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Mutant Slayer

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Summary: She'd always known she was different, that she was adopted and that her real mother loves her. She knew all about mutants and that her father was her mother's rapist.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Faith-CenteredBillieGaleFR1832,8210153,18719 Aug 1226 Aug 12No

Chapter Three

Disclaimer: I own nothing of Buffy or X-men, I'm simply using borrowing some characters for my own amusement.

A/N: The date of birth from the last chapter has been edited so that Faith was born in 1984, making the current year in the story 1999, which is the Scoobies' senior year. So thank you Cutiepie for pointing that out. Hope y'all enjoy.

Truths and Training

Pulling a dazed Lillian with her out of the bank Faith stopped them by the Watcher's SUV. "Do you have an apartment?"

"Y-yes, the Council set me up in a three bedroom loft," Lillian answered, snapping out of her shock. "Exactly how much is your inheritance, Faith? And why do you go by LeHane instead of Darkholme?"

"I use LeHane because I have my mother's last name, which no one really knows. My mom is a very powerful woman who has very many enemies. Lucky for both of us her real name is only known to a few, but rather than risk it I use LeHane," Faith explained softly. "As for my inheritance, it's enough to last me several lifetimes."

Lillian nodded faintly as she pulled into an upscale apartment complex. Parking in her designated spot the Watcher got out and started for her apartment with Faith following. When they were both inside Lillian motioned towards the couch. "Please have a seat, we have a lot to talk about."

"What are the rules I have to follow?" Faith asked without preamble as she sat down.

"Just the basic household rules for now, until we learn to trust each other. I'd like for you to keep your room and the training room clean. I'll get you a cell phone for when you're out. While I'd like for you to go to school I realize that patrolling and slaying will take up quite a bit of your nights and learning about demons and training will occupy your days," Lillian said firmly. "Any questions so far?"

"When is curfew and do I have to inform you of my whereabouts?"

"During the week curfew is 11:30 pm and on the weekends it'll be 1:30 am, but when you start actively patrolling curfew won't apply," Lillian stated. "As for going out, I only ask that you inform me of how late you'll be out and that you keep your phone on you. Now, do you know any forms of martial arts?"

"Not really but I know a mix of Jujitsu, Krav Maga and street fighting," Faith answered honestly. She hesitated, debating whether or not to tell her new Watcher about her mutant pwers. I need her help if I'm to survive if I get called, and she'll need to know everything in order to fully help. "There's something else, Miss Dover, but in order to tell you I need your promise to never reveal this secret to anyone, including the Watcher's Council."

Lillian frowned slightly, "Is it something that will harm you if others were to be told? Is it dangerous?"

"It is extremely personal and has the potential to be harmful to myself," Faith admitted. "Look, you said earlier that we'd need to learn to trust each other. This right here is me wanted to trust you."

"Alright, Faith, I promise that I will never tell anyone what you tell me without your permission."

Staring at Lillian intently, Faith nodded sharply after a minute. "What do you know about mutants?"

"I... I can't say I know alot," Lillian answered honestly. "I understand that they are humans that have been naturally genetically enhanced and that they have abilities that others do not."

Faith nodded. "A lot of mutants have obvious mutations such as wings, colored skin, tails, etc. Most mutants, however, can pass as normal humans. There are a lot of different powers that mutants have, some are pretty common while others are rare. Extremely rare. My mom is a very powerful mutant that has quite a few enemies, it's why I grew up with the LeHanes'. My father was also a powerful mutant. He could take in energy and release it at will, he was techinically immortal in that he never aged." Faith paused, tilting her head as she looked at her Watcher. "Do you see where I'm going with this?"

"I believe so, Faith. You're saying that you're a mutant."

"I am," the teen affirmed. "I know that I'm extremely powerful but without testing I don't know what level I am."

"What powers do you have?" Lillian asked curiously with a hint of excitement.

"I can absorb energy, I'm a mental shield, I have healing powers and I'm a pretty powerful telepath, though I rarely use my telepathy," Faith answered, deciding to keep her shape-shifting ability a secret.

"Fascinating," Lillian murmured. "How long have you been aware of your powers?"

"My whole life," Faith said quietly. "I have an eidetic memory, I remember everything I've seen, heard, and read since I was a baby."

Lillian nodded. "Alright then. Would you like a few days to get settled before we begin training?"

"Actually if I can just have tomorrow to buy clothes and stuff, I want to start the day after tomorrow," Faith replied.

"That's fine."

The next day Faith and Lillian went to several clothing stores, getting everyday clothes, slaying clothes and work out clothes. Faith picked out two pairs of steel toed boots, some running shoes and a pair of knee high, 3" heeled boots when they stopped at a shoe store. Their last stop was a hunting store where Lillian bought two crossbows, two quivers filled with arrows and a 6" curved dagger.

As they were leaving Faith asked, "Do you have any swords at home? I was wanting to learn how to use 'em."

"Yes, I've got a small collection plus a couple of wooden practice swords."


The following day Faith found herself sitting in the middle of the training room, eyes closed and her breathing slow and steady. Lillian's vouce was soft as it washed over her.

"One of the most important aspects of being a slayer is being able to control the demonic essence that makes up the slayer. The idea is not to actually cage your slayer half but to have control of its movement, so to speak. Most potentials are taught to fear the slayer but doing so severely limits their ability to use the slayer's senses. What I want is for you to respect the amount of power the slayer holds and to accept it when you are called. Which is why you are meditating right now, it will help when you're called." Lillian walked around Faith's still form, letting the teen meditate for several more minutes. "Okay, Faith, that's enough for now. I want you to meditate every night for at least an hour before going to bed. What I want to work on now is some martial arts forms. I'm going to teach you several different forms and then I want you to come up with your own style incorporating each form. This will make you unpredictable in a fight.

The next few months flew by for Faith as she learned and mastered the forms Lillian taught her, incorporating each to mix with her own fighting style. Faith stood in the training room, eyes closed as she waited for an attack, Lillian's voice echoing in her mind.

"It is not enough to just be able to defend yourself against attacks, Faith, you must also be able to sense when an attack is coming. Demons are not known for fighting fair so you must always be on guard. Now, I want you to tie this scarf around your eyes. Use your other senses and try to defend yourself."

The first couple of weeks of being blindfolded ended up with Faith on her ass after every unexpected attack until she finally figured out exactly how she could sense the attacks. Of course Lillian was the one to point out how.

"Faith," Lillian started exasperatedly. "Are you or are you not a telepath? Are you or are you not able to absorb energy? I'm not saying to actually use those powers but they allow you to sense where someone is."

"Wouldn't that be unfair though?" Faith asked.

"No, because in a life or death fight you use any advantage you have. If you were fighting a demon, I'd expect you to use your telepathy or energy absorption because I want you to win and survive."

So there ya have it, the next little piece. Let me know what y'all think so far and if you have anythin' you'd like to see.

The End?

You have reached the end of "Mutant Slayer" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 26 Aug 12.

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