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The many faces of Buffy: Giles and Olivia

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This story is No. 2 in the series "The many faces of Buffy". You may wish to read the series introduction and the preceeding stories first.

Summary: Sequel to The many faces of Buffy: Tentacles - as Willow's spell opened rifts all over the world, Giles and Olivia end up with a family emergency on their hands

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Games > Dungeons and DragonsDmitriFR731,616011,8476 Sep 126 Sep 12Yes

The many faces of Buffy: Giles and Olivia (part 1)

The many faces of Buffy: Giles & Olivia (part 1)

Disclaimer: none of the characters are mine, but belong to their respective owners.

Note: contains spoilers for the official series.

Rupert Giles was despondent, to say the least. Buffy, his Vampire Slayer, was dead, and there was nothing left for him in Sunnydale – so he came to England only to discover that nothing appeared left for him in London either.

Well, there was, admittedly, Olivia, but it was a strange thing: when Buffy was alive and Giles could not really spend with Olivia too much time, he really wanted to be with her, and now that Buffy was gone and nothing could interfere with Olivia, Giles was largely avoiding the woman... maybe it wasn’t so strange at all.

“Rupert? Rupert, I know that you’re at your home!”

Speak of the... it was Olivia, almost on cue. Giles – speaking of cues – was almost, but not, quite ready to break up with her, and so he began to avoid Olivia lately...and Olivia was not taking it so well, it seems.

If there was something that Giles hated more than vampires, demons and black magic, it was making scenes, so he (reluctantly) opened a door. “Hello, Olivia,” he said trying to sound as if he was in control of the situation. “How is it going?”

“Considering that our relationship appears to have all but fallen apart, I would say that it is going quite badly,” Olivia replied, sounding rather cool herself (and doing a much better job of it than Giles was), “but that’s not the only thing I wanted to talk to you about.”

“I am listening,” Giles nodded, letting Olivia into his apartment. “What else is wrong with the world?”

“I’m not sure,” Olivia agreed, unsure of herself for the first time today, “but my Tarot cards went insane this morning, and they have never done this before-“

“This morning? Olivia, it’s ten to eight in the morning!” Giles exclaimed incredulously. “Olivia, what is really going on?”

“Well, I got up at five minutes to six,” Olivia began, but was unable to finish, as a glowing rift opened in the corridor and a young girl of roughly 17 years of age fell through it, looking very scared.

“That’s what happened, basically, right across the street,” Olivia finished, somewhat lamely. “Only it wasn’t a girl, rather the right side of my street collapsed into that sort of a rift, you know? Giles?”

Giles just stared at the girl, and now that Olivia joined him, she could also see that the girl was unusual – her eyes were golden and her hair was... also golden. “Hello, little miss,” she said (even though at 17 the girl was not little but stately and powerfully built), “who are you?”

The girl replied in a language that was familiar, but not English. “Can you repeat this?” Olivia said mildly, when the rift closed, but not before leaving a massive gold statue inside Giles’ doorway as well. “Rupert...”

“I see it,” Giles muttered. “Olivia, take the girl into the kitchen, why don’t you?”

“Very well,” Olivia replied with some reluctance: she did not want to leave Giles with a golem of some sort, but she wanted to have a civilian involved even less. “Young lady, you’re coming with me...”

As Olivia put her hand onto the woman’s shoulder, several things happened. Firstly, the girl whirled around and began to actively gesticulate and speak in a crude version of the Hindu language, and secondly, the golem (or whatever it was) began to move forwards towards them in a rather menacing sort of way, waving its arms (or rather tentacles) in their direction.

“Giles!” Olivia shrieked: the damn golem may have appeared to be made out of gold, but it also appeared to have been made out of a lot of gold that was animated and quasi-sentient, and obviously packed a lot of punch.

“I’m on it,” Giles said crossly as he pressed his hands to the floor and muttered a spell. Consequently, the already straining floorboards now broke apart completely, and the golem fell into the basement, where it broke up into gold coins, bars, jewellery and so on. All of that gold shuddered and shook, like waves in a storm, but Giles muttered yet another spell, and the hoard (for the lack of a better word) grew inert.

“Olivia?” Giles now turned to his erstwhile girlfriend (of the moment). “I’m afraid that I will have to call the Council on this one.”

Olivia just sighed and shook. Quentin Travers was an obnoxious man, but this was something that they could not fix on their own.

“Do so,” she reluctantly called and began to make breakfast for the three of them.

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