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Hounds of Baskerville

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Summary: It's not just secret bases in America that cause problems for Slayers. How will the New Council deal with one in Dartmoor? (from Twisted Shorts August 2012 Challenge)

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Literature > Crime > Sherlock HolmesBeriaearwenFR711,278001,16231 Aug 1231 Aug 12Yes
Disclaimer: The characters of Buffy the Vampire Slayer belong to J. Whedon, etc. The characters of Sherlock belong to Sir A. C. Doyle, the BBC etc. All are used here without permission. No copyright infringement is intended.
Challenge: Twisted Shorts August 2012 challenge
Characters: Buffy, Dawn, Xander, Giles, brief Mycroft Holmes (Willow's in Brazil during this story or she'd be there too)
Notes/Warnings: A knowledge of the Sherlock episode "Hounds of Baskerville" would be very helpful, but the summary pretty much clues you in to the basics of what you need to know. Probably a bit OOC, but it's just for fun. :-)
Buffy Timeline: Haven't read the comics, but just pulling a bit of info - the Scoobies have reformed the Watchers Council simply as the New Council. They are based out of the castle in Scotland. Xander and Dawn are together.
Rating: suitable for people over 13 (just to be safe)

Hounds Of Baskerville
By Beriaearwen

“It's really not our usual style, but I can't find a flaw in the plan,” Giles approved, rubbing the lenses of his glasses.

“We can't handle this in our usual style,” Buffy countered.

“How did you come up with the plan?” Dawn asked, flipping a paper around so she could read it right side up.

The blonde shrugged. “Once Xander helped me see it as just a different sort of battle to plan and the Holmes brother's intelligence as a weapon. The rest was easy.” She shot a smile at the one-eyed watcher.

“Anytime, Buff,” he assured returning her smile.

“When do we put it into effect?” Giles asked.

Taking a deep breath in order to push away her nervousness, she announced, “Tomorrow.”


Making the suggestion to the little girl had been easy. Convincing her family to let her go see the world's only consulting detective slightly harder, but a few overheard conversations and comments planted the idea well enough.

Buffy followed the girl to London while Dawn and Xander prepared their cover in the town and Giles began working on the young man they'd found.

The plan left much to chance, but her classes in psychology, her time as a counselor and the microcosm of the Slayer castle provided a wonderful practical education on manipulating people into doing what she wanted.

Glancing down at her map and then around the street, she saw the young girl exit the detective's apartment. She highly doubted that he would take the case of finding the girl's glow-in-the-dark bunny, but planting that idea would pay off later on once they got Sherlock to the installation.

With this portion of the plan completed, Buffy headed down the street. Most likely Sherlock or one of his people saw her standing around, but she knew they would most likely overlook her presence. After all, she really was a lost American in London right now. “Stupid twisty roads,” she muttered, checking her map once more.


Giles cursed mildly as he entered the doctor's office. He'd done most of his job, talked to the young man, planted the idea that the Holmes boy was the only one that could help him and surveyed the area in question.

Whatever was affecting Henry Knight had no tie to the mystical, but then nothing at the facility in question did. What the misguided souls were doing there, however, had affected several slayers and their watchers. The people who worked for the Council had enough danger in their lives with the supernatural, they should not have to defend themselves against humans as well.

But, since the facility was run by humans for humans, they needed to find a human way to take them down.

Adjusting his glasses once more, Giles had to admit to himself how impressed he felt by Buffy's plan. She had come so very far in the years since their first meeting and truly had become one of the leading tactical minds of their day.

With any luck, he would be meeting Buffy at the castle tomorrow, their part done.

That would just leave Dawn and Xander to handle the last part of the work.

His lips twitched slightly as the thought of what Mycroft would say. They would never tell the man, nor would they ever admit to their involvement in and manipulation of both of the Holmes men to achieve their ends, but since the best ending would allow the Council, Sherlock and Mycroft to win, he didn't think the complaints would last long.

Besides, if Mycroft complained too much, he would just allow Buffy and Dawn to take over the meeting. For all his intelligence, the elder Holmes still could not make heads or tales of the conversation when the Summers women started babbling. Never had he seen such a powerful man surrender so quickly.

Movement by the door drew his attention to the beautiful young doctor.

Perhaps a little extra word or two in the fair doctor's ear wouldn't hurt.


Dawn rested her head against Xander's shoulder as they wandered around the courtyard of the inn.

Sherlock Holmes and John Watson had arrived ten minutes before and were most likely still getting settled.

The couple had done their best to prepare the locals and get them all talking about the mystical, mysterious, terrifying hound on the moor.

They now just needed to stay under Sherlock's radar and help out where needed.

Dawn smiled up at Xander knowing they wouldn't have to do too much acting to keep their cover intact – a young American couple in love.


Xander relaxed back in his chair, draping his arm on the back of Dawn's.

The young couple had returned to the castle a few hours earlier reporting the success of the mission.

“Do you know if she got to keep her bunny?” Dawn asked Buffy and Giles.

“I do believe she did, though that was hardly the point of this exercise,” Giles replied, taking a sip of his beer.

“Did you have any trouble? Have to offer any help?”

Xander shrugged, taking a long drink of his water. “He seemed a little stumped about the base, so we had a conversation behind him talking about it and mentioned someone probably had to run all of England to get in there.”

Buffy shot him a wide smile. “Mycroft must have been so very happy about that.”

Dawn snickered. Giles chuckled and Xander returned Buffy's smile at that thought.

None of the Scoobies were stupid and on an international level they could wield more power than Mycroft could ever hope to hold, and had more contacts in high and low places than Sherlock ever would, but the Holmes brothers were a level of intelligent with which they just couldn't compete.

They also knew that one or both of the Holmes brothers could easily figure out what they'd done and make their lives miserable, but, with any luck, they would let it go.


(almost four months later in an office in London)

“Did you want to do anything about the Council's intervention, sir?” Anthea asked.

“No. They played it beautifully. I truly never expected such subtlety from them.” Turning away from his assistant, he waved her way as he stared out the window. Once he heard the door close, he sighed and thought of the three months of intensive work it took him to uncover the Council's involvement with the Baskerville issue. Had it not been for their prior protests, he never would have had an inkling to look. A smile crossed his lips as he thought on how they were finally coming into their own.

Rising from his chair, he leaned against the wall by the window and looked out. He saw a small form with blonde hair exit the building and raise her hand to flag a taxi. Sparing one more thought for the successful plan so cleverly executed, his smile broadened infinitesimally. “Well done, Miss Summers,” he whispered to the disappearing cab. “Well done.”


The End

You have reached the end of "Hounds of Baskerville". This story is complete.

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