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So Much For A Vacation

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Summary: Xander gets sent on a forced vacation, but we all know how well that will turn out

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DC Universe > Human TargetSerenityChildFR1832,8750287,43227 Aug 1215 Sep 12No

Chapter One

Title: So Much For a Vacation
Author: Serenity
Rating: FR18 just to be safe. Bad language at least
Fandom: Buffy / Human Target
Pairing: None yet, but possibly will develop
Summary: Xander gets sent on a forced vacation, but we all know how well that will turn out
Spoilers: All Buffy and Human Target, but nothing specific really
Disclaimer: Don’t own ‘em, so don’t sue! You wouldn’t get much even if you tried!


Chapter 1

The sound of the lift doors drew the attention of the two men sat in the office. Seeing the young man who entered, Winston rose to meet him.

“Good afternoon, Mr…” Winston greeted, pausing to allow their guest to introduce himself.

“Harris, call me Xander, Mr…?” the stranger replied.

“Winston, and this is my colleague Chance. What can we do for you?” Winston asked, gesturing to one of the seats in his office.

“Actually, I’m looking for someone and was told this was the place to go,” Xander said, taking a seat in front of the desk, next to Chance.

“Really. I’m afraid you’ve been ill advised. We don’t search for missing persons. Perhaps you should try the police,” Winston said.

Xander smiled. “The person I’m looking for, the police can’t help. And I never said they were missing.”

“Oh, so who are you looking for?” Chance asked, raising an eyebrow.

Xander smirked. “An old friend,” was his cryptic reply.

Before Chance or Winston could ask any more, the sound of the lift once more interrupted them.

“Boss in yet?” the blonde who exited the lift asked.

“Nope. She’s took the day off for other business,” Chance replied.

“Really? Good, then I don’t have to hide this,” Guerrero said, before going back into the lift and re-emerging with a large, unmarked crate.

“Do I even want to know?” Winston asked.

“Probably not.”

He was answered but not by the man in front of him. Turning, he saw Xander leaning against the doorframe of his office, smirk firmly on his face.

“New toys?” he asked, nodding towards the crate.

“Dude! What the hell are you doing here?” Guerrero asked, surprise, for once, showing.

“You don’t call, you don’t write. How else am I supposed to know you’re alive?”

“I take it you two know each other,” Winston said, dryly.


“And he’s who you were looking for?”


“So how do you two know each other?” Chance asked. “I don’t think Guerrero’s ever mentioned you.”

“Not surprised. In his line of work it’s never a good idea to advertise a possible weakness,” Xander said, walking out into the lobby.

“And you’re a possible weakness?” Winston asked.

“Yup.” At the questioning look, Xander added, “I’m his brother.”


AN: Reviews feed the muse! And if anyone wants to beta for this story, just drop me a line!
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