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Old adages and new beginnings

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Summary: *Twisted Shorts* Buffy snorted, hearing her brother explain about what he’d been doing since they had last talked. Yeah, Crazy didn’t cover becoming a wanted criminal!

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Chapter One

Disclaimer: I do not own the characters of Buffy or Fast and Furious – All rights belong to their respective owners. Also borrowed characters from the West Wing and Sherlock Holmes
Authors Note So this is for ConstanceTruggle who I may, or may not have gotten addicted to this fandom!

Luke Hobbs had to admire the sass, and the balls, that had seen Toretto and his gang steal the 1oo million - right from under his nose. In truth, he'd figured that O’Conner been given a raw deal by the FBI, and wasn't bothered by giving him a head start. After all, twenty four hours was nothing for a man of his talents besides he was going to enjoy pitting his talents up against O'Conner.

A day later, Luke Hobbs was an incredibly frustrated man. The team had disappeared; honest-to-God disappeared into the ether. It should not be possible, but somehow any electronic detail surrounding Brian O'Conner, Dominic or Mia Toretto was gone.

The only answer that his techie could give him, was that somehow, and they had no clue how, one of them, was able to gain the protection of the Red-Witch.

Hobbs was not amused, "Who or what is the Red-witch?"

The techie positively gushed; the last thing that Hobbs wanted as to hear a techie - geekgasm over a fellow nerdet - he just wanted to close his case. "Err, she is the best hacker in the US - Untouchable actually."

Hobbs frowned, a hacker like that is either jailed or persuaded to become a ‘whitehat’; they are not left alone. There was something rotten going on and he would get to the bottom of it.

An hour before the heist of the century, Brian had made a phone call. "Hey sis!"

If anyone had been watching, they would have seen O'Connor cringe and hold his cell away from his ear. His little sister had a set of lungs on her when she wanted - he figured it came from being the General of a group of super powered teens. "Okay, so things got a little crazy. I'm in Rio."

Buffy snorted, and her brother winced, "Crazy is life sucks, crazy is not becoming an international fugitive."

Brian sighed and wondered when his little sister had become the responsible one. Actually, scratch that he didn't care; he was glad - he hoped that she could help him get out of this mess. He grinned, "Look I'm about to do something stupid and then I'm getting the hell out of dodge."

Buffy rolled her eyes, "Are the Torettos’ easily freaked?"

Brian laughed, "No Buff, why?"

He could hear the audible sigh and knew that he's end up with more than a few bruises sparring. "Get them to the airport. I'll have a plane waiting. If I didn't like you so much I'd be demanding your first born about now."

Brian had to hide a grin at just the thought of Mia's pregnancy, "Well if you can wait 6 months..."

Buffy squealed, "Okay, all is forgiven; get your ass to that plane. You won't like it if I have to chase your ass."

They had all split quickly; the Torettos' looking bemused as Brian led them to a private plane. It was the type of plane that smacked of finances beyond even the cool thirty million that lay in the middle of the plane.

Dom trusted Brian and after the stunt on the bridge he wasn't been given a choice by Mia. His little sister was mad and hormonal - he had only done what he thought was best but apparently that wasn't wanted or warranted. He looked to Brian for some support, "Oh boy, don't look at me. I think my sister is about to kill my ass and then get her friend to resurrect me."

Mia looked across the plane, giving her brother a speculative glance before twisting around to face Brian, "Think she'd do a two for one deal."

Brian could sense Mia's anger and she was about to enter a house full of likeminded women. This might not have been the best plan after all.

Brian was met off the plane in London; he was twitchy given that technically he could be extradited back to London.

Buffy was standing there in all her Slayer glory. Brian couldn't help but in his head think about a matchup between her and Hobbs.

Brian gave her a big hug, and not just for all her help, with the lives they led; it was fraught with danger. The siblings knew each other well enough that they didn't ask them to stop. She handed them a folder, "You've all been the subject to the most aggressive computer virus ever. Oh, and Brian you are now Brian Summers."

Brian approved, his sister was sneaky; it was always best to hide in plain sight. He wondered how she was going to deal with Dominic and Mia, "What about Dom and Mia?"

Buffy smirked and Brian started to feel apprehensive. The few times he'd seen that grin was when she was describing blowing up a gym, school, and city. "Well, you kind of look like a Harris ... any objection to gaining a middle brother Nico, Mia?"

Dom shrugged, "I just want to try and rebuild my life and look after my little sister."

Buffy smiled; she wouldn't judge - there wasn't anyone on the Senior Council that hadn't screwed up at one point or another. "Good answer."

A month later, Hobbs was in London on DSS duty; having moved on for now from the Toretto case. He bumped into a vivacious blonde at a function. She was enchanting, and so very different from all the stuffy politicians in the room.

He knew what had enchanted him so; she moved like a predator and the whole room was her prey. She was a big cheese; the PM; Mycroft Holmes and the Duke all spoke to her in friendly tones.

Ambassador Marbury his responsibility this evening smirked, "I wouldn't look at Buffy sweet thing but a deadly family."

Hobbs quirked an eyebrow, I mean he could handle danger. His thoughts must have showed on his face, "Oh Agent Hobbs, you wouldn't know what hit you with that family. Lord Giles' daughter though by all accounts has found a sweet new love by the name of Nico."

Hobbs didn't flinch, but he did have an errant thought that Nico could be a short form of Dominic. What were the odds? No way, would some Lord's daughter start dating Dominic Toretto - besides he wouldn't be stupid enough to come to London. After all, England would extradite to the US - they couldn't be that stupid - could they?

Hobbs had obviously forgotten the old adage, "always hide in the place they least suspect.”
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