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Who is Karl Thrace?

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Summary: Who is Karl Thrace?

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Television > Battlestar GalacticajakedamanFR181401017067 Sep 127 Sep 12Yes
Disclaimer: Some of the Characters are not Mine. Dang.

Karl Thrace grabbed his Beretta, loaded his clip, double checked the safety and slid this deadly lump of metal into his belt holster at his back. He sighed. Not for the last time did he still wish he had his blaster. But after the charge ran out, with no way to recharge it, well he couldn't destroy it but he couldn't let it fall into the wrong hands either. So, he hid it, as a prop on a science fiction tv show.


Now there was a concept. So many different ways to encourage and entertain and educate people. It never ceased to amaze him.

"Now, let's see," he pondered. "I've gotten the plight of the Colonials in the public eye, even if they think its a made up story. Pretty soon the A-Team will be on T.V. as well. Oh sure, the stories will be exaggerated. Lot's of explosions and bullets, but watered down of course. Can't scare the kiddies, ya know."

"Hmmph, if only Sarinia could see me now." he continued his internal soliliquy. "Gods, I hope they've all survived!"

Stopping outside his motel room Karl paused, gazing towards the multitudinous stars floating in the heavens of the desert night sky. He spied a slow flashing light and hope bloomed in his chest. Shaking his head resignedly he quashed that hope. Karl recognized the pattern of light as an Earth based Satellite and so he continued his way to the Van. Climbing in through the side door he greeted his fellow team members allowing their comradery to re-lift his flagging spirits.

Glancing out the back window Karl caught a glimpse of the midnight black Trans Am pulling into formation behind them. His team rarely needed assistance but it was good to know that they had friends in secret places.

"Hmmm, Mac's got a trick car with gadgets and he is supersmart..." Karl mused to himself. "Naw, that wouldn't work. Well, maybe. Wait, what if I split that up? Make the car with an AI. Oooh, a hoighty, toighty AI. Yeah, that'll carry the show by itself.I can make Mac a genius that can cobble things together. Yeah, that's the ticket! I can make two shows out of that."

Finishing his mental notes and checklist Karl is nudged by one of his teammates.

It was time to set things straight for this little town in the middle of nowhere.

The End

You have reached the end of "Who is Karl Thrace?". This story is complete.

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