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For Some Reason, Meryl Streep Turned It Down

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This story is No. 24 in the series "The Great Scooby Scavenger Hunt". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Which was a shame, since that famous movie actress might’ve actually had fun on the screen, being in such an absurd and lighthearted film that Dawn and Rona are now a part of in their latest scavenger hunt challenge. No. 23 of August Fic-A-Day.

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Disclaimer: I own nothing. All Buffy the Vampire Slayer characters and Earth Girls Are Easy characters are the property of their original owners.

Like, she was an eighties Valley girl, fer shure.

A young woman glanced around at the packed LA nightclub with its patrons actively dancing to the newest tunes of that decade, and Dawn Summers wryly smiled to herself. Years ago, the Key had come to terms with her bizarre-to-the-max origins due to being magically transformed from a ball of glowing-green cosmic energy into a human female who was also the Slayer’s little sister. Still, every now and then, Dawn was forced to confront some of the more preposterous results of what the monks belonging to the Order of Dagon had caused by their meddling with people’s lives and recollections.

Such as having a completely fabricated birthdate, when in reality she’d suddenly appeared at the Revello house in Sunnydale during the whole Dracula affair in 2000. At that point, everybody in the Scoobies falsely remembered Dawn Marie Summers as a totally ordinary fourteen year old kid. When the gang’s memories were restored, a little subtraction suggested she’d presumably been born into the Summers family then living at Los Angeles sometime in 1986.

In the Silver Lake nightclub just a few months before that specific year, a gleeful Dawn started to nod her head in time to the beat of the music blasting out from the overhead speakers in sync with the spinning-ball lights dangling from the metal racks criss-crossing the ceiling. She took a moment to wonder what the others happily performing the latest moves in the crowded room they were sharing with her would think, if they somehow learned their entire 1980’s decade would be considered nothing but cheap and tawdry by those living in the next century.

That wasn’t fair, of course, but virtually every decade soon gains its own exclusive reputation in history based on various events taking place during those years. The twenties had the lost generation and the jazz age; the thirties the Great Depression; the forties the greatest generation fighting World War II; the fifties had the baby boom, atom bomb shelters, and conformity; the sixties had civil rights plus Vietnam and the hippies; the seventies had gas shortages, the Bicentennial, and Teeth in the White House; and the eighties had… Um, Reagan and MTV, with that being pretty much it.

Starting to dance in place, Dawn laughed out loud, her mirth effortlessly drowned out by the deafening music of ‘California Girls.’ There was a lot more going on here and now, and she should know! After all, in genuine curiosity about her so-called beginnings, a certain young lady had spent the occasional free period between Sunnydale apocalypses browsing through history books, videotapes, CD’s, the Internet, and an immense stack of People magazines. Through this, Dawn had learned a great deal about the time when she’d supposedly been born.

Why, just in the middle of 1986 alone, Hands Across America was held, Jonathan Pollard pled guilty to espionage, the Statue of Liberty reopened after an extensive refurbishment, and Prince Andrew married Sarah Ferguson!

Gracefully gyrating in the nightclub, Dawn had to snicker under her breath over the irony of something she’d missed in all the popular media of the late 80’s. It wasn’t until several months ago in the Scottish castle headquarters of the New Council that she and Rona had been discussing their favorite films. During their chat, Dawn mentioned her fondness for movies made in the last half of the decade when she’d theoretically been a little baby. Hearing this, Rona offhandedly asked if Dawn had ever seen a specific film released in 1989. Blinking at the rather strange title the Slayer had just mentioned, Dawn replied she’d certainly have remembered watching something called that, but, no.

A couple of hours later in Rona’s apartment inside the castle, the final credits of the DVD playing on the Slayer’s television kept on rolling over the accompaniment of Dawn’s incessant giggles. Scooping up the last of the popcorn from the bowl they’d shared throughout the comedy movie, Dawn stuffed this into her mouth. Cheerfully mumbling to a smiling Rona on the other side of their couch, Dawn managed to say, “That was hilarious! I can see why you like it, and I’m gonna tell the rest of the guys about it, too!”

Afterwards, Dawn had gotten her own copy of the film, and she’d repeatedly watched it numerous times, both on her own and with Rona. It meant when she and this Slayer were sent into another dimension for their latest challenge of Willow’s scavenger hunt, Dawn and Rona stared in shock at the familiar Los Angeles night skyline spread out before their building balcony. They’d also heard the dated music drifting from the hillside nightclub behind them. In their private location safe from prying eyes, the pair of young woman then read in the witch’s little magical book exactly what they were supposed to do now.

Both of the New Council members had promptly shrieked with laughter, and then they went off to find the cast of the playful 1989 movie proudly bearing the ridiculous title of Earth Girls Are Easy.

After a quick search together throughout the nightclub with no luck, Dawn and Rona agreed to split up and wait for their quarry, since those film characters would probably be along sooner or later. Meanwhile the Key was going to have fun! When the working day is done, mm-mm, mm-mm…

Willow was right. They’d all needed this, a chance to simply relax and enjoy themselves in circumstances far removed from their normal stressful lives. A game situation like the one they were in now was perfect. Having the chance to entertainingly visit various dimensions matching their assorted favorite books, films, television shows, and other media, plus the spice of competition against other teams in fulfilling their challenges, was something guaranteed to make the Scoobies forget their troubles and just take pleasure in life’s silly little amusements.

Throwing herself completely into the mood, Dawn ardently danced all over the nightclub floor, either alone or with anyone nearby willing to be her partner for a few moments. Right up to the point when someone tapped Dawn’s shoulder in the course of this young woman’s particularly vigorous swiveling-hips move and shouted into her ear over the music, “You smell different!”

Jerked right out of her blissful reverie, Dawn spun around. She stared in utter shock at who’d told her that possibly rude statement. The Summers sister’s astonishment promptly turned into genuine delight at finally finding the guy she’d been looking for, a real-life alien from outer space. Best of all, in his early-career role of Wiploc as one of three accidental castaways on this primitive planet when their spaceship had crashed into a Southern California swimming pool, the actor named Jim Carrey was then a hell of a cutie.

She quickly figured out that previously furry character having undergone serious depilation might now appear to be a good-looking guy, but he still retained otherworldly senses which might’ve drawn his attention to a certain Key. Dawn at once decided she didn’t care. It wasn’t like they’d be in each other’s company all that long enough to make him suspicious about this female with the extraordinary odor. Besides, she needed to carry out what a surely-giggling Willow had instructed her to do, and that strange comment had given Dawn the ideal chance to react in the most perfect manner for here and now.

A big smile on her beautiful features, Dawn shouted back just as loudly at the surfer dude in the middle of the other dancers, “Oh, yeah? Well, let’s see what you taste like!”

Stepping forward, the girl’s arms shot out to grab the sides of Wiploc’s head, and she yanked him down to have their faces meet in a sizzling kiss. The rest of the crowd who’d bothered to pay attention merely laughed and went back to their own merriment. A couple of seconds later, this resulted in everyone missing how the lady still locking lips with the guy had her eyes abruptly bulge out in sheer astonishment.

Five or ten minutes afterwards, Rona contentedly patted the lump in her pants pocket where Willow’s video camera now rested. She’d gotten on tape the entire memorable dance-off between Zeebo the alien and an unaware human, who had just been soundly trounced by someone looked exactly like Damon Wayans. Now that her own challenge had been accomplished, this Slayer tried to find Dawn in the boogieing crowd. Edging through the happy throng, Rona kept on searching, eager to tell her friend they were at the right point in the movie. With any luck, Dawn would be able to meet the other alien and finish-- Oh.

Walking up to a dazed young woman possessing a very goofy grin on her face and standing stock-still among the dancers, an amused Rona chortled towards Dawn, “So, was it everything you hoped for?”

Blinking as she returned to Planet Earth, Dawn retorted in her own supremely gleeful tone, “Even better! It was one thing seeing on the screen a funny special effect, but that didn’t compare to experiencing in person what Wiploc can do with his twelve-inch tongue! My tonsils are still tingling!”

The End

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