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Where is my Sister?

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Summary: Dawn is at Helm's Deep and Buffy comes to the rescue to get her home. This story is inspired by Stacca's story Forms.

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Where is my Sister

Title: Where is my Sister?

Author: WhiteWolf the Brave

Time: Second movie of LotR and after Season 5 of BtVS

Summery: Dawn is at Helm's Deep and Buffy comes to the rescue to get her home.

Disclaimer: I don't own it. Which is very obvious. The characters are owned by whoever owns the Lord of the Rings and Buffy the Vampire Slayer.

Inspiration: story
Forms (
by Stacca.

Where is my Sister?

Chapter 1:

Aragorn was standing on the Wall looking down on the hoards of Orcs. They were on their
second assault on Helm's Deep. The Men of Rohan were defending the walls bravely and the
Orcs were paying a high price at the Wall. But it nevertheless made Aragorn worry for they
seemed to have an endless supply of Orcs. He feared for how long they could keep them at
bay, but nevertheless he fought and didn't fall to despair.

Aragorn was emerged in his fighting, when he noticed something moving through the Orc
ranks. He couldn't see who or what it was, but it wasn't an Orc for certain for it had blonde
hair and light skin. It seemed to being mowing through the Orcs to reach the Wall.

Aragorn was so focussed on 'it' that he almost lost his head, when an Orc swung his sword
toward him. But Lady Luck was on his side for the Orc was killed by an arrow from Legolas
before it could finish his swing.

"Thanks, old friend." Aragorn said it to his friend in elfish.

Legolas smirked at his mortal friend. "Next time keep you head on the battle, I won't always
be there to save it for you."

Aragon smiled brotherly at his Elf friend. "I'll try to remember that. It was good that you were
close by and not only to save my head. I need your elfish eyes." Aragorn pointed at the blonde
creature. "Tell me what is coming through the Orcs and heading our way."

The Elf took a look and he quickly found the blonde creature. His face went blank and didn't
notice the Orc that was about to thrust his sword into his back, but Aragorn returned Legolas
the favour and killed it for him.

Aragorn was getting a little worried. "What do you see?"

"A girl wielding a big hammer. And she's doing it very efficiently." Legolas frowned and said
it with a flat voice.

"A girl?" Aragorn thought he misheard the Elf.

"More like a young woman barely out her adolescent."

While Buffy went through the demon army to get to the castle, she was thinking of her sister.

'You better be there Dawn. If you made me go through this army of demons and you're not
there ...' Buffy's angry expression turned into one of worry. "You better be there Dawn."

Buffy was absentminded throwing a demon over her shoulder and smashed its head in with her
trollhammer. Buffy was putting of any thought of Dawn and concentrated on the battle around
her. She swung her hammer around to make room for herself. She still had a hundred yards to
go and she was getting a little tired.

A demon attacked her from the back and before Buffy could counteract an arrow hit it
between the eyes. Buffy took a glance from where the arrow came and saw a blonde with a
bow. She gave him a smile before she started to swing her hammer again. It took her only a
second to get in the swing. She spun it around keeping the demons of her back. The hammer
went horizontal, diagonal and vertical.

She kick-cartwheeled, bent and bowed her body to avoid any retaliation. Her aims went
sometimes high and another time she went low. The demons went down on her, sailed away or
were crushed by the trollhammer. Yard by yard Buffy came closer to the walls of the castle.
The blonde archer was still there helping her by covering her back. He made it easier for Buffy
to reach the Wall relative unhurt.

At the Wall Buffy had her back to it with a ladder leading against the Wall, which she had to
clear of the demons first. Buffy was swinging her hammer around to keep the demons away.
Buffy noticed that the defenders didn't push the ladder down and saw this as an invitation to
come up and join them. Now she only had to decide how to get up and what to do with her
hammer. Time was slipping away for her. She was getting tired and needed at least a five
minute break before she could continue the fighting. She swung her hammer like she was in an
Olympic event and let it go straight up. Buffy used the momentum she was in to steer her
upward climbing the ladder. She was still a little dizzy when she was halfway the ladder.

The demons saw her retreat and weren't about to let her get away without at least trying to
stop or more precisely kill her. Lucky for Buffy a few more archers were covering her back,
but it wasn't good enough. Before Buffy could reached the banisters, the ladder was pulled
away from the Wall. Buffy acted quickly and flipped herself by repelling her body away with
her arms toward the wall. She landed with some acrobatic saltos almost, in Buffy's short look,
on an roughly cute guy.

"Sorry for dropping by unannounced." She panted it out with a smile, while she straightened

Aragorn couldn't believe it. She smiled at him and it was one of the most beautiful things he
ever saw even though she was covered by blood and grimes while she just went through an
army of Orcs. She also was so little almost two head smaller than he was. She spoke up a
second time.

"Please, take a step back."

Aragorn didn't react too fast and the blonde woman gave him a small push and he stumbled
back just in time before being hit by her descending hammer. Seeing it almost fall upon him,
Aragorn had forgotten the hammer she had catapulted into the air. She caught the hammer and
swung it once before she dropped its head almost gently on the ground, half leaning on the

"Could we have a little chat? I'm a little pooped." Before Aragorn could answer the question
and arrow sped toward his head, but before it could hit him, the woman grabbed it out of the
air, twirled it 180 degrees and threw it backwards without looking into an Orc's eye. "I need
at least a five minute break before facing this bad smelled," the woman wrinkled her nose in
disgust which made Aragon smile, "ugly demons again."

"Orcs, milady. They are called Orcs."

The blond woman rolled her eyes. "Orcs, demons, who cares how they are call. Can we go
somewhere were it's somewhat quieter. I'm sure you want to know why I'm here and forget
the lady stuff. It's just Buffy."

The petite blonde smiled at him again. After another arrow passed him by he took the arm of
the woman and led her away from the Wall.

"I'm Aragorn, son of Arathorn." Aragorn introduced himself when he found a relative calm
place to talk.

"Buffy, daughter of Joyce." She was still smiling, but Aragorn saw a sadness crept up into her

She removed a parchment from her inner pocket of her coat. It was shining and she handed it
over to him. "The reason I went through our friends outside was because I'm searching for my
sister." She pointed at the parchment. "Did you see her?"

"Lady Dawn?" Aragorn was shocked on two accounts one that it was Dawn and the second
how detailed the picture was. Now he recognized the name the petite blonde gave him. Dawn
had mentioned her once and even introduced herself in simular fashion.

Buffy got him out of the shock by grabbing him at his upper arm until it hurt. She let go when
she saw the hurt in his face. "Where is she?"

"She's safe with the other women and children."

Relieve was washing over Buffy which turned in a mixture of concern and anger. "Safe? You
mean as long as that wall," Buffy pointed behind her, "stands."

Aragorn nodded.

Buffy sighed, picked her weapon up and turned around. She started to murmur while walking
back to the fighting. "Oh, no. She couldn't land somewhere safe and with comfort like a mall,
where I could have picked her up. No, she had to drag me into a battlefield."

Aragorn followed her and still could her hear he complain, while she dispatched Orcs left and
right. She was grace in motion to rival an Elf. But the way she handled her hammer systematic
and brutal which would have made Gimli proud. The hammer wasn't her only weapon. She
used any weapon that she could lay her hand on. Any fallen sword, knife, pike, spear, club and
even arrows she used to stab, slice, hit and even throw. But the killing wasn't what really
impressed him. It was the way she killed. She didn't merely kill Orcs, but she did it in such a
way that it saved lives.

He saw how she was enjoying the battle. There were sparkles in her eyes. He could see that
this woman was born to fight. And another thing he noticed was the men, their moral was
more uplifting and they had accepted her without a second thought. But that might be because
more than one thought might distracted them enough to get them killed.

Aragorn let the mystery of Dawn's sister for what it was and concentrated on his own battles.
The battle was pacing steadily. Aragorn was pleased about the progress of it. The way things
were going they could hold Helm's Deep for months. The moment he thought it, he saw an
Orc with a torch running toward the gates. With anguished he turned to find Legolas.


The moment Legolas had eyecontact with him, Aragorn started to yell. "The Orc with the
torch stop him." Aragorn pointed at the Orc.

Legolas notched an arrow and pulled the cord back. A split second later he let the arrow fly. It
hit the Orc but didn't stop it. Aragorn was terrified for what would come next. But then the
Orc went flying backward with a spear through his chest. Aragorn looked where the spear
came from and saw that it was Buffy who looked smugged with herself. When he looked back
at the Orc, he saw that another Orc had picked up the torch and also notice that it was too late
to stop him.

"Get away from the wall." Aragorn yelled.

But it was too late the wall was blown up into a million pieces and the Orcs were stampeding
toward the hole in the Wall. The Wall were lost.

"Retreat to the Keep."

Buffy was lucky that she was fighting far enough from the explosion to not feeling the full
effect of it than as a tremble through the stone and some small pebbles hitting her. Most
people ran away from the hole and the breached gates toward the inner castle building.
Without hesitating Buffy did the opposite, she run to the gates to delay the Orc's advance to
give the men time to retreat to safety.

She just came in time to prevent the slaughter of one of the Pretty People, that's how Buffy
called them. She knew that they were not normal men. She also had the impression that they
were glowing. He was brought to his knees from behind. Buffy really hoped it wasn't too
serious. Reaching the man slaughtering the Orc Buffy was now not only defending the breach
but also the man.

"Come on Pretty Boy. I don't expect you to fight only to run."

While Buffy was fighting the Orcs off, Pretty Boy was mumbling something in a weird but
musical voice. Buffy didn't know what it meant, but it didn't sound very accommodating to
her. Buffy changed tactics.

"I said, MOVE IT soldier and it was 'not' a request." Buffy's voice was hard and full of

It did the trick and Pretty Boy stood up and stumbled toward the 'castle'. Buffy knew that she
couldn't hold her position much longer and retreated herself. When she glanced back she saw
that somebody helped Pretty Boy. This was her cue to leave. She took one a big swing with
her trollhammer to give herself some room before sprinting over a bridge that led to the gates
to the inner castle. Buffy saw that the gates were wrecked. Buffy cursed to herself before
turned and facing the upcoming thundering Orcs.

"Come to Mama."

A spark in the eye and a smirk on her mouth she started to defend the bridge and the gates.
She didn't have to fight alone for long before Aragorn and a red bearded, short man with a big
axe were joining her on the bridge. Buffy even took a step back when she saw that those two
were adequate to keep the hoards at bay.

This gave her the chance to look around to assess the situation. She saw that the gates was
appropriate blocked to hold off the Orcs from barging in. There were also three ropes
dangling from the cantles. Buffy didn't think they could climb the ropes quick enough to reach
the top before the Orc's cut them from beneath. She might but she didn't think her
'companions' could. Buffy sheathed her hammer on its holster on her back, which was made
by Giles and Xander. She turned to her 'companions'.

"Aragorn, the gate is blocked and they left three ropes for us, but I don't think you two can
climb it safely before you two reach the top."

"There is a door hidden around the corner. We swing to the right," was Aragorn's answer.

"Oh. Cool. Who goes first?"

"We thought milady could go first." The short man answered the question.

Buffy was fuming. 'Well, if they want to get themself killed. I'll let them, I came here for my
sister and I can't get her home if I die on her.' She thought.

Buffy turned to the ropes and took one. She tested it strength first to know for sure it was
secured before she put her full weight on the rope. After her third grip on the rope it broke.
Buffy very ungracefully hit the ground with her bottom. Buffy rubbed her butt and was
embarrassed at first but she quickly got over it. She knew she wasn't that heavy. After a
second, when realisation hit her, she hit herself in the head for her stupidity. She got up and
removed her trollhammer from her back. The hammer must have weight close to two metric tons. She looked up to the cantles.

"Don't catch the hammer. I repeat don't catch the hammer."

Buffy threw the tollhammer and didn't wait for it to disappear over the cantles, before she
climbed one of the remaining ropes. At the top a soldier helped her over the cantles by giving
her a hand. She thanked him and was about to pick her hammer up, when another soldier tried
to be chivalry. The only thing he could move was the handle.

Buffy smiled at him, reached passed him to her hammer and without any effort she picked up
the hammer and patted on the soldier's shoulder with her freehand.

"Should have eaten your spinach."

Shock and incomprehension was shown in his and his comrades's faces. Buffy would have
loved to have some fun with these soldiers, but she wanted to know if Aragorn and his friend
were alright and had made it too safety. Although she was mad at the red-haired midget for his
'chivalry', she didn't want them dead or even hurt. Buffy absentminded put her hammer back
in its holster and looked over the cantles, where she saw Aragorn, holding his little friend,
swinging around the corner. She turned back to the soldier who helped her over the cantles.

"Aragorn made it. What is the quickest way down so that I can ask him where my sister is?"

The soldier pointed to his left where steps were going down. "That way, milady."

"Thanks." Buffy walked toward the stairs to get down. She had no trouble getting pass
anybody. They all kept a respectful distance from her. Buffy walked with confidence amongst
them and at the bottom she saw Aragorn, the red-haired midget and one of the Pretty People
talking with an older bearded man.

Buffy ignored them all and went straight to Aragorn. "Where is my sister?"

End Chapter 1.
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