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One Beautiful Morning

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This story is No. 1 in the series "One beautiful morning". You may wish to read the series introduction first.

Summary: Willow Rosenberg gets an asignment and meets a wonderful young woman

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Author’s Note:

Thanks very much to my Beta’s, Letomo.

The following ways of notation may be found in this story. This is excluding whatever I need to represent chatting, texting and stuff like that.

Speech: “Who’s on first.”

Thought: *What’s on second.*

I own neither Buffy the Vampire Slayer nor Harry Potter. This story is the first part of a series of short stories. It has no connection whatever to any of my other series or stories and was originally written for the Day of Femslash.

One beautiful morning

Willow’s Cottage

Willow woke slowly as the sunlight struck her face. It was a beautiful day, or so she felt. She had seen the cottage the first time she was in England. Located in the village of Tywardreath in Cornwall it was large enough to house her and her growing collection of magical paraphernalia and books. And computers.

She’d bought the cottage from her first paycheck from the New Council, including back pay, and since her arrival in the UK had restored and renovated it lovingly. She could work and meditate there in peace and quiet. And warmth. The Castle in Scotland was very imposing and all, but it was also very cold for a California girl. It was with some annoyance therefore that she had accepted the formal command, for it could be called nothing else, from Giles to report to London HQ. With a sigh Willow threw off her thin covers and prepared to take the train to London.


Several hours later

Willow gritted her teeth as she stared glumly at her drink. Giles had been cool and polite, almost cold. He’d not quite called her a useless slacker, but it came close. The fact the Willow had set up the incredibly safe intranet and communications system that the Council used, the fact that the wards around all the Slayer houses and Council buildings were by her hand, the fact that she had discovered well over a hundred young Slayers, all these things mattered not to Giles.

Giles had never forgiven her for resurrecting Buffy, for ignoring his ‘wise council’, for going dark. If his wise council had been more than ‘cast this spell and only do magic when I tell you too’, she might have not have done the things she did, she might not have gone dark. She might not have lost Tara, or damaged her friendship with Buffy and Dawn so badly.

They had used her magic, found it useful, but hadn’t really understood the price Willow had paid. Giles had been far too preoccupied with Buffy to teach her, so she had taught herself. And she fully admitted that she had made mistakes while doing so. And if he blamed her now... Willow looked at the surface of the now cold tea. He had given her a mission which she had to complete within a month or he would cut her salary and suggest she be removed from the Board.

*Right. Help Giles find these reclusive wizard people, which Giles and his little friends haven’t been able to do in donkeys’ years, and who caused a lot of trouble a few years ago because the Council wants them to know that if anything like that happens again they will be dealt with.* Willow snorted. *No doubt by me, since he won’t be able to get the Coven to act. Oh, isn’t it useful for good ole Rupes to have a witch on hand who will ignore the Rede if needs must?*  

Willow sighed and pushed her tea across the counter, rising. *Well, you won’t find these wizards in a bar, Willow.*  As she left she saw a young woman sitting near the window, looking out. She was short, busty *Hell yeah!* and blonde, with a slight rosy tinge to her cheeks and her hair in a French braid. Her fingers were toying absently with a half empty pint of Guinness. There was an aura of power around her, of magic. And one of sadness.

Willow bit her lip. Then she shrugged and moved to sit with the girl. She didn’t know where to begin her search so she might as well start here. “Hey. My name is Willow, Willow Rosenberg. Can I sit here?”

The blonde looked up and smiled a little. “Hannah, Hannah Abbott. Sure, sit down.”


One week later, Conyngsby Hotel, London

*It’s time to admit it,*  Willow thought wryly as she looked at the sleeping blonde beside her. She liked blondes. A lot. Motherly blondes with a bit of rack, to quote Xander. That this particular blonde was shorter than Buffy was no obstacle to her being stacked. And gorgeous. And marvellous. And motherly.

*It’s also time to admit this is more than a fling,* Willow swallowed as she realised that. Since her break up with Kennedy, remarkably amicable as they realised that while they quite liked each other, and lusted after each other, they were really not in love or very well suited as anything but bed partners, Willow had floated from one fling to the next, trying to find solace in the arms of many women. And, she admitted, the occasional man. Okay, three women and one man. But that was a lot of partners in two years for Willow. She’d never been the sort of girl to casually chat up someone in a bar. She was looking for True Love, and she moved on when she didn’t find it. She had been quite up front about it with Hannah, and Hannah had accepted the fact, had even been glad of it. Though Willow had noted that Hannah seemed sad the last few days as Willow had been getting edgy.

*The problem with picking up someone casually in a bar is that most people there don’t know about the real world,* Willow thought wryly. She really didn’t look forward to telling Hannah about vampires and demons. Hannah was sensible, loyal, and strong-minded. And Willow as desperately afraid that telling her the truth about herself, about the world, was going to be the end to the best thing to happen to her since Tara.

Willow looked at the sleeping form beside her. Hannah was calm, cool and collected, with motherly tendencies to satisfy all of Willow’s repressed urges and need for being nurtured and encouraged. And she was gorgeous. Willow was aware of the fact that she liked beautiful women and handsome men. She didn’t think it was a failing either. With her hair spread across the pillow like a golden fan and the slight pink flush on the pale skin her bed partner was very tempting, especially since the duvet had slipped down, revealing her back and the top of her buttocks, showing an enticing cleft. Willow had to suppress the temptation to just rip off the blankets and ravish her.

But Hannah would not like that. Some time in Hannah’s past there had been enough trauma to make her cry in her sleep sometimes, to give her terrible nightmares. And she reacted badly to surprises in the bedroom. So instead Willow ran a gentle finger across Hannah’s shoulders and then down her spine. Hannah shivered and turned her head, her eyes opening.

“Hmmm?” Hannah murmured and then let out a soft moan as Willow’s fingers ran down the cleft of her buttocks and, after a mere second’s hesitation, further down her legs.

“Good morning, Hannah,” Willow said chirpily.

Hannah froze. “You’re moving on, aren’t you? Like you told me?”

Willow winced. “Ah… No. I’m going to tell and show you something. A-and after that…” Willow shrugged hopelessly. She noted that Hannah’s eyes followed the movement of her breasts. “After that you may not want to know me anymore.”

Hannah bit her lip, then reached out to draw Willow close. “If that is what you think, maybe we should make love one more time to remember each other by?”

Willow looked into the dark brown eyes and then nodded. “Yeah. One last time.” She moved her head sideways and kissed the full, soft lips, her hands moving to Hannah’s hips, then upward, to sweep at the bottoms of Hannah’s breasts while Hannah’s own hands moved over Willow’s back and shoulders, lingering a few seconds over the scar that Harmony had left with her bite. Very gently Hannah leaned in and licked the white marks, then nibbled Willow’s jaw, around her chin, to her other jaw and down the other side of her neck and collar bone and then very slowly down her breast to her nipple.

By the time Hannah got there Willow was about ready to scream. When Hannah’s other hand found her clitoris, she did.     


“So you see,” Willow continued nervously, “Demons a-and vampires and magic all exist.”

Hannah was looking at her, her large brown eyes on Willow’s green one. “Yes. I see,” she smirked slightly. Then she rose, and hips swaying went to her suitcase, rummaged through it and took out a stick. “See this?”

“It’s a stick. I think its willow…” Willow’s eyes narrowed. “It has an aura of magic, something intertwined… And it’s connected to you? A focus of some kind?”

Hannah blinked in surprise. “Yes. It’s my wand. Watch this,” she moved her wand, pointing it at a vase on the windowsill and spoke. “Wingardium Leviosa!”

The vase rose. Willow’s eyes widened. “Wow… You’re a witch!”

Hannah nodded as she sat down on the bed again. “Yes, I am. A different sort from you though. I must admit I’d only heard rumours that witches like you even exist. And that only in the last few years,” Hannah grinned. “Hey, maybe you can introduce me to some of them? My friend Hermione says there’s this really powerful witch that the Ministry really wants to talk to, to help them with hunting down a lot of Dark Wizards who escaped after the last war. They wouldn’t be expecting a wandless witch, and she’s supposed to be more powerful than Dumbledore and Riddle and Harry combined!”

Willow shrunk in on herself. “Ah. Is that why you went with me? To meet witches for your work?”

Hannah snorted. “No, I went with you because you made me laugh, and I liked you and your arse is awesome. And I love your eyes.”

Willow looked uncertain. “You sure? Y-you didn’t feel attracted to me because of my magic?”   

Hannah rolled her eyes. “Willow, I can sense your magic, and yes, I like that you’ve got it, but I would have gone with you even if you’d had no magic whatsoever. It’s a nice bonus, nothing more.”

“So you don’t want to use me like some tool?” Willow whispered.

Hannah crossed her arms over her naked breasts, her wand sticking up. “Okay, this is getting ridiculous. I don’t want to use you as a tool. If anyone wants to use you, from now on they’ll have to go through me. Now what is this all about?”

Willow took a deep breath and let it out. Then she released the shroud she usually placed on her magic, tapped lightly into the power of the earth and lifted her eyes to meet Hannah’s.

Hannah gulped. “Oh. Oh, Willow… I didn’t mean it like that! I was expecting this real old, ugly warty witch, like Dumbledore, only female…” Hannah reached out and touched Willow’s face. “I don’t want to use you. I swear. I think I love you.”

Willow blinked. Her white hair bled back to red, her glowing white eyes returned to their normal green. “W-what?”

“I think I love you,” Hannah repeated softly.

“Oh,” Willow bit her lip. “I thought you said that.”

“Willow? You really are her, aren’t you? The White Witch of the West?” Hannah asked, as her hands wandered wonderingly over Willow’s hair to her shoulders.

Willow gasped and flinched. “Yes. How do you know that name?”

Hannah smiled gently and reached out to tuck a strand of Willow’s hair back. “Because you’re a legend. The White Witch, so powerful her very existence kept Riddle from going to the United States. So powerful she was about to destroy the world… and then did not. The Ministry has been looking for you for years. But I won’t tell them, if you don’t want me to.”

Willow smiled tremulously. “Well, I’m supposed to make contact with your people anyway. But I’m not going to go hunt Dark Wizards, Missy!”

Hannah’s hands had wandered even further down and Willow gasped. Hannah smiled. “I don’t want you to. Too many of my friends already do, and my ex-boyfriend is so caught up in it that he forgot about me.”

Willow grinned. “Want to keep me all to yourself, do you?”

“Hmmm, yes. Willow?” Hannah’s eyes gleamed.

“Yes?” Willow asked, suddenly cautious again.

“Remember what I told you about never using you?” Hannah’s smile became a leer. “I think I’ve changed my mind,” her head dipped and her teeth nipped slightly.

Willow let out a squeak. “O-Okay,” then her face hardened and suddenly Hannah felt herself pressed down into the mattress. “But first I get to use you…”

Hannah gulped as Willow moved towards her, catlike and full of power. “Well I can’t… WILLLOOOOWWWW!”


Several hours later Willow lay with her head cushioned on Hannah’s stomach, one hand reaching up to play with a full, round, breast. “That was fun.”

“Hmmm. I no longer think I love you,” Hannah played with Willow’s hair.

Willow felt her eyes welling with tears. “S-so you’re-”

“Shhh… I meant that I know that I love you.” Hannah halted her words with a kiss. “You are mine, as I am yours. You are Willow, I am Hannah. I love you like I’ve never loved anyone before. It doesn’t matter to me that you’re the White Witch, or that you went dark for a bit, or did stupid things. If you were an evil person, we would all be your slaves now. And we’re not, so you’re just Willow, who messes up sometimes, and who I love.”

Willow’s smile lit up the room. “Oh. Okay. So… who do we need to tell? Do we have to report this to this Ministry of yours?”

“I don’t work for the Ministry of Magic. I suppose we could register as a married couple, if you want?” Hannah answered, her face confused at Willow’s ignorance.

Willow looked at Hannah and then smiled more widely. “Was that a proposal, Miss Abbott?”

Hannah blushed. “Would you like it to be?”

Willow scooted up a bit and kissed Hannah’s lips. “I think I wouldn’t mind in the least. Now, tell me, this Riddle I kept out of the US, he wouldn’t have caused a lot of trouble a few years ago, now would he?” *Well, Giles will have to eat crow. I’ve found them within a week*

When Hannah started to tell what Riddle had done, it occurred to Willow that she was very lucky that a girl like Hannah would forgive her for the darkness in her past.


The End

You have reached the end of "One Beautiful Morning". This story is complete.

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