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Well this is something new

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Summary: Xander has had a lot of stuff happen to him over the years but this was something new...what is Xander going to do with a Toddler? And what is poor Andrew getting into.

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Harry Potter > Xander-Centered > Theme: Real FamilyShinkanFR1532,7291338,0302 Sep 123 Sep 12No

Africa is no place for a toddler

Well this is Something New

A HP/Buffy the Vampire Slayer Crossover

Summary: Xander has had a lot of stuff happen to him over the years but this was something new...what is Xander going to do with a Toddler? And what is poor Andrew getting into.

Disclaimer, I do not own any of these Characters associated with the world of Hogwarts, they are the property J.K. Rowling. The others Characters associated with Sunnydale are the product Joss Whedon, And don’t worry I’m only playing with them… and the authors can have them back when I’m done…

AN: This May or May not be a one shot… I don’t know yet

Well this was something new not that he knew what to do about it.

Really what was he supposed to do?

For someone called “The One who Sees” Xander sure did not see this coming… His cousin Lilly's little boy Harry.
this kid could not be more than two years old. More importantly what was he going to do with a toddler in Africa?

Poor Lilly, her and James dying the way they did… the entire thing was ridiculous. One note said that they died in an explosion, while the other said they were murdered by an evil wizard. To make it worse his other cousin Petunia, refused to take the boy.

He meet her once, thinking it would be awesome to meet relatives from his mom’s side… but no her husband and her where almost as bad as his parents.

Xander with a shudder thought about that disaster. One he really hoped he would never have to repeat.
About how Petunia knew where he worked well it was because her husband, He had asked about Xanders job, Only to say his job was a waste of time.
So that when Harry arrived at her house, In a basket, she immediately took him to the NWASC were she dropped Harry off with Andrew and left saying she would not raise a freak.

So here Xander stood, a 23 year old, one eyed, demon hunter, in Morocco.

Said Demon Hunter was glaring at Andrew while his slayer played and cued at his second cousin…

“You can’t be serious! I can’t take care of him, I’m out in the desert half the time, and the other half even, well I don’t know where I'll end up, but what I do know is those places are no place for a baby, what was Giles thinking sending him here.” Xander said

Andrew, looking really nervous said, “the letter that was with the Harry said he had to be with a blood relative to be safe.” Taking a big breath Andrew went on “Plus, Willow was there when the kid was dropped off and she said to get him to you as fast as possible and something about black magic.”

Xander let out a long sigh… “Black Magic this is just getting better did she say anything else like what Am I supposed to do with him? Plus I know nothing about kids let alone little ones.”

Andrew wished (not that he would say it out loud) he was somewhere else but since he had no choice Andrew told Xander “I’m sure Giles and Willow will think of something, but for now you are to stay at the school here in Morocco since this is where you have lived for the last couple years.”

Andrew wanted to pout “I also will be staying here to help you with Harry, according to Willow he has a Magical ability that is of the non-earth kind, I’m to help teach him so that he doesn’t blow stuff up.”

“Blow stuff up?” Xander looked over to Harry and his slayer, the kid was letting out all sorts of giggles. He gave Andrew another look “yeah that looks like a kid who can blow stuff up.”

Andrew really did pout this time, “Dawn made Harry lunch to try and get him to stop crying, something that she tries to calls food, well Harry did not like it at all and it blow up all over the ceiling, which I had to clean up.”

Xander rubbed his eye. “Guess I have no choice then, very well I supposed I should say welcome to Morocco Andrew and I hope you like it here.” Xander grinned “but I think we both know this is going to be rather difficult.”

That being said Xander walked over to Harry and the slayer Cheikh Lo.

“Hey there little guy, I’m your cousin Xander and I guess you’re staying here with me from now on.”
Harry looked up at Xander with a toothy grin and raised his arms.

So Xander picked him up, looking the kid in the face Xander saw clear green eyes, messy black hair and a lighting shaped scar.

Xander hugged Harry and said under his breath “Evil wizard huh, well if that evil wizard ever gets close to you again he won’t know what hit him.”

Xander smiled at Cheikh Lo

“After all this is only the start of a new beginning.”

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