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Charming Xander

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Summary: At the end of Becoming part two Xander sends Angel to Hell instead of Buffy. Forced to flee Sunnydale or face Buffy's wrath Xander heads to San Francisco, and finds he has never been the "Normal" member of the Scoobies.

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chapter 2

Disclaimer: see chapter 1

Xander was alone and cold. He had been running for what seemed like forever, but still they kept coming. Shadows that would leap out at him. Some wielded swords others flung fireballs at him. Still he kept running. Then.... he tripped over his own shoelaces and fell flat on his face.

When he turned over he was surrounded. It was over after surviving the Hellmouth and multiple apocalypses he was going to die. then something happened he felt a warmth start to well up inside his chest and spread down into his arms. Suddenly his hand erupted into flame. At first he panicked, but then realized he wasn't in any pain. All he felt was a comforting heat.

Then Xander remembered that he had just been running for his life, but when he looked up the shadows were recoiling in fear. Now Xander wasn't always quick on the uptake but even he knew that they were scared of the fire he had crawling up and down his arms.

He started waving his arms around like he would use a flaming torch forcing the shadows back farther and farther. When one of the shadows lunged at him he raised his hand to hold off the blow, but the fire gathered in the palm of his hand was flung forward incinerating the shadow before it could reach him.

All Xander could do was laugh it was like he was the human torch. Unfortunately that one moment of distraction was all the shadows needed. The shadows managed to knock him off his feet and started to cover him. He was drowning in shadows. He couldn't breath, and then he started to go numb. The pleasant warmth started to fade slowly from his arms and chest until only a small ember remained in his heart.


I will not die like this. Xander was mad. No Xander was furious. All of a sudden the small ember started to burn like an inferno. The fire literally exploded out of his body destroying all the shadows. Then Xander woke up.

As Xander looked around he noticed that the were heading into San Francisco. Almost there he thought to himself. As they pulled into the bus stop and he got his bags he never noticed that his seat was singed.

Upper Realm

"Did you feel that?" "Yes it seems that an Aiken witch has finally left the Hellmouth. We must learn who they are.""Who knows how corrupt they are now thanks to the Hellmouths' energies. We should probably just have the Charmed Ones deal with them," Elder Odin said. "Peace, the Aiken witches were always great forces of good. They even rivaled the Halliwell's in shear power," Elder Sandra responded. The meeting quickly deteriorated into a shouting match.

Elder Zola finally spoke up," Why don't we send a White lighter to observe this new witch to determine if they are indeed a threat." Many of the Elders agreed with his plan; however Elder Odin had to put his two cents in. "Yes but who should we send. In case your forgetting the Hellmouth energies are subtle and not easily detected, and only a few of our White lighters can even go near a Hellmouth without being poisoned and risk turning into a Dark lighter." " Why not send Sandra was she not a slayer. She should know the Hellmouths energies better than most of us. She is also one of the only White lighters who can handle them self in a fight if it comes to that," an Elder in the back said.

Elder Zola looked around at the gathered Elders and asked,"Are we in agreement?" Seeing there nods of consent he smiled and said," Then call for Sandra and give her charges to others this requires her full attention.

Meanwhile in a slightly worse for ware hotel

"Well it could be better, but its warm and it has a shower," Xander said to himself. Now if I can find a job tomorrow I'll be just peachy he thought. Xander changed and hopped in bed. As he turned off the light his last thought was I wonder how the gang is doing.
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