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Dansende Ekorn og Andre Dumheter

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This story is No. 3 in the series "Blue Belle Universe". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: What goddesses do for exercise, what they do to pay the rent, and most importantly… what happens when a bunch of them get together to hang out.

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Marvel Universe > Avengers(Moderator)JoeHundredaireFR1835,7271238,2742 Sep 1214 Apr 13No

GameStop on Greenwich Street

December 12, 2011
GameStop on Greenwich Street
New York, New York

     Slowly making her way along the wall as she returned games to the shelves, Amber White kept one eye on the registers as she watched her best - albeit most unusual - employee ring up another customer. What did it mean when the store's token handicapped girl could outperform her able-bodied peers? Granted the company didn't ask much of the Game Associates: take products from customer, smile, make polite conversation, scan barcodes, poke buttons on register, try to sell the customer on a PowerUp Rewards Pro subscription, accept payment, make change if required, bag purchases, surrender bag to customer. And yet… the girl with a neurological condition that forced her to rely on forearm crutches when she wanted to walk more than a yard or so was able to do it all better than any other entry-level employee in the store. Was Courtney Gibbs that good? Or were the rest of her employees that pathetic?

     A grunt made Amber look over at where the current shift's third member was bent at the waist, plumber's cleavage on full display as he dragged a box across the carpeted floor rather than make a few trips to transfer its contents from the storeroom to the shelves. She shook her head; another point in favor of the latter theory.

     As Courtney's customer made their way out of the store, leaving it empty save for the three employees, Amber cleared her throat. "Court? If you want to go on break now, things should be pretty slow until Stuy lets out and everyone comes streaming in looking for stuff to put on their Christmas lists."

     "Cool. Just let me send my friend a text so she knows she can come pick me up." Leaning forward on the stool they kept behind the register for her use, Courtney pulled her phone out from under the counter and began tapping away on it. "You want anything while I'm out? Coffee? Tea? Juice? Giant bar of chocolate?"

Amora the Enchantress     Amber blew a raspberry in reply but before she could respond verbally, a yellowish-green ring of light appeared in the middle of the sales floor. When nothing else happened after a few seconds, she took a step forward… and then three steps back as the ring abruptly rose into the air. As it ascended toward the ceiling, a person was slowly revealed: first came knee-high black leather boots with white spats, followed by thigh-high green silk stockings with repeating gold embroidered circles up their faces, and then a thin strip of bare thigh. Going purely by the legs, Amber was willing to guess the new arrival was a woman, which was only reinforced as the ring continued upward to reveal a gold leather corset cinched around an emerald keyhole minidress with long, lighter green sleeves that left the woman's shoulders bare. Finally came a gorgeous, upturned face topped with golden blonde hair that was held back away from her eyes by a light green headband decorated by odd, fin-like protrusions. A foot after it cleared the woman's head, the yellowish-green ring fizzled out of existence and the new arrival sighed before relaxing and opening her eyes. After gawking at their unusual visitor for a few seconds, Amber forced a smile onto herself as her training reasserted itself. "Hi. Is there, uh, anything I can help you find today? Miss?"

     After running her brown eyes up and down Amber slowly, gaze lingering on her chest for a moment, the woman shook her head and turned away. "All that I sought, Amber, I now have, I trow." How did she… Amber glanced down. Oh. The woman had been reading her name tag, not ogling her. Duh. Nice change of pace, though, considering pretty much everyone else who came into her store tended to stare at her ti- "I thank thee nonetheless for thine offer of aid." And then, much to Amber's surprise, she made her way over to the counter and offered her hand to Courtney. "Shall we, m'lady?"

     "Sure thing, Amora. Because didn't you know one of my goals in life is to get fired because my friend's magic fried the cash register?" Batting at Amora's hand, Courtney made a shooing motion and waited until the blonde had backed away from the counter before easing herself off of the stool she was perched on. She quickly slid her left arm into its crutch, balancing expertly on it as she leaned down and tugged her oversized purse out from under the counter. After dumping her phone and name tag-bearing lanyard into it, she used her foot to nudge it back into hiding before slipping her right arm into the cuff of her other crutch. Nodding to Amber, she limped out from behind the counter and met Amora in the middle of the store. "So, is it just the two of us today? Or-"

     Shaking her head, Amora waited for the brunette to close within a foot of her before reaching out and wrapping an arm around the slim girl's shoulders, drawing her into a hug. "Some third part of an hour gone, the Mórrígan reached this spot. Whilst I awaited thy word, we spoke of divers things. E'en as we speak now, Aphrodite seeks leave from her tasks, and 'tis she will bring our food and drink. As for your pets, it minds me not to tell one from t'other, but I ween 'twas Göndul and Kára who followed me to Midgard this day…"

     Before Courtney could reply to that, a familiar ring of yellowish-green light appeared around their feet and whipped upward over their bodies. When it fizzled out in shower of sparks that slowly drifted down to the floor, they were gone. Amber stood there, staring at the spot in disbelief, before giving voice to the sole thought running through her mind at the moment. "…what the fuck just happened?"

     Much to Amber's surprise, she actually received an answer to her rhetorical question. "Divine hottie teleported in. Courtney gimped over to her. Divine hottie teleported away. Did I mention she was hot?" Bringing her hands up to her chest, Alexis Campbell pantomimed the size of Amora's… gifts. "Oh my goodness, that woman had the most perfect body. I almost threw my panties at her. And the keys to my apartment."

     "I'd ask if that really works, but considering you get laid a lot more often than me? I think we already know the answer to that." Amber brought her hand up, scratching her middle finger against her cheek as Lexi laughed at her, before wandering over to the counter to pick up the next stack of games she had to reshelve. "Oh, and can we not say 'gimp'? It's politically incorrect. Courtney limps." She momentarily considered chastising Lexi for the second half of her comments, but opted not to because… well, she doubted Mark was offended, she certainly wasn't, and it wasn't like there were any customers around to hear their conversation and get offended. Although… "Mine are better."

     Pushing off the doorframe, Lexi chuckled as she made her way over to the registers, setting her purse and Batwoman iPad holder down between them before turning around and leaning back against the counter. "I dunno about that. Sure, yours are amazing. But those? Those were like… well, god-like." Amber let out a huff at that; somebody was only getting a quarter for their annual raise. "Seriously, though, Courtney keeps some interesting company. Did not see that one coming."

     Amber quirked a brow at that, pausing and looking back over her shoulder at Lexi. "Oh? And who can you see being the type to hang out with a goddess?"

     Amusingly enough, Lexi didn't even have to think about her answer. "Christina Hendricks. Mostly because I'm pretty sure a divine hand was involved in sculpting that body. They'd want to check up on their creation."

     She… couldn't really argue with that. And so Amber opted to instead move on to a new topic of conversation. "You know what really caught my eye, though? Other than, you know, the obvious? How she moved. She had to have been wearing a bra based on the lack of sag, but managing to perfectly walk that thin line between sexy bounciness and 'holy shit, she's gonna give herself a black eye'? The thing's gotta be a miracle of modern engineering or divine intervention or magic or… or I don't know what. But I want to. Imagine the market I could tap if I could-"

     A loud snort cut Amber off as Lexi shook her head in dismay. "Only you would want to get a girl's bra off because you want to spend some time with the bra." After a few seconds of contemplation, she snapped her fingers. "I know! We'll team up. Split the bill to wine and dine her, we'll take her back to your place, and you can get your fashion goddess on while I…" She trailed off as the door chimed. "Hold that thought."

     Looking over at the new arrival, Amber bit back a groan at the sight of the man struggling his way into the store. Games for both the original XBox and its successor came in distinctive neon green plastic DVD cases, while the Wii used white plastic DVD cases and the PlayStation 3 used clear BluRay cases except for in special circumstances. A tower of black plastic DVD cases, stretching from the man's stomach up to his chin, on the other hand? PlayStation 2 games. Lots of them. Which meant a lot of work for little return and with Courtney on break, Lexi yet to clock in, and Mark doing manual labor she didn't really want to do? It was her lot of work for little return.

     Sighing, Amber pasted on a smile and headed for the register. No rest for the wicked…
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