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Adjustment Phase

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Scoobies & Stargates". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: When Willow joins the SGC, you might think they'd ease her in a little. But no, she's pushed into the deep end with an Atanik bracelet. And it's not until after that that things start getting really strange.

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Chapter Six

To say Willow and Drusilla didn't get on would be a colossal understatement. Last time they'd met, Drusilla had been hypnotized by an Ancient, starting a chain of events that had led to Willow nearly being tortured to death. Before that, Drusilla had left Willow in a coma.

A day or so earlier, before she'd put on the Atanik armband, Willow would've run away as fast as she could. A minute or so earlier, before she'd sated the lust for violence (that she refused to believe she had), Willow would've wiped Drusilla of the face of the planet.

Now, though, Willow wanted to know why the vampire was here, and, if possible, why she had felt Drusilla's need for help calling to her.

Although, perhaps it might help if she had the faintest idea of what to say.

"Silence is falling, softly as snow, silently screaming in Sunnydale." Drusilla murmured, nonsensically.

Willow thought asking "What're you doing here?" might be a good start.

"The Sky-man brought me here. Don't you remember? You were there, and I was there, and other people were there. Then they let me go. But I didn't know where to go, so I stayed." Drusilla answered, for once making some sense.

"Why don't you go back to Sunnydale? Spike's there." Willow said.

"Don't you listen, little darkling one? Listen to what you can't hear. William's not mine. Danger, danger, in the dark, blood red darkening to black." replies Drusilla, although all that Willow can gather from that is that Drusilla didn't want to go back.

"Angel's in Los Angeles, you could go there." Willow suggested.

"Daddy!" Drusilla yelped, clapping excitedly.

An idea popped fully formed into Willow's head. She walked over to the vampire (and was interested to see that Drusilla shrank away from her slightly, trying to hide in the darkness. However, it seemed as though the armbands dramatically increased her night vision) and said "Let me help you get there." then Willow put a hand on Drusilla's arm, and teleported her.

Well, not just teleporting. Feeling the magic roiling inside her, Willow couldn't help but add a modicum of revenge. Drusilla would arrive something... more. She'd be more use to Angel like that anyway.

Anyway, she'd better get back to the base, the others must've missed her by now.


Meanwhile, Sam, Jack and Daniel had gathered in Jack's room - it was the least cluttered of the group's - and were discussing what to do. They felt, reasonably enough, that they couldn't stay here, there was too great a risk of them accidentally hurting someone, and maybe next time, Willow wouldn't be able to make it so that it never happened. Speaking of which, they didn't know where she had gotten to, although, for some reason, Sam felt sure she was fine (and not accidentally killing people).

Unsurprisingly, Willow chose that moment to come zipping into the room. She looked different from the nervous girl she'd been just this morning - not just her lightly charred clothes, which they assumed she'd gotten setting those guys on fire - but she stood straighter, seemed more assertive. Then there was the fact that the tips of her hair seemed to be going black - perhaps they were charred too? - and Daniel could've sworn her eyes were darker than they had been before.

Of course, Willow was unaware of this. She'd been thinking that the buzz she had gotten from killing the flaming Godzillas was wearing off, and she knew just where to go where she'd be justified in killing people. In fact, Anise had given them the perfect opportunity - and they could help the galaxy as a whole at the same time.

Willow quickly laid her plan out to the team. "Everyone, what do you say to going and destroying Apophis' prototype ship?" It was a simple enough plan.

Despite the fact that the team didn't share Willow's violent motive for going, they couldn't see any reason not to go along with it - besides, of course, that Hammond had expressly ordered them to stay in their quarters. But then, they'd already broken that order, and anyway, they'd done similar things to save the world before.

Besides, they were getting stir crazy. Sam, the fastest, was having trouble sitting still, and was fidgeting rapidly, fingers a blur. It didn't take long for her to agree to Willow's simple plan, and the rest quickly followed suit.

It took but seconds for everyone to get ready. Sam and Jack brought guns as well as the explosives they'd need to blow up the ship, whilst Daniel and Willow went unarmed - Willow, because magic was more effective than any gun, and Daniel because he'd never been entirely comfortable with them in the first place, and currently his hands were suitable weapons in any case.

Then Daniel, Jack and Willow went to the 'gateroom, whilst Sam went to the overlooking command room - knocking out the guards there as gently as she could - whilst she looked for the address Anise had given "Just in case." Once found, she started dialling the address, looking through the ship's schematics at the same time (Anise had provided everything. It looked more and more likely that the Tok'ra had planned the whole thing. Not that that bothered Sam, they'd have gone anyway, but it would've been nice to be told up front).

Sam realised they'd have to adjust their plan - such as it was. They couldn't go straight to the power source, it was too heavily armoured to blow up. Although Willow could probably magically do it, the ensuing explosion would likely incinerate them all.

The cooling system, on the other hand, looked like the perfect target.

Then they were out and through the gate, the whole operation taking so little time that they were gone before anyone had the chance to even react to the alarms their unscheduled 'gate activation set off.


Unbeknownst to the souped-up team, had they gone to see Hammond or Janet, they never would've left the planet at all.

Janet had spent some time examining the blood samples containing the virus, and, after several hours, something had caught her attention. The dead, inactive virus acted like a vaccine, and the immune system would eventually defeat it. The same would happen with the live version.

Which meant that the abilities it granted were only temporary. No doubt the Ataniks, under the effect of the armbands, had made a powerful enemy, and when their effect wore off they'd been too weak to defend themselves. Evidently the Ataniks hadn't found a way around the problem.

Of course, Janet had immediately gone to Hammond with this information, and they'd been discussing it at the very moment the alarms went off signalling SG-1's departure. Which meant they were off world, storming a heavily guarded base, with a judgement-impairing advantage that might wear off at any time.

Naturally, Hammond had gone to Teal'c upon learning this - the fourth member clearly had a right to know - and Teal'c had said "In that case, General Hammond, I believe that they will need my assistance."

"It's a suicide mission."

"I do not believe so. They may have enough time to plant their explosives, but they may not be able to get back. In which case, I must offer my assistance." said Teal'c, calmly. Technically, if Hammond didn't let Teal'c go, he could demand to return to Chulak and then go on from there. He would help his friends.

Hammond, having spent several years getting to know the stoic Jaffa, knew that Teal'c was determined to go. So he may as well let him. Of course, that was partly because Hammond sincerely hoped that Teal'c could help.
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