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An Unexpected Arrival

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Summary: As Buffy battles the Master and the Scoobies try to shut the Hellmouth portal opened by the Master, things go seriously awry.

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BtVS/AtS Non-Crossover > GeneralGreywizardFR1534,30704210,14426 Aug 128 Aug 14No

Chapter Two

Author’s Note 1: Many thanks to Bill Haden and Theo (Starway_Man) for beta-ing this story.

Author’s Note 2: As usual, “word” indicates speech, :: word :: indicates mental communication and { word } indicates a character's thoughts.

Author’s Note 3: This is story #9 in my own personal Christmas Fic-A-Day Challenge.


"Giles, who the heck are these people?" Buffy (the blonde one, who was native to this particular dimension) frowned irritably, after the brief moment of silence which followed Xander's comment.

"Uh, I, ah, must admit, I have no idea who these new arrivals are, Buffy," the Englishman reluctantly confessed in response to his Slayer's question.

Upon hearing the Watcher address the petite blonde, the taller of the two newly arrived brunettes elbowed her companion and murmured to her in a low voice, " Hey, Buff! Ya hear that? Jeeves called Blondie over there 'Buffy', too! Looks like you've got a Mini-me, here!

"Well, wherever it turns out 'here' actually is," the brunette added with a semi-indifferent shrug, while she maintained an alert watch on the other occupants of the library.

Since the silence currently filling the room allowed everyone to hear the girl's comment, the Scoobies could also easily hear the other Buffy respond, her voice laced with sarcasm, "Oh Jeez, Allie! Way to really impress people positively! That's probably just exactly the perfect thing for you to say.

"Oh yeah! Why don't we go and piss off the natives, even before we can figure out where the Hellmouth it is we ended up, huh?" the smaller brunette snarked, sparing her companion a quick annoyed glance before switching her very familiar gaze back to the Scoobies.

"Well, that's okay with me, if that's how you want to play it, Buffmeister," the taller girl gave her friend another negligent shrug as she maintained her own surveillance of their audience.

"Personally, I woulda tried to charm them, myself," the brunette currently known only as 'Allie' informed her companion. "But if you wanna piss them off, then go ahead -- I'll let *you* handle the diplomatic aspects of this trip..."

Before anyone could say anything more, Cordelia Chase decided to speak up and add her own two cents to the ongoing discussion.

"Okay, just what the hell is going on, here, people?!" the high school social queen demanded in an annoyed tone of voice.

"Is the two them showing up gonna cause any more trouble, Giles?" Miss Chase turned her rather irate focus on the somewhat flustered Englishman. "'Cause I've already got enough problems as it is – what with having to explain to Daddy how my car ended up inside the school tonight!

"I don't need any *more* problems to deal with! He's gonna be pissed off as it is, what with all those scratches on the paint from those vampires I drove over!" Cordelia complained. "The car will need to get completely detailed all over again!"

"Boy. She certainly sounds a lot like Cordell, what with the whiny nasal voice and everything, doesn't she, Buffy?" the taller of the two newcomers commented in a relatively low voice to her companion as they listened to the May Queen vent.

"Yeah, she kinda does," the brunette Buffy agreed thoughtfully as she nodded her agreement. "Except for that whole 'her voice being higher-pitched and screech-ier than Cordell's is' part, that is."

Unfortunately for the new arrivals, the still pervasive silence enabled everyone present to hear the pair's conversation clearly.

"Excuse me?!" Cordelia immediately screeched indignantly, her hands on her hips and a narrow-eyed look of outrage on her lovely features as she focused her glare on the two new arrivals. "What do you mean, I've got a 'whiny nasal voice'?"

"Uh-oh. Looks like we're both wrong, Allie; this bimbo's nowhere near as smart as Cordell is," the dark-haired Buffy declared, as she gave the cheerleader an equally annoyed and displeased look in return.

"Even though he was a jock, *he* would have understood what you just said, and not needed someone to explain what 'whiny' and 'nasal' mean," the petite brunette added.

"Yeah. I'll bet she's probably a cheerleader," 'Allie' added dismissively.

"With those breasts? Not very likely," the interdimensionally displaced Buffy smirked.

"What did you just say to me, you pathetic fashion victim?!" Cordelia exploded, her face turning a brilliant red at the way the newcomers were oh-so-casually insulting her "Who do you think you are, talking like that about me?"

"I don't *think* I'm anybody, Bimbette," the brunette Buffy immediately fired back, her own face narrowed with annoyance. "I know exactly who I am: Buffy Anne Summers, Vampire Slayer extraordinaire!

"So, who are you?" the apparently dimensionally transposed Slayer shot back. "The town bike?"

"Now, hold on, everyone. P-please, let's all calm down," Giles quickly, and literally, stepped forward to interpose himself between the two quarreling teens, blocking the murderous looks they were currently exchanging, in the almost certainly vain hope of establishing some sort of ceasefire for the moment, so that he might possibly gain more substantive information about the two newcomers.

"I don't have to stand here and be insulted by a couple of *tramps* who just fell out of some interdimensional fissure, right while we're in the middle of stopping an apocalypse!" Cordelia continued her ranting.

The head cheerleader abruptly stopped her tirade, though, when she realized everyone present (apart from 'Allie' and the alien Buffy) was staring at her in dumbfounded shock.

"What?" Cordy demanded, her hands reflexively flying to her hair and her face. "Is there something wrong with my hair? Is there something wrong with my makeup, or lipstick?"

"Uh, I was just surprised that you knew how to use 'interdimensional' properly," Willow admitted quietly after a moment's delay, with Xander and Buffy nodding their own agreement at the hacker's comment.

Off to the side, the taller of the two newly arrived brunettes could be heard saying, "Of course, she obviously knows what the word 'fissure' means. I'm just wondering what sort of ointment she needs to use for them."

And just as predictably as the sunrise, that started the volatile, self-proclaimed queen of the high school off again on one of her loud and exceedingly vicious rants, completely stymying the Watcher's efforts to establish any sort of peace. It got so bad, at one point, that Xander had to physically restrain Cordelia from trying to claw the calmly smirking Allie's eyes out.

The wide, oddly familiar grin on Allie's face made her satisfaction at winding Cordelia up quite evident to all, and Giles released a heartfelt sigh of frustration as he quietly asked Jenny to escort the screeching cheerleader out of the library, so that he could attempt to interrogate the new arrivals in a more peaceful setting.

"If you are quite finished with your apparently unrelenting efforts at sowing chaos," Giles said as he directed a reproving look at the two newly arrived women, once Jenny and Cordy had finally left, "perhaps now you'll both be able to provide us with some sort of explanation as to how it was that resulted in the two of you apparently being ejected from a Hellmouth and ending up here, and why it was that you then staked your companion after your arrival?"

The two girls glanced at each other, and the taller brunette, whom alternate-Buffy had addressed as 'Allie' smirked as she said, "You're the Chosen One, Buff; so obviously, you're the best choice to give Rule Britannica here an explanation for how we showed up in Bizarro World.

"Besides, I just love the way you sound so über-sexy when you do that British accent, babe," 'Allie' added in a throaty voice and with a lascivious wink as she gave the smaller woman a quick one-armed hug.

Noting the surprised expressions which appeared on Giles' and the other Scoobies' faces (apart from Xander's, who just started staring at the new arrivals, whilst trying not to drool at the mental images suggested by the taller, smirking brunette), Allie grinned even wider as she turned back to her diminutive companion and added, "And I'm also guessing, based on their reactions, that your Mini-me, here, is probably still dating guys."

"What do you mean, I'm PROBABLY STILL DATING GUYS?" the golden-haired Buffy immediately screeched, as she stared with wide-eyed amazement at the pair of apparently alien visitors.

"I've *always* dated guys! Guys are the only people I've ever dated!" Buffy declared vehemently.

"And hey, you, whoever you are – don't call me her 'Mini-Me,' either!" the native Slayer added as she glared at the taller brunette, her eyes flashing with annoyance at just the idea of such an appellation.

"And who, exactly, are you two?" Buffy then demanded. "And like Giles was saying, what happened when you fell out of the Hellmouth? And why did you stake Angel's twin?"

After another glance between the two of them, the dark-haired Buffy gave a resigned sigh, much resembling Giles' earlier one, and said, "Like I said a minute or so ago, I'm Buffy Summers, and I'm the Vampire Slayer in my world.

"Or at least, I was," she noted somewhat reflectively. "I don't exactly know what's going to be happening back there now, since we all fell through that portal.

"Oh, and this is my girlfriend, Alexandra Harris," the newly arrived Buffy then said casually, gesturing towards her taller companion, who merely nodded her head and smirked at their audience as she gave them a small wave. Her eyes, though, were firmly locked upon Xander's; whose own eyes were almost literally bulging out of his head after hearing what the other Buffy had to say.

Allie's smirk shifted into a somewhat nervous, uncertain grin as Willow half-squealed, "You're *who*?", while Xander merely dropped his head into his hands and loudly groaned, "Oh, good Godfrey Cambridge! I knew it! I *knew* this was gonna be weird!"

Again, in the silence following that revelation, everyone could clearly hear him murmur to himself, "Well, at least, I'm hot as a girl."
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