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Crossed Wires

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Summary: Supernatural X over Alias - Dean goes back to hunting and searches for a way to get Sam out of Lucifer’s cage. If only Agent Sydney Bristow would stop getting in his way.

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Chapter 6

Although he was grateful for the warmth of the hi-tech, lightweight, weather-proof clothing they'd been given, Dean couldn't help feeling like he looked like some damned snow bunny. They were both bundled up from head to toe in white snow gear, including the damned boots on his feet. The ski cap and face mask combo made him more ninja than snow bunny, but that didn't give him any comfort at all, and he'd pushed the mask off his face for now anyway. He supposed he should be grateful that the hood of his jacket wasn't fur trimmed, like Syd's.

After getting off the helicopter ride from hell, they'd been walking for hours, searching for entrance to the monastery. Syd’s CIA handler kept feeding her tips through her ear piece but, so far, they'd found zip. "Looks like team Bri-cheste...chestiel?" he ended, staring in surprise at Castiel who'd appeared in front of them.

"I know... the clothes totally not appropriate, kind of like yours, only worse."

Sydney sucked in a startled gasp and instinctively went for her weapon until she realized it was the angel who’d materialized out of thin air.
Literally, thin air. It wasn't so bad they needed supplemental oxygen, but they hadn't really had any time to acclimate to the altitude, so it was hard on the lungs. "What's wrong with our clothes? Totally appropriate if you're in the business of not dying."

Sydney pulled out her GPS and looked at the coordinates again, but it wasn't much help. "So what are we missing? Where is this place?"

"I had hoped you would have found it by now," Cas responded, assessing the surrounding areas. "I had others search. Let me check," he said, disappearing before their eyes.

Dean raised his hand. "Wait for it."

Less than thirty seconds later, Cas returned. "It's nowhere. Your information must not be credible."

"Or, maybe you didn't get into every nook and cranny," Dean said, nodding up at the craggy face of the mountain in front of them.

"It's not nowhere," Sydney said hesitantly. There was something that just seemed inherently wrong about contradicting an angel, but Dean had made it clear that Cas was far from infallible. "Heat sensors picked up something over that ridge," she gestured to the craggy peaks partially obscured by the incoming weather system. "But it's hidden in the mountainside and they can't get near it with air support. Can you check it out?"

Without answering, Castiel disappeared again.

"Don't be offended, he's like tha-- Okay, that was even faster than usual." Shaking a boot free of snow, Dean walked closer to Syd and Castiel. "Is it there?"


"Probably? I wouldn't have guessed high altitude would fuck with an angel's mind."

Cas frowned at Dean. "I can't get beyond a certain point up there. Something has angel-proofed the area. Not just hidden it from me."

"I'm gonna need to learn this angel-proofing technique." The only angel-proofing techniques Dean had learned were sigils used to hide from angels, and one that had to be written in blood and triggered just when you wanted to get rid of angels, not block them completely from entering. "So get us as close as possible," Dean suggested.

Sydney's head was spinning and she didn't think it had anything to do with the altitude. "Never going to get used to that," she muttered with a reticent glance to Castiel. "You can do that?"

"Don't encourage him. Once he starts showing off, he never stops."

Pulling his gaze from Sydney, Castiel coolly looked at Dean, and then stepped forward, placing a hand on each of their shoulders.

The world was swept away and, an instant later, he and Sydney were deposited on an icy ledge over a deep canyon. Pressing his back against the rock wall, Dean shouted, "Cas! What the fuck." He took a couple deep breaths, his exhales misting in front of his mouth. "Got any bright ideas, ultra spy?"

Sydney let out a sharp squeak of surprise, instinctively pressing into Dean as she sensed the sharp drop next to her. The wind whipped her hair around her face as she slowly turned to get her bearings, trusting Dean to hold onto her.

Her instinct had been right. They stood on a precipice less than two feet wide jutting out over a thousand foot drop. Tilting her head up, she scanned the icy cliff face and frowned. It would be a feat for even the most experienced mountaineer. She was skilled, but she wasn't about to bet Dean's life on her abilities. "Don't suppose you just forgot to mention all those times you scaled Mt. Everest..." she spoke quietly, acutely aware that the slightest vibration could set off an avalanche." I'll take that as a 'no,'" she said, at the lack of a response from him.

Dean placed his arm across her body to keep her from getting too close to the edge, he looked behind, over the stone cliff that reached his shoulder. It was the same on the other side. "Cas, you dick!" Dean shouted at the top of his lungs, his voice echoing over and over and over.

Sydney sucked in a sharp breath and winced, her eyes shooting daggers at Dean.

A rumble sounded nearby, that sound also echoing. Then walls of ice started the shear off the mountains. "Holy shit." Fighting the urge to close his eyes, Dean watched as snow piled on top of snow, breaking off large slabs of snow packed underneath, and triggering avalanches.

"Come on," Sydney shouted over the deafening roar of cascading slabs of snow and ice. She lowered her goggles over her eyes and grabbed her ice axe from her belt and gestured for Dean to do the same. Shifting her body so she was pressed against the slick icy wall, she slammed the pick into the ice to use as an anchor to move along the ledge while ice tumbled overhead. Their only hope was to find
some kind of protective overhang or cave.

The trained agent moved quickly, side-stepping to find another spot to anchor before moving again. She turned her head to check on Dean, but the wind had whipped up the loose snow taking her visibility down to almost nothing. Adrenaline pounded through her veins and she was gripped with panic until she caught sight of his form moving along the ledge close behind her. Trusting that he would keep up, she forged along until the swing of her axe caught air signaling a cave or crevice. She tucked into the opening just as the entire face of the mountainside gave way.

"DEAN!" Sydney shouted as she turned back to the ledge and reached blindly into the blizzard of white until she miraculously caught his hand. Gripping it with all her strength, she pulled until he was able to get some leverage and came tumbling into the cave on top of her.

The instant his weight came bearing down on her, he closed his arms around her and rolled over, still scrambling away from the entrance to the cave and carrying her with him. "Oh man... no one warned me about how dangerous it is dating a spy." Coughing to clear his lungs, he brushed the hair off her face.

"You alright?" Yeah, he was acting cool, but he knew if it hadn't been for her, he wouldn't still be here cracking jokes.

"Yeah," she nodded, her chest still heaving from the exertion. But it wasn't just the rush of adrenaline that kept her heart pounding wildly in her chest. Dean's strong arms around her as she lay against him almost made her forget that the mountainside was coming down all around them.

"Wait... we're dating?" But as the light in the cave suddenly grew dimmer, Sydney looked over her shoulder. Big hunks of packed snow were skidding by the entrance and slowly starting to pile up. They were about to be trapped.

Gripped by the utter inevitability of the moment, Sydney surrendered to blind action. Her protective goggles were skewed cock-eyed on her head and she shoved them all the way off before she did the same to Dean. She searched his green eyes with a look of complete faith before capturing his lips in a heated kiss.

His lips moved against hers, his hunger suddenly sharpened by the danger they were in. Sliding his hand up her back, he tangled it in her hair, so soft and silky, warm in contrast to the cold air around them. The cave shook, the light faded out to almost nothing. In the back of his mind, he knew they'd be in trouble if it went out completely. It could mean they'd have no air, but there was nothing he could do about that. What he could do was focus on this woman in his arms. This woman he hadn't really known how to deal with at first, who he'd pegged as the enemy, and who'd somehow come to mean a lot to him. It wasn't just that she was so damned sexy either. She had this smile, the slightly shy one she flashed when she wasn't 'in persona.' It just, it just made him want to make her smile more.

As he kissed her now, he vowed he would see that smile again. In the sunlight. They'd get out of this mess, they'd find the spear, and... Yeah, he wasn't gonna think on what would come next. It was enough that they had now, and they'd have tomorrow.

Each breath they took between increasingly smoldering kisses blew puffs of steam into the freezing air. She felt lightheaded and knew there was a good chance they wouldn't have enough oxygen to last more than a few hours. If they were going to survive, they had to act quickly. "Dean..." her breath ghosted across his face as she drew back. "We're going to get out of this."

The agent pulled herself up into a kneeling position so she could shoulder off her pack to retrieve her flashlight. She got to her feet and moved toward the cave entrance. The powerful beam of light couldn't penetrate the densely packed snow even in the slightest. "It'll take us hours to dig out from this. By then the storm will be on us. We'd be safer..." her voice trailed off as a soft whistling sound caught her ear.

"Safer in here," he finished for her.

"Listen..." Sydney tilted her head and moved toward the back of the cave to investigate. "You hear that?" As she got closer she raised her hand and felt the air moving across some kind of natural vent. She breathed it in and didn't detect any heavy sulfur or anything toxic. She let out relieved breath. "We've got air. We should be okay. Castiel will find us. Right?"

He gave a nod. "And when he does, remind me to kick his ass." As she flashlight moved over the wall, he frowned and grabbed for her hand, controlling it so that the beam of light from her flashlight aimed where he wanted. "Dammit..." He moved her hand to the right and cursed again. "Cas won't be coming here."

Searching his pockets, he found his own flashlight. "We've got air, food, and we can dig our way out. You got any communications?" he asked.

Sydney moved to the cave wall and touched the markings, her fingers tracing along the symbols that were etched into the rock. Someone had gone to an awful lot of trouble to make sure angels couldn't get in here. Was it possible that the monks had carved these all along the mountains that hid their monastery?

"Yeah... sat phone," the agent said in response to Dean's question. She moved to her pack and crouched down to pull it out. "No way they can get an extraction team in here," she reminded him that it was the reason they'd been left to traverse the craggy peaks on foot. She looked at the device display and frowned. "We're not getting a signal in here."

Taking a deep breath she made quick assessment of the situation. "We've got food and air... but without the sunlight we're well into subzero temperatures and it's only going to drop lower when the blizzard rolls in. We've got no fuel for a fire. We've got a few of these survival heat packs," she pulled out the plastic wrapped emergency packets. "But they're really designed to avoid frostbite of fingers and toes. We have to keep our core warm..." she stood up and looked at Dean, dimples bracketing the impish smile that accompanied her suddenly shy voice. "You know the best way to do that...?"

"Finally let you get into my pants?" He had to wonder how the hell she could pole dance like the best of them one moment, then blush at talk of sharing body warmth. Putting his hand out, he caught hers and pulled her slowly toward him. "It'll be fine. We'll get through the night, the sun will melt the snow at the entrance, and we'll get out, just like you said. Let's just concentrate on the keeping warm part for now, hmm?"

Sydney nodded and looked down at their gloved hands, already wishing she could feel his skin next to hers. At the same time, the mere thought of being naked next to him made her cheeks burn. "Body heat. For survival," she looked back up at him, grinning at the play of shadows on his face as her flashlight bobbed. "I'm sure you'll be a perfect gentleman."

"I'm sure if I step out of line, you'll let me know," he answered, not making any promises as he lifted her hand up and kissed her wrist. Giving her a smile, he went to his pack and pulled out his bedding and put it down in the center of the cave, away from the walls that were radiating with cold.

Grabbing her bedding, he placed it over his. It would trap some of their body heat. When he got up, he had a small flask in his hand. "It's the good stuff," he said, passing it to her. He ought to know, he'd taken it from the hotel.

Butterflies danced in her stomach as she watched Dean set up a bed for them using the survival gear they'd packed in. It seemed ridiculous that she was so nervous and if it was anybody else, she could easily detach herself and think of it as strictly survival. But it was Dean. And she really felt something for him. And she didn't want to make a fool out of herself.

All at once she tipped back the flask and took a long drink. Fortunately it was the good stuff and she barely winced at the blissful burn as the liquid slid down her throat. "If I didn't know you better, I'd think you were just trying to get me drunk. Oh wait... I do know you better," she said with a coy smile, taking another drink before handing it back.

He gave her a look, but didn't say anything in defense. Setting the flask down, he held the sleeping bag open. "After you."

"You're such a gentleman..." Sydney eyed the sleeping bag and then Dean as she brushed off the ice crystals and shook out the hood of her snow suit to minimize the dampness to their bed. "We need to stay dry," she said, attempting to keep her tone matter-of-fact despite her fluttering nerves. "Turn around," she instructed as she brushed all the snow off him too. With his back to her, she bit her lower lip and grinned, already feeling the warmth in her face where she should be freezing. It really was amazing how psychology could directly impact physiology. They just needed to use that to their advantage.

"We need to retain as much heat as possible... minimize direct exposure to the cold air," the agent went on as she stamped her feet. "Boots off. Everything else stays on until we're able to... uh... make the best of our body heat." Insecurity got the best of her and she propped the flashlight near the makeshift bed so it cast a light over him. She needed to see his face -- know that he was for real. Sneaking a quick look at Dean as he turned back around, Sydney sat down and pulled off her boots and quickly slipped under the covers before rolling onto her side to grab the flask and take another drink. This time she coughed and laughed as she started feeling the effects.

As he got his boots off and heard her choking, he grinned. "You can't possibly be nervous, Agent Bristow. You do know getting me in the sack is far less dangerous than... say, trying to seduce a vampire and then drug it." The memory of how she'd put herself in such danger and how blissfully unaware she'd been as she bravely fought the vampire was something he'd never forget. Course now that she knew all that was required was a beheading, she'd probably be just fine next time she met up with one. Slowly, he turned back and started to crawl into the sleeping bag next to her, his gaze focused on her face and noting her high color. "Course I've been known to bite."

"No biting! Geez. Thought you were a gentleman," she scoffed as she unzipped her jacket and started to wiggle out of it. Heat was already seeping into her core and he hadn't even touched her. "And I'm not nervous," she said on a nervous giggle. "Seduction is part of my job. But with you staring at me like that, it's kind of hard to stay focused on the job. That's all," she admitted as she shoved the bulky jacket out of the sleeping bag which made for a little more space. "You're hogging all the room in here," she said with a pointed look to his jacket as she worked the zipper down and helped him off with it.

"I see. Well, just pretend I'm the bad guy and it's your job to seduce me," he answered, chuckling at the glare she aimed at him, though he couldn't help thinking she was doing just that as she helped him undress. Shoving his jacket out of the bag, he rolled on his side to give her more room. Being able to look at her was just a bonus. "How many layers you got on? Let me know if you want some help," he said as he started to pull off the thick shirt he had on over the fleece turtle neck he had on.

"I got it..." she said as she started pulling her own layers over her head, ducking away from his elbow as she cocked her hip into his. "Watch where you're putting that thing!" she said referring to her near miss. She flipped on her side with her back to him to try and get more wiggle room as she worked on getting out of her snow pants. "And for the record.. I don't want to pretend with you," she said quietly, grateful that he couldn't see her face just then.

There was a brief silence as he processed that and then realized that this would be a good time to give a response. "Good," he said, no hint of joking in his voice. "It's easy to get caught up in game of pretend. I don't want to pretend with you either. Not ever again." He leaned towards her, his chest pressing against the warmth of her back as he worked the shirt off his shoulder.

Sydney stilled and closed her eyes to take in the moment, a small smile playing on her lips. "Never again," she agreed, suddenly eager to get closer to him. She squirmed and shimmied her snow pants down her legs, but they were all bunched up at her calves and she couldn't get them off. When she flipped back over her breath hitched as her hands fell to his bare chest. She lifted her eyes to look at him, dimples more pronounced than usual. "Uh... little help please? I'm stuck..." She pressed her knees against his and opened her legs so he could push the pants with his foot.

He'd worked his clothes off faster and now that his leg was tucked between hers and she was wiggling in a way that set his blood on fire, he was having major second thoughts about his promise to be a gentleman. Gritting his teeth, he grabbed her hip. "Stop wriggling around like that, or I'm not responsible." He gave her a look that said she'd understood him right. Course having his hand on her hip was no better than the squirming he'd managed to stop. Or not, because the moment he started using his foot to push her pants off, she was helping again. "You're killin' me."

Leaning a little closer, so close there was no space between them, Dean doubled over under the covers, reaching for their garments at the bottom of the sleeping bag. His mouth brushed over her hip, over smooth flesh and a thin strip of lace that now gripped his imagination. Was it black? Red? White, he decided.

When she felt his lips against her skin, Sydney squealed and giggled to squirm away from him, sucking in sharp breaths each time the rough stubble of his face brushed a sensitive area. "Hey, hey... no fair!" She laughed and curled over to pull him up and away, working with him to toss their shed clothing onto the growing heap outside the bag.

Satisfied with their joint survival effort, the agent lay on her back and let out a long breath to consider their next move. But as she settled into the cocoon of warmth next to Dean, heat pooled to her core causing her thoughts to stray way beyond strict survival. Acutely aware of his steady breaths feathering across her neck, Sydney swallowed hard. She was down to underwear and a thermal tank over her bra, and from what she could tell he was down to whatever had been wearing under his pants. Maybe he went commando. The thought brought another bloom of color to her cheeks.

"So..." she cleared her throat awkwardly and tried unsuccessfully to suppress the stupid dimpled grin. The fact that he was so smooth and confident about all this only made it harder not to feel ridiculous. "Warm enough?"

She had to ask? "Bordering on hot," he answered truthfully. "May I?" He had an arm over her and was about to pull her close if she let him.

Sydney nodded and rolled on her side to scoot closer, touched by the fact the he really was being a gentleman. Tucking her shoulder under his arm, she rested her hand on his chest and tilted her face up to his.

Her hands might be a little cool, but his skin felt hot where she touched him. Closing his arm around her, he pulled her close, pressing his palm against her back, smiling just a little at the fact that she hadn't managed to make herself strip all the way down. He wanted to tease her about it and ask if that's what the CIA survival training had taught her, but he decided to keep that for later. Right now, he really should concentrate on behaving, even if it meant he'd end off having to mentally recite exorcisms he'd memorized.

He smiled down at her. "I'm really, really glad I'm here with you. I mean, i could have been stuck with Castiel..." he made a face.

Sydney laughed and relaxed into him, her finger unconsciously tracing little figure eights on his chest. "I guess it's kind of a good thing the monks put up the 'keep out' signs. At least we know he won't be popping in unexpectedly..." she said with a bashful smile, her voice trailing off with the implication that there might be something going on that she wouldn't want an angel peeking in on.

Now that he had an indication that she wasn't against a little action, maybe a continuation of what they had going when Castiel had interrupted them, he allowed his hand to stray down her back in a caress. "It's a very good thing," he agreed. "Know what I've heard? I've heard a little friction goes a long way to keeping you warm." His gaze dropped to her pouty lips. "I say we test that theory," he whispered bringing his mouth inches above hers.

"Is that what you heard?" Sydney quirked a playful brow and pulled back before their lips could touch, but still hovered within a hair's breadth. Her heart thundered in her chest and her pulse quickened with anticipation. "Well you know what I've heard?" she searched his eyes and lost herself in their depth -- even under the dim glow of the propped up flashlight, she saw pools of green so vivid it was as if she was diving into a tropical paradise. "I've heard that the best way to prevent hypothermia is full body contact." She pressed her body closer and her lips parted slightly as they touched his, breath hitching as his mouth closed over hers.

Her words slammed into him so hard, his breath rushed out of him in a low moan. He should have known she didn't go half way on anything, that she gave as good as she got. "Full contact. Check," he whispered against her mouth, holding the chaste kiss for a few seconds before he suddenly held her tighter and rolled onto his back, both of them fighting the sleeping bag until she was sprawled over him. His mouth crashed into hers again, this time in a hungry, unchecked kiss, while his hands moved over her body, molding her closer as his tongue danced and dueled with hers.

When her thigh slipped between his legs and she felt his arousal pressing against her bare flesh, she sucked in a startled gasp, but as heat rushed through her entire body, her inhibitions melted away. She moved against him, her legs instinctively cinching around his muscular thigh seeking the friction she suddenly couldn't get enough of. "Oh God," she gasped out between kisses. "Dean..."

And then he was tugging at her tank top. With unabashed enthusiasm, she eagerly shifted so he could get it off only to let out a laughing squeal when the frigid air rushed in over them in the split second it took for him to eject the clothing from the smoldering warmth of their sanctuary. It was a stark reminder of the very real danger that surrounded them, but Sydney had never felt safer in her life.

He closed his arms around her, loving how she snuggled closer and shook with laughter over him. "You like the cold, huh?" He threatened to open up the sleeping bag, laughing when she very effectively stopped him. His laughter was cut off when her stomach ground against his arousal. Arching up against her, he cupped the back of her head and tugged her down, giving her an open mouthed kiss. Running his hand down her back, he lingered for a moment over her ass, then swept his hand up her side, holding her as they kissed.

The touch of his hand seared into her flesh and she lost herself completely in his kisses. Her body ground against his with increasingly deliberate movements, only the thin fabric of her boy shorts separating them. "Dean..." her breath was ragged against his. "Is this really happening?" the agent was so dizzy with desire, she couldn't have stopped herself even if she wanted to. Not that she wanted to. It's just that... "This isn't me. I'm not like this," her mouth collided with his between each explanation. "Should be focused on the job. I don't want you to think that I'm--" her voice hitched on a moan when his body shifted abruptly and his arousal was suddenly sliding against the slick heat of her panties.

"You're not what? Warm? Soft. Gorgeous. Mmm. Mine?" he said between kisses. "Trust me agent Bristow, you're making it very hard for me to think. Not a multi-tasker." Sliding his hand to the middle of her back, he undid her bra. Slowing up, he put his hands on her shoulders, caressing them as he slowly slipped her straps down her arms, his eyes locked with hers, hitching a little as her bra fell away from her body.

She couldn't help but let out a strangled giggle at his answer, but her cheeks were flush with heated arousal. She lowered herself just enough so her breasts brushed his chest, stiff nipples amplifying every sensation that rocked through her body. "That's not what I mean," she protested even as her hips undulated in a slow grind. "I don't normally just jump into the sack with just anybody. And you're not," she squeaked and sucked in a hiss as he bucked up into her. "You're not just anybody. And I don't want to be just anybody, and I know I talk too much but - oh God!" she gasped as her panties slipped aside and she felt his steely length ride against her clit.

"Oh God," he echoed in a much deeper voice, his hips cantering up as he sought more, more pressure, more of her wet heat. It didn't take long to get the panties off, but their struggles to push them down her legs had her pressing repeatedly against his cock until he was rock hard and hurting.

He pulled her down over him, running his hand down her back and over her backside. "I know who I'm with. You're not just anyone. You'd maybe have to be a little nuts to want to be my someone, but I can hope." Sliding his hands up her sides, he cupped her firm breasts, groaning at the feel of her hard nipple pressing hotly against his palm.

Her movements momentarily stilled as Sydney's heart swelled and she looked at Dean with an irrepressible smile. Even with just the slivers of light she could see the sincerity in his eyes and she knew he meant what he said, she could feel it right down to her soul. "I want to be your someone." Her mouth came over his in a tender kiss that quickly turned fervent as her hips began to move again and she felt his arousal at her entrance. When his hips canted up, she ground herself down to take him to the hilt.

Sydney cried out and arched back until the covers slipped over her head causing her to inhale a frigid breath between clenched teeth. Her thighs tightened as her body adjusted to him. "Dean..." her voice was raw... unrestrained... and when her head came back down and her eyes locked on his, her mouth pulled into a breathless grin. With her hands on his chest, she started to move, hips rotating in a slow grind.

She was full of surprises, something he should know by now, but he hadn't expected her to take him inside all at once like that. Forcing a grin, he vowed she'd never know how close he'd been to losing it, to coming right there and then like he was some teenager, or in his case, a damned tween. The way she said his name, the way she looked down at him as she rode him slowly, it took his breath away.

He moved his hips, thrusting to the rhythm she set, groaning when she tightened her inner muscles around him. "So beautiful," he said, one hand stroking her back, and using his other hand to tuck her hair behind her ear.

Their breaths misted. The cold air on his face and shoulders seemed to intensify the heat between them everywhere that their bodies touched. He moved his hand to her hip and helped her to rock against him, occasionally holding her in place when she ground against him just right.

Lifting his head, he kissed his way up the valley between her breasts, then nuzzled her throat. He tried to roll her over, but felt her resist, or maybe the bedding was making it hard to get his way. "Is this our first argument?" he asked, managing a laugh, even as the urge to pick up the pace got almost unbearably strong.

"First... fifteenth... who's counting," Sydney's dimples bracketed her grin as she continued to pin him in place, moving her hips in a slow figure eight. Her nipples were rock hard against the cold air, but her skin took on a light sheen of perspiration as she worked to control her body and his. It wasn't easy. Every time she moved to tease, he'd shift and hit her at an angle that would take her breath away. She bit her lower lip and her eyes dropped to half-lidded as she started to ride him harder, taking him deeper, reveling in the ecstasy of the sensations that were building to a crescendo.

"Please... Dean... oh God... please..." the plea slipped out on a guttural moan, her breathing completely ragged as she clung to the edge of euphoria.

Heat flared through him at her agonized cry, pushing him to the edge. "Right here," he rasped, straining harder as he lifted his hips, driving inside her as deep as he could get, and seeing flashes of white behind his eyelids each time she tightened her muscles around him "Right here, baby."

He kept an iron grip on her hip, but ran his other hand over her, touching her, exploring her, digging his blunt nails into her flesh now and again. Suddenly, he yanked her down for a long, hot kiss, his tongue weaving in and out of her mouth. Maybe it wasn't fair to distract her like that but, just as suddenly, he rolled her over, shifting so it wasn't uncomfortable. Seeking out her hand, he threaded his fingers though hers, held it tight. He put his other palm down on, flat on the bedding for leverage, and started to thrust in long, deep strokes, closing his eyes tight as she pushed back against him in perfect rhythm with his motions.

Want. Need. "So good," she gasped. Her head spun and her body hummed and she never wanted these feelings to end. Her legs tightened around him and she deliberately bucked hard to hold him in place. "Dean..." his name came in a ragged, desperate demand and her free hand moved to his face and she waited until he opened his eyes.

"Dean..." she said his name again even as her body strained against his. She looked into the depths of his eyes. He was right there with her -- teetering on the edge of oblivion. Time stood still. It wasn't about getting to the end, it was just the beginning. And it was with that thought that Sydney careened into ecstasy. Her entire body bowed and she cried out his name when his powerful thrust sent shock waves through to her core.

Her cry had him struggling to keep his control for just a few more precious seconds, to give her everything he had to give. Dipping his head, he closed his mouth around her achingly swollen nipple, sucking on it hard as he thrust wildly deep inside her, groaning as she arched off the ground into him, reminding him how strong she was, that she could fight as hard as she could make love, and that under other circumstances, their cries might be of something other than ecstasy. His gut clenched. He lifted his head and sucked in a lungful of air, then he was grinding his hips against hers, white hot heat blinding him as he came hard inside her, calling her name harshly, then whispering it again as they continued to move together, milking their pleasure.

Sydney clung to Dean, mewling softly with strangled breaths as ecstasy crashed around her. Her entire body quivered as the aftershocks took her to places she'd never imagined existed. There was still so much sensation, he had set every nerve ending alight. She keened and contracted and her hands moved along his body, taking the contours of each muscle with her touch. Despite the frigid air that trapped them here, he fed the fire that now smoldered, rocking inside her in a slow, languid tempo, bringing them down from euphoria together.

Bracing himself on one elbow, he brushed the hair away from her face, then traced its outline, smiling as he watched her. "I think you just rocked my world," he said, his breaths still labored from his exertions.

"You did not just say that..." Sydney laughed, dimples bracketing her smile. She'd been biting back every clichéd exclamation that nearly spilled from her lips and he'd saved her the embarrassment by popping off with his own. "Tell you what. I'll let that one slide... because that thing you did? Wow." Cheeks already flush with passion now heated to bright pink as her body relived the sensations. "You're incredible," she said as she nuzzled into him.

"You make me rise to the occasion." Seeing her expression, he quickly added, "I did not just say that, either." He brushed her mouth with his. "You're amazing. Perfect," he said, kissing her again. "And what was that thing you called us?"

"Team Bris-chester?" she scrunched her nose feeling silly and euphoric all at the same time. "We do make quite a team," she said. "Can't wait to see how we perform when our survival isn't at stake." She paused and drew back slightly to look at him as if something had just occurred to her. "So this is what survival sex is like?"

"Ask me about something I know, like survival drinking or survival hiding in some cold and damp place, without all this fancy gear, and dying for a burger." He knew a trick question when he heard it, and wasn't about to fall into its trap, no way. "All I can say is if this is survival sex, then I'm all for facing trouble with you at my side." Figuring he was crushing her into the hard surface under them, he gently rolled off her, but quickly turned on his side, facing her and throwing his leg over her. "You warm enough?"

"Mmmhmmm," Sydney murmured in the affirmative. They were pretty much buried under the covers with just enough of an opening to get fresh air. "Surprisingly cozy, considering the sub-zero temperature out there." She closed her eyes and settled into the warmth of his chest. Her muscles felt like rubber. If they had to get on the move right now, she'd be in big trouble. "I guess we should try and get some sleep so we can get out of here once the storm lets up."

"Mmm, yeah." Closing his eyes, he gave a soft smile. "Pretty sure it's gonna be cloudy with a chance of several storms before morning."
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