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In our hour of need

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Summary: *twisted shorts* Neal was in a tough spot and turned to his cousin Faith for help. It turns out that Faith's friends are cool, powerful and can get Kramer off his back. Oh, and as a bonus, he just might have something special with a certain blonde slayer.

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Keller's Mistake!

Acknowledgements: Thanks to the reviews from Duchess, BrownFinderth, serenityselena, eriktheviking, Cutiepie, bradsan, texaswookie

Bonus chapter inspired by the reviews especially Duchess and Bradsan!

Buffy and Neal were going from strength to strength and El and Peter could not be happier. It was a truly a match made in heaven as Neal managed to make Buffy feel loved without ever diminishing her role or making her feel less of a woman. Meanwhile Peter could kiss whichever fate that allowed Buffy and Neal meet. When operation’s before had gone risky Neal was only too happy to pull a risky manoeuvre.

Neal still pulled moves but now they were tempered with more thought. When Peter asked why he’d been treated to a disdainful look, questioning his intelligence, “You think I’d risk my girlfriend killing me and then resurrecting me to do it all over again because I’m too stupid to walk away.” He shuddered before adding, “No thank you.”

Peter decided right there and then that Buffy Summers was a woman after his own heart. He was somewhat quieter in his praise though as Peter knew that when Buffy made the threat it was actually a promise. After all her best friend was a low-level goddess who actually could resurrect the dead. If that wasn’t scary amount of power then he didn’t know what else could classify.

Tonight they were attending a special gala. Peter knew Neal was nervous as he was about to ask the love of his life to marry him. It was sweet and kind of romantic as both Buffy and Neal had given up on the idea of marrying too jaded by past experiences. The ring had been sent by special delivery (magic portal) earlier in the week. It seems that Dawn heartily approves of Neal as he had managed to signal handily in her words, “remove the stick from Buffy’s ass.”

That was Dawn-speak for Neal had managed to get it worked that Dawn could date without serial harassment from the get go. However the idiot that had broken her heart had dearly paid for it - when he had a Queen Slayer; a Master reformed thief; a not so reformed thief (Mozzie); and half of the FBI hunting his ass he soon learned the word sorry.

The party was in full swing and now that Neal’s anklet was finally off he could accompany Buffy to the social soirees without any rehashing his old history. Tonight was quite a special one it was New York’s biggest charity event hosted by law enforcement. June took one look at the couple and sighed, they truly were a stunning photogenic couple. If you didn’t know that Buffy was the slayer; one might question whether the couple had made a deal - or search for the aging portrait.

Neal was wearing Buffy’s self-confessed favourite grey Devore suit. Buffy had picked a figure hugging red velvet dress, with a daring split up her thigh but as the dress was floor length she could get away with wearing her favourite ankle boots. They were black with a silver spike heel, and her favourite part was the inside part of her heel doubled as a knife so if she was ever caught short for a weapon.

She had no idea how fortuitous they would be...

The party was in full swing and Buffy had shook more hands than anyone ever should have to - Giles would be so proud. Neal was right next to her and looked as interested as she did knowing that it was important to play the game. She was so glad that she changed her heart on the thief.

Seeing a small window of opportunity she grabbed his hand and escaped down a corridor. He followed willingly as there wasn’t anything that he wouldn’t do for her. She pushed him against the wall and kissed him thoroughly, “I’m going crazy out there.”

Neal chuckled and Buffy shivered, it was such a filthy chuckle, one that promised much fun once they got home. Neal was just about to get one knee thinking this was the perfect moment in which to propose. So of course that was when Matthew Keller reared his ugly face.

The couple both looked in the direction of the ‘tut’ and had matching looks of irritation on their faces. Buffy had feigned horror and hidden behind Neal not because she was scared but needed to grasp her weapons.

“Hey Caffrey long time no see. I’ve found my perfect revenge shooting your girl.”

Buffy rolled her eyes; she knew she was pretty but really she was no damsel in distress. “Mmm slimy, irritating crappy accent that has an obsessive man crush on you. I gotta guess this is Keller.”

Neal smirked; it was these little things that made him fall just a little bit more in love with Buffy each day. “In the flesh hun.”

Buffy nodded, “Right. And is he really so stupid as to point a gun at me?”

Neal should have been worried but rather than hide behind her man because she was scared. Buffy was using it as a cover to reach for her throwing stars that were his around the top of one of her stockings. Neal snickered, “He isn’t as good at research as I was.”

Buffy’s cool amusement reminded Neal of Giles, “Quite obvious,” she even lost her accent.

Keller sneered, “And what is that supposed to mean.”

Buffy was angling her hand up Neal’s shoulder so that at the last minute she could throw the star. He wouldn’t see it coming if she did it right. “He knows that I hate guns ever since one killed me.”

Keller was smart enough to see the change in attitude, like her handing her snatch purse to Caffrey but his arrogance was his undoing. He assumed that the pretty blonde was nothing more than arm candy for Caffrey as he continued his so called rehabilitation. He was trying to be mean, “Christ you’re really stupid. You’re not dead!”

Buffy’s only reply was to throw the star and it hit its target - the gun hand. Keller clutched his hand in surprise and pain. He was unprepared for the blonde to come at him. He was well versed in the martial arts but nothing he did could stick or get close. Buffy toyed with him a little for all the things that he’d done to Neal, Peter and Elizabeth. He was going to feel the bruises when he was arrested that was for damn sure.

Neal just stood back watching as Buffy pummelled his nemesis into the wall. He was actually feeling a little bad that he hadn’t gotten Buffy another gift, as the ring was just not enough in comparison to the gift he was giving her. It ended when Buffy slammed him into the wall and pinned him there with her spiked, knife like heel. It was reminiscent of that scene in Dark Knight Rises; only in Neal’s opinion Buffy was far sexier than Anne Hathaway.

Buffy had not even broken a sweat, “babe will you phone Peter to come and get rid of the trash.”

Neal grinned looking like all his Christmases had come at once. “Yeah Peter. No not yet but Buffy and I have a pretty spectacular gift come up the hall and find out.”

Neal looked back seeing Buffy berate the incompetent thief about all the things she would do if he ever came near her family again. And family included Neal, the Burkes, Mozzie and anyone else close to Neal like June. Neal shook his head, “No all I can say is I’m a man in love.”

Peter stood stock still just taking in the scene and Diane was standing with him. The scene was just too perfect, Buffy had Matthew Keller pinned to the wall. She finished telling him that she would tear apart, limb from limb before having him resurrected so she could do it all again.

Keller had not comprehended who he’d tried to screw with, “You haven’t got the stones.”

Buffy laughed darkly and let the Slayer loose, just a little. She wouldn’t kill a human but that didn’t mean she couldn’t scare him. She got up right close, showing how truly limber she was, “I learned torture at the hands of a true artist. He used railroad spikes. I’ll tear you apart with a smile on my face and a song in my heart.”

Neal couldn’t wait a minute longer realising that they had company. “Buffy marry me.”

Buffy twisted without letting any pressure off her leg and held her fingers out, “Oh yeah. I got you an engagement gift.”

Neal laughed as he slid the ring home and kissed her soundly. Keller was gagging in the background and that just made the couple laugh.

Keller seeing the Agents pleaded, “Arrest me, please. I did it. I’m guilty.”

Buffy who broke away reluctantly and even lowered her heel. “Sorry he threatened to shoot me.”

Dianne who knew the whole story grinned, “Congratulations on your engagement. I only hope we can match your gift to us Lady Summers.”

Keller cursed the day that he ever crossed the day that he crossed Buffy Summers. He should have let bygones be bygones as their revenge wasn’t done. Actually that wasn’t strictly true, when Buffy’s adoptive father Lord Giles found out about the attempt on her life - Ripper came out to play.

Keller found that his bunkmate was the brother of the Russian that he’d crossed the year before. No silver tongue charm was going to get him out of this situation. He really hated Neal Caffrey - he got the life; the girl and the good reputation and all he got was a steel cage.

It turns out that life was fair and everyone got exactly what they deserved.

The End

You have reached the end of "In our hour of need". This story is complete.

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