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Where is my Sister?

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Summary: Dawn is at Helm's Deep and Buffy comes to the rescue to get her home. This story is inspired by Stacca's story Forms.

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-Centered > Theme: FellowshipWhiteWolfFR13518,09792524,04014 Jan 0428 Jan 04Yes

Chapter 3

Title: Where is my Sister?

Author: WhiteWolf the Brave

Time: Second movie of LotR and after Season 5 of BtVS

Disclaimer: I don't own it. Which is very obvious. The characters are owned by whoever owns the Lord of the Rings and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Summery: Dawn is at Helm's Deep and Buffy comes to the rescue to get her home.

A/N: First there won't be any shippers in this story. Second, I apologicy for not beta-ing
this fic, but I had to chose between update or wait for my beta to show up again. I've seem
to have lost her. Third, I have finished the whole story. Fourth, thanks for reviewing and I
hope the spellings and grammer aren't that bad.

A/N: newvitae

I think you might be right with the email/chainmail comment. BUt I can sweer I have read it
that it was also called an email, but maybe I must copying somebody's else mistake. I looked
in my pocked dictionary and it said that simple mail is also correct.

Chapter 3:

When Dawn and Eowyn came back, Dawn was wearing a light jacket, with the sword still on
her back and Eowyn wore her armour in similar fashion of the other soldiers. Her helmet hung
at her belt opposite of her sword. Buffy could see that Eowyn knew how to wear it. In all
Buffy was satisfied in what they were wearing, with one exception.

"Dawn lose the sheath on your back. It might look cool but it will hinder your movements."

Dawn followed Buffy's order docile, unfastened the sheath sword and carried it in her hands.

"Good. Let's go back to the main room. On the way you can tell me the stitch. I want to know
beforehand for what you have volunteered me."

Dawn talked about how she landed in Middle Earth and the friends she made. She told about
how she met king Theoden and subsequence meeting after. Buffy interrupted her with
questions, which either Dawn, Eowyn or Gimli answered. The other two added to the story to
explain some of the relevant history of Rohan and Middle Earth. They attracted quite a bit of
attention while going through the Keep. When they reached the hall where king Theoden and
Aragorn were, Buffy heard most of the relevant pieces of information she needed to know.

Buffy stopped there to watch over the crowd. She saw that the same group of people that
stood there earlier. The old guy Buffy deduced must have been Theoden and the Elf next to
Aragorn Legolas.

"So, how should I deal with Mr. Royalty? All respectful or put him in his place?" Buffy wasn't
really directing the question to somebody specific.

"Put him in his place." Dawn didn't even hesitated to answer it.

"Dawn!?" Eowyn spoke in a reprimanding tone, before turning to Buffy. "He is still my king
and you can't humiliate him like that in front of his people by 'putting' him in is place."

"Eowyn is right. Even though he made mistakes these people are looking up to him." Gimli
expressed his opinion.

Buffy grinned and noticed that Legolas was looking at them. "I promise I'll use my delicate
touch on him."

Buffy walked away leaving an equally grinning Dawn behind. Gimli noticed it.

"Why are you grinning, Dawn?" Gimli asked.

"Buffy is as delicate as using her trollhammer to swat a fly."

"Oh, Helm protect us." Eowyn whispered dreaded.

They followed Buffy who stopped in from of the king and made a perfect curtsey with an
imaginary dress. The king didn't look happy when he noticed what Eowyn was wearing.

"I apologise, Your Majesty. In my worry and haste to find my sister I have forgotten my
manners and the right courtesies." Buffy was still kneeling and her eyes were pointed

Dawn was a little disappointed at her sisters behaviour, but it vanished when she heard king
Theoden's response.

"It is understandable. You are forgiven and you may rise, girl."

Dawn didn't need to see Buffy's eyes to know the deadly glare that had flashed in them for
being called a girl. Lucky for the king that Buffy was looking down. Dawn leant over to
Eowyn's ear to whisper.

"Now he'd done it."

Buffy raised to her full length and looked the king straight into the eyes. There was no doubt
in her eyes which one of them was the subordinated.

"How kind and generous of you." This time Buffy deliberately let out the 'Majesty' part. She
went right to business. "My also generous sister has volunteered my service in the defence of
your people."

Theoden nodded his head toward Dawn. "My thanks, Lady Dawn."

"Where can I make myself useful?" Buffy asked without wait for Theoden to put his attention
back to her.

"At the break of dawn I and the Lords of the Mark ride out, but before that we'll evacuate the
women and children. I want you to go with them." Theoden answered, when he turned his
head back to Buffy.

Buffy was staring at the king for almost a minute before she turned to Eowyn. "Okay, did he
just ordered me to babysit duty and did his brains go mush when the evil wizard dude
possessed him?"

Dawn was mentally high-fifing Buffy for that comment. Eowyn was shocked.

The king was outraged. People didn't speak to him like that. "You insolent wench. Who do
you think you are and what did you do to my niece?"

Buffy turned her head very slowly to face Theoden again. Her face was blank of any emotions
only a small smile linger at the corners of her mouth.

"You don't want your niece to fight? Why?"

This had taken the king by surprise. He expected many responses even a physical one, but not
this one. Buffy continued.

"Is it because you don't think she can handle herself or you don't want to see her hurt? Or you
see the same reflection of your own death wish in her eyes?"

The last struck deep and not only at the king but also the people around him. The king was
still dumbstruck. So Buffy continued her speech.

"I'm not letting you ride out with death into your heart. I won't let you take the easy road to
get rid of your pain and guilt about your son and your people. It is unworthy of a king."

This brought Theoden back out of his shock. He definitely thought that Buffy went too far.

"I'm still ..."

But Buffy cut him off again. "And don't give me 'I'm the King' crap. You are no King." Buffy
pointed in the direction of the Orc hoards. "As long as those Orcs roam free through your
country you are only king of your own horse and sword."

Buffy wasn't about to relent and took a step forward right into his face. At that moment she
didn't care anymore.

"Forget it." She said it angry. "If you want to ride to your death, I won't stop you. But think
about this. Are you riding out to die or to save your people? One is the coward's way and the
other that of a King."

Buffy stepped back and could see that her words had an impact on Theoden. She turned to

"Where are you going to be when he charges out?"

"I ride with the king." Aragorn answered.

Buffy frowned and turned to legolas.

"I'm going too, mi...?" Legolas didn't know how to address her. Just a half an hour prior did
she told them that she wasn't a lady.

Buffy threw he arms in frustration up in the air and looked up. "Men."

She sighed and dropped her arms she almost made a 360 turn before facing king Theoden

"I'm going to put myself in charge of the home team. While you have your little charge. I'll
head the rest of your soldiers to clean up after you." Buffy turned her back to Theoden to face
Eowyn and Dawn. "You two cover the retreat of the women, children and wounded soldiers. I
want you to arm the women with anything you can find. Don't give them swords of spears if
they don't think they can handle them. Give them pitchforks, butchers knives, clubs anything
they find familiar in their hands. Ask the women also to find or make something to carry the

Eowyn somehow didn't mind being the rearguard. She might not see any action, but Buffy
gave her specific orders and a purpose. This told her that she was counting on her to take care
of any trouble that might arise. Dawn of course didn't see it that way.

"Hey, this isn't fair. I want to be in the middle of it."

Buffy crossed her arms. "It's either this or I take your sword away and you can huddle in fear
with the small children."

Dawn mumbled and growled something incomprehensible under her breath. Buffy understood
that Dawn was feeling left out. So she tried to cheer her up.

"See it this way, any Orcs we don't stop. You'll have to face."

Dawn puffed. "As if. As if you going to let any Orcs pass. Especially now that you have an
army to back you up."

Buffy grinned. "Damn," Buffy snapped her fingers, "I hoped you didn't notice that little

"Enough." Everybody turned to an angry king. And Angry that he was. You almost could see
the steam escaping his ears.

"I'm still King, whatever you think. What right gives you to command my people?" The
King's anger was directed solely at Buffy.

Buffy was calm under his gaze and answered his question in the same manner. "The right of
survival. Do you have any better plans or ideas?"

Buffy lilted her head a little to the right and smiled at him. Theoden saw a fire burning in her
eyes which he saw a spark off in Dawn's.

"Who are you?" He finally asked.

It was Dawn who answered the King's question. "Your Majesty, may I introduce you to my
sister. Buffy Anne Summers aka the Vampire Slayer aka the Chosen One. Slayer of demons
and monsters. Defeater of Giant Snakes, of Trolls, Robots and cyborgs. And Slayer of the
Hellgoddess Glorificus and the best dressed Slayer of all time."

"I didn't think you liked how I dressed, even though you always steal my clothes." Buffy
smiled at her sister.

"I don't. But if you compare it to Kendra and Faith." Dawn justified her statement.

"Ah, yeah. Fashion victims both. And I didn't kill Glory. I beat her to a submission and she
turned into Ben and I couldn't kill Ben." A shiver of fear went through Dawn's spin. Buffy put
a comforting arm around her. "Giles killed Ben, so you don't have to worry about Glory."

Somebody coughed and cleared his throat. This brought the two sisters back to their audience
and they looked afraid.

"Does that answer your question, Your Majesty?" Buffy asked innocently.

The King nodded slightly. As response on that Buffy made a deep curtsey, which made
everybody step back. Buffy grinned inwardly.

"Do my plans have Your Majesty's approval?"

Buffy waited patiently down. She knew that she had to have their trust, if she had any chance
of leading the men into battle. It almost seemed like an eternity before the King spoke and he
spoke with a firm voice.

"Yes, it does."

Buffy straightened up like a released spring. "Good. Why don't we put our heads together to
polish out the details."

Buffy stretched her arm behind her and pulled Eowyn next to her. Plans were made,
everybody was heard even Dawn and they finished before dawn. Wounded were moved to the
caves to go with the women and children. Everybody knew their place and they only waited
for the signal. The two sisters threatened each other with 'not to speak to the other' if one of
them got herself killed.

Buffy waited at the gates, either to bust it open or to hold it if the Orcs broke through. Buffy
didn't have to wait too long before she heard the signal. Gimli blew on Helm's Horn and the
sound was bouncing of the valley's walls. Buffy broke down the gates just in time to push
herself against the wall before she would have been trampled to dead beneath the horses feet.

When the last rider passed her Buffy pushed herself from the wall and looked at the result of
the charge. What she saw impressed her. They were going through the Orcs like a hot knife
through butter. But Buffy had no time to admire their work, she had her own job to do.

"Come on, boys. We can't let the king have all the fun."

With those words Buffy made her own charge followed by the foot soldiers. Before Buffy
could even clash with the Orcs a horn out of the east sounded. Buffy stopped in her tracks
expecting a new threat. At the top of the ridge a white rider appeared holding a glowing
sword in one hand and staff in his other sitting on a magnificent white horse. Around her she
heard man whisper about 'Gandalf'. The name sounded familiar in Buffy's ear. While Buffy
was contemplating the name rows of riders appeared left and right from the white rider.

"Somebody tell me that is the Cavalry. Please tell me they are on our side." Buffy looked
worried and even sound a little worried.

"That is Gandalf and he has bought Eomer, the king's nephew." A boy of barely fifteen answer

At that moment the newcomers charged at the Orcs. Buffy had to make a decision quickly
before she would lose control over her men in the excitement. Buffy raised her hammer.

"Half of you go back to the Keep to keep the women and children safe and tell Eowyn about
her brother. The rest of you follow me."

Buffy's speech was ended with the sound of the clashing of the newcomers on the Orcs. It was
a spectacular sight and second later Buffy raised her hammer and yelled 'For Rohan' and
jumped into the tumult letting Orcs fly left and right. The battle was fierce and within five
minutes the Orcs were either dead or driven into the woods, which Buffy couldn't remember
being there before. The boy who had spoken to her stayed close to her and covering her back.
He wasn't doing such a bad job of it and she needed barely to save his life in the meantime.

While Buffy were dispatching the Orcs, she got company of Dawn and Eowyn. Buffy was
annoyed but decided to reserve the lectures for later. She was surprised and proud at the same
time how Dawn was handling herself with her sword and Eowyn did even better. In a short
time the last of the Orcs lay dead at their feet.

And the battle ceased.

End Chapter 3.
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