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Family Duty

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Summary: High school graduation is here and Buffy calls someone to protect Joyce and Dawn. Their reaction is not what she expects, then again they aren't what she expects.

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Chapter 4

Back with another chapter still own nothing though.

As the various members of the X-Men arrived at the hospital they noticed that a helicopter was landing on the roof. “Hospital seems to have some fairly decent funding for only being a small town operation.” Logan noted to the others. “Fairly busy for a night time to.”

“That it does and is.” Hank said in agreement as Bobby handed him his trench coat and fedora. Along with his image inducer he would at least appear normal to anyone that was watching. Once he was ready they entered the building. The group quickly made their way into the room once they managed to get the room number. As they entered they were just in time to see a young dark haired man toss an older man across the room and into a window.

A pair of nurses joined them and they all turn to see that the older man was laughing and apparently uninjured. “Looks like someone’s been eating his spinach.” The older man taunted. He looked at the new arrivals to the room. No it’s all right. The shows not over, but there will be a short intermission.” The man smirked knowingly at the dark haired figure that was glaring at him. “Don’t want to miss the second act. All kinds of excitement.” He assured them.

“I’ll be there.” The dark haired figure said coolly.

“Sounds like an invitation to a fight to me.” Logan said as pushed himself towards the two men.

“Oh believe me, it has all sorts of invitations. Not that he’s got all that much of a chance of stopping me.” The man said good naturedly. “And just who are you people?” He asked as he eyed the group over.

“Well she is graduating tomorrow, and most people do want their family and family friends around for that.” Kitty said as she made the man focus on her instead of Logan. If Logan didn't like the guy he was likely to try and gut the guy. Considering they were trying to stay below the radar probably not a good thing.

“Hmm, well it should be an interesting time then.” The man said his eyes lighting up with excitement at hearing that they were family. “I’m sure that this will be the most unique graduation ceremony you’ll ever see. In fact I guarantee it.” He said before flashing a smile at the group before heading off to talk to the doctors.

“We need at least two units of blood in here!” Hank called out. “This girl needs a transfusion now.”

The doctor that had been talking to the man in the suit looked nervous as he approached the group. “We’re doing all we can, but you have to understand that she’s not our only victim tonight. We have another young girl that was brought in earlier and another on her way as well. The first girl got the majority of the blood.” He admitted while looking over at the mayor who nodded his head in approval. As if summoned, several EMT’s came rushing in with another patient on a bed.

“Dawn?” Hank said in shock as he turned to look at the girl that was lying on the bed. “What happened to her?” He demanded.

“We were attacked.” Rogue said as she came into the room. “Weird shaped figures shot the wheels out of a couple of eighteen wheelers that yer ex was trying to slip between. Ah flew down as fast as ah could only for them to jump me. By the time I got rid of all of em. They had her on the helicopter and were taking her back here.”

“But why here, why not LA you would have been closer?” A confused Hank questioned as he did the math in his head on the amount of time it would have taken since they had left and how far they had probably traveled.

“That’s none of your concern Hank.” A cold voice said, as Joyce Summer’s came limping into the hospital room. Her usually neat clothes rumpled and blood stained. “Now, I want you and your kind out of here.” She said pointing to the doorway with her finger.

“Joyce, despite your instance that I vacate my progenies current habitat, I appear to be the only medically trained professional that seems to give a damn about whether or not our offspring survive. So you can either cease and desist with your outcries for the moment, or I will have one of my kind as you so eloquently put it escort out.” Hank informed Joyce as he continued to examine the girls.

Joyce fumed angrily at the large man over her daughter’s bodies. She saw Angel was standing there watching everything with interest. “Angel, get him away from them now.” She commanded the vampire.

Angel looked at her in surprise. “You want my help?” He said somewhat incredulously as he recalled the last conversation that they had.

“Yes, now get him away from her.” Joyce ordered.

Angel looked conflicted at that. “Is he a doctor?” He finally asked.

“I assure you my pale complexioned friend I am.” Hank said as he worked on bandaging the various wounds the girls had. “We’ll need a unit and half’s worth of blood for Dawn and two units for Buffy.” He called out to one of the nurses.

“I told you we don’t have any more though.” The doctor that was paying them lip service explained. “We used it all up already. The next shipment won’t be here for 72 hours.”

“Yes, it’s hard to get your money’s worth when you try and leave before the show begins.” The man from before noted with a smirk, as he focused on the girl lying on the bed.

“Vacate them out of here.” Hank snapped at the doctor. “There’s no reason for them to be here unless the girl needs your aide and considering your as helpful as a rash it might be beneficial to us all if you were to have them relocate to another accommodation within this edifice.”

The doctor nodded and gestured for the nurses to move the comatose girl that the man had been hovering over. “Come Mr. Mayor, we’ll have her set up in her own private room.” The Doctor assured the man. The man nodded as he followed after the medical personal and the girl.

“I’m not getting in the way if he’s a doctor.” Angel told the furious Joyce who was still urging him to attack the group. “He’s also the only one that seems interested in helping them.” He pointed out to the woman.

“I’m telling you Angel he’s not human.” Joyce said in annoyance. “If he was I wouldn't have any problems with him helping her, but he’s a monster. I thought that you were supposed to protect Buffy from the various monsters.” She said, trying to guilt him into attacking the figure examining the slayer and her sister.

A low, long, and impressed whistle came out at that. “Wow Joyce, it’s nice to see that your tongue is still as acidic and manipulative as ever.” Bobby said as he walked over to the pair placing himself firmly between the patients and the hysterical woman and unknown figure.

“Drake.” Joyce spat out with disgust as she looked the brown haired man over with contempt. “What are you doing here?”

“I’m here to support Hank, where else would I be?” Bobby asked with a smirk. “I happen to take promises of always being there if he needs me a lot more seriously than other people do. I’m just a really cool friend like that.”

Angel looked the young man over and breathed in deeply catching the scent of the man. The man smelled of snow and popsicles actually. Angel’s senses continued cataloging the scents of the other members of the group in the room. Joyce smelled of hot chocolate, art supplies, and a hint of alcohol, Dawn smelled of a cross between evergreens and the everglades, Buffy smelled of bleach in a bottle, vampire ash, blood, and something he had never been able to figure out. The short man smelled of metal, grease, and the wilds, the girl smelled of fire, computers, and reptile, the man in a trench coat smelled of the swamps of Louisiana, explosives, and bars, the young woman reminded him of Mississippi and had a trace of pure air like you smelled high in the mountains, the large man hovering over Buffy and Dawn smelled of chemicals, fur, and had that same strange scent that Buffy had only stronger.

“You done getting our scents?” Logan questioned as he looked the young looking man in the eye as he got a grasp of his own scent. He smelled of decay, brimstone, and books. This guy was a lot more than he appeared. Not a mutant, but maybe a vampire. Of course if he was then he was an extremely strong one since he smelled a lot more potent than most of the other vampires that he had smelled before. There must be some extra magic surrounding him something that was strong and old. In some ways it was almost as strong as the Wendigo scent.

The mayor’s scent was also there and there wasn’t much to say other than it was a scent of power. Neither of them wanted to talk about how powerful the scent was figuring that they would deal with whatever it was later on.

“Careful Angel don’t let them near me or my children.” Joyce pleaded, as she steered the vampire between her and the other people in the room.

“Madame, I thought I voiced my want for you to discontinue with your decries of us while I saved the lives of our children.” Hank said in annoyance.

They were interrupted as Giles, Willow, Oz, and Xander entered the room to see the confrontation going on. “What is going on here?” Giles demanded eyeing the vampire that should be barely able to move standing between Joyce and several people that he didn’t know while Buffy and Dawn lay near comatose on their beds.

“Giles.” Joyce said in relief. “I need you to trust me in this, they’re all monsters not a single one of them is human.”

“Is this a fact?” Giles questioned darkly as he mentally tried to figure out what each of them might be.

“I don’t have time for this.” Hank said irritably at yet another interruption in his work. “Would you keep them all out of here while I attempt to save the lives of these two!” He said to his friends. “It’s bad enough that I don’t have the assistance of the medical staff here and I’m trying to save a pair of blood loss victims without any blood to put back into them. I don’t need overprotective but unhelpful interruptions either.”

The X-Men nodded and quickly began to herd the group out of the room so that Hank could get to work on saving the lives.

“I’m staying here.” Angel returned in a stiff tone. “As long as you’re trying to save them then we won’t have any problems.”

“Fine, but get the rest of them out of here.” An exasperated Hank ordered at the others who nodded. Once that was done they all heard the clicking sound as several locks were used sealing them away from their slayer.

“Rupert there has to be something that you can do.” Joyce pleaded as she looked at the group standing between the door that held her daughters and the monster that said he was trying to save them. She didn’t have a whole lot of belief that her daughter’s fling would be of much use. Even if she personally wished that they would kill each other off.

Xander moved forward and grabbed the girl and held a long rusty nail near her throat. “All right folks, I don’t know what’s going on, but I want answers and if I have to hurt this pretty and sexy girl to do it I will.” He promised them. “Considering the lack of good breasts, that would be a shame.”

The group of unknowns merely stared at him for a moment as if secretly amused by what he was saying. “Did he really just try and quote the Princess Bride while holding a hostage?” The woman asked, her green eyes sparkling in amusement.

“Dat he did Cherie, dat he did.” An amused Remy said, as he looked at the boy through his sunglasses.

Xander didn’t like what he was seeing and brought the nail closer to the girl’s throat. The boy never even saw the bored eye roll that the girl was throwing at becoming the hostage of the dark haired teen. As soon as the arm came closing in the girl stomped on his foot grabbed his arm and flipped him over her shoulder. Xander landed with a groan as the nail clattered to ground just out of his reach.

“Look on the bright side.” His former hostage said with a smirk. “At least you’re already at the hospital.”

“Get away from him you freak.” Joyce cried out from down the hall.

“How did McCoy ever marry this harpy?” Logan questioned curiously as he eyed Joyce over with disgust at her attitude. His temper on edge now, the boy was lucky he didn’t gut him for his attempt at hurting Kitty.

“She wasn’t always like that.” Bobby returned. “Before Hank became furry she was actually quite willing to learn and understand about what we were. After Hank’s problems though she seemed to change her mind, maybe she thought of it like a disease or something that he was managing to suppress.”

“The girl does speak truthfully though.” Xander said as he hauled himself up. “Is there a Doctor in the house?”

“Look, how about we all just wait and see what happens.” Kitty suggested. “We can play the introduction game, but then wait until they come out of there to decide just how it is that we each want to act.”

“Waiting is good.” Oz agreed from where he was standing and waiting.

The other members of the group looked unsure on what they should do. On the one hand none of them had tried to do anything, on the other hand though Joyce was urging them on stopping them. The teen’s eyes all drifted towards Giles hoping that he would have an answer to what they should do next. The Watcher frowned a bit as he considered all of the things that they knew. A part of him wanted to rush in there to help save Buffy from whatever things that Joyce was worried about. The fact was though the large man that was locked in there with the girls and Angel doing what he could to save them.

“We’re outnumbered and lack the weapons to push this Joyce.” Giles finally explained to the woman. “If you have any ideas I’d be glad to help you.”

Joyce nodded and looked at the door fretfully as if she was envisioning all sorts of terrors that the man could be bringing down upon her daughters.

“We just have to hope that Angel is capable and willing to protect them.” Giles said.

Xander snorted at that. “Not exactly filling me with lots of confidence there Giles. You and I both know what he had to take to get back up on his feet and since Faith is gone you know exactly where it is that he got his pick me up medicine.”

“I’m well aware of these things Xander, however I have no other choice at the moment.” Giles returned in a rather clipped tone. The stress of having his slayer on the operating table was starting to get to him. He was just glad that Buffy was unconscious, or she would probably be causing even more troubles. He wondered if things could get much worse.

Hank sighed as he finished patching up his offspring looking the pair over fondly. He knew it wasn’t enough, the both of them were still far, far too pale for his comfort. They needed blood and lots of it. The longer they went without the more likely that it was that they were going to die. He needed a way to get them some blood. He had one way that might work, but that method was likely to make them as cursed as he was. What right did he have to do that to his girls? On the other hand if he did nothing and they died how would he be able to live with himself? Then again he swore to do no harm and in some ways this could be considered harm. As a father though it was his duty to protect his girls in every way that he could manage and while he hadn’t done a great job of it lately. Saving their lives could be a start in the right direction. Then there was the fact that he was stealing their choice away from them, was he so desperate to have something connecting them that he was really willing to do that to them?

A transfusion was quickly becoming the only way that he could think of that would save them. The problem was though without the blood his blood was the only blood that was available for his girls. He wiped the hair out of their faces flinching slightly as he tried to imagine what they might look like if his blood did what he was afraid it might do. He shook his head as he was looking at Buffy’s hair and noticed something. While blonde was not her natural hair color neither was the color that he was seeing at the roots. “What is this?” Hank demanded of the only conscious person in the room.

Angel winced as he realized what the unknown doctor had in his hands. “It’s hair.” He tried evasively as he looked at the oddly tinted hair.

“Do not endeavor to play one as skilled in the arts and science as myself.” Hank admonished with a growl. “I’m conversing about the factoid that her root hair follicles are blue. Last that I examined, that is scarcely a natural hair coloring as the melanin rarely comes up with that unique coloration on its own. And yet, her roots appear to be doing precisely that.”

Angel glanced towards the door uncertainly for a moment before glaring at the man. “I don’t know what the problem is personally, but Buffy’s hair is naturally blue. Has been for a while now.” He admitted to the man.” Angel knew when it had turned blue, it had changed after the whole debacle with the Master. At first they had thought it was sewer slime or weird lighting from the Bronze. Then they had learned it was something very different though for some reason or other blue had become her natural hair color. The change in color had really scared her though Angel had recalled that Buffy had seemed very worried about what the change could mean and had sworn him to secrecy. He was fairly sure that Willow also knew about her odd hair color as well with what he had heard the redhead say from time to time. Fortunately for Buffy neither Giles nor Xander cared all that much about how girls cared for their hair and were clueless about the change. “This doesn’t leave the room alright?” Angel demanded of the man before him. “Buffy really doesn’t want her mom to find out about this for some reason. You owe her that much, considering your never around.” He added in.

“Intriguing,” the man said doing his best to ignore the dig about his role as an absentee father. A part of him really wanted to know just how this man knew his eldest daughter. The way that he cast caring and devoted looks towards her he could guess, but it wouldn’t hurt to know for certain just what he was to his daughter. He would also like to know who the older gentleman he had kicked out of the operating room was as well. He somehow doubted that his insistence on knowing all of these things would be very much appreciated at the time though. In some ways this man reminded him of both Logan and Scott, both wild and controlled all at the same time. The fact that the twenty something year old was dating his 18 year old daughter did want to make him squeeze the boy’s head inside of his own palm though. “What we’re the circumstances that stimulated this alteration?”

“She nearly drowned.” Angel said shortly. “Does this have anything to do with saving her life?”

“As Bilbo Baggins once said. [Yes, lots, and no none at all.]” Hank returned.

“But Bilbo was trying to protect his friends from the trolls.” Angel returned. “He merely admitted to them being there because he was scared, which makes me wonder what has you so scared?”

“At least you’re fittingly read.” Hank said grudgingly. “The number of individuals that would have comprehended that reference is actually abysmally small.”

“I make the time during the day.” Angel answered straight faced.

“A good life choice to make.” Hank returned. “As you said though, what does this have to do with saving her life? We’re going to have to do a transfusion to save them.” He told the boy. “What kind of blood do you have?” He asked hopefully.

“My bloods no good.” Angel returned, he hesitated a moment before explaining to the downcast man. “My blood is tainted or diseased, there’s no use asking me.”

Hank nodded as he considered that. He knew that Joyce didn’t have the same blood type and that there was no chance of getting enough useable blood from somewhere else in the time they had. He finally came to a decision and hoped that he wasn’t condemning his girls. “Then we will have to use mine. Do you have any medical training, or do you have problems at the sight of blood?” He questioned curiously.

Angel froze at that. “You could say I have a few problems.” He admitted to Buffy’s father.

“Then I need you to leave while I do this.” Hank informed him. “I don’t have the time to deal with your disquiet with plasma while I’m saving their lives.”

“Fair enough.” Angel said as he left the area that Hank and the girls were in and pulled a curtain to hide them from view. Once they were out of sight Angel took a seat and began to meditate. He didn’t want to know what his reaction may or may not be if Buffy’s blood scented the air. For that he needed to leave. However Joyce’s reaction to seeing the Doctor meant that he wasn’t willing to leave him completely alone either.

Once the pale man was gone Hank heaved a sigh of relief as the stiff upright posture that he had been using turned slightly hunched. He then flicked the image inducer on his wrist off to show his true form. Moving quickly he found the needles and iv’s that he would require. He really hoped that his healing factor could keep up with the demand that he was about to make of it. He hoped that he could pump enough blood into his two girls so that they could survive the night. The fact that there was a high chance that what he was going to do would trigger their mutancy was something he was well aware of. He was out of options though. It was either live or die for the girls. He placed a needle in either of his arms, along with a needle in one arm of each his girls. Now all he could was wait and see what happened. That and hope that no one came in to see him as he was now. He didn’t even want to consider what kind of reaction his true appearance might cause people.

Joyce scowled as she saw that Rupert and Buffy’s friends did nothing against the monsters that were sitting in the waiting room across from them while the creature that was her husband put his freakish hands on them. Oh she recognized each and every one of them for the freaks that they were. They might appear human to the naked eye, but she knew that each of them was as much of a creature as Hank was. It had taken his transformation to show her just what it was that he truly was. None of these freaks had any proper shame in what they had become. She wondered if she would be able to get a call out to her sponsor in the Friends Of Humanity and tell them that there were genuine monsters here. She hadn’t done so before because she had always been afraid that despite what Buffy did they might target her as a mutant. As something that hunted and killed monsters though Buffy had skills that made her valuable to the cause. She had encouraged Buffy in her path once she understood that her powers were not a byproduct of Hank and his kind. As a monster killer Buffy was doing her part. Maybe one of those giant machines that made a habit of catching mutants could be sent here. She walked off to get some coffee doing her best to ignore the watching eyes of the freaks.

“Dat dame, she be trouble non?” Remy questioned the others as he watched the woman through the corner of his eyes.

“I’m with the Cajun on this one.” Logan said his keen hunters eyes following after the woman. “She’s nothing but trouble waiting to happen.”

“Maybe, but she’s also the mother, and technically is the primary guardian of at least one of the girl’s.” Bobby reminded the others. “If she decides to cause trouble she could make a lot of it without much effort. Let’s at least try and keep her happy for the moment.” He reasoned with them.

The two mutants nodded their heads in acceptance even as they grimaced at the thought of having to spend time around the woman that would most likely not shed a single tear if they were to die in some way or other. The casual disrespect that they were treated with by regular humans was one that they were constantly faced with. It was one of the things that they hated the most about being X-Men, but it also seemed to be one of the things that they dealt with the most often as well.

So caught up in her thoughts Joyce was oblivious to the ones watching her. She stormed away in anger for a moment hoping that if anything were to happen that Giles or one of Buffy’s friends would do their best against Hank and his sort. Once she had rounded the corner she dug around in her purse for her phone and quickly dialed the number of her F.O.H lawyer contact. She had to try and get these things away from her children before they contaminated them.

The call started to put her at ease as once the lawyer was alert and talking he began to lay a plan down with her. Since Joyce was Dawn’s primary caregiver and Buffy’s emergency contact it was within her rights to refuse any care that her husband decided to offer. The fact that he had basically commandeered an entire ER made it all the better. He planned to call the hospital administrator as soon as he was done with her.

“And just what is your husband’s name Ms. Summer’s? There might be other things that we can use against him.”

Joyce wondered how Hank had managed to keep his name so secret during their divorce. Out of respect for who she thought he had been and a need to protect her children she had never volunteered the information. Now it might just help her protect them in a new way. She only hesitated for a moment before she gave up the name. “His name is Dr. Henry Hank McCoy. He’s supposedly a geneticist.” She stated as firmly as she could.

“What,” the lawyer demanded, “and he’s messing with human children?” Hank McCoy was one of the most well-known mutants along with Magneto, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch.

“Yes, I was young and foolish,” Joyce said tersely, “but all of the tests that we have show them to be the right sort.” She assured the lawyer. “I need help getting my girls away from him. What if he finds a way to change that?” She fretted to the lawyer.

“Don’t worry Ms. Summer’s, there will be a team ready to deal with this situation that you find yourself and your daughters in.” The lawyer assured the woman. “Hospital security will deal with him and any of his friends that are hanging around as well. If they don’t I’ll have the reason why, and if that doesn’t help I’ll have Mr. Creed send in some help. But make no mistake, we will help you and your children. “

“I’m glad that someone can help.” Joyce said in relief. “The only help I have here are a librarian and some other teenagers. They can’t do anything against Hank’s friends.”

“You say he brought friends, who did he bring with him?” The lawyer demanded.

“I only know one of them.” Joyce admitted. “His name is Robert Drake, there’s a girl around my eldest age, a woman with brown and white hair, a redheaded man with a French accent and a trench coat, and a short looking man.”

“Great, more of them. Be extremely careful Ms. Summer’s, they are all very dangerous. The short man and the one in a trench coat are possibly some of the most dangerous though.” The lawyer warned.

Joyce thanked the man and gave him whatever contact information she thought that he might need along with all of the hospital information. Once that was done the lawyer quickly began making calls to the hospital and other people that would find the case of interest. With this case they might even be able to put McCoy away for several years and no one could really argue that they were morally wrong. If Hank McCoy had truly endangered children like Ms. Summer’s was saying, then they could ride this one for a long way. At the very least have his medical license on suspension or revoked. The loss of one of their most educated minds would set the mutant rights back quiet a bit.

Unbeknownst to the man who was sending and requesting files a computer Trojan that had been sitting quietly activated as the names and descriptions of various X-Men began moving through the system. The Trojan sent an alert to its creator even as it continued to copy every file that was related to the new case and sending them along.

An armored figure that was busy saw the results of a program he had placed several months ago become active and looked it over. He arched an eye as he saw what the sudden interest in the X-Men was. “So he has family does he, and they're located there of all places? This could prove interesting considering what that place is. Prepare a transport.” He told the figures waiting in the shadows. "We're heading for the hellmouth."

The End?

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