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Summary: A character gets transported to Middle Earth. Not saying who yet, as I'd like to keep that a surprise.

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Disclaimer: Neither Angel/Buffy nor Lord Of The Rings. All kudos to Joss Whedon and Tolkien.

Spoilers: Buffy to the end. Angel post-Season 4, pre-Season 5. Lord Of The Rings - just after Aragorn gets crowned king.

Dedication: My friends, especially Skip for showing me this cool website.

Author’s Note: This is just a little prologue. This is really my first fanfic, so be gentle. :)


The beginning.

The appearance.

The First. Evil. Absolute.

It created evil.

Beings of evil appeared on earth. Huge. Monstrous. As far as the eye could see. Created to serve The First.

But some were able to break free of the control that The First had over them. They turned away from their creator.

Some wanted to rule the earth. Others wanted to destroy it. And some built a corporation, represented by 3 ancient symbols: W&H

Those who wanted to rule or destroy were unsuccessful, as those who were still controlled by The First far outweighed those who weren't.

Until.......a being without name took advantage of something else that was created by The First. Something that was created in secret. Magic.

The being used its own blood and combined it with magic to create legions of small vicious creatures known as Syklz. These creatures were created to be impervious to physical harm. Only magic could harm them and seeing as 'the being without name' was the only creature that knew how to use magic at the time, there was no stopping them.

'The being without name' and its army took control of the world and forced all other beings into slavery. The First, being incorporeal in this dimension and no longer in control of this being, couldn't stop it.

Years passed.

Strangely enough, The First, who had actually created magic, didn't think to use magic against the Syklz. Something else figured that out. A creature with the symbol 'W&H' on its back. For it had also figured out how to use magic. The creature and its associates defeated 'the being without name' and everyone of its Syklz. Or so they thought.......
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