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War of the Daughters

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Detective al Ghul". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: When she witnesses Bane’s attack on Gotham City, Kate Beckett must return to Gotham to try and aid the city’s natives against a threat with a deeply personal connection to her past...

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MarcusSLazarusFR131224,09532810,59529 Aug 1215 Apr 13Yes

Family Update

AN: This part of the story takes place about a week after 'Always', and a bit over two weeks after the last chapter (I'm assuming that SOME time elapsed between Bane's theft at the stock market and his and Bruce's subsequent rematch; it's not like exact times were provided, and it would have to take a while for the stock market to register what Bane did to Wayne Enterprises' stock prices, after all)

AN 2: For reference, when I say 'Nyssa', I'm referring to the version of Talia played by Miranda Tate in the films; Kate is the Talia of this world and always will be.

Sitting at the table in Castle's apartment, the man in question currently out getting some food, Kate couldn't believe how quickly the time had gone by.

One week since she had resigned from the NYPD after her failed attempt to capture the last known link to her mother's killer... one week since she had realised what was really important to her... one week since everything had changed...

Her life was currently in a state of complete upheaval, and Kate Beckett couldn't recall when she'd last been happier to have no idea what to do with herself. Her future employment possibilities were still a complete question-mark, of course; so far she and Castle were in the early stages of their new relationship, Kate enjoying the need not to get up early for work while Castle alternated his time between finishing off what was probably his last Nikki Heat novel and spending time with her, as well as some moments with Alexis- although these were relatively limited given his daughter's interest in exploring her future college-, but that wouldn't last forever, and she had no immediate idea what she could do instead. Castle may have enough money to support them both, but she didn't want to be his 'kept woman' or anything like that; she wanted to make her own way doing something...

With nothing else to do to occupy her time, Kate turned on the television, and soon found herself staring at a news report about a football game, only for her eyes to widen as the entire stadium suddenly collapsed in on itself, before the camera focused on a man dressed in a mask and a fur-lined brown jacket...

The words the newsreader was saying as he explained what had taken place the previous night barely even registered to Kate as she took in the image on the screen before her.

Bane was in Gotham City...

Taking in the image in front of her as Bane casually explained that there was a nuclear bomb active in the city before he shot the only person alive capable of disarming it, Kate couldn't believe that things had become this bad in Gotham that quickly.

God... she should have recognised Bane from the description in the news report; who else would wear a mask in a group of thugs and have the skill to coordinate an attack on Gotham with such precision that even Batman couldn't capture them?

Scanning the article, she was only slightly surprised at Bane's 'ultimatum'; cutting Gotham off from the rest of civilisation certainly sounded like the perfect way to prove that her father had been correct in his decision to destroy Gotham by essentially undoing all the good that had been accomplished in the last eight years.

As for which Gotham native had control of the detonator...

Kate hated to even think about what she was about to be dealing with when she got there, but if she wasn't going to have to come face-to-face with her sister, she'd be very surprised.

Nyssa's story was one of the reasons she'd accepted the need to live apart from her father; he'd only briefly mentioned the wife he'd lost to that dark prison due to the machinations of his enemies- she'd learned more details as she'd grown older, but the information she'd received about the situation was still relatively limited-, but what she had heard about her sister's dedication to her friend during his time in prison had both moved and disturbed her; Bane's actions to protect her sister were appreciated, but she knew even before she had undergone her training at the academy that you didn't become that strong or dangerous in the most feared prison on the planet without picking up some highly disturbing personality traits.

She'd had such hopes that her sister had moved on from her past when she'd seen pictures of Miranda Tate after she was added to the Wayne Enterprises board of directors- they'd never been close growing up, but Nyssa was still her sister-, but Bane would never attempt something on this scale against the city where Nyssa lived without her explicit approval to do so.

And if Bane and Nyssa were working together again... with Nyssa the daughter who was always more dedicated to the objectives of her father's work in the League where he had respected Kate's desire to uphold his mission in her own way...

There was no way to know what had happened to Bruce Wayne, of course, but Kate knew her sister and her sister's friend relatively well; they wouldn't mount an operation on this scale in the city guarded by Bruce Wayne, the Batman and the star pupil of Ra's al Ghul, unless they were certain that he couldn't interfere.

She would give Bruce a few days to take action- it was always possible that he'd managed to trick them somehow-, and then...

Despite the grim nature of what she was contemplating, Kate smiled.

Then, when she knew what the situation in Gotham really was, one way or the other, she was going to take steps to arrange a little 'family reunion' with her sister...
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