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Family Duty

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Summary: High school graduation is here and Buffy calls someone to protect Joyce and Dawn. Their reaction is not what she expects, then again they aren't what she expects.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Buffy-CenteredtexaswookieFR18410,73145515,1301 Sep 125 Dec 12No

chapter three

Well I'm back with another part to this story. As stated before, I own denada of the characters. Heck the idea doesn't even belong to me since this is an answer to a challenge.

It hadn’t taken the team of X-Men long to get to the small town that was only a couple hours out of LA. Once there the group had found a motel and then begun taking in the various sights of the town learning what they could. Hank had easily guided them to the house that his family lived in. Once they were all sure that they knew who and what they were looking for the group scattered to give Hank the time he needed to come to grips with what he wanted to do. He had three choices now that they were actually in Sunnydale.

1He could go into the house and demand that he be allowed to watch the graduation. If he was lucky they would agree, if not they could call the police on him. Knowing how Joyce felt about mutants he’d rather not chance it. 2. He stayed out of sight until graduation and then showed up. A bit stalker like perhaps but he would at least get to see his daughter for what she had become. It would also mean he wouldn’t be ruining her special day. 3. He could leave right now and Buffy would be none the wiser as to what he had tried to do. The last was a very tempting thing to do there would be no repercussions from such a choice. Hank thought to himself as he rested on the roof across the street from the Summer’s household.

He who had fought giant islands and cosmic entities was afraid of dealing with his ex and daughters. Night had fallen but he was hiding on the roof of someone’s house while he tried to make his decision.

Gambit and Logan had each disappeared into the woodwork to get a feel for the town. Neither loner had seemed very pleased to be entering the city limits as if they knew that there was something off about the place. Considering that the two men had some of the best instincts in the world it was always a good idea to listen to them when they started feeling uncomfortable. Hanks own fur was standing on edge as if he already knew something was wrong. Kitty and Rogue were the only two that seemed unbothered, though Kitty did admit there was something there that was niggling at her senses. It was most likely something that was left over from her days as a ninja. It did make him wonder what would have happened that had all of them on edge though.

He ignored those thoughts though as he saw his oldest daughter go for a walk. He contemplated following her before he decided to focus on finding out where Dawn and Joyce were. Bobby was currently getting some food for their stake out so he should be able to find the girl if she was heading towards the small strip of fast food joints. He figured that he might as well have all of his bases covered and finding out how those two were seemed reasonable to him. He watched calmly as he saw the pair of them finish packing their things into the car and head for the airport.

“Rogue, Joyce and Dawn are heading en route for the airport. Do you believe that you can make yourself available for an chaperon station for them until they get to their aircraft?” Hank requested of the mutant powerhouse.

“On it shugah.” The heavy accented southern returned to him. “I’ll follow the plane ta L.A and once they get off there and Warren and Betsy’ll have em and ah’ll head back. Should be back later on tonight or early mornin.” She assured the mutant.

“I am much obliged by your willingness to help.” Hank returned, as he focused on trying to find his other daughter.

Perchance without the threat of Joyce to keep them apart he might have a prospect of reopening lines of communication with his eldest once again and unearth just what it was that had her so seemingly disconcerted on the phone. He spent the next hour combing the neighborhood searching for his daughter, but had yet to find anything. It was as if the girl had moved faster than he had anticipated her being able to. That or she had gone to a nearby house and was no longer out and about for him to see.

He wasn’t sure which was more frustrating, the fact that she could disappear without a trace or the fact that she might be spending time with other people. He went over what he knew of what she had been doing. The girl had been in and out of the high school several times. She had actually been going in and out of the library several times. That was something that had surprised him, as his daughter had never been much of the studious type. Still, he wasn’t going to complain about her change in lifestyle either. Maybe she had learned to appreciate the writings of those such as Emily Dickinson.

He was interrupted from his hopeful thoughts as he felt the familiar tingle in his mind of telepathic communication. “Hank how are things going?” Xavier’s voice echoed within the confines of his mind.

”Not as well as I had projected them to be Charles.” The mutant admitted to his old teacher. ”But there is still a spell to construct factors into a superior stance.” He said in an optimistic tone.”I sincerely hope that there is potential for me and my descendants still.”

“It’s times like these that do leave one to reflect on their decisions in life does it not?” Xavier sent back to him.”You, who of all of the X-Men have done your utmost not to be defined by your mutation, have been forced to sacrifice more than most of the others have.” He said speculatively. ”You’ve lost your human appearance to that serum, and you’ve lost your family because you chose to stay with us rather than chance your family being hunted and hated because of their association with you. For the others, the prospect of family is one that they are uninterested in or do not feel ready to even consider. How does one decide how such things affect them, and even more importantly how they are going to react to such things? You are being forced to reexamine some of the choices that you’ve been forced to make over your life and whether they were the right ones. Would things have been different had you stayed or had you told Buffy and Dawn who and what you are?”

“And what am I professor?” Hank thought back bitterly.“I can scarcely take Buffy to the ice show when my guise is like this, now can I?” He asked, as he looked at one of his oversized blue furred clawed hands.

”That is true Hank, but there is still much that you can offer her if you allow yourself to.” Xavier informed his student. "All you have to do is allow yourself to though."

“And what, chance her potential at normalcy?" Hank shot back at the man. You know as well as I do that individuals that tend to associate with us have a tendency to lose their grasp on normalcy. They are either killed, become some sort of expert fighter just to survive, or they are granted power that is equal to that of some mutant powers. I don’t aspire for Buffy to have the same kind of existence that I did. I don’t want her having to fight for her life all the time or agonize about someone or other trying to terminate her because her genetic material is different than other people. I want her to get a chance at living the conventional lifestyle that I was refuted.”

”All important things to consider.” Xavier agreed.”You also have to remember that it is her choice though, and that sooner or later someone will make the connection between the two of you. As an X-Man and an Avenger you have nearly as many enemies as Logan does. Eventually someone is going to notice. “Besides, Dawn looks way to much like your mother for it to be ignored completely. What if they have the latent genes?”

"We’ve both studied the test results Charles, and agreed, that while hastened and nowhere near as rigorous as either of us would have executed Buffy didn’t show any signs of having the mutant gene.” Hank reminded Xavier.

“Hank we have a problem.” Kitty’s voice came in over the radio interrupting the psychic conversation. “Buffy Summer’s has just been admitted into the hospital.”

“Understood, I’m on my way, whatever was she admitted for?” Hank questioned as he leaped from rooftop to rooftop. In his mind he was fearing the worst that might have happened to her.

“The file says that she was admitted for extreme blood loss.” Kitty reported back. The young hacker had obviously already learned how to break through the security of the computers in Sunnydale.

“Understood,” Hank said. “Wolverine Gambit it would appear that we have a hindrance in our designs. Please convene with me at the hospital.”

“We’ll be there.” Logan returned. He looked up from his dart game in time to see the Cajun collect his winnings from his latest victim at the pool table. “Remy we got to go. Blue Boy needs us.” He said.

The trench coat wearing mutant nodded as he gathered his winnings. “Another time den eh Mon Ami?” He asked while flashing a grin at the pale figure.

“Listen you French Spike rip off, just take your money and go before things get dangerous for you.” The figure said angrily.

“Now come, dat not be de way dat you should be talkin.” Gambit said shaking his head. “Why de Filly’s not want to come over if you act like dat.”

“I don’t care what the boss says a little something extra won’t mess up my appetite for tomorrow. Besides a little French food is sounding really good right about now.” The figure said as his face shifted into a yellow eyed and wrinkled visage.

“Non mon ami, Gambit be a Cajun not a Frenchman.” The mutant said, as he smacked the butt of the pool stick into the face of the vampire. He then tossed the creature across the length of the pool table.

The vampire climbed to its feet only to be grabbed by its friends. “I’ll see you later Cajun.” The vampire promised as its companions hustled him away. “Next time you won’t be so lucky.” He called over his shoulder.

“You done having fun with the locals?” Logan questioned dryly.

“Dat I am.” Gambit said with an unrepentant grin as he slid a pair of sunglasses on over his eyes hiding his very noticeable red eyes.

“Good, because Hank said his kid was just admitted to the hospital so let’s go.” The two men headed out into the night to find the hospital.
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