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Where is my Sister?

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Summary: Dawn is at Helm's Deep and Buffy comes to the rescue to get her home. This story is inspired by Stacca's story Forms.

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Chapter 4

Title: Where is my Sister?

Author: WhiteWolf the Brave

Time: Second movie of LotR and after Season 5 of BtVS

Summery: Dawn is at Helm's Deep and Buffy comes to the rescue to get her home.

Disclaimer: I don't own it. Which is very obvious. The characters are owned by whoever owns the Lord of the Rings and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

A/N: First there won't be any shippers in this story. Second, I apologicy for not beta-ing
this fic, but I had to chose between update or wait for my beta to show up again. I've seem
to have lost her. Third, I have finished the whole story(five chapters). Fourth, thanks for
reviewing and I hope the spellings and grammer aren't that bad.

A/N: phoenix83ad

First this isn't Stacca's story. Although I like it I don't agree that Dawn is that strong.
I think you might be right about me making Buffy overshadow everybody, but that's how I
write Buffy. Undefeatable with emotional vulnerability. I would put my money on Buffy when you
put her against Wolverine. And he is the best of best. *Grin*

Chapter 4:

Now that the battle was over Buffy was about to lecture Dawn, but before she could do it,
Dawn threw her arms around the boy, who had fought next to Buffy.

"Oh, Eothain. Freda and your mother are so going to be happy to know, that you are alive."

Eothain looked embarrassed and carefully returned the hug. Buffy could guess who the boy
was and his sister. She put the scolding off for later and turned to the soldiers still standing.
She ordered them to look for survivors and kill any Orc that was hurt of playing possum.
Eowyn came to stand next to her. Buffy turned toward her.

"Still having a death wish?" Buffy asked directly.

Eowyn looked ashamed down. Buffy knew if she wanted to help this woman she needed to
push her.


Eowyn looked into Buffy's eyes deciding if she should tell her fellow shield maiden or not.
Dawn understood her more than any of her family or friends and this was her sister. She might
understand her too.

"I'm afraid to grow old and be trapped in this life of tradition."

Buffy laughed. Eowyn looked a little insulting. Buffy saw it and put her hand up in an
apologetic gesture. "Sorry. I'm been constantly fighting almost every night for five years. I
even was ready to sacrifice my life for Dawn. I probably would trade it in for a quiet life."
Buffy shrugged her shoulders. "But I probably would get bored very quickly and curse the
gods for some excitement in my life."

Buffy grinned at Eowyn who giggles. When she stopped giggling after a few moments Buffy
continued in a somewhat serious tone.

"I'm not sure how this life burdens you. But if it does, you might think about leaving. But
don't expect it to be better. It might even be worse. We have a saying in our world. The grass
is alway greener on the other side of the hill. Remember there is always a price to pay, be sure
you're ready to pay it."

Eowyn let Buffy's wise words sink in but she didn't have much time to think it over, because
riders were approaching them. Her uncle was among them and he didn't look very happy.
Buffy saw it and leant toward Eowyn with her back to the approaching riders to shield her

"Use your brother as an excuse and use the words honour and saving lives a lot. And do it in
public. He might not yell at you in public. Try to hold you head high, but don't look arrogant."
Buffy coached Eowyn for the confrontation with her uncle.

Eowyn looked over Buffy's shoulder right into Legolas face, who smiled at her. He must have
heard Buffy and he leant toward Aragorn. She really hoped the Elf was tactful enough to talk
in elfish with the heir of Isildur. Eowyn thought to heed Buffy's advice for it was close to the
truth anyway.

Buffy turned while the riders weren't even ten feet away to face them. She made a perfect
curtsey before straightening up and facing king Theoden head on.

"Your Majesty, it pleases me that you have survived the battle. Fortune was truly smiling on
us to send us the Cavalry." Buffy looked at Gandalf and a new face, she assumed to be
Eowyn's brother, Eomer. She saw a family resemblance.

Buffy's tactic to distract the king by focussing the attention on Gandalf and Eomer didn't

"What are your sister and my niece doing on the battle field?" He frowned at Buffy.

"Would you believe they entered the battle field after everything was over?" Buffy asked
innocently, but she didn't sound very convincing even to herself. That was one of the reason
why Theoden gave her a look of disbelief and the blood stains on their clothes and swords
didn't help either.

"Didn't thought so." Buffy sighed and held her head high. "You have no authority over my
sister. So what she does or doesn't do is none of your concern. And your niece is a grown
women, who can take responsibility for her own action."

At the end of her speech Buffy gave the king a hard look telling him not to blame it on her.
Buffy felt a little guilty to put Eowyn on the spot, but she couldn't fight Eowyn's battles for
her. Theoden had no choice but to back off and turn his full anger on his rightful target, his

"Explain yourself, sister-daughter."

"Could you not call her that I get very bad imageries from that word." Buffy interrupted
unintentionally. "Sorry, don't mind me."

Buffy looked apologetic and backed off to Dawn. She crossed her fingers behind her back for
Eowyn. Dawn did the same. Eowyn made a curtsey and then straightened her back holding her
head high. It was good that she had to look up to her uncle, who still sat on his horse. Her
voice was steady when she addressed her uncle.

"I heard the arrival of my brother and I wanted to see it with my own eyes that he was safe,

"And that's why you left you post and left the women and children undefended behind." The
king was really trying to find faults in her action.

Dawn was about to come to her friend's defence but Buffy stopped her by grabbing her wrist
and shaking her head. Dawn obeyed her sister for she trusted her judgement even though it
was reluctant.

"They were hardly defenceless, uncle." Eowyn tried to temper her anger, but it sipped into her
voice nevertheless. "The shield maiden Buffy had sent half of her contingent for their defence,

The disrespect she put in her second uncle was clearly even for the most clueless. Theoden
wasn't pleased at all and was about to utter it. But this time he was interrupted by Dawn, who
took a cue from Buffy's earlier demeanor.

"Your Majesty." Having his attention Dawn continued. "Do not make the same mistake you
did with your nephew, Your Majesty."

Dawn made a belated curtsey. It wasn't at graceful as Buffy's, but it made due. Buffy silently
clapped for her sister in approval of her 'performance'.

The king wasn't happy where the conversation was going. His focus was now turned on
Dawn, who simple let his anger flow over her without any sign of fear. She even smiled. The
fearlessness probably came from having her sister next to her. He wanted to roar out of
frustration and he really didn't want to be remembered about his last confrontation he had with
Eomer, when he had brought back the body of his son. But there was still his niece's to
consider. She had disobeyed him or more correctly she had disobeyed Buffy. He couldn't let
this incident go unanswered.

"Your Majesty."

Theoden looked down from his musing and saw the Dwarf, Master Gimli. His approach went
unnoticed by him.

"Master Dwarf, is there something you want to tell me?" It was a welcome distraction.

"Yes, Your Majesty. What these lasses wanting to tell you is; that you can't tame a wolf and
even if you succeed you only end up with a dog. And even then she won't be fully tamed. You
can not deny somebody's nature. Your niece is a she-warrior. You can not deny that as much
as Buffy is one."

"A gulden cage is still a cage." This came from Legolas.

Theoden was looking daggers at the Elf. At that moment Buffy thought that she had enough
of the situation.

"Okay, enough is enough." Buffy put herself in front of Theoden's horse and made herself
bigger. "Let's cut through all this crap and forget about your royalliness and your big ego.
Let's get to the point. Do you love your niece?"

Buffy was again very direct to Theoden, who didn't know to what to response first her
bluntness or her accusation that he didn't love Eowyn. He decided for the second.

"How dare you to accuse me that I don't love my niece." The king's face went red from fury.

Buffy took it calm. "You love her so much that you're smothering and killing her slowly with
your protection and trying to molt her into something she isn't. She needs a purpose
worthwhile living for."

"You want me to send her into battle and die quick." The king retorted.

Buffy was still calm and her voice was that of reason. "She can survive a battle, but can she
survive the life you provide her?"

The words hit home and the king didn't know how to answer this question. He couldn't even
look his niece in the eyes for what he might find there. He kept his eye on Buffy. After awhile
he looked away at nothing special and turned his back to Buffy.

"I'll think about it."

Buffy made a curtsey. "That's all we can wish for and that your decision is made with wisdom
and compassion in mind."

Buffy straightened up and turned to Eowyn, who had followed the discussion between her
uncle and Buffy with interest. Eowyn didn't show much emotion on her face.

"The wounded need to be taken care of and the people need to be fed. Can I entrust this task
on you?" Buffy asked.

"Yes, milady." Eowyn frowned a little, thinking about getting the 'woman' work.

"It is better than Orc-duty." Buffy pointed at the Orc corpses. "And don't be afraid to order a
few men around to do your bidding."

Buffy winked at Eowyn and she smiled back.

"Yes, Milady."

Eowyn turned around ignoring the rest and walked away. She didn't even acknowledge her

"That lass has potential." Buffy said, half imitating Gimli, to nobody specific before she turned
to the others. She clapped her hands and rubbed them together. "Okay, wounded and
breakfast checked off the list. You on the horse. You're Eowyn's brother?"

"Yes, Milady. Eomer, First Lord of the Mark." He looked with admiration at the petite
woman in front of him. He could see that she was forcing respect from the others even his
uncle. The hammer strapped on her back confused him a little.

Buffy made a half curtsey. She didn't want to get into the habit in being a proper lady.

"These Orcs are a sour to my eyes. If it isn't beneath your status, Milord, could you make
them disappear from my sight?" Buffy flashed with her eyelashes.

It took him a few seconds before he responded. He laughed exuberant. "Thank you milady it
has been awhile since I laughed. I think the task of cleaning up these Orcs is a small price to
pay." He bow his head in salute. "Milady." and rode off.

Buffy turned her head to Dawn. "He's nice and probably cute without the beard. Did Eowyn
told you if he was taken?"

Dawn rolled her eyes and putting her hands on her hips still holding her sword. This was
typical Buffy. Always looking out for cute guys and bossing people around. "I didn't think we
had enough time to flirt before we go back home."

"There's always time for flirting." Buffy turned her attention away from Dawn. "Okay let's go
back to business. We need patrols and sentinels in case the Orcs return or some other nasties
crawl out of the woods. Just because the battle is over doesn't mean the fight is over. Aragorn
take Pretty Boy and take care of it."

"There is no need to fear the Orcs anymore, Milady. They had been taken care off."

Buffy looked up at the voice. It was Gandalf who spoke up. He was all in white; white beard,
white clothes, white sword and staff, and even his horse was white. It was the first time he
said something since he had approached them. Buffy smiled at him.

"That's good to hear. Can you guarantee that other creepy crawlers won't come by for a visit?
I don't know the wildlife around hear, but this much blood and corpses are going to attract
vultures and other predators."

"No, milady." Gandalf turned to Aragorn to give him a warning. "Stay out of the woods,

Aragorn nodded to Gandalf before he faced Buffy. "May I ask why Eomer received the
courtesy of your lovely words and I get cold orders?"

"Sure, Argie Boy. I knew you would follow orders without asking stupid question why I give
them. Eomer doesn't know me so I used my charms to make him jump through my hoops."
Buffy said earnest with a hidden smile.

Aragorn laughed. "Let's go Legolas before she find more thing for us to do."

Legolas gave Dawn a glance before he followed Aragorn. Buffy noticed it and also the blush
on Dawn's cheek. She really didn't like that. While she was musing about what might be
between the Elf and her sister, Gimli leant into Dawn.

"Your sister has a way to make people do her bidding."

"Yeah, I knew my sister was good at bossing people around. But the way she manipulates
these people is scary. She doesn't talk that way at home and those curtseys. I didn't know she
could do those." Dawn was impressed with her sister.

Buffy hearing her sister answered her unspoken question. "First Halloween in Sunnydale."

"Ahh, that makes sense." Dawn nodded her head slightly in understanding.

Buffy turned to Gimli and grinned mischievous. "I hope you don't think that I would have
overlooked you Master Dwarf even though you are short."

Gimli stood straight and leant on his axe. "Just that you know. I expect the same courtesy as
lord Eomer."

Gimli looked serious but an amused glance could be seen in his eyes. Dawn laughed, Gandalf
chuckled beneath his hand and the king even had a half smile on his mouth. Buffy made an half

"As you wish, Master Dwarf. From far it is known, that it even reaches the ears of those who
reside in other worlds, the craft of mining of the noble Dwarves. It is said that no mountain is
too big or stone wall too thick that a Dwarf can't go through."

"True, true." Gimli interrupted proudly almost patting himself on the chest.

"Getting rid of a few peddles would be a child's play for a mighty Dwarf as thee." Buffy
continued with a glint in her eye.

"Of course, Milady. I could move a mountain if I have to." Gimli stood there as if he would do
it now and only waited for Buffy to point the mountain to her.

Buffy's demeanor changed from Lady Buffy to cheery Buffy. "Good. Then you can clean up
the rubble over there."

Buffy was pointing at the whole in the Wall. Dawn laughed next to Gimli. He walked right
into it. Gimli took it sporting and laughed too.

"I was led by my nose right to the slaughter." He looked down and shook his head in mock.
"The direct approached might have been more befitting a Dwarf and less humiliating."

"But it would have lacked all the fun, Master Dwarf." Buffy said very innocently.

This time even the king laughed.

"I better leave before I lose the little dignity I have left." Gimli was walking backwards.

"Do not excess yourself old friend, we're leaving at nightfall." Gandalf advised his friend.

"That would be hard to do, Gandalf, because we, Dwarves, are also known for our hard
work." Dwarf laughed at his own joke and waved before he turned and walked away.

"Don't worry Master Dwarf. I'm going to help you with the big boulders after I have talked
with my sister about her four month house arrest." Buffy threw after the retreating Dwarf.

"Four months? You said three months." Dawn protested while Gimli hollered laughing from a

Buffy crossed her arms. "Did you forgot about you deserting your post?"

"But Eowyn ..." Dawn tried to defend her action.

But Buffy didn't let her finish her excuse. "Is your name Eowyn?"

Dawn opened her mouth, but a look from Buffy shut her up. She looked humble down. "No."
But of course humble wasn't a word to describe Dawn. Her voice turned a 180 degrees into a
whine. "Why can she and I can't?"

Buffy sighed. She could see the unfairness of it. She really could. She would have done
probably the same in Dawn's place. But as her big sister and guardian it was also her duty to
make sure that Dawn stayed safe. She took Dawn's free hand with both of her hands.

"Dawn. Eowyn is a grown women, who is stuck in a life she hates without a future for her and
you're a rebellious teenager who has a bright future in front of her with a thousand
possibilities of what you can do or be."

Hearing again about his niece made the king think again about what to do with her. He knew
he had to make a decision soon or later.

Dawn's reaction was a little different. Of course she didn't like to be called rebellious and
straightened her backbone and frowned at Buffy, defying her words. Buffy on the other side
didn't let her get away with it or let her been intimidate by her sister, stood straight herself
making sure that Dawn got the message about who was in charge.

"I'm not a child." Dawn deepened her frown.

"No, you're a teenager. If you were a kid, I'm sure you would listen better and wouldn't get
in so much trouble." Buffy returned a reply.

At the moment Dawn was stuck for a retort, so she went for the response of all teenagers
through out the ages and even dimensions when things didn't go their way. "It isn't fair."

"Life isn't fair. Deal with it," was Buffy simple response.

"Oh, don't. Just because your life sucks doesn't mean you have to destroy mine." Dawn went
into the offence by attacking Buffy personal.

"I'm not destroying your life. Your life didn't even start long enough that it could be even
cracked. My life sucks because it is destined. You don't have that excuse. So you better cut it
off and behave."

Dawn was stumping on the ground and looked furious at her sister. Gandalf heard Buffy speak
about destiny and thought to interrupt the sibling squabble.

"Forgive me, Lady Buffy, for interrupting, but your sister does have a des..."

Before Gandalf could even finish the word, a sword was cutting slightly into his throat. Barely
any blood flow. It was the sword that Dawn had carried sheathed in her hands. Now it was
held by and angry Slayer, who had pulled it free and placed it at Gandalf's throat in one swift
motion. Buffy did it so fast that Gandalf didn't even sensed the movement.

Buffy was staring daggers at him. "You will not finish that sentence. Even if I have to kill

Gandalf knew that his next words should be chosen very carefully. "It doesn't change if I say it
or not. She is needed here."

"Yes, it mattered. Most things happened because somebody had an idea or theory and spoke it
out. And no she isn't needed here." Buffy kept her voice calm, but the anger was still there.

Dawn didn't like it that somebody told her that she is 'useless' especially if her sister said it.
That made it ten times worse. "And if you are wrong and I'm needed here."

"You are not needed here." Buffy said with conviction.

"How can you be sure?" Dawn asked stubbornly.

"Because I'm not needed here." Buffy answered was simple and short.

Dawn was angry that Buffy made it about herself and not her. "Oh yeah, everything must
evolve around you. Oh no, it couldn't that little Dawn could be important for once. It's alway
Buffy this and Buffy that."

"Dawn!" Sometimes it was very tiresome for Buffy that Dawn didn't think highly about
herself. That she thought she wasn't important. "Are we forgetting the Key-business? That
solely was about you."

This made Dawn think for a second. "But ..."

Buffy tired another tactic. "Was I needed to win this battle here, Dawn?"

"If you weren't here more people would have died." Dawn said triumph.

"Yes, but was I needed to win it." Buffy asked again and this time she emphasize it.

Dawn thought about it and came to the conclusion. "No."

"That's why I know that you aren't needed her. Whatever kind of event or trouble you had
triggered when you arrived in this world will negated or cancel itself the moment you leave."

Buffy was making sense to Dawn, but she didn't want to let it go without a fight. "But I could
save people here, the same way you did."

"You also can get people killed here." Buffy didn't want to say it, but Dawn needed to hear it.
"The power of the Key is negated in our world, but here it could have catastrophic effects."

Dawn looked sad and guilty. Buffy wanted to say something to brighten her up. "You can
save people in our world too."

This brightened Dawn's face up and she asked with hope. "I can go on patrol with you?"

"Hell, no." Buffy replied very quickly.

"But Buffy. I killed at least ten Orcs here." Dawn whined and reasoned with Buffy.

Buffy thought about it and knew that she had to give some leniency. "I'll train you and I'll
reconsider after your four month house arrest. And when you are grown up at eighteen you
definitely can accompany me on patrol."



Dawn considered it. "Deal."

Buffy removed the sword from Gandalf's throat, who had observed the conversation between
the sisters. Buffy handed the sword back to Dawn.

"We leave at noon. Make sure you said your goodbyes before then."

Dawn looked sad to say goodbye to her new friends. Buffy saw it and thought to brighten her
a little bit up.

"Why don't you go help Eowyn. I'm sure she could use some help."

"Yeah, see you later." And Dawn skittered away.

Leaving Buffy alone with the king and Gandalf. The king was the one who spoke.

"Your reasoning is sound, but what if you are wrong?"

Buffy gave the king a weary but warm smile. "Than your world might be in big trouble, but I
don't think I'm wrong."

King Theoden was shocked. Gandalf was more agitated and slightly angry at Buffy for her
laxness of the safety of Middle Earth.

"You are very careless about the fate of this world." Gandalf stated.

Buffy's eyes went cold. "Being responsible for one world should be enough for me. Plus I
think the Powers, higher beings, gods or whatever you might call them, screwing with my life
is enough. They don't have the right to do it with my sister's. Being my sister they already
have their hooks in her and one day she will fight evil in someway, but it will be by her choice
not destiny. And if she has done enough she can decide to get out of it before it kills her."

Buffy let out the part that she herself didn't have that choice and was still glaring at Gandalf
and he was starting to feel uncomfortable under her stare.

"Do not make the mistake that I won't kill you because you are a White Hat and are needed.
Not even a month ago I would have killed my mentor, who I love as my father, if I thought he
would harm my sister. And he was human and you aren't."

Buffy abruptly turned to the King. "Your Majesty. Please, give Eowyn her freedom even if it
could get her hurt or killed."

Buffy made a curtsey and left without another word.

"Intriguing woman. Sharp mind too. First woman that could scare me beside my mother."
Theoden stated when Buffy was out of ear range.

"Yes, I might have more luck later in convincing her and her sister to stay." Gandalf was still
hoping to change Buffy's mind.

"I wouldn't do it. I don't think it was an idle threat she made to your life. Lady Buffy was
right when she told you that this isn't her world to protect. She had done more then enough."

"Perhaps, but their presence would have tipped the balance to our favour." Gandalf smiled

"If we could have won this battle, we can win the war." Theoden said confidence.

"Perhaps, perhaps. But at what kind of prise." Gandalf changed his mood in a somewhat cheer
one. "I'm worrying too much. Let see if the women have made something to eat and drink. It
is easier to think with a full belly and afterwards I think I take a small nap."

"That sounds good." King Theoden replied.

And together they walked toward the Keep.

End Chapter 4.
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