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All Just a Misunderstanding - Willow's Wonderment

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This story is No. 2 in the series "Misunderstanding". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Willow was sure she'd had them figured out

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Supernatural > Buffy-Centered > Pairing: Dean Winchester(Past Donor)AngelliaFR1512,468051,3244 Sep 124 Sep 12Yes
All Just A Misunderstanding – Willow's Wonderment

Disclaimer – Don't own anything you might recognize. Blibbety blabbity bloo

AN – Man, it's been MONTHS since I've ventured into the wonderful world of fanfic. I've missed it! I've just been busy with my ceeerrrrazy daughter – one and a half and already ready to take on the world – and I've been working on some original fiction. But then I found this short story, which I wrote aaages ago, and it made me want to get back into it. So anyway, crazy person rambles over. This is the second part of the Misunderstanding world. Takes place right after the kiss in the last story. Maybe read that one again if you like, because I just checked, and it's been about a year and a half since I posted it. Jeez.

Willow glared at the words in front of her. They were wiggling and dancing. Taunting her. They were clearly evil. Evil, evil words. Stupid coursework. But she couldn't hate it too much. The fact that classes were actually a challenge here was one of the many wonderful differences between high school and collage. She hated it, but she kinda loved it.

However, even self professed nerds like herself needed a break every now and them. Especially if that break involved snuggles with her hunky little wolfie.

She was just reaching out for the phone to call Oz when the dorm room door opened and a severely pissed off looking Buffy stormed inside.

Willow rose to her feet immediately. “What's up? Has something happened? Is it a vampire? Is it a boy? Did a vampire eat a boy?” Her eyes widened. “Is it frogs?”

Buffy whipped her jacket off and threw it towards the door hook. It missed, of course. She began pacing the tiny floor area. “Dean,” was her only explanation.

Yeah, Willow should have seen that one coming. Her face darkened at his name. “What did the jerk do now?” Frankly, she was surprised that the doody face even had the nerve to be hanging around Sunnydale after those awful things he'd said about Buffy. There had been a serious ice-cream and tears fuelled night after that one. Xander and Oz had only opted out of banging down his motel door and giving him one heck of a black eye when Willow had pointed out that a) they found it difficult breaking into cereal boxes, let alone motel doors, and b) Dean could totally take the pair of them down with out even breaking a sweat, even if he was a big ol' meany ass.

“He and Sam are leaving town tomorrow.” Buffy had stopped pacing and had folded her arms across her chest.

“Oh...but that's a good thing, right?” When Buffy only pouted in response, Willow became very confused. “That's not a good thing?”

“I kissed him.” Buffy threw the words out quickly, as if hoping that Willow would miss them. She looked down to where she was scuffing the toe of her boot against the floor. “And it was amazing. It made me tingly.”

“Okay, first, ew. I do not need to hear about your tingles.”

“Will! Not those tingles! Well, yeah, those ting- You know, that's really not important. I meant the other kind of tingles. The good ones. The warm and fuzzy tingles.”

Willow was more confused than ever. And maybe a little bit smug, because she'd sort of suspected that Buffy had been crushing on Dean Winchester. If nothing else, the constant Dean chatter had been something of a clue.

But the part of Willow that was the supporting good friend – the bigger part, she liked to think – filed away that smugness away for a later date – she wasn't that good – because she really was puzzled. She'd assumed that after what Buffy had overheard Dean saying about her, any lingering swoony feelings she'd been harbouring would have vanished. “Right,” she said slowly. “ like him. Are you gonna tell him? Maybe ask him to stay?”

Buffy looked horrified at the very notion. “No way! Are you crazy? Just because my stupid libido has a mind of it's own...I mean, they guy's a big jerk! A big, hot jerk...argh!” She waved her hands in the air, looking agitated, and a little bit insane. “You know what, I think I'm gonna go out and patrol a while longer.”

“Are you sure that's such a good idea? You seem really stressed out.” Understatement of the year. “Now may not be the best time to-”

“I'll be fine. I'm really frustrated, Will. I need to go take it out on some dead guys. Don't wait up for me, 'kay?”

“ safe.” Willow sighed as Buffy left the room. She wished that Buffy could find someone to truly make her happy. Someone perfect for her, like Oz was for herself. She needed someone funny, to make the dark slaying days a little lighter. Someone good looking, of course. Smart would be a bonus. But someone who understood the whole slayer gig and could take care of themselves so Buffy wouldn't have any extra worries. Someone who wasn't over a century old and could actually catch a tan.

Well, that all sounded a lot like Dean Winchester, actually.

Dean Winchester was Buffy's perfect match.

Willow frowned. Why did Buffy's perfect match have to be such a tool?

Boy, Willow was lucky to have Oz.


Fifteen minutes later, a very happy Willow disconnected from Oz, who had promised to come over as soon as band practice was over. She was just getting up to search for her sexy panties – the green cotton instead of her regular white – when a knock sounded on the door.

“This had better not be you again, Heidi,” she grumbled quietly. “You homework stealing bimbo.”

It wasn't Heidi, the homework stealing bimbo.

It was someone much, much worse.

“Uh...hey.” Dean looked uncomfortable. And so he darned well should.

You.” She injected a fair sized amount of venom into that one word. Enough to make him wince, anyway.

“ I was just...uh, looking for Buffy. She here?”

“She was. But then she left...with a guy,” she lied. Ha! Let him see that some guys thought that Buffy was a total babe. “A nice guy. Very attractive. And very into Buffy. If you know what I mean.” She may as well have added 'wink wink, nudge nudge'.

The way Dean's face dropped at Willow's words told her everything she needed to know. Dean Winchester really was an ass. But an ass who was totally into her cutie patootie of a best friend. Which sort of made his assness a little less ass like. What guy didn't act like an ass around the girl he liked? Especially when that girl was the bad ass slayer of the evil dead and had the strength of at least ten men. Ten big, burly men who chopped wood. With beards.

Beards are gross, she mused unhelpfully.

“Oh,” Dean answered quietly.

And man. Check out those puppy dog eyes! Nothing in the world swayed Willow like a big pair of puppy dawgs. It was how Xander had always managed to wheedle his way with her. And Dean's eyes were especially nice...

But no! Dean Winchester was just a mean boy. A mean boy who had made her best friend – literally the strongest person she knew – cry.

God, those eyes...

“You know,” she said thoughtfully. “Xander and Buffy and me were planning to hang at lunch tomorrow. Outside, on campus, near the little pond with the fishies.” Dean's whole being visibly uplifted, and Willow had to hold in a smirk. “Oh, but Buffy told me you were leaving tomorrow. So you wouldn't be interested in something like that, right?”

She could practically see the cogs of his mind beginning to whirl behind his eyes. “Right,” he answered slowly. “Yeah. Thanks, Willow. You've been a great help. I'll see you around.” He patted her on the shoulder and ambled away. Willow could have sworn she heard him whistle.

Before she could shut the door, she spotted Oz heading in her direction. He nodded at Dean in greeting as they passed one another.

“Hey!” She smiled, happily. “You got here fast!”

Oz lifted her hand and kissed her palm. “I missed you.” He glanced down the hallway, to where Dean was just disappearing through the doors. “What did I miss?”

“Oh, nothing. Just some...meddling.”


“Someone play ball with me,” Xander pleaded for the fifth time that lunch. “Please.”

Willow huddled closer under the shade of a tree and applied another layer of sunscreen. “Sorry, Xand. I'm staying right here where it's nice and shady. Five minutes in that sun and I'll be as red as a lobster.”


“Nah. I'm busy tanning,” Buffy replied from where she lay on the ground. “It's an art form.”

Xander threw the ball in the air and fumbled to catch it. “You guys suck. Where's Oz when I need him?”

“He's helping Devon set up for their gig tonight,” Willow supplied.

“Yeah, well, maybe I should have-” He paused mid-sentence, and the ball dropped to his feet, forgotten, as his expression turned hostile. “What's he doing here?”

Willow had to hide her grin behind her hand when she looked up to see Dean and Sam heading in their direction. She watched as Buffy peered out from underneath her sunglasses, and stiffen when she realized who it was.

“Hey,” Sam called out as they approached. He looked sheepish, and very much like he'd rather be some place else.

Dean barely even glanced at Willow or Xander. “Hi, Buffy.”

Buffy pushed her sunglasses higher up her nose. “What are you still doing here?” she demanded. “I thought you were leaving today?”

If Willow hadn't have been Buffy's best friend, then she might have taken Buffy's words for their hostile face value. But Willow was Buffy's best friend, and she happened to know her better than anyone, which was why she could detect the faint trace of hope in her words.

Dean shoved his hands into his jeans pockets. “We changed our minds.”

Willow snorted in amusement when she caught Sam rolling his eyes at Dean's use of the word 'we'.

Xander was still gloweing at Dean, and Willow tried to catch his eyes to tell him to back off, but he didn't notice. Not that it mattered, because Dean wasn't paying Xannder the slightest bit of attention. He had flopped down next to Buffy and his gaze was transfixed on the exposed skin of her stomach, where she had pushed her shirt up.

“You left real quick last night,” Dean mentioned quietly to Buffy. When she turned her head away and pointedly ignored him, he developed a mischievous glint in his eye. Before Willow could stop him – because it really was too nice a day to be dealing with bloodshed – he'd snatched up Buffy's water bottle and had squirted a stream of cold water right into her belly button.

Buffy's high pitched shriek was loud enough to attract the stares of several nearby groups of people. She sat up and pushed her sunglasses off, exposing him to 'the glare'. The one she usually reserved for things she was about to kill. Quick as lightening, she snatched the bottle out of Dean's hand.

Willow could pin point the exact moment when Dean realized that his actions probably hadn't been the best way to get some attention from the girl he liked. Especially when that girl was one strong lady! His eyes widened comically and his lips parted before he was on his feet and scrambling away.

Of course he wasn't fast enough. Buffy caught up with him in under ten seconds and leaped onto his back. With a triumphant cackle, she emptied the water bottle right down the front of his t-shirt. In shock – or perhaps just a very cunning move on his part – Dean tripped over his feet and fell to the ground. He wasted no time at all in rolling them over so that he lay on top of her.

Heaving an almighty 'Guess I'm going to be here a while' kind of sigh, Sam folded his long body down next to Willow under the tree.

“Very lame,” she observed, nodding towards Buffy and Dean.

“Totally,” Sam agreed. “Being around Buffy seems to have turned my brother back into a hormonal teenager. Not that it takes much,” he added, under his breath.

“Yeah. It looks like he's decided on the school yard pigtail pulling approach when it come to wooing her.”

Dean, still on top of Buffy, was talking earnestly. Willow tried to hear what he was saying, but he was too far out of range for her pitifully human ears. She wished Oz was around. Whatever Dean was saying must have been good, though, because Buffy had yet to push him off.

Xander was watching the pair, looking torn between anger and confusion. Willow knew that feeling well. He knelt down on the grass next to Sam. “So...have we disbanded the 'Dean Winchester Is A Big Piece Of Crappity Crap Club? Because I was going to get t-shirts printed.” He glanced at Sam and winced. “No offence, man.”

Sam shrugged. “No worries. There are a lot of days when I feel like starting up a club myself.”

“Don't blame you. After what he said about Buffy...”

“Oh yeah, that.” Sam grimaced at the reminder. “If it helps, it really was all just a big misunderstanding. Dean's never been any good when it come to admitting how he feels.”

“Ooh! Something's happening!” Willow hissed, flapping her hands to get their attention.

The three watched as Buffy flipped Dean off of her. Dean rolled on to his knees and yelled, “I said I was sorry, dammit! You know I didn't mean any of that crap!”

“Then you shouldn't have said it, you ass!” Buffy shouted back. She reached forward and shoved him so hard that he landed on his back.

Determined as he so obviously was, Dean grasped her arms and pulled her on top of him.

“Ooh,” Willow and Xander exclaimed, gasping in unison. “Big mistake.”

But instead of the violence Willow and Xander had anticipate, Buffy said something to Dean, too softly for them to hear. Dean banged his head back down on the grass, looking frustrated. “Because I like you, you idiot! Okay?” he admitted loudly. And then he leaned up and kissed her.

Willow smiled as Buffy kissed Dean back. “Aww. That's so sweet.”

Dean wrapped one arm around Buffy's waist, and dug his other hand into her hair as their kiss became deeper, more intense.

Minutes passed.

“Um...” Willow cleared her throat awkwardly. “Maybe one of us should go remind them that we're in a public place...”

The End

You have reached the end of "All Just a Misunderstanding - Willow's Wonderment". This story is complete.

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