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The Doctor and The Lady Summers

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Summary: "Our time lines are screwed up," she'd explained. "My past is your future." A non-chronological series of meetings between the Doctor and the future/past Lady Buffy Summers.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Buffy-CenteredAsarStarFR13179,20322016,55130 Aug 129 Nov 12No

Topical Avoidance

11th Doctor/Post "Vampires in Venice"

"She said she came through a crack in time, so some of these cracks remove people from history and others move people to completely new places," he mulled aloud to his blond companion, her only response was a raised eyebrow. "You're from my future, aren't you? So you know something about these cracks. Can't you help at all? Any non-paradox creating hints? Even River gave us a hint."

"I don't know, wasn't there," she shrugged. Then with some odd tone he wasn't quite used to from her, she added, "That was a River adventure, we don't mix well."

"Ah yes, you left us in the library as quick as possible," he murmured, before giving her his best curiosity face.

"Yeah, well, if I'd known I'd get stuck in the computer, I would've just portal jumped." A glare, a grumble, no answers.

"The Vashta Nerada weren't a threat to you," he pointed out.

"'Course they were, vicious circle, remember, I die, I reform. They eat me, I reform, they eat me again. All you can eat Buffy buffet." Dismissive. As bad as he was at reading people, he was much better at reading Buffy, much better meaning only that he noticed she was avoiding a topic and had a vague idea of why.

"Was it River being there? You weren't around when Amy and I ran into her on Alfava Metraxis, did you know she was a prisoner?"

"She killed a very good man."

"Really? Who."

"A very good man," she said with finality.

"Anyways, cracks in time, pandorica, go!" he tried to bait her into responding.

"Don't remember, wasn't there. Whatever it was, completely reforms the universe. Erased memories," she shrugged again, her bad mood lingering like a cloud. "How about a vacation? It's been a long time since we've had a vacation together."

"You or me? I thought Venice was a vacation, all those vampire like creatures for you to chase after," he grinned at her.

"You wouldn't let me stake them!" Her laughter filled the control room. "Come on, somewhere fun. Ooo, I bet Amy would like Space Florida. Love that place, beaches always so clean. Way better than the beaches of Kalaya."

"Oi! I like Kalaya, three moons, the sky lights up bright as can be during the tri-moon."

"Yeah, but their beaches are grey," Buffy wrinkled her nose.

"Whose beaches are grey?" Amy asked, as she and Rory walked into the control room from the hallway that led to the rest of the TARDIS.

"Kalaya, three moons, the day is twenty-two and a half Earth hours-"

"And the beaches are grey and the water is dark, you can't see what's in it when you're swimming," Buffy interrupted.
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