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The Doctor and The Lady Summers

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Summary: "Our time lines are screwed up," she'd explained. "My past is your future." A non-chronological series of meetings between the Doctor and the future/past Lady Buffy Summers.

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Dr. Who/Torchwood > Buffy-CenteredAsarStarFR13179,20322016,55230 Aug 129 Nov 12No

His First

Disclaimer: I don't own anything. Just borrowing one Miss Summer's from one Mr. Whedon and one Doctor and his companion from BBC.

Spoilers: Post Chosen, 9th Doctor, post "End of the World"

A/N: Okay, so this is me testing out the possibility of a non-linear story made up of mostly contained ficlets. I'm really just committing to this one bit though, because I'm really bad at finishing things. Anything else that gets written will be added as well, but I'm leery of saying I'll do a whole thing because I have other things in the works that I'd actually like to complete before posting.

The first time he met her was not the first time she'd met him. The first time she'd met him was not the first time he'd met her.

"Our time lines are screwed up," she'd explained. "My past is your future."

She'd been sitting there in the TARDIS, tucked into the beams of the main control room as if it was completely usual for him to walk in and find her up there.

"How'd you get up there?" he'd asked, skipping the more obvious questions he knew Rose was probably running through those in her head right now and would ask them shortly.

"How else?" she asked, swinging down with the greatest of ease. "Anyways, more importantly, I need a lift, I borrowed one of those time jumper doohickeys and bounced around till I found the TARDIS. Tried as hard as I could, but couldn't get where I really need to go. Dawn called, there's a war, and they need the Lady Summers."

"Let me guess, you're the Lady Summers," he observed, holding his hand up to keep Rose from interrupting as she was just starting to do.

"Duh, that's hardly news," she rolled her eyes.

"Well it's news to us obviously," Rose snapped back.

"I thought the Lady Summers was British," he mused at the same time.

"We haven't met yet, have we?" she asked slowly.

"Nope," he answered, pursing his lips and shaking his head.

"Damn, you told me this happened, but you didn't tell me when, cause you didn't want me to mess up the time line. But it's all messed up, and I need a lift as soon as possible. I've got a war to join," she sighed. "Long story short. Our time lines are screwed up. My past is your future. I can't tell you the whole story. It'll mess things up. But this is the first time you're meeting me and sometime in your future, we'll meet again, and I don't remember you, and that will be the first time I meet you, but we'll meet many times on many time lines after that. And we aren't allowed to piece stories together just yet, apparently, supposedly, we'll meet eventually and the time lines won't be jumbled anymore."

"Okay," he nodded, before walking over to the control panel. "Where do you need to go?"

"June 20th, 2012, Cardiff."

"What's happening in Cardiff?" Rose asked.

"This time?" she asked with no amount of teasing. "Sorry, can't tell you."

"Why not?" Rose demanded.

"It'll mess up the time line," the Doctor answered for her. "Anything else we should know."

"You're already there Doctor, so the only thing you can do is drop me off and keep going," she answered, watching as he moved the controls. Moving to help with some of the knobs and levers that he generally asked Rose to grab, already seeming to know exactly what he needed her to do.

"We've traveled together, or we will travel together," he observed.

"Yup, and it'll be great fun," she grinned.

"The Lady Summers traveled in the TARDIS? Well that explains a lot of things."

"Explains what?" Rose asked.

"Why everyone thinks I'm immortal," Summers answered. "I mean, I am actually immortal, but they also think I've been around forever, which isn't exactly true. I just have a bad habit of getting stuck in time."

"Fantastic," he grinned.

In a rare moment of precision, the TARDIS landed exactly where they wanted it to and Summers grabbed a bag she'd secured from the tossing and turning of the ship and headed towards the door.

"Nice meeting you, Doctor, Rose," she waved as she walked towards the door.

"And you, Lady Summers," he nodded.

"Call me Buffy, seriously," she said just before shutting the door behind her.

"How did she know our names?" Rose asked. "And aren't you even curious what's going on out there?"

"Of course I am, but I'm already there, so I'll find out soon enough."

They paused for a moment, contemplating the complexity of time travel, before the Doctor returned to the control panel and started fiddling.

"How about Naples, 1860, some history?" he asked.

"Sounds great," Rose smiled.

"This doesn't look like Naples," she complained as they stepped outside.

"That's because it's not," he told her. "We're in Cardiff, 1860."

"Cardiff? Really?"

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