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Where is my Sister?

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Summary: Dawn is at Helm's Deep and Buffy comes to the rescue to get her home. This story is inspired by Stacca's story Forms.

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-Centered > Theme: FellowshipWhiteWolfFR13518,09792524,03514 Jan 0428 Jan 04Yes

Chapter 2

Title: Where is my Sister?

Author: WhiteWolf the Brave

Time: Second movie of LotR and after Season 5 of BtVS

Disclaimer: I don't own it. Which is very obvious. The characters are owned by whoever owns the Lord of the Rings and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Summery: Dawn is at Helm's Deep and Buffy comes to the rescue to get her home.

A/N: First there won't be any shippers in this story. Second, I apologicy for not beta-ing
this fic, but I had to chose between update or wait for my beta to show up again. I'm seen
to have lost her. Third, I have finished the howl story. Fourth, thanks for reviewing and I
hope the spellings and gramma aren't that bad.

Chapter 2:

It was about Buffy that Aragorn was talking to king Theoden, when he was taken back by her
directness. "Lady Buffy may I intro..."

Buffy interrupted him. "No, you may not. I don't care who they are." Buffy waved her arm
around indicating the people around Aragorn. "I didn't wade through all those Orcs for
introductions. I went through them because of my sister. So tell me,"

King Theoden wasn't accosted and ignored by people and wanted to put this woman in her
place, but was cut off by a dead glare from Buffy. He took a step back. Aragorn was
impressed by the ferocity he saw in those eyes, although he almost took a step back himself
and she wasn't even looking at him. He thought best not to have her anger the king. For it
might cause problems later.

"Lady Dawn ..."

"Dawn." Buffy's head snapped back to Aragorn. "Her name is Dawn. She is no lady. Neither
am I."

Aragorn didn't know what exactly he did to anger the petite woman. But he guessed that it
wasn't really directed at him, but more an outlet out of concern for her sister. At that moment
he made a quick decision to reunite the two sisters as soon as possible before he or somebody
else would really anger Buffy. He rather not have her go violent on them and keep her as an

"She is in the caves behind the Keep."

"How do I get there?" Buffy felt drained from worry. She desperate wanted to see her sister
to make sure Dawn was in one piece.

Before Aragorn could answer, Gimli volunteered to show her the way.

"Well, show me. I don't have all day." The impatient was very clearly heard in Buffy's voice.

Aragorn had no doubt that if Gimli didn't move in the next second Buffy would give him a
poke to encourage him. Lucky for him he moved and showed her the way. When they were
out of hearing range.

"Who does she think she is?" King Theoden expressed his annoyance and angry. He didn't like
it when somebody questioned his authority especially not from a woman.

"Lady Dawn's sister." Legolas answered.

Aragorn was sure that Theoden didn't expect anybody to answer his question. "She's a great
warrior with the strength of a Troll." Aragorn added.

"And the grace of an Elf." Legolas continued.

All nodded in agreement who had seen her fight.

"It is unnatural, especially for a woman to have such strength and skill. Can we trust her?"
Theoden asked suspicious.

"As long as we're not a threat to her sister. I think we can." Aragon answered honest.

"How much do you trust Dawn?" Was Theoden next question. After all she was a stranger to

Legolas and Aragorn exchanged a wordless conversation with their eyes, before Legolas gave
Aragorn a slight nod.

"We trust her. You saw how she wanted to fight." Aragorn added the extra information to
make a point. "And she had defended your women and children against the wargs.

Theoden nodded.

"And Buffy also saved many lives while fighting on the Wall. She even saved the live of an Elf,
Haldir." Legolas stated.

Buffy followed the midget. He tried to start a conversation several times with her. But she
wasn't in the mood for small talk and would probably only have snapped at him. So, she
simply ignored him. The midget wasn't very happy of her treatment toward him, but kept his
mouth shut about it. While they were walking through the Keep people were staring at her and
whispered about her. Buffy also ignored them.

When they reached the entrance to the caves, they didn't have to search long to find Dawn.
She stood next to a blonde woman not even 20 feet away from the entrance.

"Dawn!" The longing to see her sister was expressed in the emotions in Buffy's voice.

Buffy ran toward her and Dawn turned to face whoever had called her name. Dawn's face had
the expression of somebody who was seeing a ghost. Realisation hit Dawn the same time as
Buffy hit her physical. Buffy embraced her lost sister.

"Buffy, need to breathe." Dawn could barely utter these few word.

"Sorry." Buffy loosed her embrace and pulled a little back to have a good look at her sister.
She saw the fresh wounds on Dawn's face. "Are you alright, Dawn?"

Buffy gently touched one of the wounds, which made Dawn wince. Buffy was mothering
Dawn and she found it embarrassing, but at the same time she loved the attention she got from
her sister.

"I'm fine." Dawn answered.

"You sure?" Buffy looked concerned.

"Yes. All the wounds were cleaned and disinfected." Dawn wanted to roll her eyes.

"Good. You are grounded for two months." Buffy said deadpan.

"What? For what?" Dawn squealed out.

"For what you ask? One month is for jumping in a glowey portal that could have gotten you
killed, and getting yourself lost in another dimension." Buffy put the second finger up. "The
second month is for getting yourself into trouble and into a war, where I had to wade through
a hoards of Orcs to get to you."

"Hey, this little war wasn't my idea." Dawn crossed her arm, Buffy mimicked her, and Dawn
stared at her sister.

Buffy couldn't hold it anymore and uncrossed her arms to hug Dawn again, but this time she
cried. "I'm so happy I found you. Save and all. You can't imagine how worried I was. I
wasn't the only one. Willow, Xander, Giles were also dead worried. Anya even gave a
costumer once too much change back and had to run five blocks to catch up with him
demanding her money back."

"No way? You're lying." Dawn didn't expect that from Anya. Her losing count on her money
was a sign that Anya was distressed.

"I'm not and Spike is wallowing in guilt. He is worse than Angel." Buffy continued on a
lighter tone.

The two separated and Buffy dried her tears. Dawn smiled.

"I don't think the world is ready for two brooding vampires." Dawn stated.

Buffy smiled at Dawn when she made a face with her brooding-comment. Eowyn and Gimli
were silently observing the banter and reunification between the two sisters. Without warning
Buffy grabbed her sister's arm and was starting to drag her to the exit.

"Let's go. We have a portal to catch."

Buffy didn't get the response she expected. Dawn dug her heels in and succeeded to pull her
arm free. "We can't go."

Buffy looked surprised at her sister. "Of course we can. I'm not going to drag you through the

"That's not what I mean. We can't leave while there's still a battle going on." Dawn

"It isn't our battle." There was a hard glean in Buffy's voice which didn't allow any backtalk.

This of course didn't stop Dawn from doing it anyway.

"Buffy?" Dawn sounded very disappointed at Buffy. "You really want to leave these people at
the Orcs's mercy."

Dawn was waving her arms around and it was the first time that Buffy noticed the scared
women and children huddling around. She looked from Dawn to the people and Dawn could
read the indecision in Buffy's face. Dawn knew that if she wasn't here Buffy wouldn't even
hesitate helping these people. It didn't take Buffy long to cut the knot and Dawn could hear
her sigh. She was about to speak but Dawn cut her off.

"I'm not going without you."

Buffy had an annoyed stare directed at Dawn.

"Stubborn brat."

"Mother hen."

The Summers' sister were throwing some more insults at each other, before a little girl tucked
at Buffy's sleeve. Buffy looked down and saw the girl smile up to her.

"Hello, who have we here?" Buffy asked in her child voice.

But the girl answered with her own question. "Are you Dawn's sister?"

"Yes, why?" Buffy answered cautious.

The girl's eyes turned saucer size. "You are the Slayer." Buffy nodded. "Dawn told me that
you could single handed defeat an Orc army."

Buffy looked surprise at Dawn, who cleared her throat and tried to avoid her sister's eyes.
Buffy chuckled and turned her attention back to the girl. She went on her knees to be at eye
level with the girl.

"My sister was exaggerating a little." The girl's face fell and Buffy reached for her face to
move a hair strand behind the girl's ears. "I think a whole arm is even too much for me. But
half an army I can do." Buffy said the last sentence upbeat.

A beaming smile appeared on the girl's face and she threw her arms around Buffy's neck. It
took a second for Buffy to react before she turned the embrace. While she hugged the girl, she
studied what Dawn was wearing and it made her frown.

"Why are you wearing a dress in the middle of a battle? How can they expect you to run or
even defend yourself in a dress although it's a pretty dress even though it's dirty."

Dawn rolled her eyes. It was typical for Buffy to notice what she was wearing and criticise it.
It made it worse that she agreed with her.

Eowyn came to Dawn's rescue. "It is the tradition dress of Rohan women."

Buffy gave the blonde woman a once over and entangled herself from the girl, before she
spoke. "I'm known for breaking tradition and as it seemed that Dawn isn't one of these Rohan
women, she doesn't have to wear them."

Buffy turned to Dawn. "You got some pants?" Dawn nodded. "Then put them on. I want you
to be able to run if the Orcs break through."

There was a spark of hurt in Dawn's eye, but it disappeared quickly before anybody could
notice it. She nodded and left to where she had left her stuff. The girl followed Dawn. Which
left Buffy with the dwarf and the niece of the King.

Buffy remembered how bad mannered she was toward the short man and she thought that this
might be a good time to apology. She put her most innocent smile on and stretch her hand out
to the short man.

"Hi, I'm Dawn's sister, Buffy. Sorry about my behaviour. I was a little worried about her."

Gimli was surprised about the change that came over the she-warrior. The smile she gave him
was pure innocent. It lifted her face up, that her beauty almost rivalled that of the Galadriel,
Elf Queen of Liothern. He smiled back and reached out for her hand shaking it.

"I'm Gimli, son of Gloin. You have a very firm handshake."

A mischievous glint appeared in the she-warrior's eye. "You're lucky I didn't forget my
strength and crushed it."

Gimli had no doubt that she could do it. But before he could say anything else she interrupted

"Cool axe. Can I have a looksee." A twinkle appeared in her eyes and a big grin plastered her

Gimli wasn't sure about handing over his axe to this woman. It was the eagerness he saw in
her eyes that made him hesitant, but he did it anyway. The women was examining and
appreciating the carvings on the blade.

"Cool, carvings." The she-warrior swung his axe in difficult pattern. Gimli was impressed.
"Almost perfect balance. Excellent craftsmanship."

"Of course it is." Gimli said proud. "It was made by Dwarves and we know how to forge
metal and weapons."

The she-warrior's eye widended. "You're not human."

"No, I'm not of the Race of Man. I'm proud to be a Dwarf." Gimli looked at Buffy as if she
was going to challenge his claim or have a problem with it.

"Cool. How are Snowwhite and the Seven Dwarves doing?"

Gimli looked confused and the she-warrior laughed.

"Sorry, I'm just messing with your head." Buffy smiled at the Dwarf. Gimli smiled back
although he was a little annoyed at the woman. She returned his axe.

"So the Pretty People." Buffy saw the confusion in Gimli's face. "The shiny ones. Too perfect
to be real. It's as if somebody has sculpted them out of living flesh."

Gimli laughed about how the she-warrior described the Elves. "They are called Elves, lass."

"Elves. They are bigger than Santa's helpers. And they can kick some major ass." Buffy said in
good humour.

"You are truly Dawn's sister. You are making as much sense as she does." Gimli frowned a

"Hey, I protest. I'm only making half as much sense as she does." Buffy gave the Dwarf a
wink and he laughed.

Eowyn coughed polite to get their attention. Gimli heard it and took the opportunity to
introduce her to the she-warrior.

"Lady Buffy, may I introduce you to Lady Eowyn, sister-daughter of Theoden, king of

Buffy frowned at being called a lady, but let it pass because she was disgusted by the 'sister-daughter' thing.

"Okay, I'm not sure how thing are in this dimension, but where I come from it is frowned on
being somebody's sister 'and' daughter."

Eowyn looked highly distressed and in shock. Lucky for her Dawn came to her rescue. She
just came in ear range to hear Gimli introduce Eowyn to Buffy.

"And I'm sure it's also frowned upon here. Sister-daughter means niece. Her mother is the
sister of the King." Dawn explained rolling her eyes.

"Ah." Buffy gave her a glance before turning back to Gimli. "Was it so hard to say niece?"

Before Gimli could response, Buffy turned her attention back to Dawn.

"And what are you wearing?"

Dawn looked confused. She had changed into woollen pants and a leather shirt covered by
email. A sword belt was hanging across her back and on her head was a helmet. Buffy
continued before Dawn could answer her.

"How are you expecting to run in this outfit?"

Dawn stood straighter and looked indignant at Buffy. "I'm not planning to run. I'm planning
to fight."

"No, you aren't." Buffy retorted back.

"Yes, I am."

"You can't even fight."

Eowyn interrupted the two sisters in Dawn's defence. "Your sister had fought bravely against
the wargs."

Buffy looked confused and turned to Dawn. "Wolves, big as horses with Orcs as riders."
Dawn explained.

Buffy could here the proud in Dawn's voice and she wasn't very happy about it. Buffy crossed
her arms. "That is three months house arrest you got now."

"What?" Dawn was shocked in indignant.

This time it was Gimli who came to Dawn's rescue. "Isn't it a little harsh to punish the lass for
defending herself and saving the lives of Rohan's children and women?"

Buffy glared at Gimli at the same time her heart peaked out of proud for the sister. "It isn't
out of punishment. I don't know if you have noticed it but my sister attracts trouble like a
horse flies." Dawn gave Buffy an indignantly 'hey'. "She doesn't need any encouragement to
seek it out."

Gimli raised his brows and saw the logic in it.

Dawn had her arms crossed. "Well, if I attract trouble, then there's a high chance that I will
fight anyway. So it's better that I'm prepared."

Silence covered the two sisters and a staring contest began between the two sisters. While
staring Buffy was thinking over what Dawn said. And the longer she stared the more she saw
Dawn's point. Buffy broke the staring contest first off.


Dawn squealed, Buffy winced at the high tone. "I can fight?"

"No, you can defend yourself." Buffy gave her sister a look that told that it was her final word.

Dawn knew that she had won and that she shouldn't push it. She embraced Buffy and thanked
her a few times. Dawn's email shirt hurt Buffy, so she pushed her sister gently away from her.

"You can't fight in this." Buffy removed Dawn's helmet. "It will only hinder your movements.
It won't give you much protection if one hit from an Orc can send you into unconsciousness
and the next one will kill you. It will only give you a false sense of security. Loose the email
too, if the leather shirt is comfortable keep it."

Dawn nodded and was about to untie some grasps to remove the email.

"Were did you get the getup?" Buffy asked out of curiosity.

It was Eowyn who answered it. "They are mine."

Buffy turned her. "And why aren't you wearing it?"

"My uncle forbid me to fight," was Eowyn's reply.

While looking in Eowyn's face and eyes Buffy could see some mixture of emotions; anger and
an eagerness to seek out death. It was something Buffy recognized in her own eyes. Buffy
didn't know if she should encourage or discourage the woman. But she also knew that she
couldn't stop Eowyn from fighting the same way as she couldn't stop her sister. There was
also the different that this was a grown woman and the indication that she owned her own
armoury she could probably hold her own in a fight.

"Can he also forbid you what to wear?" Buffy asked at the end of her musing.

Realisation showed in her face and Eowyn grinned. "No, he can't."

Buffy handed ' Dawn's ' helmet, she was still holding, to Eowyn. "Why don't you help my
sister out of this armour and find something fitting to wear yourself."

Eowyn smiled and thanked her before she dragged Dawn away to change. Buffy shook her
head in amusement. While she looked at them go somebody was tugging at her arm. Buffy
looked down and saw the small girl from earlier.

"I want to fight too." The girl was looking serious.

This made Gimli laugh. Buffy gave him a look which made him stop at least out loud. Buffy
kneeled in front of the child.

"That is very brave of you." The girl beamed for the compliment. "What is your name?"

"Freda." The girl said eagerly and it made Buffy smile.

"I'm sorry, but you are too young to fight." The girl was about to open her mouth in protest,
but Buffy cut her off. "And I think your mother wouldn't allow it."

Buffy prayed to herself that the girl's mother was still alive and well. The reaction the girl gave
her indicated that she was.

"But my brother is out there and somebody has to watch over him." The girl looked sad
down. "He might even be dead."

Buffy wasn't sure how to reply to this. She didn't want to give the girl false hope, but neither
did she want to crush it. Buffy sighed. She put a finger under the girl's chin and lifted it up so
that the girl could look her in the eyes.

"I don't know the fate of your brother." Buffy started sober, but continued cheerier. "But hey,
I was saving lives left and right."

Buffy let the fact that she might have saved her brother in the air and winked at the girl. As a
response the girl smiled back at her and threw herself around Buffy's neck. Buffy held her for
a few second and relished in it, before she entangled herself from the child.

"Why don't you go back to your mother? I'm sure she's worried enough about your brother.
Don't you make her worry about you too." Buffy looked a little stern.

The girl looked a little ashamed down. Buffy smiled, kissed her on the forehead and sent her
away. The girl said bye and waved at Buffy, before disappearing around the corner. Buffy
stood up. She was now alone with the Dwarf.

"I think you just might have started an Order of She-warriors."

"And you have a problem with that." Buffy snapped at him. "You think that we, little women,
are useless on the battlefield."

Gimli put his hands in front of him in surrender. "No, I don't think that. I'm a Dwarf. Our
women fight, when necessary. We Dwarf men try to avoid that of course, we don't want our
women to outdo us." Gimli said the last sentence with great amusement.

Buffy smiled at the little man. "Sorry. Looking so fragile and innocent people don't always
take me serious. Although it has its advances; most of my enemies underestimate me. I can't
remember how many times I was told by my enemies who only knew me by reputation that
they expected somebody taller."

"I think your tall enough. Among my people you would have been considered a giant."

Buffy laughed even a snort escaped her. Gimli thought that the she-warrior looked adorable at
the moment. They didn't have to wait long for Dawn and Eowyn to return.

End Chapter 2.
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