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Adjustment Phase

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Scoobies & Stargates". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: When Willow joins the SGC, you might think they'd ease her in a little. But no, she's pushed into the deep end with an Atanik bracelet. And it's not until after that that things start getting really strange.

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Chapter Seven

The superpowered quartet were through the 'gate in seconds, and had thoroughly trounced the Jaffa defending it mere seconds after that.

Willow was pleased that she hadn't felt the need to rip anyone to shreds or anything like that (although, of course, she didn't admit to ever wanting to have done so in the first place) and when the other three, after stopping outside the ship entrance to watch two Jaffa labouring to carry a block of something into the ship, they noticed that the black ends of her hair had vanished. Unfortunately, that didn't mean that Willow didn't retain some violent feelings.

"What's that?" asked Daniel, referring to heavy block the Jaffa were carrying.

"Weapons grade Naquadah" Sam replied, eyes filled with avarice despite her fidgeting - these armbands weren't entirely setback free - and went on to say "Just imagine how many generators we could power with that!"

Willow, having discerned from the context that Naquadah was some kind of power source, asked "How many?"

Even sped up, it would've taken Sam a couple of seconds to make the complicated calculation, and she gave up half way through. She knew that Willow would settle for "Lots" as an answer, and if she didn't, Jack certainly would.

Daniel, who wanted to stretch his legs after standing still for a minute or so, said "I'll get it. Anyone else want to come?"

Willow thought for a fraction of a second about agreeing, but then she wouldn't be able to see as much of the ship (which was why she hadn't just teleported in and out) and she also wanted to help explode something. Buffy had exploded a school, but she'd never do a spaceship!

None of these deliberations really mattered, because Daniel was already gone before she had a chance to answer.

"Well it looks like we're on our own." said Jack wryly.

They all ran, following the direction that Sam led them on until she suddenly stopped, and it took all Willow's and Jack's enhanced reflexes not to pile into her.

When Jack was sure he wasn't going to end up sandwiched between Willow and Sam (he cursed his treacherous mind for thinking that that might not be such an unpleasant experience) he asked "What's going on?"

Sam paused for several seconds, the wait seeming to last an eternity. "I think... we're lost." Willow chuckled at that - Giles disliked admitting to being lost too - until Sam gave her the look of death, at which she hastened to put on a solemn and innocent expression.

Jack, however, had no such compunctions, and his laughter rang throughout the corridor. Sam, not wishing to stay and be laughed at, moved slowly (compared to the speed she could move at while wearing the bracelet) and walked right into a force field. The shock of it made her sit down quite unexpectedly, and Jack laughed even harder, doubling up. Willow laughed too, but not as hard (it was funny, just nowhere near as much as the Colonel seemed to think it was).

Sam had tuned out the laughter, thinking that the information the Tok'ra spy had provided Anise hadn't mentioned any force fields. Not that it mattered, she thought as she took a few steps away from it. Running at her enhanced speed, she should be able to run right through the oscillating energy that the shield was composed of.

Her theory proved correct, and when she was on the other side, the laughter dried up. Sam, smiling radiantly, said "Hey, I think I know where we are." and ran on.

Jack and Willow ran after her, Willow asking how she'd just run through the shield, and thinking that the scientific version of a shield was vastly inferior to the magical when Sam had explained.

Then there was nothing more to be said, because they were at the cooling chamber, blue liquid, pulsing with light, being sucked upwards into the ceiling, out of sight. The trio took a moment to take in the sight, then planted the C4 with a five minute delay. Ten minutes after their detonation the ships core would overheat, the ensuing explosion destroying the surrounding countryside for miles.

They ran back, Sam taking great care to retrace her steps, so as not to be lost (as fast as they were, if they couldn't get out, they'd be exploded alongside the ship).

They were just about to go through the force field when they saw Daniel come running around the corner - in slow motion, or so it seemed. He saw them, waved excruciatingly slowly, and then keeled over backwards. As he hit the ground, his armband came off.

Needless to say, the trio were through the shield and by his side in no time. Well, Willow and Jack were, but Sam, just a second behind them, could feel herself slowing down as she ran at the shield, so much so that she couldn't make it through. She crashed heavily into it, then fell backwards from the impact, every bit as unconscious as Daniel. Unbeknownst to her, Sam's armband also dropped off.

Jack's head whipped around when he heard the noise of Sam hitting the ground - but slowly, too slowly. Even as he ran to catch her, he too gained full immunity to the virus the bracelets carried, dropping unconscious as he did so, his armband following those who'd gone before.

Willow didn't see any of this. She'd scooped Daniel up in her arms, and was panicking, running, running, and running back to the Stargate. She didn't know that she was leaving her friends behind, unconscious. Nor did she know that the C4 had detonated, leaving ten minutes before everything for miles around was destroyed.

It wasn't until, after what felt to her like years, but in reality was only seconds, that she arrived at the Stargate, and saw Teal'c emerge from it, staff weapon in hand, that she realised that her friends weren't right behind her, as she'd thought.

Her first thought was Got to get away, got to get away! but this was soon swamped by the thought Everything will be better if I kill something. However, the part of her that gave rise to the first thought was repulsed at that, and the rest of her, the parts that refused to contemplate abandoning her friends, thought I'd better go help them then.


Author’s note: okay, readers, I changed the situation with the force field a little. It's nothing major, it just seemed better this way to me.
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