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A very Scooby Mutineer's Moon

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Summary: BtVS/5th Imperium Crossover, where the Scoobies help Dahak and his captain free Earth just before the real job starts.

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Literature > Sci-Fi > Author: Jim BaensatsumaFR1832,4840304,10628 Aug 129 Oct 12No

Chapter One

Dislaimer: I am not David Weber and do not own the rights to his universe or BtVS either. Pity :(

As he silently orbited the planet he had so long ago been trapped in orbit of, over 51 thousand years in all; Dahak felt a real sense of satisfaction as he continuously scanned the solar system. He had a Captain again and while he was still being trained to fulfill his duties, he may in the future help Dahak to comply with Senior Fleet Captain's Druaga's orders to suppress the Mutiny and restore control of the Imperial Fleet Utu Class Planetoid designated Dahak of Battle Fleet to its loyal personnel.

He monitored his Captain during his rest period and thought about how far his Captain had come in the last five month's. Dahak had devoted a minute amount of his resources to educate the Terran on the true history of Mankind and his responsibilities therein. Dahak had also augmented Colin as all imperial Fleet personnel were and now his friend Colin, as his Captain had repeatedly asked him to call him, was being trained in utilizing that augmentation as efficiently as possible.

While he was doing this he also kept a keen sensor on the planet below and so was shocked to observe a very esoteric energy wave erupt from a small settlement in Southern California on the North American Continent and start to spread around the planet. Should he wake his Captain or should he wait until he awoke to his next training session? In the end his preset responses demanded that he inform his Captain as to what was happening. He opened a com line and said "Colin, there has been an incident in Southern California. You need to wake up and be briefed on what is happening."

"Huh! What the hell is so important that you have to wake me Dahak?" said Senior Fleet Captain Colin Francis McIntyre not quite awake yet.

"If you can watch the screen to you left I will show you what has occurred in the last five minutes Colin."

"Ok hit me."

"In a small settlement in Southern California this very unique energy wave suddenly appeared and has started to spread around the planet. While not visible to the naked eye my sensors had no problem picking it up and have tracked it to a town called Sunnydale. It is a singular release of energy and my records cannot find any other like it. As it will affect the entire planet I awoke you to brief you on it. I can also tell you that the town is starting to collapse and the loss of life could be substantial."

"Sunnydale! Oh jeez, the Hellmouth!" Colin mutters.

"What is a Hellmouth Captain?"

"I was told it was an area where dimensions can bleed into each other and where genetic abnormalities can be found among the population. The levels of violence and death are also raised and while there is no official notice paid, there are people there that can be contacted for confirmation of what is happening. Can you please locate Buffy Summers, Rupert Giles or Willow Rosenberg and start tracking their movements in real time?"

"Yes captain, it appears that the people named were on the last bus out of Sunnydale before it collapsed into a crater and they have just arrived at the outskirts of the devastation. They are being accompanied by at least thirty individuals, some of whom are injured and are being treated by on-scene paramedic's."

"Are there any anomalies that can be seen at the centre of the crater?"

"No Colin" answered Dahak.

"I have to get in contact with them without throwing up any red flags with the Mutineer's Dahak, so figure out a way to connect to the Internet and phone network discreetly. While you do that I will get up and prepare for the next training session".

"Yes Captain" said Dahak.
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