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Shattered Eclipse

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Summary: He watched horrified as the woman who saved his life slowly turned into a monster. YAHF, Slight Twilight cross

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When it Rains, It Pours

Disclaimer: I own nothing, no characters, have no rights to them. I own no Buffy, I own no twilight. Nothing! Just wanna use them for amusement. So don’t sue…please.  I have nothing!

This was actually a plot bunny I tossed out, but the idea wouldn’t leave me alone! I swore I wouldn’t start another incomplete fic, but I have. However any other fics I start will be done before I post them. Three incomplete fics is enough.

Hope you enjoy!

Slight! Twilight cross

Pairings: Undecided

Warning: Mention abused, Swearing, Blood, Violence, OC centered and Xander centered (NOT OC/Xander pairing)


Chapter One
‘When it Rains, it Pours’

Xander wasn’t sure how he came to be standing in the alleyway while rain pouring down on him. Or why Cordelia’s arms were tightly wrapped around him and she was pale, brown eyes widened in terror. All he knew and all he could do was stare at the beautiful woman in front of him. Her head thrown back as she scream at the night sky. Clawing at her arms, trying to pull something out while her face contorted in agony with tears of dread pooling out of her blue eyes, little did they know they would be the last tears she would ever be able to shed. Then her body fell to the ground unable to fight against the pain anymore and all she could was scream.

As Xander watched her, everything came flooding back.

One Night Earlier

Evangeline Bey ran her fingers over the file. A deep frown on her face as she decided quietly this is why she hated Sunnydale, California. Ever since her transfer, for reasons unknown, she had this feeling in the pit of her stomach that now grew into a mountain of foreboding churning inside her. Biting her lips, she ran her finger over the word ‘exsanguination’. It had been the sixth person brought to the hospital who suffered from the blood literally being drained from their body! Four of those bodies had disappeared from the morgue mysteriously.

This place is so messed up, Evangeline thought back to when she had confronted her boss about going to police, about how this had to be a serial killer. Her boss just laughed in her face. She slammed the file shut, and ever since then she hadn’t been able to treat patients. Instead, she was stuck on desk duty. It wasn’t fair, she inwardly fumed, nearly six years of medical training to help save people and she was reduced to staring at a computer screen.

“Excuse me…” the voice was male and quiet, but loud enough to break through her internal rant. She looked up from the desk and saw a young man standing here. He was tall, nearly six feet tall and would have towered over her even if she hadn’t been sitting down. His lips were pulled down into an unsure frown; his brown eyes shifting around making him look a terrified rabbit about to flee. She watched him reached up running a hand through his short messy dark hair before she asked, politely, “Can I help you?”

He looked at her startled, as if he hadn’t expect such a tone and his tense frame relaxed ever so slightly. “Yes…I…I…I hurt my ribs and need to see a doctor.”

He went straight to the point. Evangeline frowned, realizing he wanted in and out of here quickly. “Who is your family doctor?”

“Dr. Reese,” he stated.

She turned to the computer and typed it in. She then looked back at him, “Dr. Reese’s in…”

“Pieces?” He blurted out.

A startled laugh escaped her before she could stop it. She bit her lip, containing her giggles before
continuing, “Hopefully not. I would be terrible worried about the patient he is operating on if he were.”

“Oh…” His face fell. “I guess I’ll come back…”

She didn’t know why, but this young man pulled at her heart strings. Evangeline rose from her chair and offered with a sweet smile, “I can check your wound for you. If it’s really bad, we can admit you to a room and wait for Dr. Reese. If not we can get another doctor to come and check on you, then you’ll be in and out of here in no time.”

She didn’t know why the boy looked so stunned, but taking his silence as a yes, she pulled him towards one of the waiting rooms. He was silent through all of the regular tests: blood pressure, temperatures while only answering when she asked him about symptoms. She finally asked, “Which side?”

“Huh?” He eloquently replied.

She laughed lightly. “Which side is hurt?”

He tensed slightly, his gaze that had been freely roaming the posters and room now fell to the floor. Evangeline brows furrowed at the reaction while the boy started lifting the right side of his shirt. “Here,” she drew closer and took the hem of his shirt from him, “let me.”

She lifted it up and audible gasped. His whole side from his armpit down to his hip was black and blue. Her eyes also noticed the rest of his torso was litter with bruises as well, but not as bad as this side. Reaching out, she pressed on the ribs as gently as she could. Pulling back, dropping his shirt to give the blushing boy back his dignity. “We’ll need to run some X-rays to make sure nothing is broken,” Evangeline stated, smiling as serenely as she could with the anger rising up in her.

She knew that nothing was broken, but not for, the person’s who hand prints were all over the boy’s body, lack of trying. Now she knew why he was being all fidgety. “I’ll give you something for the pain while we wait for Dr. Reese to get done in surgery,” she said, moving over to the supply closet. “Just lay back and relax.”
She slid open the door and growled. How could someone do such a horrible thing to another person? She grabbed onto the frame of the door, squeezing it to release some of her anger before looking for the pain medicine, she didn’t notice the boy slowly loosing his nerve and jump off the patient’s table. She whirled around only to find him fleeing out the door. Evangeline called out, “Wait!”

The medicine slipped from her fingers, forgotten as she pursued the boy. But by the time she reached the lobby, he was no longer in sight. Evangeline came to a halt and she let out a sharp sigh, placing her hands on her hips.

Helplessly, she realized there was nothing she could do. Nothing she could report to the authorities. She didn’t even have his name. She cursed violently.

“Damnit all!”

Xander Harris cursed violently. He didn’t know why he went to the hospital. It had been a stupid move. Even if he got to see Dr. Reese, the man would have called the already pissed off Tony and inform him. He would end up getting beat up again.

This time had been especially bad, for Xander actually fought back. It didn’t help, it just made the man angrier and apparently drunks were like the Hulk, the angrier they were, the stronger they were. He hissed, rubbing his side while he wished he had waited to slip out after the nurse gave him pain killers. He had been startled by a decent person in Sunnydale.

She had been nice, and hadn’t immediately dismissed him as the other nurses had before. As he reached his house and slipped into his bedroom window, thankful it was on the lower floor. He hoped she didn’t meet any of the nightlife, Sunnydale could use some better people in it.

Xander stumbled towards his bed too tired to change and as soon as his body hit the mattress, he was out like a light.


“Oh, God! Oh, God!” Willow cried, running around the Summer residences in panic.

“Willow, calm down,” the Slayer said, but truth was she was panicking too while Angel just looked very guiltily.

“Oh, God! Oh, God!” Willow wasn’t calming down.

Buffy grabbed her friend’s arm. “Willow, calm down! We’ll find him! We’ll find him.”

Willow whimpered, tears filling her eyes, “It’s all my fault! We left him, Buffy! We shouldn’t have left him without making sure…making sure he was going to be okay!”

The red head broke down into sobs while Buffy tried to blink her away. She looked towards Angel and the vampire nodded, heading out the door to start the manhunt. Holding the sobbing redhead, Buffy thought, Xander, where are you?

Earlier that Day

The day was sunny and bright giving no indication of the terrors that happened during the night. Xander groaned, shifting his backpack on his shoulder wishing he had been out on patrol with Buffy or had went on his own. At least, he’d feel a little bit better taking down some vamps or demons knowing that by stopping them, he would save a few lives.

“Hey, Xander!”

He quickly put his trademark lopsided grin on his face and turned to face his redheaded friend joining his side. Willow had grown a lot from the shy, quiet girl she had been last year and that was because the bubbly blonde that quickly joined them. He smiled at his two friends, “Hey, Wills. Hey, Buff. Where’s the fire?”
Buffy’s face grimaced and Xander resisted the urge to straighten his spine. Some thing was really wrong. Was it Angel? An apocalypse? Or perhaps it was…

“Well, look what we have here,” a nasally voice said snidely.

Snyder. Xander forced back the groan when the short man stepped in front of the group. “Oh, good,” the principal beady eyes lit up with glee at the possibility to cause them misery, “I see three very eager volunteers. Halloween must be a big night for you. Tossing eggs, keying cars, bobbing for apples. One pathetic cry for help after another.” Snyder’s lip curled. “Be at the school 5 o’clock sharp and don’t think about missing it.”

The man walked away. Xander asked, “You think he has a life outside of trying to make use miserable?”

“Doubtful,” Buffy snorted.

Willow whimpered, “Who thought putting Snyder must be in charge of the volunteer safety program for Halloween this year was a good idea?”

“Yea,” Xander agreed, a slight scowl. “Note his interesting take on the volunteer concept.”

“Safety program?”

“Oh, a bunch of little kids need people to take them trick-or- treating,” Xander explained. “Sign up and get your own pack of sugar-hyped little runts for the night.”

“Great. I was gonna stay in and veg. The one night a year things are supposed to be quiet for me,” said Buffy, pouting.

“Halloween quiet? Oh, I figured it'd be a big old vamp scare- apalooza,” Xander said, raising his eyebrow.

“Not according to Giles,” Buffy shrugged.

“Man, I can’t believe this,” Xander said running a hand down his face. All he wanted to do was curl into bed,
with a hot towel on his side. “We have to get dressed up and the whole deal?”

“Costumes are mandatory,” Willow mutter woefully.

“Look who it is,” Cordelia’s heels clicked across the floor as she moved towards them with purpose, “the Three Musketeers.”

“Was that suppose to be an insult?” Xander asked.

“Yea, cuz the Musketeers were pretty cool,” Buffy added in.

“Must be losing your touch,” Willow threw in her two cents.

Cordelia grimaced realizing that her insult wasn’t on par as usual. Straightening her spine, she made another attempt, “I just meant how sad it is how none of you have lives outside of each other.”

“Wow,” Buffy rolled her eyes. “It is sad…I mean, having close friends, and people you can rely on. It’s such a bummer.”

“I never thought I’d see the day,” Xander tsked. “Queen C really has lost her touch.”

Cordelia eyes narrowed on Xander, her pride stung and she sprouted out. “You’ve never had a touch Xander. Not strong, not smart, why do they keep you around?”

Xander lips drew down, while his two friends tried to defend him. It was annoying how good Cordelia was at hitting his buttons and right this moment wasn’t a good time to hit his buttons. He needed an aspirin ASAP. And all his brain could process was that Cordelia stood between him and his relief for his pain. He knew he should bite his tongue, take her hits like a man, he really couldn’t. Because with the pain he was feeling, his brain really couldn’t give a damn what words sprouted out of his mouth next.

“Oh, Cordy as much as I enjoy our foreplay,” he smirked while all three woman goggled at him in astonishment and he leaned towards her, “I have other places and better things to do than spend my time then with self-absorbed child like you.”

With that he marched into the bathroom, hearing the clatter of Willow’s books slipping from her fingers and unto the floor and Cordelia’s foot stomp while she shouted she wasn’t a child.

Present Time

“Oh, God,” Cordelia’s face was pale and she was shaking. “What are we going to do? Xander, why is she screaming like that? Xander!”

Xander leaped into action, reacting on instinct lifting the woman into his arms when he froze. The veins on her wrist, the pulse on her neck, the blood…running beneath it was dark. Black. Something in his memory sparked, something about venom…

He couldn’t take her to Buffy’s. Buffy’s the Slayer, she’ll attack Evangeline without a second thought. Couldn’t go to Willow or Giles, they’ll tell Buffy. Cordelia shifted outside his gaze and he swallowed thickly. “Cordelia, how far are we from your house?”


“How far are we from your house?” He turned to her, eyes narrowed and looking once again like the soldier that it made Cordelia wondered if the spell really was gone.

“A few blocks away,” she stuttered out.

“Let’s go,” he ordered and Cordelia felt a little pang having the strangest feeling that the boy she knew was complete changed.

Xander held Evangeline in his arms, promising he was going to save her. She saved him. It was the right thing to do.


Evangeline marched down the sidewalk, muttering to her, “Mandatory he says, tradition he says, well, I say bullshit!”

An elderly woman gasped, and Evangeline paid her no mind. She was a woman on a mission, a reluctant one that is. What was that mission? A costume, everyone apparently on Halloween dresses up at the hospital. Evangeline declared she wouldn’t do such a thing, only to be dragged into an office by her boss and given a length speech on ‘tradition blah blah blah’. So here she was wasting her day finding a costume instead of unpacking and settling into her new home.

She shuddered, remembering all the costumes at Party Town. Ever woman costume was tight and left little to the imagination, even the few she could find that she would possibly wear were beyond tacky. That’s when she overheard something about Ethan’s costume shop.

It apparently was a lot better than the stuff at Party Town. She looked at the shop. It looked like a quant and nice place. Slipping the door open, she jumped when the bell clanged at looked up at the offending object muttering something about stupid bells before looking around the shop. It was nearly empty, deserted. A frown tugged on her lips, but she took another step inside. “Hello? Anyone here?”

Another few steps, she even stood on her tippy toes to look over the costume racks. Again, she called out, “Helllllloooooo?”

“Can I help you?”

“Holy crap!” Her hand flew to her chest and she whirled around to face the person who snuck up on her. It was a man, he was handsome despite his older age, and wore a charming smile on his lips. However, she couldn't seem to find it charming. It reminded her of a snake luring in a mouse.

“My apologies I didn’t mean to frighten,” he apologied smoothly.

“No, it’s…uh, it’s fine,” she struggled with the words. “I’m…I’m looking for a costume…though I suppose that’s rather obvious since I’m in a costume shop, what else would I be here for?”

“Indeed,” he mussed with a light chuckle. “Perhaps I could make a few suggestions?”

For some reason it sent a chill up her spine and the uncomfortable feeling tripled. She tried to smile while she said, “Sure.”

He put his hand on her lower back, to usher her and she wanted nothing more than to rip the offending appendage off. Instead she bite her lip, trying to figure out what was wrong with her. She never, never judged a person before getting to know them, a trait she picked up from her father however with this man…Ethan (she assumed since the shop is Ethan’s) put her on edge. She tried smiling politely answering his questions as he showed her a big pink ball dress. “Oh, it’s…its lovely, however I’m a nurse and with be on duty, don’t know how fast I can run if there’s an emergency.”

“Ah, such a shame, you would have looked smashing in it,” he said, then lead her to a few other costumes.

Evangeline was about to choose something just to get out of there when they passed the display cause and she froze. There was some kind of pocket watch. It was silver with a crest, a code of arms perhaps? She didn’t know what it was about it, but she was drawn to it. Before Ethan could make another attempt to sell her a costume, she asked, “How much for that?”

Ethan frowned, then looked at what she picked out. “It’s 8.00, but I don’t have a costume to go with it—”

“I have something that will go with it,” she waved off the concern, though she really didn't have anything to go with it. She really just wanted it. She pulled out her purse as the bell above the door rang. Ethan quickly took her money and handed her a watch, marching over to greet the new costumer. Evangeline’s thumb ran over the crest, tilting her head before turning to go out the door when she ran into somebody.

The pocket watch slipped to the floor and Evangeline gave a swift cry, “Shit.”

“Oh, crap, sorry,” a familiar voice said. “Let me get that.”

Evangeline could only blink and watch as her runaway patient picked up the pocket watch for her. He stood up and went to had it to her, then froze when he realized who she was. His eyes widened comically and he blurted, “Hot nurse!”

Her lips twitched upward as the boy flushed realized what came out his mouth. “I didn’t mean to say that,” he back tracked quickly. “It’s the pain medicine, it makes everything wonky, not that you aren’t hot, but I didn’t mean to…say it.”

Her eyebrows went upward. “I believe you,” she humored him, knowing exactly what teenaged boys were like before frowning. Her eyes moved over him worriedly, “You went back to the doctor to medicine?”

I really hope Dr. Reese filed a report with the police, she thought feeling slightly relieved.

“Ah, no,” he said, throwing a look at a blond and a red head over his shoulder. “I…I just bought some aspirin.”

“You need to go to a doctor,” the nurse in her wasn’t pleased. Hell, the humanity in her cried out for whoever did that to him to be brought to justice. She put on her best disapproving face, and crossed her arms. “You could be seriously injured, and you won’t know unless you are taken care of—”

“Xander,” the blond yelled. Xander turned and Evangeline looked as well only to find the red head giving her a severe look and the blond giving her a nasty glare. The blond turned her attention back to Xander, “Willow needs your help on finding a costume.”

The red head blushed and Evangeline almost smiled at the realization. The red head had a crush on this boy and the two thought she was competition. Sure, he’s a cutie pie, but I am not a cougar…nor do I wish to end up in jail, she gave a mirthful chuckled.

“Alright be there in a minute,” Xander replied, then turned back to Evangeline. He lowered his voice, shifting from foot to foot, “I’ll…keep your advice in mind.”

“See that you do,” she said seriously then turned towards the door when Xander said, “Hold on! Here!”

She found her pocket watch shoved into her hand and smiled, “Thanks.”

Then she walked out the door.

Xander felt the stingy in his side and remember the nurse words. He was still stunned about running into her and the way she worried for him. A genuine nice, a stranger who appeared with no alterior motives, caring about him. His mind just couldn’t process it.

Perhaps, she was a guardian angel, he thought humorless. And she had gotten the unlucky job of watching over him. He was dragged off out of his thoughts when an elbow struck his ribs, he fought the growl and looked down at the blonde at his side, frowning at him. “What, Buff?”

“Who was that?”

“Who was who?” He asked, confused.

“The woman you were talking to!” She replied, in a ‘duh’ tone of voice.

“Oh, her,” he brushed it off. “She’s a nurse.”

Willow reappeared at their side, holding a costume in her arms. “How do you know that?” The red head looked everything but joyful for the night full of candy.

“I saw her up there,” Xander said.

Willow and Buffy’s disgruntle attitude faded and were replaced with a genuine concern that warmed his heart. Buffy asked, “Why were you at the hospital?”

“Are you okay?”

Xander hated that he was about to lie to them, but he did it. “I’m fine. It was my mom, you know how she gets.”


“I’m glad you are okay,” Willow said, placing a hand on his arm.

It was no secret that Xander’s parents were drunks and he winced, wishing his friends hadn’t accepted the lie so easily. Xander just grinned, his fake grins looking no different than his real ones, “Me, too.”

He then looked over the costumes everywhere, “So what to you think I should go as?” Wiggling his eyebrow, “Catwoman?”

The two girls fell into laughter and Xander mentally sighed when the crisis was adverted.

The day past too quick. Within hours, Buffy, Xander, and Willow were dressed in their costumes and leading their group of children. Evangeline was just about to step into the hospital when Ethan spoke, invoking the Janus, “Janus, I call forth your spirit. Hear my cause, seize the night for your purpose. Come, appear, and show to us that which is infinite power. The mask is transformed into flesh and blood. Your holy presence curdles the heart. Janus! Take the night!”

A terrible wind, full of chaos and change moved around the room before flooding outward into the streets of Sunnydale. The spell wrapped its greedy claws around the town and ensnared its habitants. By the time the night was over, nothing would be the same.


RRs are appreciated.

(The ending was a little rushed but it was 16 pages long so I figured enough filler time to get to the good stuff, hope you like)
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