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Mutant Slayer

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Summary: She'd always known she was different, that she was adopted and that her real mother loves her. She knew all about mutants and that her father was her mother's rapist.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Faith-CenteredBillieGaleFR1832,8210153,18519 Aug 1226 Aug 12No


A/N: I own nothing of Buffy or X-men, I'm simply borrowing some characters for my own amusement. There will be girl/girl pairings so if it's not your cup of tea, look elsewhere. It won't be too explicit, whether it's a love scene or fighting scene, but I will leave little to the imagination. Hope you enjoy.

Pairings: I've decided to leave the pairings to future decision, but there will be Jean/Scott and Bobby/Kitty.


Fifteen year old Raven Darkholme felt tears drip down herface as she looked down at her newborn daughter. As soon as she'd found out she was pregnant Raven knew she'd have to give her daughter up for two main reasons: she was still a kid herself so she couldn't provide for her daughter and two, it was too dangerous for mutants as they'd just been revealed to the world. Holding the baby to her tightly Raven stared down into chocolate brown eyes as she spoke softly to her daughter.

"I wish I could keep you baby girl, I love you so much. But I have to keep you safe, and in order to do that you need to be given to the flatscans. I found a good, loving couple to take care of you until I can come for you. They've agreed to keep your name as Faith Reighan and change your last name from Darkholme to LeHane. You'll be a powerful mutant one day, baby girl. Your father was a rich and powerful mutant before I dealt with him. You see, baby girl, he was an evil man who used his powers for personal gain, becoming an extremely wealthy man. Before he died I forced him to leave everything to you, his only child. The lawyer I talked to said he was worth over $500 million. When you reach the age of 15, you'll be allowed access to $5 million. When you turn 18, you'll have about $20 million and when you reach 25, the rest will be released to you. When you turn 15 a letter will arrive for you, telling you how to go about claiming your inheritance. Hopefully I'll be able to take care of you by then." Raven paused, smiling down into sleepy brown eyes before she continued telling Faith all about the different mutants she knew of, ignoring the fact that the baby couldn't understand anything she was saying.

How's that for a beginning? Lemme know what ya think of it.
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