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Where is my Sister?

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Summary: Dawn is at Helm's Deep and Buffy comes to the rescue to get her home. This story is inspired by Stacca's story Forms.

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Lord of the Rings > Buffy-Centered > Theme: FellowshipWhiteWolfFR13518,09792524,03014 Jan 0428 Jan 04Yes

Final Chapter

Title: Where is my Sister?

Author: WhiteWolf the Brave

Time: Second movie of LotR and after Season 5 of BtVS

Disclaimer: I don't own it. Which is very obvious. The characters are owned by whoever owns the Lord of the Rings and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Summery: Dawn is at Helm's Deep and Buffy comes to the rescue to get her home.

A/N: First there won't be any shippers in this story. Second, I apologicy for not beta-ing
this fic, but I had to chose between update or wait for my beta to show up again. I've seem
to have lost her. Third, this is the last chapter. Fourth, thanks for
reviewing and I hope the spellings and grammer aren't that bad.

Chapter 5:

After the courtyard was cleared of dead bodies, either Orc, Man or Elf, which took barely an
hour, the children were allowed to go out of the caves and the Keep for some fresh air. Dawn
was semi in charge of them with some of older kids. They weren't allowed in areas that wasn't
cleared of dropped weapons with the fear of having poison on them. And of course the general
reason that you don't have sharp 'tools' near children.

Buffy and Gimli with the help of a dozen of men were clearing the rubble from the hole in the
Wall. At the moment they were discussing what to do with a paretically big rock. It was too
big for Buffy to move on her own. Even with the help of the others it would have been
difficult to move. More out of fear that the rock would change direction in mid move and
squash somebody than that it was too heavy. Buffy tapped it with her trollhammer indicating
to smash the rock into a million pieces.

Gimli stood back to have a better look at the rock. "Hmm, if you crush it, its usefulness for the
wall is over and it is a pretty rock after all."

"Must be a Dwarf thing because the only rocks I find pretty are diamonds." Buffy responded
with a smile.

Gimli laughed. "You sure must jest for I know you've seen the crystals in the cave ..."

Buffy stopped him before he went into another epic tale to describe the caves beauty. The
dwarf seemed to be obsessed with them and their beauty. They were pretty, but to get
obsessed about it. She only could understand it by comparing it with her own obsession with
shoes and clothes. Buffy's mind went back to the problem at hand.

"Maybe we could split it into two?" Buffy suggested. "Make it more moveable."

Gimli liked the idea and inspected the rock from all sides. He even asked Buffy to give him a
boost to get on the rock itself. With a triumph acclaim he found the spot. Buffy bent
through her knees and jumped with a salto on the rock. She landed gracefully and almost
bumping Gimli off.


Buffy looked in the direction where the voice came from and saw her sister scowling at her
with crossed arms.

"Jealous." Buffy retorted.

Dawn puffed and rolled her eyes. The children around them were awed and a few even
clapped enthusiastic. Buffy bowed for them and the other children applauded too.

"Dawn, get the kids behind that wall. I don't want them being hit by flying debris."

Dawn obeyed without complaining and herded the children away. Buffy gave a warning to the
men, who also sought cover. Gimli marked the exact point for her to hit, before he jumped of
the rock and joining the men. Buffy examined the spot before she lifted the hammer. Buffy
looked around to see if everybody was at a safe distance or location.

"Timber." And the hammer descended toward the mark and hit the rock with a
thundering crack.

A crack line sped through the rock until it split the rock almost perfectly in two halves. The
two halves wobbled a little, but they were still stable enough for Buffy to stand on them. When
the dust was settled, so to speak, people started to applaud and cheer. Buffy jumped of the
rock with a graceful landing.

"Slayer one, rock zero."

"Oh, big bad Slayer slayed a rock." Dawn said in a taunting voice.

Buffy ignored the taunting and played along. "I must confess that this isn't my toughest slay,
but one of my neatest. Look how it split into two." Buffy pointed at the rocks and almost
screeched the last sentence out in excitement.

Buffy was looking proud at the result.

"Come on, if Gimli hadn't pointed out the right spot for you to hit you would have crumbled it
to dust."

Buffy shrugged her shoulder. "So, then they would have applauded even more."

Buffy turned to Gimli. "You're a good spotter." A thought jumped into her mind and a glint in
her eyes appear. "You think you can find the weak spot to get the rest of the Wall down?"

Gimli laughed. "I think that needs more than one hit to get that Wall down. It is made with
great craftsmanship."

Buffy dropped her hammer and went through her knees to pick up one of the two halves with
a grunt.

"How about three?" Buffy pressed through her teeth.

Gimli was still laughing. "Three might do it. Walk a little to the left."

Gimli was steering Buffy to have the rock placed back into the wall. Two more instruction
before Gimli told her to drop the rock. They walked back to get the other one. Buffy had to
smile at the boys' attempted to pick up her hammer. It was almost the same scene when the
men tried to lift is. She picked the second half in the same fashion and dumped it next to his
friend. Buffy took a step back to look at her work.

"I don't think it will stop an army, but at least it will slow them down." Buffy stated.

"We don't expect any attack on this fortress for quiet some time. Saruman has pulled most of
his forces here to destroy Rohan." Gimli said.

"I think we're finished here. We've done most of it anyway and I'm hungry." As if on
command Buffy's belly growled. Buffy looked embarrassed at the Dwarf, who laughed.

"Yes, I think we have deserved breakfast. My stomach is growling too." Gimli was
sympathetic patting his own belly.

Buffy laughed and put an arm around the Dwarf. Together they walked back to were Dawn
stood with the children who were still trying to lift the hammer.

"Excuse me." All the kids that were looking at the boys in their attempt to lift the hammer
turned their heads to Buffy, who smiled at them.

"I think that is my hammer." Buffy bent down and lifted the hammer without any effort. She
placed it back in the holster on her back. "Dawn, I'm hungry please tell me Eowyn found
something to eat. Something edible."

"I can only promise that you can swallow it and keep it down," was Dawn's response.

"Maybe I'm hungry enough that it doesn't matter." Buffy looked hopeful.

"I wouldn't bet on it." Dawn was crushing Buffy's hope.

The two sisters walked to the Keep with Gimli next to them. They were followed by the kids.
One of them walking backwards in front of Buffy.

"Are you the Slayer?" The boy of five asked.

"I am her." Buffy answered with a smile.

"Dawn said you are the greatest warrior." The boy continued.

"Oh, did she." Buffy's eyebrows raised about this declaration from Dawn.

The boy nodded in response. Buffy looked at Dawn, who pretended that she hadn't heard the
boy. This made Buffy grin.

"Well, if Dawn said it. It must be true. Of course if she told anything bad about me it's not

Buffy looked with a half serious face at the boy who laughed and started to repeat Dawn's
stories. At some points in the stories Buffy had to laugh because they started to sound too
fantastic even to the Slayer. Either Dawn had embellished her stories to make them even more
interesting or the boy had recollected them wrong. He wasn't the only one for not long after
the other children bombarded Buffy with questions, too.

It was Eowyn who shushed them away so that Buffy could eat breakfast without too many
people bordering her with question. Hearing about Buffy's escapades Gimli had to throw in
his own. Of course he had to lavish them to make them in par with Buffy's.

Not long after that they were joined by Aragorn and Legolas. Legolas wasn't looking very
happy until he had Dawn in his gaze and Buffy noticed it. The 'big brother' in her surfaced and
was giving Legolas the 'watchout, don't mess with my sister' stare. Which made the smile on
his face waver. It also made him loose his appetite.

Dawn saw it and elbowed her sister.

"What?" Buffy asked innocently.

"You know what." Dawn nodded in Legolas direction. "You're scaring Legolas."

"And why would I scare the nice Elf?" Buffy asked evilly with an innocent smile.

"Because ... because ..." Dawn was cornered with her back against the wall. She really didn't
want to talk about his feelings about her or vise versa. Unfortunately she got help from a
young girl.

"Because the Elf fancies Dawn and Buffy acts like Garth when Eothain looked at his little
sister the way the Elf does at Dawn." Freda answered the question for Dawn.

Freda's statement didn't go unrippled through the people present. Some blushed, some
laughed and some looked away smiling. But Buffy was the only person who was calm with a
half smile looking at the blushing Elf.

"So Master Legolas, what are your intention toward my sister?"

Before Legolas could answer or Dawn protest, Gimli interrupted Buffy by correcting her.

"It is Prince Legolas, lass."

Buffy was surprised by that discovery. "A prince?"

"Yes, the youngest son of king Thranduil of the Mirkwoods Elves."

Buffy turned her head toward Dawn impressed. "You go out of your specie and you hook
yourself a prince. Not bad."

Dawn blushed even more. Buffy turned her attention back on Legolas with a mischievous
smile. "Prince Legolas, what are your intention toward my sister, milord?"

Buffy's mischievous smile was even more unnerving than her dead glare. Legolas was left
cornered. "None, milady."

"And why not? Is there something wrong with my sister?" Buffy said indignant.

"Hey, what is wrong with me?" Dawn said in the same tone.

"Nothing, Dawn. There is nothing wrong with you."

Both sisters raised their eyebrows in indignance at the same time. Dawn even crossed her

"If I were you Elf, I would get on my knees and beg for forgiveness and mercy." Gimli bursted
out in a fit of laughter.

The Elf was looking sour at the Dwarf, which made him also look away from the Summers
women to give him time to think it over to smooth it over with them. When he thought he was
ready to face them again he turned his head back.

"If Dawn was an Elf maiden or I of the Race of Man she would be more than worth courting."

"Smooth." Buffy smirked at the Elf. "I can deduce out of your words that Elves and Men
don't mix."

"Elves are immortal." Gimli stated. "That is the greatest obstacle between them having
relationship with the other races. And their arrogance." Gimli added the last comment in good

"Ahh." Buffy nodded in understanding. While Legolas stared daggers at the Dwarf.

"Elves can die from grieve." Dawn added her own concern.

This revelation hit Buffy straight into her heart. She understood the concept of dying from
grieve. There were a few times that she wanted to die out of grieve and if you had to live
forever with that grieve it could kill a person slowly. Buffy looked gloomy toward Legolas.

"If I were you I would find me a nice elf girl and take a cold shower eh bad when meeting cute
mortal girls."

Legolas was blushing and at that moment Aragorn stood up. "Excuse me," and left without
another word.

Dawn hit her sister hard in the upper arm. "See what you have done now."

"What? What did I do? What did I say?" Buffy looked confused while rubbing her sour arm.

Dawn glared at Buffy. "Aragorn is semi-betroth to an Elf maiden."

"Oh. Oooh." Buffy stood up. "I better fix it."

"Yeah, you better fix it. I had him over his doubt before you put an Angel over him."

"You told him about Angel." Normally Buffy would have been angry at Dawn to tell her love
story around, but Buffy thought that this might have been at placed.

"Just the gist. Go after him and fix it."

"Yeah, yeah, hold your horses. I'm going." Buffy grumbled.

Buffy was out of the hall and in no time did she find Aragorn. She dropped next to him and
they sat there for a minute in silence. Aragorn was fiddling with a pendent around his neck.
Buffy thought it was pretty and probably a gift from the elf maiden.

"It seems my babble mouth of a sister had spilled the goods about my love life."

It took a moment for Aragorn to decipher her words.

"No, lady Dawn only ..." Aragorn started to defend Dawn. Buffy stopped him by holding her
hand up in front of his face.

"I don't mind if my love life is dissected for a good cause." Buffy smiled at him reassuring.
"But I think it's fair that you tell me something about your honey."

Aragorn looked reluctant. Buffy saw it.

"It might help you getting out this fluke." Aragorn looked confused at her use of words.
"Your brooding mood." Buffy explained.

Aragorn nodded and looked silent forward. Buffy frowned. She was thinking about to be more
forward and as last resort pinning him to a wall or even dangling him from the Wall.

"What is her name?" She thought to start simple and keep the violent as a backup plan.

"Arwen." Aragorn answered.

Buffy repeated the name a few times to let it roll over her tongue. "Nice name. So did you
hook yourself a princess or a servant girl? I'm hoping for princess, because we can't let Dawn
having outdone you."

Aragorn looked at the innocent face Buffy projected before he bursted out in laughter. "Arwen
is a Princess."

"Cool, tell me about her." Buffy smiled encouraging at him.

Her smile had the desired effect and encouraged Aragorn to speak about his beloved. He was
telling her things he hadn't told his closest friends. Buffy was patiently listening and smiled or
laughed at the appropriated times. She could hear in his voice and the way he described
Arwen, how much he loved her. When Buffy thought that he came to the end of his tale, she
asked her question.

"Would you die for her?"

"Yes." Aragorn didn't even hesitate a fraction of second. "I would give my life a thousand
times for her, if I had to."

Buffy grinned at the love and determination in Aragorn's voice and eyes. "And you won't let
her do the same for you?"

Aragorn looked straight ahead and sighed deep, and in a way answered Buffy's question.

"If she only loves you half as much as you love her, then leaving or letting her go might kill
her anyway." Buffy didn't let him interrupt her. "Think about what you can give her. Love and
happiness even if it is for a short while. Even if you can't have children."

"She can bare my children." Aragorn interrupted her.

"Really?" Buffy raised her eyebrows in surprise.

"Yes." Aragorn smiled at her surprise face. "All the Rangers are descended from the union
between Beren, Brother of Arwen's father and an immortal princess of Dundean."

Buffy recovered quickly and hit him over the head. A 'hey' escaped Aragorn and Buffy stood
up and looked down at him with crossed arms.

"You're an idiot if you even think about letting her go because of some misplaced sentiments
to do the right thing for her. Because you are not doing her a favour. The only thing you do is
break her heart. Your heart knows you belong together. Her heart knows you belong together.
Get over your pity and the next time you see her ask her to marry you and make it sure that
you mean it." Buffy was glaring down on him.

"Yes, milady." Aragorn was intimidated by this little slip of a woman and it wasn't because
she could beat him to a pulp. It was the look that women give when they thought or knew that
you have done something stupid and idiotic.

"Good. Let's go back, now that your gloomy mood is over. All this talking and listening made
me hungry again." Buffy helped Aragorn up and dragged him back to the others. He silently
laughed behind Buffy's back.

Back in the eating room Dawn was talking with Legolas and the moment he sensed the Slayer
enter his back stiffened and caution slipped into his eyes. The space between Dawn and him
increased a little. Buffy noticing it and it made her smile, but she didn't let it show on her face
with the exception of a raised eyebrow. She also noticed that another Elf had joined them. She
recognized him.

"Hey, didn't I save your pretty biscuit when the gates fell?"

The Elf wasn't at all happy with being reminded that he had been saved by an immortal girl
although he was thankful for it. He also looked confused about the 'biscuit' reference, but
nevertheless bowed his head in thanks.

"Yes, Milady, you did and I thank you for that. I'm Haldir of Lorien."

Buffy waved his thanks away. "No thanks needed. It's in the job description. If everybody
thanks me for saving their lives I would be here next week."

Buffy smiled at her own joke.

"Why don't you ask them to worship you? That would be way better then your false
modesty." Dawn rolled her eyes.

"Could you can it? I'm trying to be witty here." Buffy defended herself.

"Trying it the keyword here. You're not funny at all." Dawn retorted.

"Tell me why I came here to get you home?" Buffy rolled her eyes.

"Because you love me." Dawn answered innocently.

Buffy hugged her sister and kissed her on the top of her head. "You just remember that, when
I give you five months house arrest."

"What?" Dawn yelled and pulled herself out of the embrace.

"Gotcha." Buffy grinned mischievous.

"That's not funny." Dawn frowned angry at Buffy.

"Let's ask the jury." Buffy looked around to get everybody's attention. "Everybody who
thought it was funny raise your hand."

Buffy raised her hand first as an example. It was quickly followed by the others. When Freda
and Eowyn put up their hands. Dawn grossed her arms in indignantly. "Et tu, Eowyn and you
Freda. I thought we were friends.

"But it was funny." Eowyn said apologetic.

"And the face you made was very hilarious." Freda added laughing.

Freda's laugh ignited the others and in no time everybody was either laughing or smiling.
Eowyn put an arm around Dawn and squeezed her while laughing. Dawn couldn't hold it
anymore and laughed with them. They talked some more before Buffy decided that it was time
to leave for home. Dawn said her goodbyes and a few tears flowed before she followed Buffy
to the outside only joined by Eowyn. They walked to a remote area. Buffy looked around and
was satisfied with the spot.

"This will do." Buffy removed two items out of her jacket. One was a talisman the other a
small ritual dagger.

Dawn wasn't looking at all pleased at the dagger. Two persons approached the group. It was
Gandalf and Eomer. Eomer stepped of his horse and bowed his head toward Buffy.

"Milady, did I fulfill my task accordantly to your wishes?" Eomer waved around.

This made Buffy look across the battlefield and saw that the Orcs were stacked on two piles.
The field was still stained with black stains from dried blood. Buffy had no doubt that a
refreshing rain would clean it away. Buffy smiled at Eomer. "Milord, you have cleared the
field as if there hadn't raged a fierce battle, but only a small quarrel."

Eomer was still smiling, but it disappeared when he looked his sister in the eyes. "Sister." He
said it with care and caution.

"Brother." Eowyn said it strained. "It joys my heart that you have came at the appropriate
time and survived the battle well."

"I'm sorry for not defending you in front of our uncle. Most it was because fearing for you
safety." Eomer looked apologetic at Eowyn and he added with a weary smile. "Not for you
skills with the sword for I know you almost have surpassed me with it."

This put a smile on Eowyn's face and she walked to her brother to give him the hug she
should have given him the moment they were reunited after the battle. "I missed you, brother."

"And I missed you, sister." Eomer kissed her on the top of her head.

When they separate, Dawn and Buffy were half hugging each other with wiping away
imaginary tears. Eomen looked confused at the two sisters. Eowyn on the contrary was
frowning at them. She was getting used to their antics.

"Sorry." Buffy said almost laughing it out, while Dawn had fake apology showing in her face.

At that moment Gandalf coughed and grabbed everybody's attention.

"Do you have some wise words to bestow on us before we depart?" There was an edge in
Buffy's voice, which gave him ample warning to not think about saying something she didn't
want to hear.

"I'm just here to observe the spell or ritual you're planning to use." Gandalf answered half

"Ah, with other words you want to make sure that I won't screw it up and blow us all to
Kingdom Kong." Buffy smiled, innocently.

Gandalf laughed. "Something like that. May I ask what it entails to get you and your sister

"This amulet, our blood and a Spell."

"Blood?" Dawn sounded panicky. "You remember the last time when my blood was used to
open an portal."

Buffy put a reassuring hand on Dawn's shoulder. "This time it doesn't require your blood
because what you are, but to let you pass."

It only reassured Dawn a little. Buffy could still see the fear in her eyes.

"Are you sure?" Dawn asked.

"Yes. You think I would risk all those worlds and your life." Buffy stared seriously into
Dawn's eyes. "If there was even the slightest chance that this could be dangerous for you or
cause an Apocalypse. I would stay here, save these people from their bad guys and find a nice
place for us to stay and live out our lives."

This made Dawn think and something in her head clicked. "Why don't we stay? You always
said that you wanted a normal life. I'm sure we can build a life here where you could have a
semi normal life that doesn't cause you to die before you twenty-fifth birthday."

Before Dawn could continue, Buffy interrupt her. "No."

"But ..." Dawn tried again, but Buffy interrupted her again.

"I'm the Slayer. It doesn't matter where I live either I find evil or evil finds me." Buffy was
staring seriously into Dawn's eyes.

Buffy's stare made Dawn bow her head down and she nodded. "I just don't want you to die."

"Well, that makes two of us." Buffy smiled and lifted Dawn's chin up. "Ready to go?"

"Yes." Dawn sighed.

Before Buffy started again, she walked over to Eowyn and hugged her. "Thank you for
watching over my sister."

Eowyn embraced her back. "It wasn't much. She didn't need much watching and I thank
you for speaking in my behalf to my uncle."

"Hey, somebody had to put these macho-men into their places. And blow a victory for our
sisterhood." Buffy whispered back.

Eowyn laughed when they broke off. "I'll remember your wise words and take them in

Dawn puffed. "Buffy and wise doesn't mix."

Buffy rolled her eyes. "Tell me again why I'm taking her with me?" She asked Eowyn.

"Because she is your sister and you love her and she is a wonderful person." Eowyn answered.

"Oh, yeah. That wonderful person is sometimes hard to see when it's swallowed up by that
rebellious adolescent." Buffy smiled happily.

"Hey." Dawn expressed her indignant.

Buffy grinned and took her dagger. "Everybody, for safety reason, should stay at least ten feet
away, more is advised."

Those from Middle Earth did as they were advised and Gandalf even gently pushed them five
more feet away.

Buffy handed Dawn the amulet. "Hold this." Buffy hovered her left hand over the amulet she
cut it with the dagger. A few drops of blood fell on it. They switched items and Dawn cut a
small incision with a pained expression. When her drops of blood fell on the talisman, Buffy
held the talisman in both hands. She place the talisman between herself and her sister, held it a
few inches about her head level and bowed her head with her chin on her chest.

"I beseech you, Guardians of the Gates,

Bring us back to where we belong,

Take our offer of our Blood






Buffy let go of the amulet the moment it started to tilt and then it whirled and spun. Beams of
light were shining through until it was only one ball of light left. Buffy went to Dawn and held
her hand.

"Hold on tight. The transit isn't rough but very disorientating." Buffy tried to reassure Dawn.

Dawn heard the patronizing tone in Buffy's voice, even though she was nervous about the
ritual, she hated that it was pointed out by Buffy.

"I'm not ..."

Dawn didn't had the opportunity to finish her irritation for she felt a pull on her, and she and
Buffy were pulled into the amulet. In some time/space distortion the Summers women were
stretched out and like an elastic band disappeared into the light. The amulet spun even faster
and after a few second imploded in itself leaving the siblings and the wizard behind.

"That was interesting." Gandalf was the first one to speak.

"You think they arrived safely home?" Eowyn asked worried holding her brother's hand.

Gandalf put a reassuring hand on Eowyn. "I'm sure they did. I did not recognized the magic
Buffy used, but it did not feel out of control. So I'm convinced that they had landed safely

Eowyn looked up into the friendly face of Gandalf and smiled at him. "Thank you."

"And if something went wrong. I'm sure they could handle anything that is thrown at them.
They seemed like capable women. It is a pity I didn't have the opportunity to know them
longer." Eomer added his consult and reassurance.

"You would have like them, brother. Dawn even told me that Buffy thought you were

"Really?" This stroke to his ego and made Eomer chest rise.

"Yes." Eowyn smiled mischievous at her brother and them tucked at his beard. "But she also
thought you should shave your beard, brother mine."

"Hey." Eomer had a hurt expression before hugging his sister. He changed the subject. "I'm
hungry sister, do you have something for me to eat."

Eowyn put her arm around her brother and steered him toward the Keep. "There is some
horse stew left."

"Don't tell me you made it?" Eomer was in mock horror. Eowyn smacked him in the chest.
They walked on with friendly banter in their squabble.

Gandalf looked them retreat from him and was in deep thought. His eyes were on Eowyn.

"Maybe you and your sister were needed here after all and you just did what you came here to

Gandalf let these thoughts for what they were and to answer his own belly's growl he
followed the siblings for lunch.

End Chapter 5 and end Story.

A/N: all

There are two reasons why I didn't finish the spell.

one: couldn't come up with a good spel. *grin*

two: I might write a sequal and I need a way how the spell backfired to send the two
sister to another place that isn't home. (I'm thinking about a X-over with StarGate. They
landing on a different planet and after a few months been rescued by SG-1. If somebody knows
about a story that has Buffy or Dawn landed on another planet. I could use some inspiration or
steal it. *Grin*)

A/N: Manic-Mouse (

Justifying Buffy ordering everybody around. Imagine you are a warrior who has been rescued by
a woman with the strenght of a Troll. Instance respect. But that shouldn't be enough for them
to follow her orders. Her standing up to King Theoden does. By 'fighting' Theoden's Authority
and 'winning' she automatically has everybody under him in line. And by being courtsey to the
King she doesn't undermind the King that much.

And I'm sorry if I showed the LOTR gang in a pathetic light. It was not my intention. AND I don't
think I made her that manipulative.

Yes I agree that Dawn is a strong character in Season 7 showing the woman she could be.
But in season 5 she was a brat and in season 6 a rebelious teenager. Having stayed a few weeks
or even a month in Middle Earth would have made her grow up a little faster.
But I still don't think she would have passed the
rebelious state, especially with Buffy around to give her the chance to be a kid. Dawn might
wanted to be treated as a grownup. But she is still a kid and kids deep down don't want
responsibilities. They just want to be taken seriously.

Her attacking Gandalf was a difficult decision to made. I don't think Buffy simple staring him
down would help. Plus the emotional carbage she was carrying with her for being separated from her
sister for about a month and not knowing about her safety had his toll on Buffy. Plus the anger
of Giles telling her to kill her sister, was transfered to Gandalf. Plus she is very pissed off at
people telling about (her) destiny. I think if you put all this together. He was lucky he was still
standing (and breathing).

The End

You have reached the end of "Where is my Sister?". This story is complete.

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