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A very Scooby Mutineer's Moon

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Summary: BtVS/5th Imperium Crossover, where the Scoobies help Dahak and his captain free Earth just before the real job starts.

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Literature > Sci-Fi > Author: Jim BaensatsumaFR1832,4840304,10528 Aug 129 Oct 12No

Chapter 3

Disclaimer: I am still not David Weber no matter how long i hold my breath. Don't own any Buffy either. Bummer!

Sorry for the 4 week hiatus. I went on holiday to Canada for three weeks and really enjoyed seeing Vancouver and Toronto. Lovely cities, people and scenery. Now I have recovered and the writing bug has hit me again. So enjoy the chapter.

Getting in contact was no problem for Dahak but when the phone rang in the Hyperion, not two minutes after it was checked and found to be dead, it wasn't surprising that the unit was nearly scythed by the nearest paranoid Slayer. Convincing Buffy and the others was a lot harder especially since NASA had announced his heroic death while test-piloting the newest version of the Lunar Lander. Eventually after numerous questions and embarrassing stories had been told to establish identity, a planned meeting was set up to happen in a clearing ten miles from Colin's older brothers cabin in Colorado in seven days. The Council would be there in force and heaven help Colin if he was undead or the First Evil.

Seven days later in Colorado in a clearing. The Council had been very paranoid and besides the core group and Andrew, they had deployed four Slayer teams (each containing 4 slayers) to surround the clearing, scout it out and establish a perimeter. With the all clear given now all they had to do was wait and prepare for anything. But what they saw approaching was far beyond what even the Scoobies considered normal.

Colin sat in the Captain's chair of the Imperium Battleship Osir feeling very alone and also very safe. Dahak had insisted the his Captain deserved to be protected as fully as possibly and being surrounded by multi-million tons of Imperial Battle Steel was definitely being protected and also overkill. But it also allowed him to bring along some equipment that if his theory on the origin of the Slayers was correct, could enable the Slayers to help him defeat the mutineers and he really needed the help. Another long range scanner had sent its death cry out to warn of the approach of the ancient enemy and time was running out at a quick pace. With Allies and some Imperial equipment it could be less of a one man band job and more of the Earthers working together to defend themselves. But that was all in the future. Here and now he had Dahak load energy rifles, plasma grenades, disruptor pistols, battle smocks, battle armour, scanners and medical technology into one of Osir's holds. Enough to equip the Slayers and maybe free Earth from the mutineers.

"Captain we are arrived at your destination. Scanners show multiple contacts but no weapons that can injure you. Do you want to continue?" asked Dahak who remotely controlled Osir.
"Yes let's do this. In the words of Neill Armstrong "one small step" and all that." said Colin. He entered a grav lift and headed to the nearest exit to meet Buffy and the gang.

Meanwhile on the ground everyone was staring upwards in shock. One of the slayers had thrown a rock at the UFO? just to check if was a illusion and now they waited anxiously for Colin to appear. Andrew was nearly catatonic, making vowel sounds and pointing upwards and Xander and Willow were nearly the same. In the next few days the mini slayers would get a kick out of mentioning the Osir and watching Andrews mind overload and drool on himself.
Suddenly a white light came on and a human shape appeared in a doorway; then walked down a ramp to stand in front of a very uncertain Buffy who first poked the person then handed him a crucifix. She then embraced Colin and started to question him. Colin interrupted and said that the ship had to return to orbit before dawn and there was some gifts for them to be collected and stored somewhere safe. He enabled his biotechnics and opened the hold behind him to show all he was giving them. All was taken off and they silently watched the immense shape ascend into orbit before they all headed back to the vehicles and set off for the safe house in Denver.

Once they arrived Colin was intensely questioned under Willow's best truth spell and when he mentioned the Acchuultanni and the reason why he had returned (the mutineers and long range scanners) Buffy and the Scoobies after some loud arguments offered to help. He could leave his brother out of this all together. He also brought up his theory on the Slayers to Buffy and Giles and while they didn't believe him they also could not disprove it. If they conquered the Mutineer's and checked their records one theory would be proved right. Until then they started to be checked out on the Imperium weapons and technology.

The Slayers and Xander took to the weapons and battle gear very easily and Willow started training to use the medical equipment and scanners. They took some of Dahak's intelligence briefings and started following them up. This was how they stumbled onto Cal Hidachi and his grandfathers stunning breakthrough on the use of gravitonic's. They set up a over watch position and settled in to keep Cal under surveillance. Two weeks later while Kennedy's team was on site they saw and heard two men dressed in Battle Armour break into the house and start to torture Cal and his family. After sending out a distress signal the team snuck up, jammed their sensors and fold coms and attacked. While suffering casualties and loosing Cal's wife due to her being killed as they entered, they managed to save Cal and his two young daughter's and kill one intruder and subdue the other. They then evacuated the area with the Hidachi's and the Mutineer coming along. The two young girls were traumatized by seeing their mother being killed so callously but had not been touched otherwise. They were cleaned up and given a chance to be with their father which helped. The Mutineer on the other hand was given a slayer special welcome and what he spilled was surprising. There were two groups of Mutineers; one helping the normals under the control of Horus (Cal's grandfather) and the other group under Anu's control. The decision was made to contact Horus' group and explain why the normals were joining this secret war. Cal was a great help with this. After hearing about Dahak and Colin being his Captain he sent a signal to his nearest contact and helped ease all the difficulties between each group. It would be a historic meeting and one between equals.

The End?

The author is currently looking for one or more beta readers for this story. If you are interested, please leave a private review.

You have reached the end of "A very Scooby Mutineer's Moon" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Oct 12.

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