifteen years ago today," Faith replied easily.

"How were you conceived?" At the looks on Faith and Lillian's faces Mr. Kent added quickly, "The letter from Mr. Shaw said that only the child and its mother would know the answer, other than himself."

"I was...conceived," Faith spat venomously, "when my father raped my mother."

"That clears up the verification, Miss Darkholme." Mr. Kent slid some paperwork across the desk. "Just go through and sign where I have marked and then you'll receive a bank statement and a credit card. As stated in your father's will, you are allowed access to $5 million. Please remember to come in on your 18th birthday for your next inheritance."

Finishing up her paperwork Faith looked up at her accountant, taking the credit card from him. "If you can, please change my legal guardian to Lillian Dover. Mrs. LeHane is a drug-addicted prostitute, I have no trust in her to handle my affairs if I am otherwise incapacitated. Thank you for all your help today, Mr. Kent. I'll see you in three years."

"I'll take care of the paperwork, Miss Darkholme. It was a pleasure meeting you."

So what did y'all think? I know this chapter isn't extremely long but I gotta keep y'all waiting so ya stay hooked on the story. I changed the name of Faith's first Watcher from Diana Dormer to Lillian Dover just cuz I wanted to, no other reason. Gotta coupla questions for ya: should Faith still lose her first Watcher to Kakistos? Or should both slayer and Watcher escape him and run to SunnyD to meet up with Buffy and the Scoobies?
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