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Adjustment Phase

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Scoobies & Stargates". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: When Willow joins the SGC, you might think they'd ease her in a little. But no, she's pushed into the deep end with an Atanik bracelet. And it's not until after that that things start getting really strange.

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Chapter Twenty-Three

Spike tried not to listen to the conversation Willow and the newly awakened Oz were having downstairs. He managed for all of thirty seconds - it was hardly his fault he had such keen hearing, why should he have to stick his fingers in his ears? And seeing as how it was daylight outside, he could hardly go anywhere, at least without a covering of some sort. And, by the sounds of the conversation downstairs, it sounded as though Red and Wolf-boy were heading over to see SG-1, so Spike could hardly go and visit Sam. Not that he'd be able to do much, seeing as how it was still daylight. Couldn't the sun just set already? He knew that it had only just come up, but still...

Giles was still asleep, Spike could hear him snoring - in fact, he was mildly surprised that everyone couldn't, even the people next door. He guessed Ethan hadn't called him Ripper for nothing, the man sounded like a chainsaw - which meant that Spike couldn't even bait Giles, which was a damned shame. But, Spike thought when he heard the door close at least he could go downstairs now without fear of interrupting anything, and fix himself a nice cup of blood. He hoped Giles still had some, Spike had taken to ahem *buying* ahem it fresh from the hospital recently, since he'd gotten some of his freedom back, at least. Although Giles, if he had any blood at all, would most likely have only pig's blood, and he was no Angel, who avoided human blood like the plague.

Anyway, Spike was procrastinating - although what he was putting off was a matter of some debate, seeing as how he didn't actually have anything to do.

Spike wondered how long it would be before it would be deemed acceptable to visit Sam. Then he wondered why he seemed to be reverting back to the lovesick wimp he had been when he was still human. He supposed the lack of killing and maiming was getting to him, he hadn't not killed something for this long since - well, ever. He'd always been bloodthirsty.


Spike lasted two hours before he became so bored that he thought going outside and setting himself on fire might be a better option than staying in the house for a moment longer. During that time, he drank a cup of stale pigs blood, watched the static on Giles' ancient television for half an hour, practiced with Giles' admittedly fine collection of weapons, which resulted in Spike nearly destroying one of Giles' tables before realizing that he didn't really care whether he destroyed it or not. The resulting crash had resulted in a dressing-gown clad Giles (a sight which Spike hoped never to see again) coming down the stairs and narrowly missing Spike with a crossbow, which resulted in an enormous argument - which, Spike had to admit, he'd rather enjoyed - and then spent some time playing Patience, which was something that he had never had.

Given the extreme nature of his boredom, Spike decided that he'd grab one of Giles' blankets - whether Giles approved or not - and run across to Willow's house, sunlight be damned. Although what exactly he would do there, he hadn't the faintest of ideas. But that was all part of the fun, and besides, it had to be better than here. So he grabbed a blanket - evoking an annoyed cry from Giles - and ran out down the street.

Spike made it to Willow's house in record time, loudly thumping on the front door as though the hounds of hell were after him - ah, that had been an exciting weekend, Spike remembered nostalgically - and the door was opened by a surprised looking Jack. Spike rushed inside (seeing as how Willow's parents spent enough time away that the house couldn't, mystically speaking, be called theirs at the moment, and what with Willow living elsewhere now, and SG-1 being just guests, Spike didn't need an invitation).

"Spike, what's the emergency?" Jack said tensely.

"What? Oh, nothing. I was just mind-numbingly bored." said Spike conversationally, unwrapping the blanket from around his head and massaging his slightly toasted fingers. They'd heal soon enough.

Jack laughed, the tension melting from him. He thought he might get to like Spike, he seemed a man after his own heart. Even though he was vampire. But then, seeing as how one of his closest friends was an alien - one of a species that was for the most part hostile towards him, what's more - Jack was fairly sure that species wasn't as important as one might think. "Did Giles try to lecture you on, I don't know, the cultural history of some demon race or other? Because, if that kind of thing bores you, then you should know that Daniel will probably do the same thing sooner or later. Except about aliens, not demons."

"Well, I don't think Willow minds." Spike said, not really thinking about what he was saying. He was listening. He could hear the heartbeat of the man in front of him, then an exceedingly odd sound that was probably the alien, and two other hearts, one on this floor and one pretty much above his head. Good, Oz and Willow and left, and Sam was still here. Not that Spike though she would go anywhere.

Jack smiled broadly, thinking that he had yet to tease Daniel about his and Willow's kiss. He should probably rectify that, as soon and as often as possible. "Say, d'you want to come through here? I've got an archaeologist that's just begging to be teased." he said enticingly.

Spike came back to himself. Was this human really being friendly? Why? Spike supposed it was because Jack didn't know any better - if he knew the kind of things he had done in his life, he was fairly sure that Jack wouldn't be nearly so friendly. "No, perhaps another time. I was actually here to see Sam."

Spike was intrigued to see Jack instantly go stone-faced. He wondered what he had said, when suddenly he realised. He probably should've seen it before. Oh well, there was nothing he could do about the Jack-Sam dynamic, especially seeing as how it didn't seem to be going anywhere. "Upstairs." said Jack shortly, before heading into the kitchen without another word. Suddenly, he didn't feel like baiting Daniel so much now.

Spike watched him go, then shrugged and went upstairs.


"Jack, what's wrong?" asked Daniel as soon as his friend walked into the room, face thunderous.

Jack grimaced. Why did Daniel have to pick today of all days to be observant? Normally he couldn't see what was right under his nose, even with his glasses on. "Nothing."

Teal'c raised an eyebrow. "If nothing were wrong, your face would not look like a Ha'tak preparing to fire." Daniel glanced at his friend in amusement, although he supposed it was only to be expected that a Jaffa would use different similes than a human.

"Nothing's wrong. Although I thank you for likening my face to a spaceship." Jack said drily, taking a swig of water and wishing there was something stronger in this house.

"Jack, we know you well enough to be able to tell that something is wrong. If you won't tell us what it is, we will keep pestering you until you tell us, because I know that you'd do the same for me." said Daniel compassionately. Teal'c, despite not moving, seemed to radiate agreement.

Jack smiled weakly. He knew Daniel would, and he'd bring it up at the most inopportune times. Come to think about it, he'd probably bring Sam in on it too, and that he really couldn't have. Which, unfortunately, meant that he would have to tell them something. "If I tell you, you have to promise that it does not leave this room." he said forcefully. Teal'c and Daniel both nodded. Jack sighed, and said "I've just received information that my hockey team is going to lose its next match."

"Liar." said both Daniel and Teal'c simultaneously.

"Well, it was worth a try." Jack muttered. "It's about Sam."

"She turn you down?" asked Daniel, then immediately regretted doing so as Jack jerked as though an electric current had just passed through him - which, to be fair, is what it felt like.

"What!" Jack exclaimed. "You... you knew?" he stammered incoherently, and not entirely sure of what he was accusing them of knowing.

"Yes." said Daniel, going for a complete affirmation. "For some time now."

"I only found out a few days ago." Jack mumbled.

Daniel turned to Teal'c. "See, I told you neither of them knew! Now I get to choose our next film on movie night!" Daniel said triumphantly.

Jack somehow managed to pull himself together. "How long have you known?" he forced himself to ask.

"Since Major Carter amorously assaulted you when you briefly became cavemen." Teal'c answered. Daniel snorted with laughter at Teal'c's description.

"How did you know about that?" Jack asked calmly. He was rather beyond being surprised now.

Daniel coughed delicately. "Umm... you weren't alone in the room at the time."

"Oh. I didn't notice." mumbled Jack.

"I'm not surprised you didn't, what with Sam throwing herself at you and all." said Daniel, grinning broadly.

"Oh." said Jack. What else could he say to that? Then the situation finally got to him, and he burst out laughing. Somewhat sheepishly, Daniel followed suit, and in an uncharacteristic display of emotion, Teal'c raised both eyebrows.


Sam sat in an armchair in one of the upstairs bedrooms, looking at the play of light and shadows on the ceiling. She hadn't slept well the night before, and the exceptionally awkward breakfast hadn't helped with that. But she wasn't entirely sure why her night had been so bad, nor why she felt the need to be alone in this room staring trancelike at the ceiling. If she had had to guess, Sam would say it was because she was unused to having free time - even when she wasn't on a mission, Sam was always in the lab or examining a piece of alien technology or doing something, at the very least.

She had to decide when to go to the Airforce Academy for her lecture tomorrow, too. Part of her wanted to take the plane and fly there now, simply for something to do, but an equal part didn't. Sam just felt melancholy, and she didn't know why.

Someone knocked on the door, and Sam wearily got up and opened it. She was fairly surprised to see Spike there. "Come in, come in." she said, gesturing. She went and sat back in her armchair, whereas Spike, because there were no other chairs, found himself perching uncomfortably on the edge of the bed.

"So, how're you doing?" asked Spike, for want of anything more interesting to say.

"I'm alright, a little tired maybe, but alright. You?"

"Can't complain, can't complain. Would you like to go to dinner with me tonight?" Spike blurted out, entirely without meaning to. Then he thanked any deities, benign or otherwise, that he couldn't blush, because otherwise he probably would've set something on fire. Probably himself.

Sam bit her lip to keep herself from laughing at Spike's expression. "Do you eat? Normal food, I mean?" she said, carefully not answering the question.

"I can, it just doesn't taste - well, of anything much. And you didn't answer my question." Spike said, slipping from near crippling embarrassment to indignant.

"No, I didn't. And yes, I would like to." said Sam, to her own surprise. Then she smiled.

Spike was not only shocked that she had said yes, but terrified. He'd never had to do anything like this before! "Great." he mumbled, rushing out of the room.

Sam waited until she heard the front door close before bursting out into a fit of giggles, echoed by the roaring laughter of the boys downstairs.
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