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Adjustment Phase

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Scoobies & Stargates". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: When Willow joins the SGC, you might think they'd ease her in a little. But no, she's pushed into the deep end with an Atanik bracelet. And it's not until after that that things start getting really strange.

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Chapter Thirty-Seven

Willow was mildly surprised when she found herself waking up in her own bed, fully dressed. She couldn't remember the last time that that had happened to her. No matter how tired she was after going out on a patrol, -and given that Willow didn't have the Slayer ability to get by with more or less no sleep, she was usually exhausted - she always managed to take her clothes off before collapsing into bed.

So, this strange event naturally led Willow to wonder exactly what it was that she'd been doing last night.

For a frightening moment, Willow couldn't remember. But it soon came back to her. Drusilla had toppled a bookcase on her, and she was in hospital.

Willow frowned, her eyes still closed. No, that wasn't it. That had happened years ago. Besides, she would be in hospital rather than her own bed, which she was certain she was in.

Then Willow remembered the savage joy she'd felt at the violence and mayhem she had caused while wearing the Atanik armbands. Had she lost control and had to be knocked out?

That wasn't it, either, although it was closer. Ah, Willow had it! She must've overtaxed herself magically when she had stopped those soldiers in the Initiative from shooting Spike again. Willow realised that she really need to dial back on the magic, if she wanted to stop that from happening again.

Finally, Willow, being satisfied that she remembered what had happened, opened her eyes. First of all, she noticed that she was correct, and she was indeed in her room. Judging by the sunlight sneaking it's way around the edge of the curtains, it was still morning, a hypothesis borne out by the alarm clock on Willow's bedside table, which read 10:04.

Then Willow noticed Daniel asleep on a chair next to her bed. Which explained why she was in bed with her clothes still on. Willow smiled to herself as she realised that he must've carried her here while she was unconscious.

Willow got up quietly, so as not to disturb Daniel. She suspected that he had had considerably less sleep than she had had, and he deserved some.

Besides, Willow thought, he looked so cute when he was asleep and he was still wearing glasses.


Meanwhile, in Giles' house, Spike found himself in a similar situation. That is, he found himself waking up while still in his clothes. However, Spike hadn't tired himself out magically, like Willow, and if a vampire didn't manage to go from asleep to awake more or less instantly, he would become a deader-than-usual vampire. As such, Spike knew exactly what had happened to him the previous night.

In fact, Spike remembered everything that had happened last night. Including the look on Sam's face when he had taken those shots. He'd been too far away to hear her cry out, and even vampiric hearing wouldn't have helped him over the din he was making, but still, that face clearly showed that Sam cared for him.

Spike smirked, then stretched luxuriously as he got up. He really hoped that Giles still had some blood left over, even if it was animal. Spike didn't think he could face a run down to his newfound crypt to get his own blood, especially given the daylight outside.

Nevertheless, Spike was surprised to find Sam sitting curled up in one of Giles' armchairs, fast asleep. Spike wondered how she had managed to bend that much - she must have the spine of a cat.

Still, Spike was sure that Sam had taken one of Giles' spare rooms. He felt oddly happy to see that she was down here. Down here with him, that is.

Spike left her to sleep as he headed for the fridge. Sam looked so peaceful.


Meanwhile, Riley was also waking up with his clothes on. However, given that he'd been in a drug-addled stupor when the Scoobies had rescued him - Riley's doctors had thought it best that he not feel the pain of his stab wound, and they were also giving him drugs to help him through his withdrawal from the drugs Walsh had been giving him. He just hoped that they weren't giving him more of the same drugs - he had no idea where he was, or why.

However, unlike both Sam and Daniel, Buffy needed barely any sleep. She'd spent most of the morning hovering around Riley's bedside - something that she was proud of doing, given how difficult she found it to wait around graveyards, which was basically her job. Slayers weren't meant to sit still.

So Buffy was more than somewhat offended when Riley opened his eyes with a look of unreasoning terror that only grew when he saw her sitting there. What was wrong with him?

"You've got to take me back!" Riley exclaimed, his words tumbling over each other in his haste to get them out.

"Why?" asked Buffy, somewhat more coldly than she had intended. She would've thought that Riley would be grateful to be removed from a place where he had been stabbed and pumped full of drugs against his knowledge.

Riley couldn't explain why. Not that he didn't want to. He just couldn't. He wanted to tell Buffy that Adam would come for him, that Buffy would get hurt and he wouldn't be able to live with himself if she was. But the words simply wouldn't form in Riley's mouth.

Riley was never entirely sure whether it was himself or Adam that spoke next. "Just do it, woman!" Riley shouted.

Buffy looked murderous, but she quickly calmed down. After all, Riley had been through a lot recently, and one could easily call him not in his right mind.

So Buffy settled down and explained the plan to him. Riley would've stopped her, or somehow not listened, had he been able to do so, but Adam was in control.

And, in his base, Adam laughed at the foolish plan. It would never work.


Willow was in the shower when she heard Daniel call out her name in an anxious tone. She had hoped that she'd manage to finish the shower before Daniel woke up. Willow felt that she really needed one.

So Willow sighed, turned off the shower so that her voice wouldn't need to compete with the sound of running water, and called out "I'm in the shower, I'll be just a minute!" and turned the water back on before Daniel could answer.

Which was just as well, given that if Willow had had to wait for Daniel to give an answer, it would've been a long wait. He was too busy blushing at the idea of Willow in the shower. For some reason, he couldn't get the image out of his head.

So Daniel was ludicrously relieved when the doorbell rang. As pleasant as the idea of Willow in the shower was, it was really inappropriate for him to be dwelling on it. He just hoped that whoever it was at the door would be sufficiently distracting.

As it turned out, it was. Jack was back.


Sam woke up largely because of the pain that was developing in her back. She really hadn't meant to fall asleep in Giles' chair, let alone curl up into a little ball on it. It really wasn't any good for her back to do that.

So Sam got up and stretched, arching her arms back over her head as she curved her spine inward.

In the middle of the stretch, Sam noticed Spike looking at her with a somewhat amused expression on his face and a mug of blood in his hand. Sam flushed slightly as she realised what she must look like, so she quickly stood normally. She could've sworn that, just for a moment, Spike looked disappointed.

Spike, noticing Sam's embarrassment, gestured to the table in front of him on which he had prepared a pot of tea. "Would you like a cup?" he asked solicitously.

Sam, for a brief moment, thought Spike meant something completely different and blushed bright crimson before realizing what he actually meant. Spike raised an eyebrow as he wondered what had made Sam blush so much, then shrugged.

Sam answered after a moment. "No, no thanks. I'm more of a coffee person."

Spike looked at her in mock outrage. "Coffee? You heathen!" he spluttered. Sam laughed.

Then Daniel, Teal'c and Willow walked into the room.

And Jack.


"Jack." said Daniel, somewhat surprised. It hadn't even crossed his mind that Jack would be coming back.

"Got it in one." said Jack dryly.

"How was your trip?" asked Daniel.

"I'd say that it was long, but that would be passing up a perfect opportunity to say that it was very long. Hi, Teal'c." he said, as Teal'c appeared at Daniel's shoulder.

"Good morning, Colonel O'Neill. I made omelettes." said Teal'c.

"Are you offering some to me or merely stating their existence?" said Jack uncertainly. He could never quite tell with Teal'c.

"I'm offering them to you." said Teal'c, with a nod.

Jack grinned widely. "In that case, I'd love an omelette, T." he said, heading into the kitchen.

"Where's everyone else?" asked Jack as he heaped omelette onto a plate.

"Sam's at Giles', as is Spike. Buffy's at home with Riley, and Willow's in the shower." Daniel supplied, as he too got himself some food. He hadn't realised he was hungry until he'd smelt it, but now he was ravenous.

"How do you know that Willow's in the shower?" Jack asked, careful to keep his tone bland. If he let on to Daniel that he was going to tease him, the archaeologist would clam up and Jack would have no fun.

"She told me." Daniel said innocently.

"I'm surprised at you, Danny." said Jack. This time, he didn't manage to keep all the amusement out of his voice.

Daniel looked at him suspiciously. "Why?"

"I'm surprised you're not there with her." said Jack, then burst out laughing as Daniel spewed omelette clear across the room and did a very creditable impression of a tomato.


It was about an hour later, after Daniel had caught Jack up on events, Willow had emerged (although she didn't understand why Daniel seemed to be unable to meet her eyes, or why Jack was grinning a grin that would make the Cheshire Cat envious) and they'd all eaten breakfast that the group decided to walk over to Giles' house.

Jack's heart sank into his boots when he heard Sam laughing with Spike, and it was no consolation to him whatsoever that Sam felt pretty much the same when she saw him standing in the room.
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