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Destiny's Child

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Summary: A Federation starship encounters a spatial anomaly and is flug into the stargate univsere. Trouble insues.

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Chapter Two

Disclaimer: I do not own Star Trek or Stargate they remain the property of their respective creators.


Chapter Two

Asgard Vessel Beliskner
Sometime Later

Sitting in the peace of his chambers Supreme Commander Thor couldn’t help but feel pleased by the accomplishment of getting Earth included in the Protected Planets Treaty. It hadn’t been easy demands made by the Goa’uld and the manipulations of the Goa’uld Nirrti had nearly derailed the negotiations though thankfully the Tau’ri had been able to defeat Nirrti’s schemes and expose her which had led to a grateful Cronos firmly supporting the inclusion with Yu and even removing the prescription of the removal of Earth’s Stargates as a requirement for the inclusion in the treaty. Though Thor was aware that Cronos had warned that while the Goa’uld were allowing the Tau’ri to continue using the gates they did so at their own risk as the Goa’uld would offer no quarter to anyone who was captured a condition he considered fair as long as the Goa’uld left Earth itself alone and didn’t attempt to glass or harm the planet in any other way the treaty would stand.

Having recently sent a report on the negotiations to the High Council, Thor was now taking the Beliskner on a run through to the other Protected Planets to check on them – as well to drop some supplies off at the Adara facility – before making the return journey to Halla. The detour would not take long and would set the High Council’s mind at rest about the other Protected Worlds as the Goa’uld had pushed at some of them recently, the attack on Cimmeria by Heru’ur nine months ago being the most brazen example of the System Lords starting to see if they could flout the treaty now that Ra was no longer around to keep an iron grip on their ambitions and brutally punish anyone who broke or threatened to break the treaty. Thor knew his ship would be seen passing through the systems in question by a number of Goa’uld probes which was kind of the idea as it would seem to inform the System Lords that the Asgard were still willing and able to enforce the treaty keeping the arrogant, megalomaniacal parasites ignorant of the fact that they were not due to the ongoing war with the Replicators.

Thor made the subtle Asgard equivalent of a grimace as he thought about the war with the Replicators. A war they’d relentlessly fought for nearly a century now and which was not going well at all as the machines slowly but surely pushed the Asgard Fleet back. For the first time in eons the Asgard were up against an enemy that their advanced technology could not simply overpower and in the privacy of his own mind Thor acknowledged that it was a war they were loosing as the Replicators simply adapted to everything they threw at them, sometimes it took them awhile and more than once they’d driven the Replicators out of a region only for the mechanical monstrosities to return even stronger than before. There were times that he honestly feared for the survival of his species as the war was draining precious resources that would have been better used solving their cloning problems.

The sound of the comm. drew him out of his thoughts and he touched one of the runes on the arm of his chair. “Yes,” he asked calmly.

“Supreme Commander forgive me for disturbing you but our long range sensors are picking up highly unusual readings several parsec’s off our current course,” his first officer Commander Ymir responded from the bridge.

“What kind of readings,” Thor asked.

“It’s somekind of subspace distortion that does not match anything in our records the distortion field is expanding and growing in intensity.”

“Adjust our course we will investigate,” Thor ordered more than a little intrigued now such distortions in subspace were rare, so rare that they’d only encountered them a handful of times in their entire history as a spacefaring species, and all Asgard ships had standing orders to investigate them when they occurred. “I will be on the bridge shortly.”

“Yes supreme commander,” Ymir acknowledged before signing off. Thor calmly got up out of his chair and left his chambers to make the short journey to the bridge. He had only taken a few steps when a faint shiver ran through the deck beneath him evidence that the Beliskner was altering course to investigate the anomaly teasing their sensors. I wonder what is causing it, he thought, we’ll know soon enough.

A few moments later he was stepping onto the bridge and moving to the command throne, back dropped as always by the glowing pillar of energy from one of the Beliskners four neutrino-ion generators that gave the bridge of an Asgard starship such a distinctive look. “Status report,” he ordered settling down in the chair.

“We’re approaching the coordinates now Supreme Commander,” Ymir responded immediately, “dropping out of hyperspace now.”

No sooner than the other Asgard had spoken than a soft shiver of deceleration ran through the ship as they dropped out of hyperspace and back into normal space, the ships sophisticated sublight engines working at full power to overcome the effects of hyperspace inertia and bring the ship to a halt in space. “We’re secure from hyperspace, sensors report the anomaly is twelve light minutes directly off our starboard beam,” Ymir reported, “the anomaly field has expanded to encompass an area of point seven five astronomical units sensors are now reporting unusual quantum fluctuations in the anomaly field we are also picking up high concentrations of tachyons and a previously unknown subatomic particle.”

“Intriguing,” Thor commented manipulating the controls on the arm of his chair causing a holographic image of the anomaly field to appear in front of him, data scrawled down the sides outlining the basic details of the massive amounts of data the Beliskner was gathering. Had Asgard physiology allowed the expression Thor would have smiled knowing his people’s scientists would be extremely interested in their observations of the anomaly.

It was at that moment that the sensors bleeped a warning. “Supreme Commander sensors indicate that the anomaly is fluctuating,” Ymir reported, “something appears to be emerging from the field.”

“I see it,” Thor confirmed as a rippling ribbon of energy extended outwards from the field. In moments it had grown into a line of pure power two thirds the length – and just as wide – as the Beliskner.

“We’re picking up mass readings appearing within the projection,” Ymir said as on the visual display a long dark one-dimensional shape appeared in the centre of the ribbon. In moments the shape went from one to two to three dimensional forming into the outline of a starship, a starship that seemed to be cocooned by the ribbon.

For a moment or two more nothing happened then with a suddenness that shocked the watching Asgard crew the ribbon flashed with a rainbow of different colours before flying away from the enveloped alien vessel, dissolving into a multicolour fog as it did so, a fog that quickly disappeared back into the anomaly which itself began to pulse and shrink. In mere seconds the anomaly shrunk down into a number of small glowing apertures which pulsed fitfully like lights with dying batteries before vanishing into nothingness.

“Scan the unknown vessel,” Thor ordered shaking off his shock at the suddenness with which the anomaly had disappeared, for a moment he wondered if the anomaly could be an unknown form of FTL travel used by whoever had built the equally unknown ship a ship that didn’t match any design known to the Asgard. It was strangely to look at and seemed to be composed of a variety of geometric shapes attached to each other in complex patterns that gave the ship an undeniable air of elegance.

The thought that the vessel had somehow created the anomaly began to fade when he noticed that something seemed to be very wrong with it. The ship appeared to be unpowered with its forward motion being clearly drift and the blue glow from the two long nacelle structures at the back of the vessel was flickering fitfully and one seemed to be trailing a plume of bluish-white energy. The ship also had Tau’ri style writing on the top surface of the oval shaped forward hull, writing that automatic translators revealed to be a name USS Resolution along with somekind of prefix or registry number written below. The design of the ship hinted at its builders possessing a reasonably high level of technology and going on the writing appeared to be built by Tau’ri hands yet something wasn’t right. The Tau’ri didn’t have anywhere near the technological or scientific knowledge to build a ship as advanced as this one appeared to be.

“Supreme Commander our initial scans of the alien ship have been completed,” Ymir reported, “the alien vessel is approximately six hundred and eighty-nine metres long and appears to be constructed of a variety of different metallic alloys that don’t match anything in our database though one does bare some similarities to trinium. The vessel appears to be a warship as we are detecting multiple weapons arrays however the exact nature of the weapons possessed is unknown and the hull appears to be covered with somekind of reactive-dispersive armour sheath. The ship appears to have been damaged as sensors report massive power fluctuations and a number of fires on board, however there is no evidence of damage caused by weapons fire. I believe the anomaly maybe responsible for the damage the vessel has sustained.”

“Interesting,” Thor said surprised despite himself that the vessel was apparently a warship. “Can you tell me anything more about the vessel Ymir?”

“Yes I can,” Ymir replied his hands delicately moving his control stones around as he ran a second more in-depth scan. “The vessel appears to be powered by some kind off antimatter based reactor system and a network of advanced fusion reactors and generators. Combined power output appears to be four times the power output of the main reactors of a Goa’uld Ha’tak-class mothership. Normal space propulsion appears to be achieved through two large drive units of an unknown type and a number of ion based manoeuvring thrusters. Intriguing the vessels FTL drives appear to be a spatial warp or distortion drive.”

“Intriguing,” Thor agreed though he was well aware that such a FTL system would be inherently limited in speed and wouldn’t be anywhere near as efficient as hyperspace travel was. Still it was a perfectly viable method of achieving faster than light space travel indeed the Asgard themselves had once used a similar system before they encountered the Ancients who’d taught them how to access hyperspace. “Are there any life signs onboard?”

“Yes sensors confirm the presence of one thousand and forty-eight individual life signs onboard, nine-hundred and eighty appear to be human, sixty do match any life forms recorded in our database and eight match a species that was wiped out by the Goa’uld over a thousand years ago.”

“Which species,” Thor asked in curiosity.

“I believe it is the species that referred to themselves as Vulcans.”

Thor blinked in surprise. The Vulcans as he recalled had been a reasonably advanced race native to this galaxy, a race that like this ship used a spatial warp or distortion drive for faster than light space travel. After spreading for several decades and establishing a number of colonies the Vulcans had run across the Goa’uld and their unique mental abilities blood made them not suitable to be hosts, as a result the Goa’uld destroyed them in a war that had lasted several years before Ra himself used the weapon that turned their homeworld into the asteroid field it was now. The Asgard had only become aware of the Vulcans during the last months of the war between them and the System Lords and by then it had been too late for them to do anything to help them without committing to full scale war with the Goa’uld. The High Council had only been able to record their extinction and log it as another crime that they would eventually have to extract justice from the Goa’uld for.

“Interesting, hail the vessel enquire if they need any assistance.”

“Yes Supreme Commander.”


USS Resolution
A Few Moments Earlier

Darien Parker groaned softly as consciousness returned bringing with it a dull, pervasive ache that made him feel like the whole of his six foot three, two hundred and thirty pound frame was one gigantic bruise. With another groan he opened his eyes to find himself face down on the deck, with what felt like a monumental effort other than a simple motion he flipped himself over onto his back before awkwardly sitting up and gazing around the bridge.

What he saw was a scene from every Starfleet captain’s nightmares.

The bridge had been transformed from the normally bright and spacious command centre into a scene from hell. Thick acrid smoke hung in the air, the product of two consoles at the back of the bridge that were burning fiercely. The main lights were off leaving the bridge lit by only dull blue emergency lights, the urgent red flashing of alert status indicators and the flickering yellow-orange glow of the fires. However in spite of the gloom he could tell that most if not all of the bridge crew had survived the encounter with the anomaly and the violent forces that had gripped the ship for what had felt like an eternity.

“Damage report,” he ordered awkwardly getting his feet back under him only to nearly fall over as his head swum sickeningly. On legs that felt like they were made out of jelly and not skin, bone and muscle he managed to stagger back to his command chair and sit down. “And will somebody put those fires out and get the ventilation going?”

“Main powers out throughout the ship,” Lieutenant Ashton reported from ops before coughing in the thick smoke. “Warp and impulse engines are down, we’re limited to manoeuvring thrusters only. We also have a plasma leak in our port nacelle. We have electrical and plasma fires all over the ship automatic fire suppression systems are down damage control crews responding. Casualty reports coming in from all over the ship sickbay responding.”

“No hull damage,” Darien asked hearing the sound of fire extinguishers being used behind him as other members of the bridge crew began using manual emergency fire gear to extinguish the blazing consoles.

“No sir the hulls completely intact the reactive armour did its job though armour integrity has dropped to forty percent,” Lieutenant Commander Christopher Beach reported from tactical a moment before his console bleeped a warning. “We’re being scanned.”

“Source,” Commander Urlet asked.

“I’m not sure our short range sensors appear to not be functioning correctly,” Beach answered scowling at his console screens.

“One moment,” Lieutenant Ashton answered his hands flying across his console, “I’ve reset the sensors try now.”

“That did it,” Beach confirmed running another scan even as with a loud thumping sound the emergency vents opened and the recovering environmental control system began extracting the smoke and fumes from the bridge and replacing them with fresh clean air, “origin of the scans is an alien vessel holding position three thousand kilometres off our port bow. The ship does not match anything in our databanks.”

“Put it on the view screen,” Darien ordered. The holographic view screen at the front of the bridge flashed on immediately, rolled with static for a few moments before stabilising into a view of the vessel that was scanning them.

It was truly an alien ship.

In design it reminded Darien somewhat of an ancient war hammer as the forward section had a distinctive hammerhead design which tapered back into a long neck that joined a wide flat aft section. Rising from the aft section were three towers, one narrow and squat the other two being tall and slender. Four panels on the ships underside glowed from within with a soft whitish-blue light that vaguely resembled the glow of warp nacelles but shaded more towards white than the normal blue tones of a Federation ships warp nacelles. The ship was large too at least half again the Resolution’s length though it wasn’t quite as tall it was just as wide across if not wider.

Ashton’s panel chirped. “Sir the alien ship is hailing us,” he reported, “audio only.”

“Put it through,” Darien ordered.

Immediately the overhead speakers crackled and hummed then an oddly atonal voice spoke. “Unidentified vessel this is the Asgard cruiser Beliskner, we have monitored your emergence from a subspace anomaly do you require assistance?”

“Open a channel,” Darien instructed.

“Channel open sir,” Ashton replied.

“Asgard vessel,” Darien said raising his voice slightly so the audio pickups would relay his words flawlessly to the Beliskner. “This is Captain Darien Parker of the Federation starship Resolution. To whom am I speaking?”

For a moment there was silence then a slightly different but still atonal voice spoke. “I am Thor,” the voice said making Darien blink in surprise at the name knowing that Thor had been one of the most powerful of the old Norse Gods. Coincidence or are these Asgard behind the legends, it wouldn’t be the first time after all that advanced alien life forms were considered gods by our ancestors, he though recalling the old Kirk-era mission log about the encounter with Apollo which had been required reading when he’d attended Starfleet Academy. “Supreme Commander of the Asgard Fleet and commanding officer of the Beliskner it is agreeable to meet you Captain Parker,” Thor continued bringing him out of his thoughts. “Our scans of your vessel indicate that you have sustained considerable damage and that your propulsion systems are off line do you require assistance?”

Darien considered for a few moments. The Asgard commander was correct in the statement that the Resolution had sustained considerable damage, the plasma leak in the port nacelle being the worst damage as until it was closed off and the warp coils in the affected nacelle checked for damage they would have no chance of getting warp drive back. Any assistance in correcting the problem would be welcome but on the other hand they knew nothing of these Asgard though his instincts were telling him to trust them for some reason.

“Assistance would be welcome Supreme Commander Thor,” he said at last.

“Very well I can transport some engineers to your vessel to assist in onsite repairs or if you would prefer we can tow you to a safe port where you will be able to make repairs at your leisure.”

“No offence Supreme Commander but I would prefer the latter option.”

“None taken Captain Parker,” Thor answered. “I will contact the nearest world with a level of technology similar to your own so they may assist you in whatever fashion you see fit. We can also set up a data transfer to your ship so you may learn about the people we will be taking you to see providing they agree to aide you.”

“That would be greatly appreciated thank you.”

“You are welcome. I will contact you again once all the arrangements have been made,” Thor answered before closing the communications link from his end.

“Sir are you sure this is a good idea,” Commander Urlet questioned. “We know nothing about these Asgard.”

“I know though my instincts tell me that they mean us no harm and that their offer of assistance is genuine,” Darien answered. “Besides this is a chance to fulfil our mandate of meeting new species and I won’t pass that up.”

“I understand sir but might I suggest we proceed with caution.”

Darien nodded and was about to respond when Lieutenant Rakan emitted a sound of surprise and incredulity that brought Darien’s head around to look at the normally calm and unflappable four hundred year old joined Trill. “Lieutenant,” he queried wondering what had prompted such an extreme – for Rakan anyway – reaction.

“Sorry sir it’s just I just ran a thorough astrometric scan of the area to confirm our location,” Rakan replied.

“What did you find?”

“I found that relative to the galactic core our position has not changed however a number of the star patterns around us have shifted somehow and aren’t confirming to any of our star charts.”

“How could that happen,” Urlet asked.

“I,” the science officer swallowed nervously prompting captain and first officer to exchange an uneasy glance, “I believe that we’re no longer in our own universe.”

“Explain,” Darien demanded as a stunned silence fell upon the bridge.

“Sir the sensors reveal that the quantum signature of the space around us – and of the Asgard ship – is completely different to our own,” Rakan answered.

“How does that translate into being in another universe,” Beach asked.

“All matter in the universe resonates on a quantum level,” Rakan explained, “that quantum resonance is a constant so a human for example resonates at exactly the same frequency as a star or the most exotic forms of dark matter. There is no known process that can cause that frequency to change, I believe that the mutation of the anomaly caused by the destruction of our probe somehow caused a temporary tear in the quantum barriers between realities a tear that we were pulled right into.”

“Is there any way we can get back to our own reality,” Darien questioned.

“To be honest captain I have absolutely no idea,” Rakan admitted, “while it has been known for sometime that there are parallel universes the idea of a trans-universal rift, which is what the anomaly that brought us here could only have been, in subspace has only ever been a theory. To the best of my knowledge no species inside or outside of the Federation has ever encountered one. To all intents and purposes we’re in the dark about such phenomenon.”

Darien inwardly groaned wondering just what he’d done, what omnipotent being he’d inadvertently pissed off to get his ship and crew flung into this position. Though he supposed he was fortunate that while the transition had damaged the Resolution she was repairable and as far as he knew none of his crew had been killed. “Alright here’s what we’ll do,” he said deciding on an initial course of action, “Rakan I want you to pull together a team from whatever departments you feel are necessary, go over every last bit of data our sensors have on that anomaly field and anything they recorded while we were enveloped. See if you can find out how exactly this happened to us and if we can recreate it well enough to return to our own reality.”

“Aye sir,” Rakan acknowledged a moment before the ops console chirped.

“Sir we’re being hailed by the Asgard ship,” Ashton reported, “it’s an audiovisual signal this time sir.”

“On screen,” Darien ordered.

Immediately the view screen changed from the image of the Asgard ship to show an alien sitting in a throne-like chair back dropped by a glowing, pulsing column of yellow-gold energy. Two things struck Darien immediately one being that the alien didn’t seem to wear anything in the way of clothing though it didn’t seem to bother the being at all. The other being how tiny the Asgard was, Thor looked to be not much bigger than your average ten year old.

“Captain Parker,” Thor said in greeting. “I have spoken with the Tollan leadership and explained your situation to them. They have agreed to render both sanctuary for your ship and crew as well as well assistance in repairing the damage your vessel has sustained.”

“Thank you, Supreme Commander Thor,” Darien replied, “I appreciate your help but might I ask about the need for sanctuary though as I said earlier any assistance with repairs would be extremely welcome.”

“You do not know about the Goa’uld?” Thor asked sounding genuinely surprised.

“No I’m afraid I don’t you see we’re not from around here,” Darien explained. “We were investigating the anomaly when it appeared in our own space and we’re enveloped in it when it suddenly expanded. It transported us here. We’ve never heard of a species called the Goa’uld who are they?”

“I am sorry since you and your ship have Earth style names I assumed that you knew about them,” Thor responded. “The Goa’uld are a species of sentient parasites, they invade the body of another life form and wrap themselves around the spinal cord before accessing the brain. Whereupon the usurp complete control of the body and use it as they will, the worst part though is the host remains aware of everything but can do nothing becoming essentially a prisoner in their own body.”

“That sounds awful,” Darien answered feeling a profound sense of déjà vu as the prisoner in their own body sounded an awful lot like what happened to people unfortunate enough to be assimilated by the Borg. The few individuals who had been liberated from the twisted cybernetic grip of the Collective had described being a drone as being like a prisoner on their own body, constantly aware and hearing the Hive Mind but being unable to do anything to fight it, anything to stop it using their body as an extension of itself.

“It is my species and the Goa’uld have clashed on a number of occasions over the last few millennia,” Thor admitted. “The Goa’uld dominate a large part of this galaxy, enslaving thousands of worlds most of which are inhabited by humans taken from Earth many millennia ago and seeded among the stars as a ready source of slaves and hosts. They are also highly aggressive and wouldn’t hesitate to attack you if they learned of your existence. Your crew would be enslaved and any useful technology would be stripped from you.”

“I see,” Darien replied frowning not liking the sound of that one bit, though if they did attack them the Goa’uld would likely find him and his crew a very tough nut to crack as like all Starfleet capital ships the Resolution easily had enough firepower to pulverise a planet.

“I am sending you a file containing detailed information on the Goa’uld along with the file on the Tollan,” Thor said manipulating some controls on the arms of his chair. Darien glanced at his operations officer who nodded confirming that they were receiving the files.

“We have them, Thor,” Darien confirmed.

“I will give you some time to review them,” Thor replied. “Contact me when you are ready and we will tow your ship to the Tollan homeworld Tollana.”

“I’ll do that,” Darien agreed. Thor nodded and cut the transmission prompting the view screen image to change back to the view of the Beliskner hanging there amid a sea of stars that were at once both comforting and completely unfamiliar, with a new air of mystery and hostility that was somewhat concerning.

“Commander Urlet I want you and Commander Beach to review the files Thor sent us,” Darien ordered breaking the silence that had once more descended upon the bridge. “I would like a summary of them from you within one hour.”

“Aye sir you’ll have it,” Urlet agreed getting up from her own chair and moving to join the tactical officer at his station so they could review the files.

“In the meantime Mister Ashton coordinate with engineering I want a complete analysis of all the damage we’ve sustained and any estimated repair times.”

“Aye sir,” Ashton acknowledged.

As the crew began carrying out his orders Darien leaned thoughtfully back in his command chair, feeling the weight of responsibility that his position as captain brought more heavily now than ever before. No amount of training or previous experience could have prepared him for this situation as the very idea of a Federation starship getting hurled into a completely different universe had been considered so remote, so unlikely that no protocols or procedures had even been developed to cope with such a contingency.

Which left him and his crew in the very uncomfortable position of literally flying blind in an unfamiliar galaxy that – if Thor was telling the truth – was dominated by a ruthless parasitic race that wouldn’t hesitate to enslave them all, a situation that aside from the bridge crew no one on the ship yet knew about. I’m going to have to tell them, he thought, but how do you tell over a thousand people from a dozen different species that you’re in another universe and that they might never get to see their homes and families again? He would think of away, he had to it was his duty and responsibility as their commanding officer and the Resolutions master to tell his crew the truth of the admittedly extremely bizarre circumstances they’d found themselves in. But right now he couldn’t think of anyway to do it gently.

No way at all.


Authors Notes: Sorry about all the delay with this update people. I had a few things to wrestle with including how much I wanted to change from the previous versions or if I should have just followed the original story outline just updated somewhat. I’ve decided that for this story to really go forward I needed to do something completely different to the original with it so I have.

On a timeline note I think it’s pretty obvious by now that we are in the third season of Stargate SG-1, specifically the story events begin shortly after the episode Fair Game but before the mid-season Jolinar’s memories. The Resolution and her crew aren’t going to encounter SG-1 for awhile yet so no rapid introduction this time, they won’t meet them until the whole Triad thing with Klorel/Skaara I hope nobody minds too much.

On a final note this is likely to be my last story update of 2012 as with Christmas so close now I doubt I will have much time for working on my fics, I won’t rule it out as anything is possible but I cannot guarantee it as still have Christmas shopping and so on to do and not a lot of time to do it in. So I will take this opportunity to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas.
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