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Family Duty

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Summary: High school graduation is here and Buffy calls someone to protect Joyce and Dawn. Their reaction is not what she expects, then again they aren't what she expects.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Buffy-CenteredtexaswookieFR18410,73145515,1311 Sep 125 Dec 12No

Chapter Two

And still I own nothing of the BTVS or Marvel verse.

Dr. Henry Hank McCoy was startled as he heard the phone start ringing. The bouncing blue ball of fur known by many as the Beast a founding member of the freedom fighting force the X-Men rolled his eyes as he saw that there was no one else around to answer the phone. How that was possible he didn’t know. You’d think that at a giant school there would be somebody capable of answering one phone. He was rather in a hurry as he had more important things to do. He planned on arriving in Los Angeles sometime tonight or early tomorrow morning and he really wanted to get out of Mansion before some new catastrophe or other decided to rear its ugly head and he was forced to once again come up with new pathetic lame excuse for what he was doing. He understood that his daughters both believed that he was actually taking flights to far off places with a trophy sectary. Not something that some of his comrades in arms would be overly happy to be compared to if they ever learned about it. They would even be more upset if they found out about the altered voice recordings he used to encourage this thought though. If he were to ever try something like that he would be wishing for a healing factor like Logan’s. If only the multiple nefarious villains that they faced off against could understand that they were obstructing the precarious, limited, and precious father daughter time he had with his beloved progeny.

When one looked at Henry ‘Hank’ McCoy they would notice that he had large hands and feet. These were one of the most noticeable features that Hank had. Had he been born with a physical difference such as a stunted arm or a disfigured face life would be easier, in some ways he would have been better off if he had that or even covered himself in tattoos. Instead he was a lumbering figure with shoulders broader than most defensive linemen. The most noticeable feature that had though wasn’t his size or larger than average hands and feet. No, that honor belonged to the fact that he had blue fur and looked more ape like than human. He had long muscular arms that reached past his knees, and his oversized hands and feet ended in claws that could grasp things. His toes could actually double as finger as their dexterity was near even with his hands.

Hank was what one called a Homo Superior or more commonly referred to by the world at large as mutants. They were people born with the special genetic potential to have gifts, special abilities, or powers. These abilities had a near infinite range at the moment of evolution as nature tried to determine which was truly the best path to follow. Some mutants the gift to mimic someone’s physical movements while others could actually manipulate the very forces of nature. Despite the fact that he had the physical power that very few normal men could match Hank had always considered his greatest strength to be his supreme intellect. He very modestly knew that he was one of the leading minds when it came to the study of genetics and mutations. It was a shame that there were so few people that were willing to understand and accept people with mutations. Making what should be considered one of nature’s newest blessings into one of its worse curses. He himself had been a victim of someone wanting to destroy mutation. Instead of reversing the effects though it had made his abilities all the more pronounced giving him his more simian like form.

When he and Joyce had married he had looked human, just having oversized hands and feet. Thanks to certain things happening in his past though he wasn’t exactly the same person as he once was. The transformation had been too much for Joyce to handle, and while his daughter was having some sort of mental break down he had found himself faced with a divorce and lost custody of his children before he could blink. Fortunately when he had married he had insisted that Joyce keep her last name for protection from mutant haters and any enemies he had as an X-Man that might try and use her. He wasn’t going to chance his children like that.

He smiled flashing his teeth as he thought of his children. Buffy was his oldest and in some ways much like him in the fact that she often hid her anxiety behind bad jokes and often portrayed someone far less intelligent than she was. He knew that she was far more skilled and knowledgeable than she often let on. Then there was Dawn, the girl obviously had inherited his intelligence from him. She already spoke several languages and her grades were impressive. He merely wished that he could see them more. When Buffy had first been admitted, he had run all sorts of tests on her and had been on the verge of calling in his mentor professor Xavier. He had thought it possible that Buffy may have inherited his mutant gene but needed to know a few things first. After that though he had been kidnapped and transformed and Joyce wouldn’t let him or any of ‘his kind’ test her child. The woman had accepted whatever the 2nd rate doctors that she had suggested and shut him out of the decision making process entirely. He still thought that the British Doctor was full of it when he had made his suggestions. All he had gotten were some of the records and he still doubted they were completely true. Dr. Wyndam-Pryce had just rubbed him the wrong way.

That had been one of the most painful things that he had to endure one of the others was watching his wife accept the Friends of Humanity armband. While the woman wasn’t a very active member the last time he had spoken with her he knew that she donated money to the group that was anti mutant.

“This is the Xavier Institute, Dr. McCoy speaking.” He said, since no one else was around to answer.

“Oh good, that makes this easier.” A familiar voice said.

Hank grinned flashing his fangs in joy at hearing from his eldest. Sure he was on his way down there, but this was a joyous surprise. “Buffy,” He said glad he had answered.

“Dad.” She returned stiffly. “Look, I’ll save you some time for when that emergency meeting of yours shows up and you have to go somewhere else instead of my graduation.” The girl said coolly. “It saves you time and me disappointment. Not that I haven’t gotten used to that from you.” She added in. “Anyways, you don’t need to come I also wanted to know if you could have your friend in New York let Mom and Dawn come for a couple of days.”

“Buffy what’s going on?” Hank asked as he tried to process what his daughter was saying to him.

“I have more important things right now than to try and deal with you dad.” Buffy said tiredly. “Now can your friends watch after them or not? If not, I need to find something else as quick as possible.”

“Buffy please let me help.” Hank said.

“You can help by being there for them if they need it.” Buffy returned. “Now will they be safe in New York or not? It will only be for a couple of days at the most.”

“Yes I can arrange it.” Hank returned somewhat dejectedly. “Are you sure that you won’t tell me what’s going on though?” he pleaded.

“Look I don’t have time to listen to you play the injured parental right now.” Buffy returned to him. “If you really want to help then do as I ask.” She commanded.

“I’m sure Warren won’t mind putting them up for a couple of days.” Hank finally said dejectedly.

“Thanks, as soon as I have their travel info we’ll call you. Now if you’ll excuse me I have to go. And I’m sure you’ve got to get back to whatever flavor of the month it is as well.” Buffy said to her father. “They’ll call you when they get in.”

“Buffy wait.” Hank tried, only for the phone to click in his ear. Hank stared at the phone for a moment unsure what to do before he ripped the phone out of the wall and threw it across the room in fury.

At the sound of destruction several people came rushing in expecting an attack only to find one of their more reserved and calmer members glaring at the phone stuck in the wall. “Not bad McCoy.” A man with sideburns and a widow’s peak complimented as he pulled a cigar out of his mouth and examined the damage. He was the mysterious man named Logan better known to the world as the Wolverine the feral mutant with enhanced healing and adamantium skeleton.

“Yeah I give it 4.” A sandy haired young man said. He was Bobby Drake, one of Hank’s best friends known as the Iceman because of his ability to manipulate ice.

Hank glanced around the room at the other people that had come rushing into the room. There was Scott Summers the team leader a man with the ability to fire intense beams of energy from his eyes. Jean Grey one of the most powerful telepaths and telekinetics in the world. Betsy Braddock a ninja telepath, Kitty Pryde a girl genius that could phase her molecular structure, Rogue the Southern Belle with super strength flight, near invincibility, and skin contact ability and memory absorption, Ororo the mutant weather witch and former street urchin, Remy the Rajun Cajun capable of kinetically charging objects and heir apparent to the Thieves Guild, Piotr the gentle artistic giant Russian with the power to turn his body into organic metal, and Warren Worthington the III the Avenging Arch-Angel with giant steel wings. The final person was a man in a golden hover chair. Professor Xavier the man that had brought them all together to be the defenders of the Children of the Atom.

“I apologize my friends, it is just that I just received the news that my daughter did not wish for my presence during her graduation.” Hank said as he regained control over his emotions. “I did not mean to disquiet disturb any of your afternoons with my Wolverine like outburst.”

“Oh Hank.” Jean said sadly as she looked at the figure. She remembered Hank’s daughters. In truth they had all been rather surprised to find that the pair had appeared to be normal humans. They had all looked at the tests that had been done by Dr. Wyndam-Price and had agreed that there didn’t appear to be anything else that they could do. The children blamed Hank for all of the missed visits that they felt that he should have been there for. Being a parent and a superhero was a taxing position on the best of people. The fact that he had never told them about his other life made his absence all the harder for them to understand.

“Is that all?” Logan asked curiously.

“Watch it Logan.” Warren said angrily as he glared at the shorter man.

“I’m just saying that who cares if the kid don’t want ya there?” Logan said earning more dark looks. “Just because she says she don’t want you there don’t mean that you can’t be there.” He reminded the man. “Sometimes it’s easier to ask forgiveness. At least so I’m told, I’ve never been one for saying sorry.”

Hank rocked on his feet as he heard that. Considering he had been a moment from lunging at Logan that was impressive. The short Canadian had said something though that made a lot of sense. Just because she told him to stay away didn’t mean he had to. If she was still mad at him afterwards he could add it to the pile of promises that he had already broken. “Thank you Logan, I needed to hear that.” He said with a tight smile getting a nod from the feral mutant. “There is the fact that she plans on sending Joyce and Dawn away as well though.” He mused as he tried to figure the best way to deal with all of this.

“We’ll handle that part.” Betsy promised as she grabbed the hand of her lover Warren. “You just take a jet and head out to Sunnydale. Even if all you end up doing is watching from a distance and staying at a cheap motel its better than nothing.”

“Yeah, and I’ll be there you the whole way.” Bobby assured him.

“But Robert, I thought you had a date tomorrow night?” A shocked Hank said.

“I’ll deal with it later, this is something that you need support on.” Bobby returned with a shrug. “And since Logan suggested it, I nominate him to come with just in case.”

Logan looked like he wanted to argue with that.

“I agree,” Scott broke in, “if she’s sending the rest of her family away this could mean that something’s happened. Someone may have finally found out about your family, and they may be expecting Hank to head to them to try and salvage what little remains of his relationship with Buffy and Dawn.” The man looked sheepish as he realized what he had just said to his friend. “Er sorry Hank.”

“Think naught of it my dear comrade.” Hank said waving the sting of the comment off. “I am the one who made the choice to continue to be an X-Man. Along with that obligation has meant having to make certain sacrifices. Unfortunately some sacrifices are more troublesome than others are.”

Scott nodded still looking embarrassed over his words. “Having backup wouldn’t be a bad idea. Kitty, Gambit, and Rogue will go with you as well. It may only be Buffy having decided she doesn’t want anything to do with you or it could be a trap. I’d rather be prepared either way.”

“Yeah we’ll be there as support or as backup.” The 19 year old Kitty said with a smile.

Hank smiled his thanks at the other assembled heroes, glad that he had these people to turn to in his time of need. “I thank you all my friends.”

“Yeah, yeah, can we go already?” Logan asked in a bored manner.

The others nodded as they all began making their way toward their rooms to gather a mixture of civilian wear and costumes as they were unsure just what it was that they might need for this meeting between an absentee father and defiant daughter.
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