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Another Chance

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Summary: Crossover with both Fast and the Furious movies. When she was 17, Buffy had a chance to walk away from it all. Now she's getting a chance to change it all...

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Another Chance

Another Chance

Disclaimer: I don’t own Buffy the Vampire Slayer or the Fast and the Furious movies. Most of this will be written sporadically, and if it is posted, it won’t be for several days—my family is going on vacation in seven and a half hours.

That said, please enjoy the fic. Please vote on whether or not you want me to continue and if so, do you want Willow to grow up to be a cop or should Xander?

Pairings are open to voting as well.

Buffy Summers stood on a secluded strip of the L.A. beach, blonde hair swirling in the breeze. As she regarded the ocean, she thought back upon the years. There had been good times and bad, but it seemed like there were more bad. A big one had been the destruction of the Hellmouth. The others had thought that they’d done the best thing ever, but she didn’t think they truly realized what they’d done. Now there weren’t any more Slayers to continue the line.

They had changed the world, and there was nothing they could do to change it back. Maybe it had been a long time coming, but she didn’t think so. They were all so childish sometimes and yet they still had the nerve to call her immature.

Staring out at the ever changing waves, the oldest Slayer snorted. That was a joke. She’d died for Heaven’s sake! That had taught her a lot, and one of the foremost was that the natural laws should never be disrupted the way that the Scoobies had insisted on.

For a moment she let herself think back to when they started getting out of hand. She supposed it all really started happening during senior year. That caused her thoughts moved back to when she’d last come here to ponder things.

She’d been seventeen years old. She was scared, confused, and about to make a decision that would affect her entire life. She had had to weigh the consequences of what she’d done.

The sea had been a turquoise color when she’d decided. Lily had thought that she was brave; Giles thought that she shirked her duty. Five years before, Buffy Summers had made the decision to go back to the Hellmouth.

Now she wasn’t so certain. Perhaps things would have been better if she’d stayed. Actually, she should have continued on somewhere else…

Twenty-two year old Buffy Summers closed her eyes for just a moment. Could she really do this? Dawn would most likely never exist, and the Mayor would probably never be stopped. Her friends might make different choices, and Angel might not come back from Hell. Did she want to be responsible for this reshaping of her reality?

The fact that so much had gone so wrong was what convinced her. “I wish that I had never gone back to Sunnydale when I ran away from home. Also, I wish that I’d something different with my life so that Faith could make her mark. And I wish that this reality would cease to exist, even in subconscious memories.” She didn’t want someone thinking that this reality was better and finding a way to undo her wish.

There was a smell of sulfur in the air. The next moment, D’Hoffryn nodded at the petite blonde before he said, “Done.”
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