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Old adages and new beginnings

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Summary: *Twisted Shorts* Buffy snorted, hearing her brother explain about what he’d been doing since they had last talked. Yeah, Crazy didn’t cover becoming a wanted criminal!

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Crazy Twisted Family

Authors Note: This is the last one and I can’t believe that I’ve managed 31 fics in 31 days. This last one is for ConstanceTruggle who had beta’d most of the stories and listened and helped with plots. Hope you like!
Summary: So Xan's girlfriend was coming to dinner. How does one explain Mia, Dom, Buffy, Brian and himself without sounding like they weren't nuts? Answer - with great difficulty. Sequel to yesterday's short - Old adages and New beginnings

Buffy got back to her apartment and she was still snickering as the door closed. Dom was not two steps behind her and she couldn't help but look appreciatively at his appearance. Who wouldn't? He looked delicious in denim jeans and not much else with oil defining his muscles.

He was stalking towards her and she was backing up - don't get her wrong. She loves the guy but that doesn't mean she wants grease stains mucking up her Burberry top - that's just mean. "Uh-huh - go clean and I'll make us a sandwich."

Dom smiled easily at her, food was always one way to win an argument with him. "Okay, but will you tell me what has got you tickled?"

Buffy smirked, "You mean apart from Giles sending Kennedy to Moscow?"

Dom shook his head, as Buffy and her adoptive father were both as bad as each other. So when the young red-headed slayer irritated them too badly - they sent her to inhospitable places. Xander had initially disapproved of the action, until his new little sister showed him exactly what she was doing to Willow. After his eyes had been opened to the destructive relationship - he actively helped causing mischief. Buffy had been spot on in asking his to adopt the Toretto siblings after Brazil. Xander needed family, and people, just as much as the others and he'd lost just as much in Sunnydale as anyone else.

Buffy shooed him into the bedroom and had to remind herself that she only had a short lunch before she was required to be back at the palace for another round of meetings. She would not have accepted the job as head slayer if she'd realised that there was so much paperwork. The mini slayers knew better than to be close by on meeting days least they be dragged into an impromptu spar - it would end in bruises. Dom was way more sensible, he was more than happy to help his girlfriend work out his frustrations.

He walked back into the main room wearing a clean white tank, "So what has amused you and should I duck?"

Buffy shook her head, "Didn't you hear? Your little brother is bringing his girlfriend to dinner."

Dom understood immediately why his girl was amused, and he was more than happy to help to her gain a little revenge. After all, when they'd started dating - he'd had more than one shovel speech.

He pulled Buffy close, "Will Mia, Brian and little Vi be making an appearance?"

Buffy smirked, "Well, Mia and Bri will be, but Baby Vince is going to be staying with Aunty Willow."

That evening Xander was holding his dates hand as they knocked on Buffy's door. Angela was anxious; she was a young watcher-witch who had fallen in love with Xander. Of course, she knew who his friends and family were, but the idea of having dinner with the queen slayer made her a little faint.

The door was opened by the Slayers brother, Brian. He had taken over the investigative division, and was running it with the same brutal efficiency that his littlest sister ran the research division and Buffy the slayer division.

"Come in Xan and Angela."

Angela had no doubt that he already knew everything about her that was public record. Buffy and Mia were chatting happily and shouted, "Bri leave Angie alone."

Xander had puppy-patented look number, "Notice they didn't say anything about Brian giving me a hard time."

Brian grinned innocently; it would work better if Xander didn't know exactly what he was capable of when provoked. Buffy walked into the hallway, "Come in Angie ignore the testosterone."

Angie started to relax a little; it seemed like the Queen Slayer wasn't going to immediately demand her head, which was somewhat comforting.

They were all sitting at the table, Xan frowned, "Where is Dawn Patrol?"

Buffy pursed a lip, "Out on a date." She could see the protest forming, "Please like me, Dom and Bri haven't handled it."

Angie laughed hearing the over-protectiveness in their voices. She suddenly felt an over-whelming sympathy for the youngest Summers sibling; she couldn't imagine what it would be like trying to date.

Buffy took pity on Angie, "Look it's quite simple Brian is mine, and Dawn's half-brother, who is married to Mia."

Xander laughed, and squeezed Angies hand. "Yep and Nico my older brother is dating my best-friend Buffy."

Angie was getting a headache just thinking about it. She knew that she wouldn't break Xander’s heart, and wanted to get on well with them all, so she settled on a faint, "Well, I just feel very sorry for young Dawn.”

Buffy smirked, “Oh Angie it was beautiful today. Dawnie had to deal with Brian and Dom.”

Angie was surprised that Xander and Buffy hadn’t done anything. Then again, given the twin smirks that the two best friends were giving each other she doubted that they needed any help. Buffy still grinning, “It may have been Brian cleaning his weapons or when Dom stopped the engine falling one handed but they definitely left an impression.”

Angie grinned just imaging, “hey next time I’ll cast something nasty!”

Xander looked in shock at hearing his sweet girlfriend threaten, but Mia cackled in delight. She felt that Angela could fit in well with all the other crazies around here. She raised her glass to Angela, “Welcome to the crazy family.”

Buffy raised her own glass, “Yeah welcome to the family, I’d run for the hills now.”

It was a little too late for the warning, but Aunty Angie was an awesome babysitter and the only one who could handle Dom and Buffy’s twins – Alex and Fay.

You soon learnt at the Council House crazy was relative.

The End

You have reached the end of "Old adages and new beginnings". This story is complete.

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