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The Doctor and The Lady Summers

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Summary: "Our time lines are screwed up," she'd explained. "My past is your future." A non-chronological series of meetings between the Doctor and the future/past Lady Buffy Summers.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Buffy-CenteredAsarStarFR13179,20322016,55030 Aug 129 Nov 12No

The only guns the Doctor ever liked

a/n: having a ridiculous amount of writers block on this story right now. Only just got things almost back to order last night, can finally go home again (my subway was down and I needed to be able to get to work this whole time). Was going to save this, but it seems a cheery bit is needed. :-)

11th Doctor, Post Season 6.

"June 20th, 2012, Cardiff, hurry!!" his psychic paper read, and so he immediately rushed the TARDIS there, remembering that was where he'd dropped Buffy off the very first time they'd met.

Almost as soon as the TARDIS landed, something hit the door with great force. Very carefully he poked his head out.

"There you are, Doctor," Buffy grinned, Dawn at her side, both dressed in futuristic outfits she could only have picked up for them in the 37th century.

"You're going to need this," Dawn grinned as well, shoving a rather large gun in his hand.

"What? No! No guns!" he immediately started, dropping it almost immediately.

"Well unless you want that on your suit, you'll go back inside and change into these and grab that and come play," Buffy continued, pointing at the door of the TARDIS while Dawn shoved a small black duffle into his hands.

There on the perfectly wonderful dark blue of his TARDIS was a giant pink paint splotch.

"I'm not changing into a costume," he grinned, picking up the gun and inspecting it finally, it was a fully loaded paintball gun, full of TARDIS blue pellets.

"Your clothes," Dawn shrugged.

"All the Scoobies are wearing these, grabbed them in the 37th century," Buffy explained. "We're up against Jack's team. He tried to claim you should be on with him, but he didn't know how to track you down, so we let him pick colors first and get first pick of non-Scooby slayers and watchers, as well as take home ground advantage. He picked well."

"Three minutes till the cease fire ends, we need to get out of here," Dawn told them, checking her watch. "I'll explain the boundaries as soon as we're out of here."

"Let’s go!" the Doctor nodded, a serious look overtaking his face, as he dragged them off down the road.

The End?

You have reached the end of "The Doctor and The Lady Summers" – so far. This story is incomplete and the last chapter was posted on 9 Nov 12.

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