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See Spike

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Summary: It really is possible to be silly while killing off a main character.

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Star Trek > Star Trek - The Original SeriesNiklarusFR71232081,77516 Jan 0416 Jan 04Yes
Title: See Spike
Author: Niklarus

Summary: It really IS possible to be silly when writing about killing off a main character.

Disclaimers: Buffy characters are owned by Joss Whedon & Mutant Enemy. Star Trek characters are owned by Paramount. Tweety Bird is owned by Warner Brothers. The "See Spot Run" books that people of several generations grew up with are owned by...someone, but I don't know who.

Author's Note: Someone once commented on Spike wearing the same red shirt in many of his early appearances and, well, mentioning the words "red shirt" to an Original Series Trekkie is bound to result in something fun and silly.

"See Spike"

See Spike.
See Spike in a red shirt.
See Spike in a red shirt on Jim Kirk's Enterprise.

See Spike run.
See Spike run to the transporter room.
Run, Spike, run.

See Spike's cabin.
See the table in Spike's cabin.
See the unopened bottle of sunscreen on the table in Spike's cabin.
Uh oh.

See Spike on the transporter pad.
See Spike beam down.
Beam down, Spike, beam down.

See Spike beam down to the planet.
See Spike beam down to the planet while wearing a red shirt.
See Spike beam down to the planet while wearing a red shirt in the
middle of the daytime.

Hear Spike.
Hear Spike scream.
Scream, Spike, Scream.

See Spike.
See Spike turn into dust.
Swirl, dust, swirl.

See Dr. McCoy.
See Dr. McCoy's tricorder.
See Dr. McCoy use his tricorder on Spike's ashes.

Hear Dr. McCoy.
Hear Dr. McCoy say "He's dead, Jim."
Hear Dr. McCoy say "Well, deader, anyway."

Hear Captain Kirk.
Hear Captain Kirk imitate Tweety Bird.
Hear Captain Kirk say "I lose more red shirts that way" while imitating Tweety Bird.


The End

You have reached the end of "See Spike". This story is complete.

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