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Adjustment Phase

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Scoobies & Stargates". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: When Willow joins the SGC, you might think they'd ease her in a little. But no, she's pushed into the deep end with an Atanik bracelet. And it's not until after that that things start getting really strange.

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NOTE: This chapter is rated FR15

Chapter Five

The time it took between being seated and a waitress to appear could only have been a couple of minutes at best, but to the group it seemed like hours. Evidently, as their metabolism speeded up, their perception of time slowed down. That would be why moving so quickly a normal human would see only a blur was normal to them.

After ordering several steaks (each) Sam, not wanting to have to sit still and wait for the food to arrive, commented "Look, the pool table's free. We could play doubles?"

"Sure." said Jack.

"Willow's on my team." Daniel said, before anyone else can. Willow beamed, and the quartet move over to the table.

"D'you want to break?" Daniel and Jack asked at exactly the same time, then laughed. "Coin toss?" Daniel suggested as a compromise.

Jack rummaged around for a coin, flicking it high into the air - he'd been careful not to put too much force behind it in case it went through the ceiling, but it still went pretty high.

Willow and Sam watched the coin as it comes tumbling down, to be deftly snatched out of the air by Jack. The two women, having kept a close eye on the coin, had rapidly calculated the outcome. They both tried to call "Heads!" but Sam got there just slightly before Willow, meaning she and Jack got to break.

Sam, who even without powers granted by alien technology, always tried to calculate the exact angle and force to hit the ball. Of course, being only human, it normally didn't work out that well, and she generally lost to Jack or Daniel, the more experienced players. She could normally beat Teal'c though, when he deigned to play.

However, now Sam was a little more than merely human. With a perfect shot, she knocked a red ball of the corner right into a pocket. She passed the cue to Jack (normally it would be her go again, but where would the fun be if she potted every ball?)

Jack almost negligently hit the ball, but Willow, seeing the way the game was going to go, decided to help her team along a bit. Just as another ball was streaking towards a pocket, she focused briefly, increasing the mass of the ball for a second to slow it down enough so it wouldn't reach the pocket.

Jack snorted in amazement - he could've made that shot even without the armbands - but doesn't suspect Willow of cheating, so Daniel lined up his shot.

Before he could take it, though, a couple of heavily muscled men appear behind him, one of them tapping him on the shoulder. The other three look around to find themselves similarly surrounded.

The man who tapped Daniel said "Hey, why don't you and your friend push off, and let us have a game with the pretty ladies?" in a voice laden with menace. Daniel smirked wolfishly - it looked like there was going to be more action before dinner than he could've hoped for.

However, he decides to ignore the man - starting a fight was never his style - and calmly chips a ball into a pocket. The thugs' spokesman, though, wasn't going to be having any of that.

He and his crony haul on Daniel's arms, but he doesn't budge. In frustration, one of them lets loose a punch at Daniel's face. Daniel, in a blur, whips up to catch the other man's hand and the sound of breaking bones echo throughout the now-silent bar.

Then the fun began in earnest. Jack stepped on the feet of one, then pushes him backwards, hard. The twin cracks of breaking ankles were drowned by the howls of agony.

Sam stabbed her fingers into the throat of a man, whipping a knee up into his groin and then smashing him on the head as he doubles over.

Daniel picked up the whimpering body of the man whose hand he just crushed to a pulp and threw him bodily at the second man, sending them crashing right through a couple of tables.

Willow, though, decided to forgo the physical approach, and merely sets the pair of men flanking her on fire, although she immediately regretted doing so when the stench of burning flesh spread across the bar.

All in all, despite only lasting a minute or so - the four tried to stretch it out as long as they could, but even that wasn't long - it was a decidedly satisfying fight.

Which really didn't explain why they felt so guilty about maiming - and, in a few cases, killing - their antagonists.

But Willow had a cure for that. She focused, pulling in energy from everywhere she could - even enhanced as she was, she would need a colossal amount of energy to fuel this spell.

She drew in enough energy that she felt she might burst, and then hurled herself backwards - not physically, but through time - pulling her three friends along with her.

A couple of minutes before the fight, the lights flared, then went out. A wave of drowsiness struck everyone in the vicinity. The drinks behind the bar froze as the temperature dropped. But none of that mattered much, because no one had been hurt, or died - save in the memory of four people.

"Okay." said Jack, thoughtfully. "I think we'd best get back to base before we hurt some other people." The others, subdued, nodded, and dashed back. Hopefully no one would notice they'd gone.

Willow went a little more slowly than the others. She wanted time to think. Whilst the others had felt no compunction about hurting those thugs, the deaths they'd caused had been accidental. But hers hadn't, she'd gone straight to killing.

The worst bit was, in that split moment, before she'd realised what she'd done, she had enjoyed it.

It was a horrible thought, and one which Willow didn't want to think. So she didn't.

Interestingly enough, the moment Willow decided to dwell on other, lighter matters, she noticed a strange sensation - she'd been having it for several minutes, now, but she'd just been tuning it out.

She felt there was somewhere she had to be, and a slight edge of panic in case she didn't make it there in time. Fortunately, Willow thought as she changed direction, unnoticed by the rest of the group, being slow wasn't much of a problem. And anyway, if she went, she might find out why she was feeling this way.

A darker part of her, that she struggled to repress, thought that maybe she'd be able to hurt something.

It was only a matter of moments before Willow arrived at the place she felt she had to be, and she saw why. A trio, of large, slavering demons, which looked suspiciously like heavily armoured, flaming T-Rexs, were advancing down a narrow alley way towards a woman hiding in the shadows.

So, it seemed that Willow couldn't set them on fire - they already were - so she tried summoning water instead, but it flashed to steam several feet above the Godzilla demons (a good a name as any). Willow tried a binding spell, but it just glanced off them. So, immune to magic, then. Well, Willow could do physical (and a part of her was raring to have a go).

One of the Godzillas had noticed Willow by now, and turned around and charged at her with a surprising turn of speed. Willow surprised herself by doing a Buffy-esque vault over its head, landing on the thing's back (and getting mildly burned before she remembered to magically immunize herself against flames).

She hauled back on the creature’s neck, discovering to her amazement that the thing could be steered like a horse. Willow sent it crashing into one of the others, who in turn thought the other Godzilla had done it, causing them to turn on each other.

Unfortunately, Willow then pulled too hard on the creature’s neck, breaking it. Her fiery Godzilla died, vanishing into a burst of flame, and Willow found it even harder to repress the burst of exultation she felt at the kill.

But anyway, she was bored now. These creatures weren't enough of a challenge. It was the work of seconds to kill the remaining two, and the satisfaction she felt upon doing so knew no bounds.

A slow clap came from behind her, and Willow realised she had forgotten all about the Godzillas prey. Suddenly, she knew who she'd see if she turned around.

She turned around, and her hunch was right. It was Drusilla.
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