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The Doctor and The Lady Summers

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Summary: "Our time lines are screwed up," she'd explained. "My past is your future." A non-chronological series of meetings between the Doctor and the future/past Lady Buffy Summers.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Buffy-CenteredAsarStarFR13179,20322016,55030 Aug 129 Nov 12No

John Smith Part 1.

disclaimer: you know the drill.

10th Doctor/"Human Nature"

1913. Bloody 1913. He'd dumped them at a school, a boys' school, and of course she was the maid, because it was bloody 1913. It had been almost three months in this awful hellish place. Almost three months of scrubbing floors and struggling not to beat up those awful priggish students as they made awful racist comments. Three months of feeling so very alone.

She wasn't really alone. Not really. The Doctor was there, hiding as a human, Professor John Smith. He'd helped her get the job, so theoretically they were known to each other in his personal history, but his usual tendency of being a bit distracted had multiplied tenfold and he was so head in the clouds that he barely remembered she was there most days.

Then two months ago she'd been told to help prep for the new school nurse and when Buffy had walked in, she'd been so excited. But the complete lack of recognition had made her heart sink. It was too early in Buffy's time-line, they weren't friends yet, and though they began to build their friendship, the one she herself had been pulled into the middle of as well, she still felt so alone.

"Buffy!" she'd exclaimed with a grin, as the petite blond entered the room she had just finished setting up. Before she'd even thought about it, she'd enveloped her in a hug she was certain conveyed all of the desperation she'd felt in the place. "You have no idea how much I've missed your company. This place is insane, the Doctor is not himself, and I've been the only one here."

"I'm sorry, I don't think we've met."

"What? But of course we have, you're the Lady Summers, sometimes companion to the Doctor, we were just in Manhattan together," Martha rambled, realizing the woman in front of her had no idea who she was.

"First, quiet on the Lady Summers thing. I'm Elizabeth Redfern right now, I switched places with my niece Joan, who was supposed to come, but I really needed to get out of dodge you know," she started, closing the door behind her and tossing the suitcase she had in her hand on the bed with the carelessness Martha was used to from her. "Second, when did we me?"

To anyone else the question would seem very simple, but for Martha it was carefully veiled. This Lady Summers hadn't started traveling in time yet. However, Martha also had gleaned from conversation that her friend had lived a very long life before finally picking up the time traveling game.

"2008 in London," she replied cautiously, remembering their first meeting in the TARDIS after the hospital had been returned back from the moon.

"Oh thank the gods!" Buffy exclaimed. "I have been stuck in time for over two thousand years now. The slow way. Coffee still isn't as good as it was when I left."

"Yeah, I know, I really just can't get into other time period's versions of coffee," Martha laughed immediately.
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