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Family Duty

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Summary: High school graduation is here and Buffy calls someone to protect Joyce and Dawn. Their reaction is not what she expects, then again they aren't what she expects.

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Marvel Universe > X-Men > Buffy-CenteredtexaswookieFR18410,73145515,1481 Sep 125 Dec 12No

Chapter One

This idea won't leave me alone and I think I'm already about a quarter to halfway through with it.

I own nothing of Marvel or BTVS universe. Each belongs to their respective owner.

FYI this story is probably not for Joyce fans as she will seem somewhat small minded in parts.

Buffy Summers bit her lip as she contemplated just what it was that she had to do. While having her family around on her special day was important, it wasn’t worth the pain and heartache that she would have if she were to lose her family if she wasn’t fast or strong enough to make her plan go through. That was why she had made a call for them for her graduation. She wanted all of her family as far away from her as possible. She didn’t want there to be any chance that any of her family was caught in the crossfire or used as bait in the coming fight.

The Mayor had already shown a willingness to use noncombatants like Willow as a hostage to get what he wanted. She really didn’t even want to think what he would do if he ever got his hands onto her family. Inside her head she had flashes of herself being forced to work alongside of Faith if he held her family. If she could manage it she would also arrange for all of her friends to be away as well. She just didn’t have the time to argue with her friends on whether or not they should take part in what was coming, and then there was the fact that as much as she wanted them all away from here she needed each of them to help her in the Graduation Battle. As Xander had already started calling it.

To keep her family safe though she would have to make a phone call that she really didn’t want to make. She sighed as she reached over and very reluctantly picked the phone off the cradle and dialed a number that she had memorized long ago even though she had never actually had need of it. She briefly wondered if the person that was supposed to be there at the other end would actually even bother to pick up, or if they would say that they were simply too busy to be bothered at the moment and that it would be better if they called some other time. A part of her hoped that they would be too busy. It was one person less that she would have to deal with on graduation day.

If it wasn’t for the fact that she wanted her mom and sister to be safe she wouldn’t have even bothered though. Still the person in question lived on the other side of the U.S, in New York even. At such a distance it might give them a slightly better than average chance of surviving if they were as far from the West Coast as possible. If they were on the East Coast where this person lived, then there was a good chance that they could find a way to get across the pond into tweed land if they needed to. She planned on having her mom take some of their reference books with her that would explain everything as bargaining chips. She kind of hoped that she was overreacting, but when it came to the safety of her mom and sister she wasn’t going to take a chance like that. She would rather be over prepared than unprepared.

She already knew that her mom wasn’t really going to like this part of her plan. If anything the woman was likely to raise the most objections over this one thing over everything else. This person was one of the few people that her mom actually made a point of avoiding because of how much she despised them. As if the mere mention of him brought bitter memories to her that she didn’t want to even consider. Buffy didn’t know what all had happened between the two but hoped that they could put it aside to keep Dawn safe. She had been stuck in the loony bin at the time, so she couldn’t really say what happened. All she knew was that for a while he had been over seeing some of her physical charts doing all sorts of tests as if he was looking for something particular in her charts. Something he was both hoping for and dreading. He even mentioned that he wanted his old mentor to see some things and possible come in for some therapy sessions.

Then without any warning at all he had suddenly disappeared for a few weeks before reappearing with some old high school friends of his. She never ever did get the story about where he had been while she had been stuck in the nut house. After that though, her mom had been rather controlling and he had pretty much agreed to whatever demands she made. It was almost as if he was scared that she would say something or other. Several times when it had looked like he had wanted to say something or other he had been stopped by her mom and returning to what he had been doing beforehand. Whatever it was that he had been she doubted it was all that important and was most likely due to guilt that the man had acted the way that he had. A guilt that hadn’t really lasted all that long once she was in Sunnydale and he was heading back to his life.

So no matter how much she personally disliked the person, she would try and get them to do one of the few things that they should have done. She only hoped that her father was half the man that so many others seemed to think that he was. Besides, the entire family needed him more than they had ever needed him before. She only that just this once he wouldn’t let her down like had made a habit of doing in the past. She didn’t have time for his stupid nonsense she needed him to do what he was told for this part of their mission. He should be happy, he wouldn’t have to worry about the trouble making kid and might even outlive her at this rate. She straitened her shoulders as she finally heard the line connect. She needed to be strong for her family, if she survived this mess then she could break down.

“This is the Xavier Institute, Dr. McCoy speaking.” A well-educated voice answered from the other end.
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