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A Marvel-ous World

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Summary: What if? Buffy went as Mary Marvel. Xander went as Wolverine. Giles went as .... well you'll just have to read it!

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Comics > OtherjakedamanFR181576161,5413 Sep 123 Sep 12Yes
Disclaimer: I do not own Buffyverse, Marvel, or DC comics. Mores the shame!
Please review. If I get enough reviews then I will 'flesh' it out and turn a ficlet into a real story!

Well, that was weird.

Even for Sunnydale, it was the oddest Halloween ever. Being a ghost was pretty neat and nifty. Except for the whole not being able to touch anything... thing. But being able to run through walls? NEAT! But then I found Xander.

Xander was Wolverine. I wanted to smack that dope so many times!! My hands are stinging from trying to catch up today! I had to use Ultra-Mega Resolve Face on him to keep him from, as he put it, 'gutting the little uglies'. Hmmm, he's still looking Hugh Jackman buff today though. I wonder.

I do miss it though. The flying. Turned out the reason I didn't fall through the earth was because I was 'levitating' in a way. When I saw Buffy up in the sky flying as Mary Marvel I needed to get to her, to talk to her and make sure she was okay. Next thing I know she is getting closer and I realize I am moving through the air towards her calling out her name.

She, of course, didn't recognize me cause of the whole becoming your costume thing. She did say there was an aura around me showing her I was a good person. That's always good to know, cause, well, ya never really know, ya know?

I digress, as Giles would say.

Cordelia was the big surprise though. She decided to try to beat Buffy at her own game with Angel. She bought a stake and a sword from Ethan’s but made the rest of her outfit herself. She went as a Vampire Slayer! She knew who she was but had all the powers of a... well, a Buffy!

Giles and Ms. Calender. I can't believe she was able to convince him to wear a costume. Or for Xander to convince Ms. Calender to convince Giles to wear the costume he wore. Amentep turned out to be a real person and used his Ibistick (that sounds so dirty) to get the lay of the land as well as to communicate with Giles. It's this artifact that allows Prince Amentep to do things kinda like a Green Lantern with his ring, only with magic not science. He allowed Mary Marvel and Wolverine (also real people from different dimensions) to work with Buffy and Xander.

Yeah, we all got sidetracked keeping the people changed into their costumes from harming themselves or others. It wasn't till a couple of hours later that we were finally able to figure out the source of the spell. Once Giles/Amentep realized all the people got their costumes from Ethan's, the new costume store, they just disappeared. The rest of us, Mary/Buffy, Xander/Logan, Ms. Calender, Cordelia, Angel, and myself, were halfway there to the shop when the spell lifted and we were all returned to normal. I think.

All I know is that one second I was floating along and the next I'm back in my body on the porch. I clawed my way out of the Ghost costume and took a deep breath of air. It never smelled so sweet! Then, eep!, I realize everyone could see what I was wear... you know what? Forget it about it. I threw the Ghost costume away and just enjoyed being alive and able to interact with the world.

The End

You have reached the end of "A Marvel-ous World". This story is complete.

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