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A Test Of Grace

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Summary: What does anyone really know about their family? Faith is about to find out.

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Harry Potter > Faith-CenteredJmariaFR1599,08312715,41215 Jan 0415 May 10No

A Test Of Grace: Prologue

Disclaimer: I own nothing. The idea came to me because of Faith’s line “I just want to sleep, yo, for like a week.” from Chosen. Well, what was the cause of Faith’s exhaustion? Could it be a result from sweaty fun time with Robin? Here’s my answer. And what do we really know about her family? Besides that her mother is dead and she’s from Boston. Oh, and if anyone knows what her last name is, can you tell me, cause I need it for this story. Enjoy!




A Test Of Grace




Faith hated planes. She had never taken them, but she knew she Hated them. Capital H and everything. It had been a butt ugly day. They were all headed out to England. To restart the damn Council and a school for the slayers.

And Faith was hurling her breakfast up in the bathroom. She must be airsick. What else could it possibly be? When she made her way back to the seat, Faith nearly collapsed with exhaustion. She slept for eight hours. When she woke up, she promptly threw up again. This time all over Robin’s feet. When they were on the ground.

“We better get her to a doctor.”

And that’s when the fun started.
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